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Hammad Oct 9
We all take
slow poison
willingly -  when we allow
toxic people in our life
to exploit
our vulnerabilities,
to prey
on our weaknesses...
to infest
their misery
on our blessings...
My dear
I have seen them casting spells
so evil
that they left nothing
but a dry, barren and empty soul....
Paige Sep 20
I sit at my table and chair. I am content in my solitude. My laptop calls for me. Oh the hustle and bustle of our society requires us to be present at all times. There is no time to dawdle. Even on free days, we check emails and rush to beat the morning traffic while running errands. I look out the window. There is a daisy where leaves usually grow. A new sign of life. Invigorating and riveting for me to observe.

Why should I worry
at the much unexpected?
The definition of life
only to be forgotten
I wrote this a few months ago, I didn't realise it's been so long since I've updated my page! I posted this poem earlier on allpoetry too :)
Liz Sep 8
The wind is my friend
He's always there
Sometimes he sings to me
Or holds my hand when I'm sad
He'll hold me softly so I know I'm not alone

The wind is my friend
He's always by my side
And he always lets me know
I just need to breathe
And remember to take it slow
k e i Sep 4
it’s normal.
to have days where you just watch your thoughts reach and flirt with each other in the ceiling.
where you don’t turn that prompt into the opening lines of a poem.
where you’re left unprepared without your best outfit.

it’s normal to have days for sleeping in ‘til 4pm.
where you only tick off two items off your todo list and calling it a day.
where you take time in the shower to sift through your thoughts.

some days are meant for adoring the sky.
for accepting you’re infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things.
some days are meant to be slow.

“and it’s normal and you’re alright-or will soon be.”
I want to dance with you
in the moon light,
when the time is right.

I want to dance with you
when you're loving me,
when you're carefree.

I want to dance with you
all day, all night,
until we see the sun light.

I want to dance with you
until you get tired of me,
'til you can no longer see.

I want to dance with you,
for all of
e t e r n i t y .

Sometimes the only thing you need to do is dance with someone who loves you.
Natalija Aug 14
Slow down
Not so far
Get out of the car
And give me back
My crown
Colm Aug 12
When you grow like a tree over property lines
  And are drawn into a yard unwanting and free
    It’s not the sharpest saw which cuts the deepest ties
      But the quiet in moving away from beneath
We've all been there (at least most of us have). And you learn from it quickly, or slowly if need be. Time passes by, and you grow like trees. Slowly in learning.
Alex Aug 8
Time runs perfectly,
It doesn't stay it goes further,
And time could stop,
Right by the moment,
When it hits you so hard,
That you can't feel anything,
And even falling in love,
But time does slow...
Slower than a sea turtle,
Slower when everything goes wrong,
Slower when at pain...
And all you could think is a fast forward,
Fast forward, at how time could everything swiftly move,
It is fast on happy memories,
Like when that time you were still little,
It is fast when you took it for granted,
Ironically how time stays the same,
And stop, slow and fast,
And still the same....
Matthew Jul 25
you owe me, some slow times
a slow swaying dance,
slow moving hands,
a few slow easy mornings,

hugs in the slow to rise sunlight,
more soft slow burning kissing
a slow stroll through the roses
words slow to read
throught the tears, poetry

slow emotional love making,
without dought
slow to get home nights
and slow to leave the bed days

no worries though
you can pay me back
slowly of course
with all my interest
slow to never fade away
fika Jul 19
in a world that moves so fast
sometimes we need to slow down
fika /fee-ka/ - a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. “coffee with friends”
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