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Laokos 2d
. . . and finally i
allow the sun to
set on another
failed love

two years too
late ?  or maybe
right on
time . . .

my shell and my
spear - this heart
of mine in its
place of power
again ,
but changed

as an emerald bird
of thunder
frees the water
from its cell
in the
Jay M Oct 8
Tempted so
Just a drop
A little hint
A moment to flee these things
Colliding in my mind
Leaving nothing untouched

Just a second
Just a time
For one such as I
To unwind
To come clean
Then all that hear
To forget
And just love
Despite ones failure
Despite ones mistakes
Despite ones awful thoughts
To understand
To empathize
With open-mindedness
And acceptance
Beyond what can be placed into words

One slip up
One mistake
But there are one too many
Overtaking the brain
Spewing rage from each
Onto the cause
Making all worse
Slowly killing one
Until it is no more.

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
Shadowhollow Oct 5
To fall in love isn’t to run carefree
Yes it may start in erratic tumbles
But it ends in slow dances
Calm movements
The winds hands stroking you’re hair
The calm of the water breaking tide

To fall in love isn’t assured
But it is all the same
Ripples in a slow river, lazy,
Flowing down time for thee,
All the nostalgic memories,
Ghosts of the survivors, yes,
Living in our hearts to bless,
Then we'll all fade away into space,
Floating away in the ripples of grace.....
Feedback welcome
Zane Smith Sep 25
I have the urge to start over
to throw everything away.
tell me why some days
it's impossible to get dressed,
to get out of bed.
tell me why I want
to throw my phone in the ocean
to delete social media.
tell me why my best friend
isn't home yet
it's been over a year.
Tell me why my life feels
so put together
so far away
where am I going?
Alexis Sep 23
these days are long and the seasons seem to drag
this year has me trapped beneath her grip

friends are only friends to your face
and lovers just love to use you

people only care with their words
as if i could lay my crying head against empty whispers

served slow motion hits to the chest
and taken advantage of time and time again

i've been aching for my heart to heal
anticipating a fresh bloom

and still with three more months to go?
****, it's been a long year
the last few months feel like decades
Zane Smith Sep 19
time flies by
with the blink
of an eye.
so when
do we truly
start living?
Merope Angel Sep 14
I hope that when our love dies
From you no longer willing to try
I hope that it dies slow

I hope it dies so slow

Like a plant
Checking out.
Left in shock
From new soil.

You won’t know
Right away

But you will see
The signs of decay

I think, baby
You are so beautiful
You are so good to me

I nod off
Intrepid sleeping
Sheepish intermingling
Waiting on my being
To give me some energy

The consciousness is lost
And so are you gone with it

Where I have forgot
Your sweet love
Like man-made syrup

The chemicals burn my tongue
The sweetness turns me off
The kindness
Puckers my mouth

I’m addicted
But I don’t know how.
Susana Sep 3
Slowed down
It seems
Yet somehow
Moments pass quickly by
Leaving nothing but
A small stain
In the brain
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