Wyatt Jul 16
After all these years
your stench is still on me,
your name still disgusts me,
your curse on my life
still sticks with me every day.
What you did to me,
how you preyed on me
when I was way too young.
How you’re probably still
out there somewhere
doing it to someone else,
I’m tired of thinking about it.
I’m afraid of people
and what they might think,
you’re the reason why.
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you break me?

Late night thoughts,
stricken with fear.
Someone will find out,
I’ll be shunned by my peers.
Dysfunctional, weary.
It stays with me,
I feel disgusting.
Cannot function without
that memory appearing.
Cannot socialize,
it might happen again.
My hands still shake,
I’ll never get over this.
Your stench is still on me,
it’s all so ugly.
Innocence stolen by you,
part of me died back then.
Clarity Jul 2
I may be weak.
I may be ugly
I may be broken

At least i haven’t broken hearts
At least i haven’t torn people apart
At least i haven’t ruined lives

I can’t say the same for you.
fat drunk Jun 13
Whether it's the first time you held my hand,
Or the time you took me to foreign land;
I can't seem to escape your pull.
You're a magnet, and I'm the fool.

Countless days in fields where we stand,
Toe to toe, believing what you had planned
Was a love as deep as the deepest pool,
But alas, yet again I'm the fool.

Lucid white beach, buried in sand.
Losing track of time as our pale skin tanned.
I miss those days of hot and cool...
Why did I have to be such a fool?..
I'm sorry my friend, please forget me
Blake Jun 13
Rose petals,
And Bon Jovi playing,
Pretty lit up candles and
Expensive champagne
Doesn’t hide the two letter word that I was    

God gave me family,
God gave me friends,
God gave me life.

But I took something from God---

I took an angel away from the heavens---
A beautiful angel adored by all.

As each day passes the heavens became empty without your presence.

But as each day passes with you beside me,
The more I fall into this endless pit.

You took care of me,
You worshipped me,
You loved me.

The heavens kept searching for you.
I don't want to lose you.
I can't imagine what's it like to be without my everything.

You gave me everything,
And it scares me,
Knowing that one day you'll go back to where you really belong.

It ruined me,
You ruined me,
I ruined me.

I have to give God what rightfully belongs to Him,
Even if it means living without you.
This one is the continuation of my haiku 'Shattered' I hope you like it Krista DelleFemine
Your world is quiet tonight,
dreams drifted to nightmare
synthesized points leads no reason,
you might caught up by monster
you better watch out,
look at every corner of his eye.

There's a gold glitter on the floor
look closer, underneath it's
a remnant of ruined cards
shifted to play this part,
without a soul,
like a demon.

Love is a villain
that vanquished the queen
dancing in white storm;
you are too beautiful
to wear a monochromic dress.

Don't look under the bed,
you will get what you deserve,
in your curiousness,
in your consciousness.
Jay Lewis May 20
Unrequited love,
is eating me up
I'm choking on this,
venomous lust.
Your kisses felt like,
an antidote.
You once healed my
broken soul.
But Boy,
you got your hands
wrapped around my
Clarity May 3
I can feel it breaking all over again
My heart shattering into tiny pieces
I hear it cracking with every tear that runs down my face.
Why is this so hard?
It was so long ago
So how can you still tear me apart?

I can’t breathe.
Im choking on the memories
Of you
Of us
Of the end.
I seem to always fall into the cracks between your words.
I can’t seem to land on them.
Believe them.
I’d rather fall into a mysterious black hole
I’ve created to imagine my own version of what you say.

I drive myself crazy.
Not believing.
Not seeing.

Just ruining.

What could be.
You can be your own worst enemy.
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