Afiqah 5d

it’s hard to quit being the villain
in our own stories
we dream of a language
whose words are like fists,
we turn the color of smoke
and petition the dark for tokens of peace
yet it’s always the orphan within us
that roots for a little spark from the devil
each time
we’re held most at gunpoint


Troy 6d

The only true way to see beyond the words of another is through the eyes of a child

Star BG 7d

More attention to fun
and less to work and worries,
brings more peace to self.

So... ride the wave of happy
and Resonate with Revenues.

StarBG © 2017

Afiqah 7d

stay with love,
write away with love,
get mad, get messy
but remember
to breathe again with love
it may hurt to become
but please, let love stay
for you are only yours
before anyone’s


Afiqah Dec 7

it is fragile
these lives we live
but we’re always a step closer
to many of life’s greatest tokens
and that is when
we learn to see how our scars
haunts the brave


Sofía O H Dec 5

I just wanted to tell you that no matter what, no matter what people tell you, you are so damn perfect. Maybe you feel awful and that this is just a lie someone says to make you feel better, but dear, you are perfect in every way. You are perfect when you cry, you are perfect when you lie, you are perfect when you are angry, you are perfect when you scream. You are perfect in the moments when people shouldn't be perfect. That's what makes you so special.

RC Dec 4

He was a good man when he could be but love is not about convenience.

been cheated on for almost two years, so there's that.
Jay Pandey Dec 4

There is more than enough,
to satisfy everyones needs;
But not nearly enough,
for a single persons greed.

Our desires are endless but not our needs.
Jay Pandey Dec 3

Alone and aloof,
Far i will tred.
The sky is my roof,
The earth is my bed.

Never give up.
G Rog Rogers Dec 3


Ignorance can be cured

Stupidity is terminally fatal.


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