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A new year begins, with hectic schedules every day,
Anxieties overwhelm us- in school; work; in every possible way
Often we tend to focus solely on the challenging and stressful circumstances,
Forgetting the power and the capabilities of God, who can help us

Our doubts and tough circumstances are the results of the the powers and principalities of the evil world,
The spiritual war we face each and every day- between spirit and flesh; it is real
The evil one tries to make us doubt God’s love and provision during the trying times;
To counter it, we must have our eyes fixed on Christ, to be comforted in times of strife

When we come before God to acknowledge our weaknesses and inability to stand by our own strength,
Through His mercy, we are beholden to His love and grace which loosens our soul when we get tense
When countless worries come, we must render these known to God in prayer;
His comforting presence, peace and renewed strength in us shall take away all our doubts and fears

Challenges and anxieties from the world can afflict a believer and cause him to go astray,
But if we exercise our faith through prayer, God will help make these anxieties go away
“My child, for all those times when you were full of anxiety and fear,
It was I, who pulled you through; I have always been near.”

Inspiration: Psalm 94:18-19
TS Feb 23
Trust is a tricky thing.

One person in your life can shake the ground you walk on forever without a second thought.

Your own anxieties bring insecurities that make you lose trust in people. It's not always their fault, but when those sneaking feelings end up being true, ******* it takes so much to come back from that.

Distrust and uncertainty seep into everything moving forward. You can't help but compare and see similarities. ***** the glaring and incredible differences, you will still find ways to not trust him. It's not fair to him, but you feel jaded like it doesn't matter anyway. Continue building those walls and slamming more bricks up there each and every time you have a concern, warranted or not.

You'll push everyone away because you will never be able to let go of those parts of yourself.

Eve K Dec 2023
My heart beats,
My heart rests.
My Arteries gush, my veins flow.
The blood through and through.
My body. It keeps me alive.

My heart is heavy, my brain is light.
I smile a tear in my eye, tight chest light breath.
A warmth buries me deep in comfort.
Music confines my thoughts.

I sink into the feelings as I float through the thoughts.
All is nigh. Yet the future so far away.
I grasp it in desperation, yet I await in anticipation.
What is too come can only be known to those who have already been.
There is no way to know, yet we already do.
Who knows what is to come in the future yet my hopes are high, my expectation nil.
My hands start shaking.
I can feel my heart violently beating in my throat
threatening to choke me.
I can feel it hammering against my chest trying to break free
it’s like playing drums on my rib cage.
my brain stops completely
leaving me alone in the predicament.
I have no time, all my thoughts can be seen.
In the end, I always end up speaking nonsense.
With stutters and stammers interrupting each sentence.
Making them feel awkward and confused
about how to reply
to the nonsense I just spewed.
Serena Sep 2023
i miss being wanted. i know i must have felt it before, because how can one long for something they've never known?
i wish i was able to believe in love outside of view.
but it seems like every new moon i forget your touch
and i'm running through the woods just to make you love me again.
i believe you every time you tell me you could never hate me (how couldn't i)
but sometimes your words don't last.
sometimes i lie in bed trying to make myself dream of you so i won't exhaust you with my cries in the night.
sometimes i want to take advantage of your soft hands
feel safe in your mind
and let you take care of me even when i don't need it.
it makes me feel selfish, to want that kind of love.
selfish is something i long to be, once
Ila Jul 2023
I was on my laptop playing a high stress game
And I switched tabs and saw that telegram had a notif
My heart beat a million times per second
I could feel it beating through my chest
Much like the time we spent in my backseat, professing our love to each other

My heart beat fast
Palms sweaty
It’s a lot like falling in love
But you aren’t here

I check the message and it’s not you
My heart continues to beat as loud and as fast as it was
Am I relieved that it wasn’t you?
Why did I feel so anxious, thinking it had been you
I wished it was you
I really wished

I hoped you talked to me again
And yes
I am upset that it wasn’t you

Why do we reserve things for special people in our lives?
That thing just gets ruined when they’re no longer there

My heart still beats fast
Trying to calm down
I felt all the symptoms of nervousness all at once
I really hoped it was you
But alas you’ve left my life
I should stop hoping it’s you

I am disappointed it’s not you
Please come back.
Please come back. I keep hoping that it's you.
Alex McQuate May 2023
Give me a minute,
And I will make it worth an hour,
An hour,
I will make it worth a year,
A year,
Let's take that minute and you will see.

Rapid fire like a Lewis Gun,
Rattle and shake like a can of spray paint,
So nervous you can clearly see,
A golden chance I don't want to squander,
A chance that won't repeat.

Fit to burst with ideas and dreams,
Too many for me to speak,
One HAS to stick,
Just HAS TO,

Fifteen seconds to go,
Where did the time fly?
Please don't see me as mud beneath your feet,
Give me this chance and you will see,
That this is an easily fulfilled dream.


You get out,
Something I'm sure that you're glad to hear and see,
But as you get out you ask for my number,
And that maybe we'll speak
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