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f Jan 8
i inhabit in every woman.
steps i walk are taken together
tears i shed are wept in unison.
women are a cathedral altar
of and for the ones who came before,
and are to come after us.

i inhabit in every woman,
as does every woman inhabit in
overture to a greek tragedy
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2021
Not yet, she did not show up, didn't rhyme
playing her headline acts on the face of earth.
Donned in the body born on Earth a new soul
is the flesh and bone part of it or its Earth's own?
She didn't take it with a pinch of salt, came with her own.

Clustering 360 degrees around it Earth draws closer
Holy smoke, eyes are on the pristine mirror of herself!
The sun raises the candle in east to the west
but it won’t expose, a name is treasured in the chest!

Playing chiaroscuro beyond the rainbow’s end
the Earth with her painting in light and dark  
let alone connecting the dots it couldn't bag
her footprint even at her death.

A millennium and half passed masses still wish
finding her grave wasn't like painting the wind.  
Not a firefly nor a butterfly in Medina knows it where
yet a name generation after generation is a buzz!
Sayeedatun Nessa, the feminine Queen in Paradise,
Fathima shifted the feminine mystique from Earth
enwrapped back into heaven veiled and intact
the wonder is now paradise’s gold dust!
dark blue Nov 2021
am i

physically attractive
financial independent
and respectful

because i’m not a stepford wife
Spicy Digits Feb 2021
I berated her
But she was stronger than me

I put pressure on her
But she was always magnificent

I judged her harshly
But she was always right

I tried to control her
But we both wanted freedom

I made her weep
But she made me see

I kept her locked away
But she survives

I tried to quiet her
But she sang, she danced

I asked her to take the lead
She said there's none to take

I mistrusted her
She waited patiently

I wore my checkered suit
She wore nothing but jewels

I spoke to her timidly
And she answered eagerly

I invited her in
And we arrived.
Endowed with divinity
These feminine beauties
adorned with a ring on the nose
and vermilion between the eyebrows
descend in the dead woods
Half alive but not profuse.

Their enamoring voice sings
the song of sowing seeds,
Their divine dance
invigorates the dead leaves
with rumbling anklets in their feet.

They are the Angels of the East!
If they feel the beast veiled in the vile eyes,
their ferocity can pierce deep
and leave no mark of cunning guile;
if the heart reverberates
with the rhythm of love
they give the company
of an eternal mile.
If we access the feminine qualities within, it will balance the predominantly masculine world as we know it today.
Feminine qualities: Love, compassion, devotion, etc.
Masculine qualities: Logic, conquest, survival instincts, etc.
Shevaun Stonem Aug 2021
O Mother of He who is Love Himself
I run to your golden abode. Seek for me the grace
to be like you.
To love like you,
to serve like you
to obey like you.
May my mind be Heaven bound,
Seeking the good with my hands
Speaking the truth with love
Sharing my warmth and your light.
Take from me the darkness,
the weight that weighs me down
making my eyes heavy and teary.
Fill me with your light, that I may never falter,
on my path, to share the love.
The most perfect woman to exist, help me imitate you.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
I feel like I am everywhere
And everyone
For I am connected to the Universe
Channeling the Divine
Aries Sun
Mending the world back together
Unifying spirits
Defying none
Until love is the foundation
Which builds nations
And sustains the human soul.
dark blue Jul 2021
control the world

control their *****
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