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Estelline Jan 15
When you tell me it’s okay
That we'll be fine
Even though you're not mine
And you loved me
I try to look in your eyes
But I can see they're covered in lies

Now what am I supposed to say?
I loved you today
And all the days
When you couldn’t look me in the face
The feeling of disgrace
Made you weep

So does it make me a freak
That I can’t take the break
I can’t make my love go away
So easily
As you did
Not after trying so hard to make it stay

But I’ll force my head to turn away
As you leave for the last time
I say I’ll be fine
Keeping the tears at bay
But when you closed the door
Hiding a smile under your sobbing face
I fell to the floor
In a pile of despair.
Ellesora Rue Jan 5
Is that how you feel?

That man walking by
The girl who says hi
Your best friend
You close relative
What do you know—
Just maybe
They're like you:
A perfectly

If you stare
Right into their ever beating hearts
Into their silent soul
Maybe you'll find
A chip
A crack
Or maybe all you find are pieces
Of shattered self
They are like you
perfectly ruined things

You aren't so different
You are surrounded by yourself, over and over
Tiny little perfectly ruined things ignoring the pain
Building walls
Until you have forgotten
How you were before you became

Day 4 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: perfectly ruined thing
Tabbitha Erceg Aug 2021
I'm desperately worried that I'm ruined.
Kennedy Jul 2021
i want you, anyway you want me. i want you to take me, slowly, quickly. do with me what you wish. i'm tired of pretending.
god. you get my mind. reeling. i feel absolutely insane with you. you make me so ******* angry. i wish i could put you in your place.

i'm kidding. i'm not the dominant one. but you? ****. you're built to be dominant. your hands are just the perfect size to fit around my throat. your fingers down my throat or you using them to tease me? drives me wild. i want you to degrade me. laugh at me. tease me. **** me until i cry and then some.

i want to be so thoroughly wrecked and ruined by you. i want to feel it for weeks. i want to be covered in your marks. bruises, hickies, bite marks, scratches. i want my skin turned red.

i want you.
my guts need some rearranging.
Isaac afunadhula Mar 2021
She said that she loved me
but didn't mean it
despite everything l did
From age to age hoped to marry you but the evil that breathed under your pretty face ruined and broke me
Only trusted you more than my own
like maybe you fell down from the stars to shine the light to the dark
You were the spirit of doom
For you were my first and will always hold a place deep in my heart because l still  love you.
Isabella Dec 2020
Here I sit upon this cream white carpet
Salt streams down my face like a river, gently trickling over my freckled cheeks
Copper drips from my arm onto my hands, falling into the cracks of my palms
My eyes are burning but my skin is cold
My mind is racing but my heart is still
My posture weakens but I don’t let my head fall
Instead my gaze flickers to the ground
The floor a jarring hue
That lovely white carpet now streaked with crimson
What a mess I’ve made...
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