liv 6h
sometimes it’s too hard to think, maybe that’s why people drink
i won’t go back
rest in peace
to the lovers who think of love as an effortless fairytale.
Afiqah 1d
tangled up in sheets that
warmly smell like love,
like coffee,
like innocence,
you, of all,
have always smelled
a whole damn lot like a beginning
every single time
our skin meets the other

Afiqah Jul 14
it hurts
but you’re still breathing
you’re still here
after all the endless trembler walks
baggaged full of heavy,
warring wears
for He trusts that inner gut of yours
that you’re still able to feed
your goddamn soul with a much,
much brighter flame

Afiqah Jul 11
I’ve listened
to my heart foolishly
and at times,
its wants and doings
finds it easy to just keep unfolding
itself around melancholic grips,
flavoring on over and over
such sepulchral,
sinful colors

One day you’ll look back.
And on that day
You’ll regret everything you’ve ever
Said or done
To me.
You’ll regret being the man
That broke my heart
Harder than I thought possible.
Maybe I didn’t think it was possible,
Because out of all the stories I’ve ever read,
It was always the boy who broke the girl.
Not the dad.
my dad is an asshole
S Hyndman Jul 9
life is a cigarette
we love to inhale
unaware of the toxins
left behind
growing, corrupting deep inside
still yet we can't deny
we love the taste
and the feeling, sublime

we live life
despite of events
that scar our lives
we love to live
though end up crying in the end
still yet we can't deny
we love the taste
and the feeling, sublime
emnabee Jul 9
“To have ruined oneself over poetry is an honor.”

- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
Came across this quote while reading.
How can I ruin myself over poetry? Accepting suggestions.
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