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A M Ryder May 28
The world
had to stop
For this victory
I'm joyus
I'm angry
I'm still angry
I want to bring black life
Into this world without
Us having to do this ****
I want us to grow old
Be unscathed
Be unbothered
And flourish
Words of a BLM activist
I dreamed of justice
The promised land
I dreamed of freedom
The phantom lived
I dreamed of peace
My heart becomes a piece  

I dreamed Of justice
It will come back once a day
Free Pelastine✌
Aficionados they're of justice
If they, their kith n kin
Suffer from Covid
100 rooms for them in Ashoka Hotel under Primus Hospital
Justice in cases pending
For 20-30 years may get
Delayed by a fortnight
If they are incapacitated
That would be a great injustice
Further who would pass
Orders making incompetent Executive competent
In their absence
They're special citizens
On this planet
Next to God in heaven
Understand my poor countrymen
How will you skip your own game now
In which once I lost my whole world?
How much illusions you will create more to avoid your own self?
I screamed for justice
I screamed for justice
I screamed for justice
Behind my every laugh
For my all tears
I didn't repress
To make her smile.
What makes you to stop and not compromise for the sake of your own child self. You scream inside but hold onto the game of reality to say it's false and empty.
Your unhanded movements and back handed ways
Will only serve you backwards
You idiots... you slaves
For angels still rise
From the spirits of the slain
Mother Nature will punish you
Justification is hers to put claim
There's no forgiveness for what I did!
For you and your crimes
And your horrors
And 'evil deeds,
There'll be always
A Word, a good opinion
To have and think about.
There's no forgiveness for what I did!

There can't be forgiveness for what I did.
You, on the other hand,
For you all due respect.
You and those horrors
You had to do,
You had to do.
Respect: how else to terrify
Your enemy
So cruel...
For you, all due respect.
- I don't know what I could have done in any past life, said the girl, to deserve this!

"God rest the good man's soul."
When someone can love you someone can Save you.
Erika Apr 5
You are the city of hopes and dreams
The home of the brave
And the land of the free
But why it's look like racism is all over your place?

Nobody wants any of this
Is it because of the color, they deserve injustice?
Is being different enough to be a reason
To have a death penalty and be beaten?

Someone needs to understand
Life is too short so give a hand
Don't put them down and let them stand
We are all just human under one God

Stop the HATE we need LOVE
Give the freedom in every dove
Let respect be in your heart
We need to be united not apart.
rig Apr 1
in you since
a nuisance
-a new sense-
unknows sins.
Josie Stewart Mar 29
When the smear of filth spreads across the wall,
Dragged by yet another bilious hand,
I wish that they would in an instant fall,
Dropping dead in the very spot they stand.

I feel no guilt though I am not a violent soul.
I mourn the casualties of their callous hate.
Longing only to end the crushing toll,
I curse their lives and hope bloodthirsty history to sate.
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