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Anastasia Jul 14
Sometimes I feel like the world is shutting me out.
brailee Feb 16
the days aren't the same anymore
you were there with me under the warm sun
I thought I could soar --
I felt the love
but things got dark and now it was done

as they do the sunny days gave way to dismal rain

I shut the doors, I locked them
I shut my eyes -- clocked out
my mind
I said goodbye
to tomorrow and gave way to the pain
In the world outside,
It's dark.

Keep the doors of your heart shut.
If you die tonight,
which god's gonna save you?

I don't believe in a one.

So, you're telling me
you're God, now? You're nothing.

I don't believe in nothing.
Was there meaning in my birth
besides two ******* twenty somethings
playing at love games?

What's the point of human life
when existence is pointless?

Full potential of the pointed mind,
free as it can be, to discern & decide.

Are you warrior,
or are you peacewalker?

Are those the only options?

It separates us,
angel kin & demon.

Circumstantial evidence.
The urge in your eyes to **** is missing.
If we're drawing those lines in the dirt,
I see love in you.
You don't deify or deny -

- here you killed to serve,
yet we're exchanging words.
The End.

Thank you.
Power verb
Direct, yes
Verbose is
How I wrote

Still I write in open circles
Even I don't know what I mean. Trust.
Looping back, is there not an artistry in that?

Adjective for the ages
Cut to form,
Don't get me wrong,
It sounds fitting
With the way you lead your life.

Your confines.

Look at all my fitted pieces.
I bend the lines with word as waveform.
Looping back,
Fulfilling is
As useless
As it is
A Simillacrum Jan 28
Spider on the wall in a shower stall

Skeleton to the end, a somber mule
Beast of burden

Each successive time I claim
I'm in a balanced state

A Simillacrum Jan 27
What is the commotion?
Can't you ******* keep it down?
Deception crawls &
Connivers chisel a network
Into the earth below their brains

& There's nothing you can do, so, please

Try to keep it down.
Identify the signs.
Shut your mouth &
Disengage, or you'll otherwise
Wake the beast - & you don't want that.

Let the covert lie, as they breathe,
& take a note. *******   take a note.

Don't you repeat the mistakes that keep
your mind & your heart wrapped in their affairs,
when the manipulative, & the easily led
certainly won't miss your meat, as they are
well fed in their reciprocal designs.

Don't waste your time.
Like I wasted mine.
TyBeauty Jan 26
Devil is a lie
And he must go
What lyes beneath
It must go

Tricky beast you
Under a robe..
Playing tricks.
With my body under a robe.

In true diguise
I must go
Tricky animal
Under a role.
infer lower
court a
wall with
DACA while
Mrs. Pelosi
shares liberal
concern i.e.,
morals with
crossovers like
her minority
leader while
McConnell gasps
with Ross
while Mathew
is ninth
circuit in
Hot 'Lanta
is Charlie Carlos dead?
Yuki Jan 16
The girl who cried wolves
has been told too many times
to shut her mouth
that now she is crying her own name
having she herself become
the wolf.
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