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" Short stories to make you fall asleep. " Typed the insomniac.
After 15 minutes ...
" Where are grandma's fairytales? "
The kid inside her wondered.
A wardrobe full of branded clothes,
Still mummy's gift on her birthday will always be the daughter's favourite dress.
" They come hurt me and go! "
He complained.
" But some stay,
hold you in your hard times,
only love and never leave. "
She added with a smile.
Photography was his hobby,
And she became his favourite scenery.
I'm like your earphones,
because I'm an entangled mess.
But darling,
I want you to untangle me,
She used to dream of a future bright,
He used to dream of ' her ' every night.
Her eyes, were
As dark as the shades of night ,
As the universe,
Hiding deep secrets inside them.
They were dark but crystal clear,
I could see my reflection inside them.
If I could make a film,
It would have been on her life,
Because I have not seen someone more inspiring than my mother.
" A house on a hill,
  an indoor pool...
   a  cute pet dog
     And nature all around,
   Isn't that how you imagine your future? " She asked.
" Not without you " he smiled.
And in this world full of
I am a Wonder Woman.
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