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Silence, as we were driving home,
Trying not to show our emotions,
Realising it was make or break,
Unaware of the power this bump caused
Grasping at any opportunity to fix things
Growing more impatient waiting to talk
Love, a rollercoaster of


Strong bonds, forged through
Trails we endured, a strong sense of
Regret flowed, shame, embarrassment
Envelop me, but you showed forgiveness
Giving me a second chance, as tears
Navigate the contours of my cheeks
Thanking you continuously, feeling like
Hell has released me and let me live


Have we forgotten where we started?
Always looking at the future
Politely navigating life’s challenges
Policing our own feelings to not upset
I will never forget the kindness you had
Never wavering or repeating the mistake
Every day we spend together we grow
Showing solidarity, strength and support
Slowly building the blocks of our life

It doesn’t have to be this way,
It’s not as hard as you imagined
it all to be.

There are hills, and obstacles in
the way, but persistence is key—

Prevailing is the best way
to not fall in a state so freely.

It’s all about faking your way,
And ******* it up, until you
grow so numb, because nothing
else matters—

Nothing else matters anymore.

It’s a hard road ahead, and you’re
the greatest enemy that you
could ever meet.

An enemy you could only

But you’ve yet to stand up
for yourself, and you end up
getting torn,

A person left in shatters,
oh-so forlorn.
I haven’t given up,
But the energy inside me
has dimmed over time.

Life has swallowed me whole,
And I’m caught in the tide of a
never-ending spiral,
Drowning at every word.

Will I make it out of
this storm, or be carried away
by the waters, no sign of life
and screams left unheard?

I’m content with suffering,
but this emptiness inside me,
persists without warning.

I forgot how to feel,
Forgot how to smile,

The last time I felt

I haven’t felt that
way in a while.

And so life
reminds me,

That no matter
what I do, or where
I go,

My problems always
follow me, even when
I’m alone.

I haven’t given up,
And I haven’t broken

But I know my
problems won’t go away
until I’m six feet underground.
snipes Apr 19
Is your mind man manipulated?
Do the stars show you what’s ahead?
Does the weather control your emotion?
Is your life worth a few more years of mine locked?
Pick peace apart
You might just find…

****** ON MY HEAD
****** ON MY HEAD
Revenge talks to me as if I was it’s brother.
The sky tries to tell me how much more there is.
But the temptations found in the mist of below negative temperatures
shows me a cell’s safety for a peace of mind.
Kushal Apr 10
An angel on my shoulder,
But my demons dug in deeper.
It whispers in my ear.
Like a nightmare in my sleep, yeah.

Sometimes I close my eyes and think that I'm a freak,
Every single moment just fumbling on the beat.
It makes me look at myself and think.
Feeling like the ground is stuck to my knees.
Already counted down from three,
Took a deep but the world's still here,
Took a deep breath, but I'm still drowning in my fears.

But I'm
Still trying, still fighting
The devil of me.
Lash out, but I'm the only one in front of me.
It's cold, it's hot, it's hell, it's not,
And I don't know what to believe.

My own worst enemy.
Jeremy Betts Apr 8
I see you
I know you don't think so,
but it's true
I see what you are being put through
I see you doing whatever it is you have too just to continue
I've seen the levels of doubt and anxiety you've been pushed to
I see you've lost faith in player two
I see you crack but not break,
Though I notice you running out of glue
And I see the struggles accrue,
With everything I do and don't do
Every time I tell you I've failed you
Your eyes tell me you already knew
This is nothing new
You don't deserve this much blue

Jeremy Betts Apr 2
If I were to slip and fall
Relinquishing the saddle
Once and for all
A clear sign of a lost battle
Would they lie just a little
Pretending it's a riddle?
Would I be Jeremy still
Or just the latest ashes on a relatives mantle
Unable to get a grip on a life with no handle
Forced into being a monkey in the middle
Avoiding the ferry man becomes a new struggle
Will I hear a verdict from a god or a devil?
Or choose for 'em, trying to make it all simple
Thanks too the highway install
And despite all the people
It's far quicker to stroll into hell
And the toll is only one soul

Shadow Mar 28
Another night comes to end replaced by sunrise
Shamefully witnessed through jaded hazel eyes
Morning smiles met with awkward no replies
It seems as if the recreation developed into the demise
Kasansa Kuya Jun 2020
a malignant haze
hitherto unnoticed and henceforth witnessed
the struggle of the enlightenment
I think people may feel this in these uncertain times.
rstlss Mar 26
Everyday is an uphill *****
—a vertical some days
—always picking up the slack;
picking up the pace.
Desperate, delusional,
acts of disgrace,
but how do you ask for forgiveness
with a struggling face?

I wish it were easier
living, that is;
I force life to be easier;
surviving, it is.

How do you tell people
you're suffocating,
when the air on the *****
is dissipating?
i am not fine for the past months
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