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Isaac afunad Mar 19
She said that she loved me
but didn't mean it
despite everything l did
From age to age hoped to marry you but the evil that breathed under your pretty face ruined and broke me
Only trusted you more than my own
like maybe you fell down from the stars to shine the light to the dark
You were the spirit of doom
For you were my first and will always hold a place deep in my heart because l still  love you.
Isabella Dec 2020
Here I sit upon this cream white carpet
Salt streams down my face like a river, gently trickling over my freckled cheeks
Copper drips from my arm onto my hands, falling into the cracks of my palms
My eyes are burning but my skin is cold
My mind is racing but my heart is still
My posture weakens but I don’t let my head fall
Instead my gaze flickers to the ground
The floor a jarring hue
That lovely white carpet now streaked with crimson
What a mess I’ve made...
It seems like you're on my mind
Your eyes that glow so bright
Your lips so plump and soft
Your hands so soft and smooth

Our memories together flashes
Through my very eyes
Vivid yet so clear
Happy yet so sad

Hidden feelings ruined me
Every fiber of my being
Calls for your presence
I just miss you so **** much
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2020
Ruined what was left
Lies and lust made me lose you
Heart broken again
About the worst mistake I have ever made
Kashish Aug 2020
Everything had crumbled into ruins
When I lost everyone I once called mine
It seemed I almost had no grip over life
There was no drive, no hope to rise back and shine
Not until I bowed my head down;
In front of the almighty god, the divine
And he blessed me with a basket full of hope
Once shrouded in fog, my life is now full of alacrity and I cannot decline.
Dark is the hour
Shattered windows
Moonnight tears
Covered up faces
Fighting back frustration
Track and trace
Isn't an option
It a command
Like a government plan
Crashing economic ground
Family's left reeling
without hope or reconnecting
Children's education forgotten
No plan
To Reunite false hope
Withers a storm of season  cradled by the sea.
Children drowning
Life becomes hulunation
Virus silences the nation.
Lack of pity
With little empathy.
People loose heart
Become drawn apart
World leaves in fear
Because of new episodes
Mountains rages
with burnt out favours
Politics are ***** to the core
It must take back control

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
But just now I won't give up hope .
I hang on tight to God's promises with all my might .
Fighting until the end .
I will master a plan.
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 2020
When he move
Like cloud in the blue sky.

His tears are raining like acid rain.

Who wants to ruin everyone.

Because a divine soul became like ghost.

The **** of nature made him like this.

He was a hardworking farmer.

Used to work day and night,
to get two breads.

But the wrath of nature,
snatched him family from him.

Living with this broken heart,
committing suicide as a burden.

Today his move like cloud in the blue sky,
his tears are raining like rain,
he screaming loudly in the blue sky,
The spirit has aroused in him now,
divine soul became like ghost.

This poem is based on true story of a farmer
In today's time most of the farmer committed suicide
Due to natural changing that's crop destroyed.
Thanks for reading.
Spooks May 2020
Blue eyes
White lies
Broken hearts
And shattered parts
Long nights
Too many fights
Life was good
Until our mouths filled with blood
A time never to be forgotten
Even tho things got so rotten
A love I’ll never forget
Although I know you’re filled with so much regret
To much pain
Then we both got vein
hurtful words
Cut us down like swords
Swords straight to our chests
How can we fix this mess?
No amount of sorry
Could ever fix the worries
A love so kind
Made us both so blind
I could never forget those times we shared
Once you really cared
A dedication of my life to you
It left me so sad and blue
Something so broken
It needed the token
Token to the bright
Token for no more fight
Energy severed
Expectations lowered
Now were both the ones hurt
And left deep down in the dirt.
Unknown Apr 2020
I have been conditioned by toxic people previously in my life,
that I was not good enough because of my quiet nature,
because I would rather keep to myself than be in the limelight,
because I am introverted,
because I am not like other girls who 'crave attention' - but rather the opposite.

They made me believe no one would ever like or even date me,
that no one will ever love me because of my 'different and unusual personality'

They broke me,
ruined me.

But they will never know, as they go on to live their lives and leave me in the mud - as I live on hating myself.
to those who have been in a very toxic friendship / environment that made you question your self worth.
Rayne Victoria Apr 2020
I must be easily mistaken
For a coat on a plastic hanger
Because nothing has been more familiar
Than the way I’ve been used,
Selected finickly from the men’s section
And worn until I’m ruined.

They expect me to fulfill their needs
And take on all their elements
And if I get a little *****
I’m just thrown in the wash
So I can be used again.
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