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The reward for our ancestors
Who fought and bled in wars:
A habitat of heartless ******.

What a worthless waste
Of empty vessels to inherit.

Not a gift of love here, merely more chores,
Meaningless words of habit
And badgering demands.

Plastic fruit,
Ingratious friends,
Submitting smiles,
Slimy bags of debt.

Where's my kin?

Ah, I see it.
They're the slaughtered.
Keep your rancid meats, then, suckers - you win.

I'm bound for my heavenly harem, killers.
You can swallow sins.
everyone says
strong bootstraps
beget rewards
while leagues
of craftsmen

everyone follows
another trend
overboard while
Davy Joneses
hold their

everyone feels
their sin
beside beggars
with hands
made of

everyone thinks
job creators’
heroic strength
will someday
trickle down


everyone knows
when something
is heavy
you lift
from the
modified cinquain using word limits - in solidarity.
I was once in a boat
And around me was deep dark water
I couldn’t see the bottom
So when my boat sprung a leak
I thought it was over
And i jumped head first into the water
And started to swim
To where the stars pointed
Until i couldn’t
So I prepared to die
But I didn’t
I lived.
We are all in a boat
Di Verce Sep 21
I never get to have fun
Because humans are jerks
Thing I'll forgive it?
Nope, never!
Have fun
In Hell! (With the works)
Di Verce Sep 20
Salom / Pax means the peace that comes with the presence of justice. The rule of law.

Peace without justice is merely indifference. It is no peace at all. As stated by Jeezus and Martin Luther King, "heroes" you worship because you enjoy the passive peace they gave you but which they hated.

Educate yourselves.
Were they passive do-nothings who accept everything and stand for nothing?

If the only thing you stand for is standing for nothing and doing whatever you please, you're on the wrong side of eternity, and that ain't love.
Starry Sep 4
You reep
So watch out
What your doing
Might bite you in
The *** later on
Thus is the universe.
BoF Sep 1
Broke my heart
To see you
Like animals

Not all were saints
Mistakes in life were made
Had not been served
Silence before your pleads
Could be heard
Your death
Will not go unheard
This poem was written regarding all the recent and past deaths caused by police brutality surrounding  prejudice with people of color.
गलबन्दी च्यातीयो
पछ्यौरी च्यातीयो

मुद्दा विचाराधीन
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: श्री सर्वोच्च अदालत
Writing into poetry,
anything can be,
but as I look back on
past, it’s there
& never leaving.
To I wish not all of it,
not everyone there
was apart of it.
To I yearn to write
on love
& not vent.
S Smoothie Aug 17
How I laughed confident like

Founded upon nervous undertones

hoping you wouldn't hear it

I sure gave you a good kick in the guts!

It took my breath away

The way I took yours

Now I watch you as a curiosity ******* for air

Like fish gaping flipping and flopping in a dried up rock pool

How does it feel?

That sense of suffocation?

I know you think you won't survive

Don't worry, you will...

I can attest to that

Besides we both prescribe to the same idea

And my saviour will save you as your saviour

Will you choke when you have to say our saviour?

Don't worry the blade gets sharper tempered by fire

Trials are for survival and transformation

You'll flip flop and gasp for air but the tide will roll in

And I will drift away and leave you to find your way

But not before the first cut,

The deepest

Is replaced by a scar across my soul

May God have mercy

Because you certainly don't!
Author's Notes/Comments:
Sometimes grace just gets in the way of Justice.
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