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On dreams
Not nightmares
"They told us dreams can come true but neglected to tell us that nightmares are dreams too"
Colton Clark Feb 25
Even wise men are unwise
Carl Hansen Feb 6
i sent you a playlist, of music that i love.
because it's hard to tell you how i feel;
i doubt you listened to it though.
it's as if you've ignored my feelings.
I will walk miles to meet you
If I know you’re walking too
towards me.

Shell ✨🐚
Let’s meet half way!!
Only then any kind of relationship will work.
The mind
Always wandering
Eyes always searching
The heart always wondering
Who to let in.

When you experienced bad things with people you once trusted you change,
Trust can be difficult sometimes .
kay Jan 29
i don’t want to die, i sometimes wish i’d never been born at all

- queen
There are many secrets
out there
The  world is
your treasure box
Go and find
your jewels.

Shell ✨🐚
Despite everything the world is a beautiful place. Just look around.
He created everything beautiful!!
Try to be happy and grateful.
It doesn’t cost anything to look and enjoy all the beautiful things that are out there
Vanessa Jan 9
found my body last night
the first time in months
after getting a covid test
and watching Eat, Pray, Love

unrolled my yoga mat
lit a candle
painted white my
unfinished canvas
made anew against all things fear

then slept and dreamt
of Hawaii

all in one breath
“Free your mind and your *** will follow” -George Clinton
An easygoing quote I've had in mind as of late
When all is quiet
That’s when you hear
the whisper from inside.

Shell ✨🐚
The eyes
Lock of the mind

With eyes open wide
you  can’t
feel the mind.
When eyes are closed
the mind will open!!

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