Leigh Marie Jan 12
I wish I could say that I’d be the same woman I am today and maybe I don’t know who I’d be but
I know who I would not be
I’d stop loving the flat Stanley version of myself and start loving my full panoramic body,
my body 100% woman
I’d be less cool girl and more cool, girl
I’d stop my soul searching hands from picking my impurities off my face
I’d wear socks to bed and wear jackets that really keep me warm
I’d grin less and smile more
I would be radiant
But then again, how is that any different than I already am
Just a little less
A prompt by one of my favorite bloggers
Leigh Marie Jan 6
There is power in knowing that I can disappear as quickly as I came
That I don’t need you need you  
There is power in holding interest cause I can lose it as fast as I found you
Being a magical woman means I can vanish before your eyes at the first sight of wavering
My body miraculous there is power in my smile
Apporva Arya Jun 2017
Don't mind if a feminist reply instead of a daughter.
Gone are the days when a daughter will sacrifice herself for a family which no longer keep harmony with her after marriage.
Elena Dec 2018
I'm free
happily bathed in masculinity
makeup feels okay now
dresses are fine somehow
it's like it makes up for
the girliness
with a little splash of free
and happy masculinity

long hair was suffocating
now I feel myself breathing
pink feels less toxic
lipstick's less obnoxious

now I'm living freely
with just a little butch masculinity
sometimes you've gotta live a little
and give in a little
to the crazy person inside your mind
Brynn S Dec 2018
I reach for more
My grasp holds short
I slip further
Though I stand tall
With or without
The heads and eyes
They bend with me
Watching and wonder
They simply ask “why?”
I ask “why not?”
Boys cry
But men think they shouldn’t
Girls cry
But women sob

Boys play
But men joke
Girls play
But women are serious

Boys are real
Among themselves
But men pretend
Girls pretend
Among themselves
But women fake it

Boys form
But men aspire to become
Girls wanna be
But women aspire to be better

Boys like
Men fall in love
But men play with your feelings
Girls crush
Women love
But women love too hard

Boys love competition
But Men love power
Girls love Friendship
But Women love Class

Boys hate chores
But men can now cook
Girls love chores
But Women now do more than chores

Boys dream,
But men achieve
When boys lie, girls believe
But women are those that make the men
Women they make the will to bend

Boys are young can do no wrong
Men are calculated, they know what’s wrong
Girls are young they make heads turn
Women are smart could make kingdoms burn
Jamie Word Nov 2018
do not make me a fire

I carry warmth

do not build me a home

I have a body

do not bring me flowers 

I am in bloom 

But, yes!

come and wade 

in the rosy skirts of my fire

Come and help 

me explore my home 

Come and be witness 

to my bloom

Its your presence and hand that strengthens my roar.
Nothing more. 


Fear my fire, 

And your wishes of blisters be blessed

Pillage my home,

And it's your soul who suffers the conquest

And deny my bloom

... Deny my bloom? 

What a precarious mission for you to presume.
StarBloom Nov 2018
We know each other as History,
Yet we play in the unknown as Mystery.

Alone and along the path,
we are not apart.

The familiar essence in the sense of you,
yet such freshness of the forest as
I See You.

I can smell the stories of our past,
ancient eyes as I look at you through the void in vast.

Our spirits have dancing long before we knew how,
for our sacred meeting forms us to sway to the music that beckons the miracle shining our way.

This tune we know,
for this truth is ingrained in our soul.

Accelerating demons and angels of our dance,
Let’s let our creatures out as we enhance,
our movement motion,
depths of devotion.

the frequency,

What began with a swaying,
melted into our praying

A sacred pray to the gods for our journey of togetherness.

Breathing between,
we meet as the eternal embracing,
exploring spacing.

Resonance, Reflection, Remembrance
Tasting the vibrant vitality in the air.

electrifying, energising, eternalising,
weaving ourselves through the many strings of our worlds,
Meeting as darkness and light makes love to sight.

The full spectrum plectrum,
Strum me baby,
For we are roaming in a field of dragon daisies...
And i can hear our Song.
Tru1 Oct 2018
Her tattoos turn me on,
Her body refreshing like the dawn,
To her intimacy I am drawn,
Engulfed in her love I am her ****,
Touching her as she likes her body sings a song,
My time is for her I will spend it long,
Her skin softer than fur
I am what she has on,
Meeting at the summit,
In her feminine embrace I submit.
Maybe brief, perhaps longer
but in this moment I am She.
It’s fluid, isn’t it? To decide
upon being Her, rather than
the prolonged Masculine----
that’s not to say I won’t be Him again.

This is liquid consideration,
rolling down my neck, my
collarbone, breast, navel----
It was so obvious when I felt it
like a switch-flip, dynamite ignite----
Boom. He is She. I am She.

Now name me, for I am born
unto this magnificence---- A body,
a mind---- Mine. His. Ours.
Stronger than any,
mightier than all.

Breathe me life for I am valid----
in this moment, we are goddess.
I am Now.
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