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CIN Mar 18
I sit with my back to the wall
Hazy gaze on the wall in front of me
In the distance there's cries and shouts
My eyes are falling
My mind is somewhere else
Floating watching someone else
That's not me
Those aren't the words i meant to say
I lied so much I cant tell whats real anymore
Everything goes so slow
Yet the time ticks by faster and faster
Dread builds up in my stomach
Someone asks me for a dollar
But I can't find my voice to speak
i dont feel good
Kellin Jan 9
Time is moving too fast
  I am moving too slow
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
pain and problem fall
into mind separate slow
we realize truth
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
saw an elephant
in my mind i walk slowly
he does not notice
Heidi Franke Oct 2021
Soft, slow and Brave
She Raged.
Walking forward with fear in one hand, love
In the other.
She let love
Lead the way
Soft, slow and Brave.
Part of the idea: the fear and love in a different hand are taken from meditation from Sarah Blondin. The rest is what I am dealing with. The sludge of depression, fear, and panic. Like tar pits.
Terra Levez Aug 2021
The music ends
And yet the symphony has just begun
Everyone leaves us
Some run, some fall
But we stayed
And slowed danced in this burning room
Some called this misery
We called it home
inspired from an Instagram challenge... yes i copied from another person's verse a bit.
Ellen F D Aug 2021
Echos through the city
Filling it with a roar

Crashing through walls
Rumbling through windows
Cutting through the air

It calms me
Soothes me
Grounds me

It’s awesome power
That’s paradoxically silent
Stands still and tall

It’s subtle vibration
That’s gently rough
Flows far and wide

It’s dark melody  
That’s unforgettably ominous
Sings through the atmosphere

It’s charged.


Merely a bubble of excited particles

Bouncing off one another in glee


It’s slow…

…It’s beautiful.

From such chaos comes so much beauty, so much feeling, so much sound

From such chaos, comes so much life

Here I rest

And here I’m calm

Here, I am safe
Had some wicked thunder storms round my parts lately
Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
there is a gleam, across the valley, a reflection,
I am sure,
a man made surface shiny,
I am sure,
no natural gleam of mica or diamond
blinks and flashes
as if
signaling to me, see, see me, reflect the sun,
seeming so
a sign
a significance I must grant synchronisity,
or ,
thought, what might
this shining thing be?

It is far from me and anchored, I see,
then flashy flashflash, light of sun,
fractaled -tole painted -fatal tell
light strokes on the future seen as this again,
more, the curiosity, was ist das?

A little mirror insisting, see, there see,
there is the sun,
topping the hill behind you, where you are
where I lack the power to signal a flash back,
for I sit watching,
in the morning shade,
yellow birds and blue, doing what birds do,
orioles and scrub jays,

magpie eyes in me, see that gleam again,
and laugh, I know,
what that is
signaling to me, see, see me, reflect the sun,
seeming so
a sign
of the times, for my report,

- Watch man, what of the morning?

I see a happy birthday balloon,
hung on a wire,

by a wind with a knot function,
naturally anchoring
webs, and threads, and strings and mylar shreds,
dancing from power lines
feeding juice to the drip system
in George's vineyard.
_ all day, all night... but --- lets take a hike, and pick up litter a little, as we make our way.
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