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K E Cummins Mar 19
I see a lot of paper on your desk.
Books full of laws.
The goal of a law is to provide
safety and justice for those for whom it was written.
Those are good laws on that paper.

But if you are just going to sit there,
doing nothing,
if you are not going to take action and
make those laws and goals a reality,
then they’re nothing but a waste of paper.

Paper is a resource – it can be used as kindling.
The goal of a fire is to provide
safety, justice, shelter, food, warmth.
Dead paper is more useful as kindling.
If you care about safety –
if you care about justice at all –
you will either act on these laws, or burn them.
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Reme Feb 12
You are hanging on by a thread
I see you burning
I hear you crying
I try to reach out to you, touch you, comfort you
But my wrists are slapped by those who keep you in hell
Keep you wailing, in pain and suffering
Keep you in tears, sorrow and destiny buffering
Taking you out one by one
Fathers wiping the eyes of lifeless you,
Mothers, lifeless, birthing in to you the life for which will be taken in the makeshift space soon to be rained on with heavy artillery hell fire, leaving dust behind.
Dust is the way you were covered when I saw you last,
Barely recognizable, barely breathing. Just dust, your clothes, nostrils, eyelids, just dust
but you are not just dust, you are my river, my sea,
You are the soil and the fruit of the land that must be preserved
Min alma' 'iilaa alma' we call out to you to stay,
We reach out to you, please stay

I wonder how silent it must sound, the silence that comes after the storm, the silence of lifeless yous, taken away too soon, occupied and displaced in your own land. I wonder if it is quiet. I wonder if the cry’s of children afraid and alone holding tightly to the hands of their own who won’t let go, who can’t let go, who didn’t want to let go but have let go because their souls too have been displaced.

We are fighting for you, we are fighting for you, this fight, this painful fight that we must fight, the whole world should fight yet it seems like this fight is a fight against the whole world but why should it be you ask, we are only asking to be free you say.

And I reach out, I see you, we hear you we will never forget you, I can never forgot you, no one should ever forget you, ya Allah
It feels like the world is giving up on Palestine and its feeling harder and harder to breathe. But we will never stop fighting until Palestine is free from the river to the sea.
Man Jan 30
Fight the fight, and
Rage into the silent night.
Bid goodbye only to
Hubris. Trust in instinct,
Trust in insight.
What you know and can prove,
Not what you hope inside.
Love, guard, and take the word of
Those who are allies;
Act only in turn, when you are more wise.
Barter acting in plain sight with guise;
It is not the sacrifice of advantage,
Nor the trade of surprise.
Keep to your bonds, keep to promise;
Protect the people, protect the country.
Protect the planet; nature, everything.
Uplift virtue, promote democracy,
Prioritize education, ensure & expand rights

Love your neighbor like a brother,
Cherish your community;
Across collective nations,
We can have paradise
Man Jan 30
I have no fear of anyone who opposes me,
Shall I live? Forever, I am
****** to die, regardless
Of the life I lead. So,
To nihilism and cynicism; should I cling?
Or fight for my ideals and beliefs?
What is it, to fight? To be violent, to the pacifist;
To resist violence, with pacifism.

I fear no man that would oppress me,
Shall you live? Never, would I
Bend the knee before being
Brought to kneel. Rightly,
You can **** me
But what I die for lives on;
Drown in the wake
Of those that love,
Those that bleed

What peace allows;
Time to think, of
What freedom means
Man Dec 2023
Peace & love
And safety, security.

The art of war,
Is the portrait of justice-
The picture of peace.
The liberty to live free,
As we choose and want to be:
But the duty to defend what we believe.
Jamesb Nov 2023
Funny how the pendulum moves,
Set swaying by a finger,
Swinging  back and forth
As gravity wages war against momentum,
In a war it always wins,

In relationships too the pendulum rocks
Back and forth
But not for the wronged
For they push it to where
They want it

Because history and the present
Are writ not by the victor
But the wronged against,
And in that the pendulum hangs
At 45 degrees
We all have those arguments right, or maybe it's just me
jǫrð Oct 2023
Your mother would be proud of you
That's what you told me

When I asked her, her opinion, she turned and said to me

One day he will be jailed, or my four will become three

When I pointed out your white lies
And each great or small misdeed

Objecting, you'd cry,  "I'll make
"Something" from my misery."

I cried, and I tried to tell you before it happened
What comes from this foolish pride

& You cocked your head, laughing back
While spitting in my eyes
The History: My ex boyfriend who painted me as heinous disgusting person was arrested in February. He is in jail for 3 years. I pity him, but I also tried to warn him. Another one bites the dust.
Alexis karpouzos Oct 2023
In the burrows of the Nightmare
Where Justice naked is,
life watches from the shadow
And the stars go squawking
but Life remains a blessing
No winter without a spring
beyond the dark horizon a brighter day
For those who leave us for a while
Out of a restless, care worn world
Our hearts will once more sing
a sun will always sing
and a sky will carry our heart into stars.
Fredy Sanchez Oct 2023
With the sweat that drips from the back of slaves,

Whipped to the death with debts for the pennies their master saves.

With the tears of all those mothers whose soldier sons were taken,

And were promptly returned, empty shells, to their core shaken.

With the lost innocence of a kid, forced to lie to himself just to fit in

Coerced into being trapped inside his own skin.

With the painful truth behind the anguish

hidden behind the tears that fall from the face of the almost vanquished.
Anais Vionet Aug 2023
You can lie in Wyoming,
they don’t care in Arizona,
you can mislead them in Mississippi
but don’t mess with Georgia.

You thought us “hicks from the sticks”
but we were wise to your tricks,
we just recorded your words,
now you’ll get what you deserve.

Your threats and fraudulent incitements,
have earned you several indictments.
You came down with your whole freak show,
so they charged you under RICO.

Come back to Georgia, Mr. Trump,
it turns out you were the chump.
Because we’ve got lots of new prisons
and DAs with surly dispositions.

In Georgia we don’t mind high flyers
but man, we hate traitors and seditious liars.
While many, it seems, fell for your blusterous aura,
you ******* yourself good by messing with Georgia.
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