I want you to choose me
choose me every time.
I want you to love me like I love me
And see me how I want to be seen
I want to stop picking up the pieces
and putting me back together again.
I don't understand why it can't be you.
Or why I can't stop shattering
Why I can't just feel until it feels wrong and turn back around.
I want to stop getting ready for flight
I want to stop looking for the green light
saying "run already tiara"
I am tired
the type of tired that sleep wont help.
the type of tired that wants a nap soon after waking
the type of tired that wakes depression
the type of anxiety that gives way to exhaustion.
I want to focus on me without having to constantly hold the pieces together when the sun comes up
just to drown myself in river come night.
I want to stop being scared when I feel happy with him...
like his heart is going to leave
I want to stop being scared of love
because you gave yours to me and that's not something I'd ever want again ...
because it brought me back here
cleaning up this mess again
words running through my head again
almost lovers to let go of
almost tuths that I can't hold onto.
all those whispers leaving cracks within something that I built strength into.
I am so tired of shattering.
And trying to stay strong so that no one knows that I want you to hold  me.

Star BG 3d

Songs are poems to music. Poems are songs to life.

shiv 4d

And you set yourself on fire
(again, and again, and again.)
Because the feeling
is worth getting burned.
Because a life without feeling
that you have /lived/
is not much of a life at all.

shiv 4d

You are not your mother
And you are not your father.
Your life is your own
And the only sins
you should have to cary
Are the ones you commit.

Star BG 7d

"Stop and listen to the messages inside the breath. There you will find a treasure chest of wisdom."

StarBG © 2017

Jim baker Aug 8

6 months passed in the presence of a woman who, concentrating all life in herself, transported my every moment into a state of enchantment. We constructed a fantastical palace in the night—a very fragile palace of matches. At the least false movement a whole section would collapse. We always began anew.

Palace at 4 a.m. is a 1932 surrealist sculpture by Alberto Giacometti. Quote he made about it - hence the tattoo on my ribs
Afiqah Aug 6

has always tasted
sinfully sweet
look at how the angels rise and stutter
as we slowly learn to waltz through,
breathing in soft fires
into the darkest part of the night

every flawed piece of us
seems to collide
in all its wild, desirous ways


Star BG Aug 5

"All poets are gardeners of  words. They take seedlings of thoughts, and jargon to
arrange them in rows. Then they nurture them with sun of heart, and rain from eyes and WaLa a poem grows."

just a morning thought for this StarBG brain.
Star BG Aug 5

We all are about little quotes of our eminence. All we have to do is align with them and be the greatness we are.

StarBG © 2017

inspired by Sylvia Frances Chan:
Afiqah Aug 5

they put up such
sleazy commandments into our lives,
dig all kinds of cheap mockery,
boldly assuming
they have every right to hold,
and ultimately,
begetting all of our tomorrow’s
into yet another ugly, illusory part of their field
but seems to me,
these lot
are just too full of rotten vessels
filled by wars of their own confusions
and here we are all
swallowing one another’s storms


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