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Donna Oct 4
Ignore people who
put you down , stay positive
and enjoy your life
** ❤️❤️
Claire Sep 20
My smile hides everything
no one will get to see
That the girl in the mirror
Was never even me
Jaxey Jan 7
The most painful experience
Isn't losing someone
It's the moment you realize
You've lost yourself
- Elena Gilbert
One of my favorite quotes of all time. If you haven't watched The Vampire Diaries do it now.
kiran goswami Aug 24
We search for better stories
while writing about how our's is the best.
Marina Aug 21
The eyes speak on what mouths cannot say
Starry Aug 18
Forensically they say
That no two things are the same
Nor simular
But that is wrong
For the Pleiades
And the Big Dipper
Look a like
Like twins.
Ikigai Poet Aug 17
The art that resonates with you right now
is an echo of my love.
-Ikigai Poet
Whenever you are in a situation
Where you can barley think anything
Where you can barely hear the words
People try to say to help

Remember theses words
“ Action speak louder then words”
Ever wish you could erase
that one thing?

Keeping you from your happiness.

That one thing, that took your light away.

Maybe it was a moment,

Or some words spoken,

Maybe its a name of the person who broke your heart,

Or a day it all went wrong,

a week wasted crying over someone who never shed a tear over you,

a year of regret, and heart ache, a year of mistakes.

Ever wish you could erase yourself?

I'm wishing it right now,
staring at myself
looking back at me
in the mirror.
amelie Aug 12
atop the earth in infinite space,
there exists a minuscule speck of dust
void of light, engulfed by shadows
hovering above its once vibrant greens and blues;
the harbinger of winter’s wrath, waiting to wreak havoc,
as we brace for the inevitable: the severing of our intertwined friendship.

wind and salt, winter injuries
browned your needles ruthless, a worrisome sight.
i prayed that you won’t be everbrown,
incapable of rebirth.
i prayed that you’ll still flaunt your emerald needles
despite the wounds winter inflicted upon you
under my command.
forgive me.

sunlight penetrates a bleak world barren—
a blissful augury of spring.
alas, we’re greeted with repetitious sights;
short plant stems forcing their way
through the infinitesimal cracks of fertility
amidst the sterile soil.
light deprived creatures basking in the warmth of aureate rays.
only to wither again, only to hibernate again.
though we are different, shedding our dead needles, only to reveal the colour of life: green.

we are shackled by roots, bound to samsara
revived only to die again.
though we’re mutinous beings, stubbornly fighting to retain our foliage
unafraid to defy nature’s laws, outliving death
albeit being a piece of nature itself, existing in this realm.
oh! another xylem ring, another year.
united, we shall prevail forevermore
as we are evergreens, defying all odds.

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