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Mar 2016 · 954
In Stereo (reply)
Ezra Mar 2016
Our heartbeats thump in stereo
Building up romantic tension
The airwaves are taut, ready to crash
Ready to snap

The speakers get louder
One side overpowers the other
The volume switch doesn't modulate
Our heartbeats grow irregular

We are beating
in mono
Mar 2016 · 957
halcyon days
Ezra Mar 2016
Halcyon days are over, baby
Summer nights whisked away
***** talk got sanitized,
Music box got terrorized,
Never again will we bake plum cake
In the shade

Halcyon days are over, baby
You climbed over the crib walls, big enough
Rock-a-byes grow to trees,
Willows weep as you leave,
Now you make buds burst in the shade
Mar 2016 · 2.7k
black swan white swan
Ezra Mar 2016
Her feet bring her up the stage
Buds burst, willows weep
Lumbar muscles contort the rest into a chair
Bloomingdales bags crumple
Wrists soar and whistle her up
Balloons fly,
And pop
Fingers hammer down like swans on black keys
Nails scratch staccato notes
And tears
Apr 2015 · 1.6k
Ezra Apr 2015
Inkblots cloud the sky
Inkblots murk the clouds
Inkblots envelop words
With their drops of black destruction

An inkblot falls on a painting, a drawing, a writing, and it all drowns up.
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Ezra Apr 2015
Even when the world is up-side,
I'm always down for it.
Apr 2015 · 2.6k
The Worst Place
Ezra Apr 2015
The worst place to be on a Saturday evening is without a doubt
The orphanage on Broadway.

You see your friends' charming glares and airy laughs;
But then
You feel the children's wounded gazes and eerie smiles,

And they travel with you
For miles.
Apr 2015 · 701
The Trend-Setters
Ezra Apr 2015
A girl walked out of the thrift store,
Sporting a green leather pea coat.
She was accosted by a budding socialite,
Who complimented her garish green.

"How dare you call it 'Green'!,
Can't you see what this is?"
The socialite-turned-desperate shook her head.
"'Tis the colour of the trees after spring."

"No, silly. Beautiful."

And thus a trend was set.
Apr 2015 · 542
Ezra Apr 2015
How much more is left?
How much more is left in me?
Only God knows the answer to one;
I am the sole possessor of the other.

Reader, I ask you this:
Which is most important?
Apr 2015 · 531
Ezra Apr 2015
It's tough refreshing Hello Poetry ever few seconds and watching your view count stuck at 2.

But it's worth it;
We love writing.
1AM Frustrations.
Apr 2015 · 914
The Relationship Cliff
Ezra Apr 2015
How many miles will you-hoo walk?
How many days will you-hoo climb?
How many tears will you-hoo shed?

To get away from-
Such great heights-

Hopefully not as many as me.
Apr 2015 · 9.6k
Fox in the Snow
Ezra Apr 2015
Fox in the Snow, what do you do?
Through what resourcefulness can you escape the chilling winter cold?
Can you lend me some and help me escape my destructive relationship?


Keep playing, Fox in the Snow.
Destructive relationships are the least of your concern.
Apr 2015 · 877
Intergalactic Separation
Ezra Apr 2015
Don't cry,
Even stars must someday part--

It's not the end of the world
~Reborn Again
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Morning Glory
Ezra Apr 2015
Every once-in-a-while
The sun parts;
Has mercy for the workers
Apr 2015 · 676
Anthony Lockheart
Ezra Apr 2015
They say,
The Heart is like a door,
It can be open or shut,
You can walk in or walk out,
You can be locked in or locked out,
But hear me out;
Don't believe all that they say.

They say
When one door closes another one opens,
I don't take no stock in that
When one heart closes--
It can close forever.
Apr 2015 · 2.2k
Ezra Apr 2015
Pressing buttons,
Hitting switches,
Flashing lights,
Strobing sounds,

"Decorum! Decorum!" she cries,

No use. They are all within His spell.
Apr 2015 · 1.9k
Allergy Season
Ezra Apr 2015
We all cough.
You hear it at home, outside,
Out the streets, in the subway,

If you think about it,
A world without coughs would be quite

Stranger perhaps than a world without love;
Coughs are ubiquitous; Love is not.
Apr 2015 · 1.0k
Ezra Apr 2015
The only child of Harold Loomis Pound often wandered 'round the castle--
For Harold Loomis Pound owned a great big Alacazar.

The only child of Harold Loomis Pound,
When he grew up--was no longer a child,

He had Harold Loomis Pound's great big Alacazar:
Burned down

The only man of Harold Loomis Pound never quite liked wandering again.

Who knows why?
First poem back?
Dec 2014 · 703
When a Stage is Empty
Ezra Dec 2014
When you force me to bow down,
When you force me to bite my tongue,
When blood spurts out my mouth,
When tears squeeze out their ducts,

I like to pretend I'm standing on a stage.

Some people say it makes it worse;
Some people prefer picturing a small empty white room,
But I like to think I'm in a theater of sorts
Acoustically engineered; soundly designed

Whatever I say ricochets off its concave domes
And comes back, piercing me de part en part,
Yeah, it hurts.
Pain echoes from wall to wall, ceiling to floor, dimension to dimension,

But at least there I can sing,
I can scream and shout,
And the world will know,
The globe will spin and reel and raise its arms.

Then, the orchestra falls, the walls crumble, the illusion shatters
And I am back in the world of the unheard.
Dec 2014 · 459
Heart Open Shut
Ezra Dec 2014
I would have been happy (perhaps, maybe)
If the entire, um, sympos-i-um
Had tasted her sweet and sour body
Screaming, loving, digging into flesh; yum,

So long as I was left far back in the dark,
In ignorance, in blissful illiteracy,
The stage of Mystery versus History

But now I know, and now I just have no choice, I have to say goodbye, I have to say adieu, I have to wave the white flag at the black ship leaving the harbor forever--"Evrémonde!", I cry out, but the ship just keeps sailing... Now the flag is in tatters and so is my mind, now the window is shut open and my heart is open shut. Why would you tell me, why would someone have the audacity of being so genuine and honest and truthful? Why wouldn't you show some humanity? This generation has no tact, we have too many good values and I'm losing faith in humankind as it becomes, sadly, far too human!
In Shakespeare, the degeneration of a character's speech from verse to prose represents a mental breakdown of sorts.
Ezra Dec 2014
Sometimes I try to sing at the top of my lungs but--
Nothing will ever come out
The Muses ripped out my vocal cords.

They leave me in deafening silence.


It was a sad life, because I could hear the Muses fine,
I just couldn't say a single thing.
It was as if God gave me wisdom to cure mankind but--

I can't sing it, I can't scream it from the rooftops,
I can't tell it to the world,
I can't whisper it to myself,

I live in an opera where nothing reverberes.
I live in a concert where no one claps,

I live now, today, evermore.
Dec 2014 · 580
Dirty Olive Branch
Ezra Dec 2014
Peace is not just the absence of any war;
But the defense of our hard-earned freedoms.
Today, we do not live, or rest, in peace.
There may be no turbulence on our soil,
No chaotic bloodshed scorching our earth,
But that doesn't mean the ship is steady.

Our nation might be at what they call "Peace",
But as long as justice is not upheld,
As long as our freedoms are trampled on,
As long as our courts stay in lawlessness,
We are so, so very far from that Peace.

To reach that Arcadia, that Promised Land,
Our laws must change; our officers must change,
Our people must change; our mindsets must change,
We must change. Change has to sweep up our hearts.
More than anything, Ferguson and Garner must tell us to change. Neither extreme is right; neither looting and rioting nor blatant injustice. We must find some compromise, some middle ground--if not for us, but for the restless souls of our dead brothers.
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
Friday Night Lights
Ezra Dec 2014
I'm supposed to nod my head, agree, and laugh
But not today
Not under these lights
Not under these glares
Not under this sky
Not under these clouds,

I'm never nodding to you again
I'm going' to lift my chin high,
Pick my shoulders up,
Clench my teeth
And stare back at you-

You never judged me for who I was
Jamais looked at me for what I did
Always glanced at me for what I couldn't control
For how blue the sky was today
For how bad your rhymes were yesterday

Well there,
I spat in your face,
Where's that machismo now, eh?
Nov 2014 · 4.1k
Finding Marbles
Ezra Nov 2014
When I lost my marbles,
My dad would always say:
"Don't worry, you'll find them
When you just stop searching."

And it sounded stupid,
But every time I stopped,
Yeah, I found my marbles.

I grew up; my dad died,
Seasons changed, so did I,
But the rule stayed as true.

One day, I'd given up
On that romantic stuff,
Resigned to die alone,
I walked into a big
Ol' Shakespeare conference,
To watch Othello die.

Well there, they were taking
"Volunteers" for Juliet,
"Lucky men" Romeos,
And I was one of them.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Right Place Right Time
Ezra Nov 2014
We were born too late to explore the earth,
Yet too early to explore the stars;
So all I have to search for
Are your eyes.
They're brighter than all those glimmering dots--
still searching
Nov 2014 · 735
Joseph & Son
Ezra Nov 2014
Joe's father died one day,
Like most, he left loose ends untied,
So, like some, Joe went to see a fortune-teller.

She said, go to the graveyard,

Knock some ashes off the mausoleum.

So Joe went and made cinders fly,
He looked in the distance, out-of-focus,
All he could see was his father,

Then the wind blew back,
And the embers swooped in his eyes,
Joe was blind.

*Was Joe happy, or was he sad?
Nov 2014 · 2.2k
The Widow Clicquot
Ezra Nov 2014
"Veuve Clicquot" is French for
"The Widow Clicquot".*

They say that Madame Clicquot would dance in the vineyard,
They say she would run and jump and crush grapes
Under her pale, white, aristocratic feet,
Then one day she came back home,
Pale feet stained red,
Ivory robe stained red
And she saw her husband,
Red face drained white.

They say Monsieur Clicquot became an alcoholic,
And she came back and saw him hanging from a vine.
He let it grow in the farmhouse for two years,
It climbed, it climbed,
He climbed at tied a noose,
Made a sickly green, thorny loop.

The Veuve Clicquot gave up red wine,
Moved South,
Started growing champagne--
You can't tie a noose with champagne vines.
Nov 2014 · 802
Cold and Blue
Ezra Nov 2014
One morning I woke up,
Just like usual, except,
The most beautiful music was ringing from all around me,

So I took off my headphones,
It was still booming,

So I took off the earbuds
(From under my headphones)
It was still thundering,

So I thought,
Must be the radio,
And I shut it down--
Still there,
Still singing.

Must be those
*******' neighbors
So I went and
Kicked down the door,

Nope, they're all
Cold and blue.

Must be those
*******' kids
Across Amsterdam Avenue,

Nope, they're all cold
And blue.

Then I looked up,
From the middle of
Amsterdam Avenue,
"Maybe it's God,"
I thought,

So I looked past the clouds and into the heavens,

God was dead and

I walk home confused and I open the door and stare at the mirror and
The voice, the music, the
It was all me.

For a second there I forgot
What the human voice has wrought.
Nov 2014 · 775
Us Against the World
Ezra Nov 2014
Sometimes I look up at the clouds,
And I hear the music
Ringing in my ears
And I think

It's us against the world,


It's us against the world.

Sometimes I just feel that it's unfair,
That God's balance beam
Is just too narrow,
That I can't hold on,
That I'm falling,
I'm falling back down to Earth,
Just like a modern-day

Then you catch me,
You hold on,
You're gripping me tightly and your hair's in my face,
And I'll never fall,
You're my counter-weight;


It's us against the world...
Nov 2014 · 2.0k
Melancholy Blues
Ezra Nov 2014
People argue over which color's the best
But you know, there's really no contest,
It's obviously

You've heard the same things
Over and over,
"It's the color of the oceans boundless,"
"It's the color of the skies, endless,"
But that's not it;

Blue's the best because
It's the color of those eyes,
Blue's the color of those eyes,

Those crystal mirrors that say,
"I'm the fairest of them all,"
Those big blue stars that lose me,
They're worth more than anything else--
'Cause when I get lost in them,
No matter where I go,
I always
Find treasure.
Captain's Log:
Today, we found treasure.
Nov 2014 · 4.0k
Why do we have Ears? (10w)
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
Ezra Nov 2014
They harass me,
They hound me,
They tease and pester and
Beleaguer me

You know what?

I don't know who I love, and that's o-kay.

Society has these expectations
They want you to love
But what's love worth if you always have it?
Why do I have a problem if I'm not in love?
Why do I have a problem if
I haven't won the lottery?
Love should be something rare,
The pulchritudinous needle in the haystack,

Maybe we've got'
To take a step back;
Maybe this obsession
(With obsession)
Is just diluting love,
Turning thick red blood
Into worthless cursèd water.

When I love,
I'll scream it on the rooftops
I'll holler to the heavens
I'll thank God, I'll curse God,
I'll be running around roaring
Declarations of Love

But not now--now, I don't love.

And now, I'm fine.
Nov 2014 · 604
When I Told Her
Ezra Nov 2014
When I told her, my heart was beating faster than the Wehrmacht beat Poland.
When I told her, my heart was beating stronger than Chris Brown beat Rihanna.
When I told her, my heart was beating louder than a KISS concert.

And that's all you have to know.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
The Cadillac Thieves
Ezra Nov 2014
I fell in love with this girl
And her spunky Cadillac,

We rode it every day, felt it hum and watched it fly,

One day I thought
I loved her not,

So I stole her spunky Cadillac
We ran away
Off the beaten path,

Then I met this girl,

I was in love;
She was in my

My car rode off,
And so did my heart.
Nov 2014 · 5.2k
Hourglass Figure
Ezra Nov 2014
There was once

She was like

She had big brains
She had a large
And she had those Buns O' Steel

But she had
Nov 2014 · 2.6k
Ezra Nov 2014
Heart pounding
Eyes leaping
Heavy breathing

When I look across the room and I see you there,
I glance, I blush, I glance,
You turn, I freeze. Wow.

I throw my neck around, now look, I've got whip-lash--
Worth it!
For a glimpse of your eyes, I'd gladly give my head.
Nov 2014 · 2.3k
Ezra Nov 2014
Sometimes I think
We speak different languages
Yours is so thick and harsh and punc-tu-a-ted,
And mine, mellow and soft and op-en-heart-ed.

When we walk around, people stare and glare,
Looking at some interracial couple
From the nineteen-twenties'

But you know what?

They're just freakin' tone-deaf;
Our harmonies are way too
Nov 2014 · 610
At a Gander
Ezra Nov 2014
Falling sick on a journey
Over a field of dried grass

My dream hops away, rustling;
My life slides away, beckoning,

I run away to the beats of the gong.
Nov 2014 · 779
Ezra Nov 2014
Despite our sundry transportations, trains and planes,
I don't believe us to really be voyagers;
The years, months, ticks and tocks that come and go in vain,
Like Ulysses at sea, they're the real wanderers.

Doomed to drift on water, timeless, yet growing old,
Aye, never setting anchor, always setting sail
To the end of th'endless river, where lies fool's gold.
That's all the future is; just Melville's ***** whale.

When the boat is languid, we ask it to go faster,
When the boat is lively, we implore it to stop;
The ship capsizes, it had too many masters
But just go with the flow and it'll stay on top.

We couldn't captain a tiny rubber dinghy,
Time's the real pioneer, and we her passengers.
I don't usually do sonnets, but here goes...
Nov 2014 · 573
Ezra Nov 2014
Fasten light
Seatbelts on,
Tables raised,
No smoking,
Here we go--

Son of G-d,
You set us here for one

Slow down the light,
Dim its rays,
Bend them through
Some prismatic callus

Otherwise, it shines.

Flips a book, turns on the lights,
The man is blinded.
Nov 2014 · 674
Ezra Nov 2014
Oh, what a beautiful world
We live in,

Colors are white-washed, filtered and cauterized,
Perfume is liberally used
The corpse of a doll could smell
like roses and fresh laundry.

Are we color-blind? Can we only see grey?
Perhaps the truth would be so blinding
It would take away even that.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Ten Gallons
Ezra Nov 2014
How many gallons
Of rain did you drink?

When you stood outside the gates,
Waving, "Hey!"

You stood still, jumping
As the rain showered
Your slender body
And boggèd it down;

And that, dear friend, is what I love you for.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
The Robe of Haze
Ezra Nov 2014
The robe of haze is wet at its hem,
It must have felt the dewy drizzle.

The robe of light is dark at its hem,
It must have seen the solar eclipse.

And your lovely face is spoiled inside,
It must have seen who you really are.
Nov 2014 · 1.6k
Ezra Nov 2014
A pipe -- deferred
The American Dream
Raisin in the
Nov 2014 · 2.4k
Ezra Nov 2014
Wind blazing
Cheeks soaring
Lips burning

Mamma mia;
Here we go aga-in

Up there in the clouds
It's always big murky shrouds
'Till I meet your frown

One look; a bell tolls
Two looks; the hourglass falls
And I jump back down

Oh, Mamma Mia;
Here we go aga-in

The drop's great fun and games
'Till you reach five-nine-ty feet
Then you pull the latch and strings
And the canvas swirls its wings

We enlace
A deadly embrace

Broken feathers

*Oh, Mamma Mia;
Here we go aga-in

Wind blazing
Cheeks soaring
Lips burning

— The End —