Got bored trying to watch something on tv found
Myself watching House
of Parliament voting on
a Brexit deal
In truth, It was like watching a bunch of unruly school children
In the classroom arguing
over which sweets to
Can't believe this Country
of ours being run by such
Incapable people who call themselves
unbelievable In 9 years they've managed to destroy a once great Country
along with Its people that of the ordinary working class people and the most vulnerable of our society shame on
9 years of Conservative Government rabl
© Sarah

You made me feel like I was flying,
Like no matter who said what you would be there to pull me back into the clouds,
Like I was something special,
You were the first person to ever make me feel this way,
Then when I realized it was all just an illusion,
The fun ended and I hit the concrete with a cold, hard, awakening,
You left me stranded to die alone,
You left me there to cry myself to sleep at night,
It hurt so much to hear you say I was just a toy,
Something you could play with,
Someone who you wanted to wallow in your misery with you,
You ruined me,
I am no longer the girl with the bright eyes or beautiful smile,
I am now the girl drowning in her tears,
Who can barely breathe at the simple thought of what we had,
The girl who deep down, is slowly dying,
The worst thing is that you can never know,
You will forever more think of me as the girl you threw to the side and didn't hurt,
I am so much more that you can never see,
I will forever be, the girl you ruined...
Where to start...
this made me sad and emotional, I have a similar story only different on the part of being a rebound. I encourage you to keep going, forgiving is living and it makes life bearable. Pick yourself up and it won't be easy but get the closure you need writing is good do more venting to someone you feel close to and just as I have you will get over this in time. May we be strengthened and pray to be able to get through the trying times! :)

Dm on instagram is open for those of you who are suffering or feeling depressed/need someone to talk to :)

Instagram: @poems_expressions_words_truth
William Maxwell Dec 2018
I think you ruined me
Even though I learned a lot
I'm marked by your cruelty
Out, ****** spot
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Humans tend to believe they're all powerful but
faced with the true force
of nature's elements we
are nothing
ants swallowed up In the vastness of ever changing
environment more heavy rain destroying winds rising tides and arctic melting
This part we have to hold our hands up and claim responsibility for we
have caused global warming
Which will destroy us all trying to reverse the process far to
the clock been ticking on the situation to long to reverse
Soon It Will Be Goodbye World for everyone
A world already ruined no reverse gear to shift to, the clock Is already ticking on an already doomed world and It's our doing
Benji Dec 2018
I've been killing these verses for years
Better put my feet up, have a few beers
Better raise your glass, cheers
I've got a huge brain between my ears
The one that vanquished all of my fears
The one that seen me through all the tears
While I'm thankful for most of my peers
Others tried to stab me with words like spears
Thought they could control me like puppeteers
Just when they thought I would disappear
Laughter is all they could hear
That is when I would reappear
And be all like "I'm here"
And they'd be all like "Oh, Dear!"
And I'd be all like let's change gear
Tell me was that crystal clear?
Why does it feel like I'm in the Ionosphere
Well some of these peeps are quite the racketeer
Shame they'll never breathe freely in my atmosphere
gee ****, listen up kid
I think I just ruined it.
Youdont Needthis Dec 2018
You live in a cul de sac
Every house is built exactly the same
Just painted different
Some butter yellow and bright
Some a ripe tomato's skin

You don't know any of your neighbors
You don't know who lives right next to you
They have kids or something

The newspapers are kept in a locked safe in the middle of the neighborhood
You use your digital code to pluck one out
After walking outside in the hot summer sun
You return home
Read the headlines
And smoke *** in the dining room

It takes a little while to peak

The kids come home from school
The Wife's home from work

You're spinning
You have span
You hath spun

The dust of the angel
Has blessed you with wings

They sprint away for their lives
Your three kids and only wife

But you're too fast

First you chase down your youngest
Too young and weak to even have a chance at escape
You grab him by the ankles and split him apart with your bare hands

You're out the door and tearing across the asphalt
You hear their screams but no one else is outside
And no one cares to leave their house
The middle child is no where to be seen
But the oldest is hopping over the stucco brick walls

You follow
Lawns and patio furniture
Dogs and small swimming pools
Just frightening blurs
The oldest son trips over the knarled stump of a shrub
And once again you hold both ankles
His skin and bones part
His whole body gives way
And you're a rusty plow to the wet earth
You're the sharp sickle to the golden wheat

There's only one left
You can't even remember a middle child
Was there another child

The wife is just a sprint away
Holding ancient technology
A payphone
There shouldn't be any of those left

You dig your toes in
The rubber of your boots melts and reeks
Your wife's form bends in the burning heat
But now you're there
Face to face
And instead of the ankles
You're just staring into her eyes

You see a verdant land
Green with live growth
Covered in compost and fertilizer
Trash and feces

A beautiful
Wonderful land covered in **** waste
To flourish and bloom
To be bought and sold

You're holding her tight and sobbing
I'm scared
I'm so scared
I'm scared

She reaches in her pocket and withdraws her nine milimeter
She shoots you through the chest and your heart bursts
Your last thoughts are just drivel

The angels smile while they ruin your ******
Apporva Arya Nov 2018
The past of past,
ruined the past.
The past of today,
shouldn't ruined the today
what happens in the past should stay in the past.
Brynn S Nov 2018
The days once looked to
Are ruined
Memories I have loved of us
Are ruined
Everything is in your power to take
Im leaving soon
I will not return
Some say I will die
I said I will learn
JR Falk Nov 2018
And i can tell that i don’t cross your mind
When you’re the only thing that stays on mine,
But it’s fine, i’ll be alright, survive,
I know that it’s just how things have to be from time to time

I don’t want to cry. Please believe me, I’m trying
I can’t get emotions across without constantly whining
I don’t want to scare you.
I need to be near you.
You’re like oxygen, you see,
I can’t breathe without you next to me,
But now you’re gone.
This all feels so wrong.
Just last week i woke beside you,
Now this bed is empty and I can’t forget your smile.

I miss the way that you’d hold me.
I miss the way that you kiss my forehead,
And my nose.
and tickle my sides, but
Now my heartstrings are tackling blows.
I don’t know.
Maybe you really don’t need me
And what you need is for me to leave you alone.
But i dont want to go.
You gave me a home.
I was lost for so long,
Found myself in your arms--
Now i know it’s where i belong.
Even though you’re fighting the pain inside,
From the girl that broke your heart, and plagues your mind
And made you want to die

Please don’t cry
If this isn’t what you need
Believe me
I understand, i just want you to be happy.

I’ll never forget you.
I’ll always be grateful for you.
But if this is the way things have to be,
Then i guess I’ll be fine.
It’s alright.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your life
And until next time,
Know you that always have a place in my heart
And in my mind
And I love you.
But goodbye,
My aurora.
Brynn S Nov 2018
The written worlds of the mad ones
Those who have not learned to fly for all their wings have not sprouted
I chased those clear wholesome night and ended them with bleak sorrow
Grip my wrists and show me goodness for I fear I may never learn the souls
Tell me in whispers those memories of before, the ones that were not yet tainted by **** or grief
Tomorrow holds not promise but heartache, I fear I have fallen deep into caverns
Lost and unchecked they pushed me farther down, my eyes dost weep yet there is no sound
I’m worried, I cannot grasp this reality you’ve placed me in. Everything feels new and I might never see the end
Heal my heartache with physical pleasures, if left alone I will fall into gluttony
Let me not be alone I will become lost
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