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Ken Pepiton Jul 22
there is a gleam, across the valley, a reflection,
I am sure,
a man made surface shiny,
I am sure,
no natural gleam of mica or diamond
blinks and flashes
as if
signaling to me, see, see me, reflect the sun,
seeming so
a sign
a significance I must grant synchronisity,
or ,
thought, what might
this shining thing be?

It is far from me and anchored, I see,
then flashy flashflash, light of sun,
fractaled -tole painted -fatal tell
light strokes on the future seen as this again,
more, the curiosity, was ist das?

A little mirror insisting, see, there see,
there is the sun,
topping the hill behind you, where you are
where I lack the power to signal a flash back,
for I sit watching,
in the morning shade,
yellow birds and blue, doing what birds do,
orioles and scrub jays,

magpie eyes in me, see that gleam again,
and laugh, I know,
what that is
signaling to me, see, see me, reflect the sun,
seeming so
a sign
of the times, for my report,

- Watch man, what of the morning?

I see a happy birthday balloon,
hung on a wire,

by a wind with a knot function,
naturally anchoring
webs, and threads, and strings and mylar shreds,
dancing from power lines
feeding juice to the drip system
in George's vineyard.
_ all day, all night... but --- lets take a hike, and pick up litter a little, as we make our way.
In nature things move slow
Things happen slow
In slow is serenity
In slow is clarity
In slow is durability
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I understand
Slowly slowly I think
Slowly slowly I write
Slowly slowly I work
Slowly slowly l couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Deeper roots, broader  spread
Little recognition
I could get
They planted me
Where there was erosion
Stopping landslides and further damage
Many grew so fast like a vine
To great heights they could twine
They bore fruits for their growers
Who protected them
From hail and storm
I couldn't fulfill their norms
Slow and steady doesn't win
Just remains free from sin
Faster the speed of throw
The higher it goes
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Pruning often they did
Making the shrub
Pleasing to their eyes
Fit and fine in public eyes
I am slow at everything
I care a hang for them
Slowly slowly I understand, think, work or write
I feel quite satisfied!
Shrubs prevent erosion and landslides. In a corrupt system, competent honest people do exist. They face resistance. They think, act and move carefully and take the time required unlike corrupt ones who want to make fast buck and climb the ladder fast by pleasing the powers that be by adopting shortcuts. Competent honest people grow into shrubs only as they're slow by the standards of the corrupt. But they prevent erosion and landslides in the system.
pcb Jun 15
While everything dissolves in a blur
and everyone else is in a hurry,
between the fast and slow footsteps on the street,
yours just feel like water—
flowing across minds in one step,
through sands of time in two.

Maybe they will find you cold and bland,
but have they ever felt cold water on a sizzling day?

And maybe,
maybe I've swum in calmer waters,
walked at a slower pace with many.

But no one has ever swung my hand along a busy pedestrian street,
or swayed me as gently
as you did.
Brumous May 14
Everyone is walking,
and I'm here
standing alone

Time crashed
like waves--in the ocean
whilst it halted as
the shouts of silence began

I stood there til' the sun came to withdraw
from the moon's night sky;
All there is was the cold night breeze,
while the moon and stars accompany me

Brumous Apr 28
The thing about time is that it seems so long,
yet it can easily slip out of our hands

It seems so hazy,
one goes fast
one is slow
and there is this one
that feels like a dream

I don't want to let go of it;
don't run
don't walk

don't stop
don't go.
I need more time
but you're going too fast
Deep learner
A slow learner
His knowledge
Cooked on
A slow burner
Most nutrients
Stay preserved
Results in
Robust health
Here is a caveat
Never say
Your understanding is complete
Someone may come
You face defeat
Your knowledge is deep
Someone still deeper
May creep!
You understand various things to varied degrees. Your understanding is never complete.
They say the fastest thing in the world is light
Then how come you are never in my sight?
I cant help but beg you to please slow down
But when I finish, youre already out of town
I cant even tell, as you slip right by
Thats how it'll be, 'till the day I die
Ill catch up to time eventually....
Zack Ripley Mar 4
The air is cold.
But I don't notice.
Because as I walk across the frozen lake,
I know I can't afford
to make a mistake.
The longer I look
At the fish that swim below,
A feeling grows inside me.
It's not fear.
But fascination.
We always say we wish
Time would slow.
And walking on water
Makes me realize it does.
We just don't notice.
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