I miss you
This is true
The way you held me
Happier than I could ever be

In your arms
Hope swarms
You and I forever
Quite possibly now, never

No attention
Stuck in suspension
Waiting on you
Maybe love will brew

"Don't cry you say"
As you're miles away
In my heart, far apart
In my mind, you're still mine...
I miss you, crying is getting me nowhere...
Liar, liar, liar.
I guess thats all I am,
To you, to him, to everyone.
Lying gets you nowhere
jess Feb 11
his words stuck in my brain like a feather in tar.
tasseled and ruined and destined to stay that way.
our time ran thin and quick like the air in my lungs that night. gasping for air like i’d never known how to breathe again.
his touch lingers on my skin, running around every inch of my body. i’m still waiting for those 7 years to pass so i can have a body completely untouched by yours.
i can’t get the image of him out of my head like a bad scar you regret getting.
it only seems to be getting darker.
when it ended i swore i’d never feel again.
and i just want to say, if you’re heart broken; hold onto to that, because if you let that feeling go.
you just might be a cold stone trown into the void of a sea of emotions.
— thinking about you again.
Britney Lyn Jan 29
And the worst part about letting you go is I had to let go of everything you ruined. When I listened to my favorite songs I could no longer enjoy the rhythm or get lost in the lyrics, no. Instead I got lost in the way your lips sang along with the words, the way your eyes lit up when I decided to join you. I could no longer just drive down the road because every time I happen to glance at that passenger side, I could see glimpses of you. I could hear you from a distance laughing at the jokes I told. I could no longer walk down my hometown street without feeling your hand in mine, or go to the grocery store without relieving those moments in our favorite late night spot. I couldn't bare going to the park and listening to the leaves in the wind or watching the stars at night because you took that away from me too. You ruined the things in life that made me smile, that made me happy. My sheets are in the form of your silhouette and reek of your soul. I cannot wear my favorite top, I cannot view another sunset... because of you. I don't wear my hair the same way, I don't speak the same way. I cannot bare the loss of you. But I need to.
I wrote this about a month ago but didn't think it was perfected enough to be shared.
After going back to it recently and fixing it a little, I am still not happy with the final product but maybe this poem is supposed to stay imperfect, because the relationship behind it never was.
KJ Jan 24
I am staring at the cracked glass
Constantly fracturing
It is spiderwebbing out
It just keeps on cracking

We tried to fix it
With glue and tape
Nothing has worked
I think we might be too late

The glass cracks some more
You can hardly see through it
It’s a disaster waiting to happen
I can no longer ignore this

How do we continue
When we can no longer see
The transparency is gone
All I feel is uneasy

The glass finally shatters
Leaving fragments all over the floor
It gets imbedded into our skin
Leaving scars as reminders

Theres nothing left to fix
A million pieces surround us
If you hadn’t ruined it with your fist
We wouldn’t be left with this irreparable mess
For MA
vanessa ann Jan 22
“You should have seen the way you looked at him,”
I heard my conscience whisper.


“Like he was a black hole.
And you,
a cluster of bright stars,
cannot wait to be sucked whole.”
i want you to ruin me
Lexi Nov 2017
I'm sorry you had to spend time with me.
That you spent money on me
And effort with me. 
I'm sorry I fight with you
And lose my temper at you.
I'm sorry I ruied our relationship
And all we had.
Because now I live without you.
I live without the support of your hand
That hand I never truly had
The things I would do to have just one more moment of your love.
For you to look at me once more.
Mumma I am sorry.
I don't know how to say it anymore.
You're nothing but a drunk man
does it make you happy...to ruin other peoples lives.
How does it make you feel, to ruin mine?
You are nothing but a drunk man, it must make you feel good, as the substance flows throughout your blue veins.
What is so special, about this toxicity flowing in your brain.
You're nothing but a drunk man.
Slam the table
Scream in my face, because it feels good.
I' am disrespectful for walking away, and for not saying I love you back, when you're just my Uncle, to become an Uncle no more.
You're nothing but a drunk man, sailing through your own sea of feel good, not.
You think it's my fault, or maybe someone else's.
Who do you think you are,
I can tell you if you don't know, and that is you're nothing but a drunk man.
Sundays your happy, but not today, you hate me now, you don't have power over my own relay.
Leave me alone, fix yourself.
Bob Marley said, "don't point your fingers unless yours are clean"
but no, no Peter. Your fingers are dirtier than a sick game of lies.
Chug your drink, to make you feel good.
Your own son wrote a song about you, but you can't seem to realize, because you're...nothing but a drunk man.
Blasting it all the way, making a fool of yourself, when they ran away from you 10 years ago, but who got stuck to be near you, that's me.
I used to think why am i alone, but then i realized, your disaster doesn't put me down no more.
You can't put the blame on me, you can't make me feel shame or guilt. I' am going to control myself, whether you like it....or not.
Hate me today, hate me tomorrow, hate me so you can finally, see what's good for you. Blue October was right, but in another sense i tried, to see things in another perspective...
but i know it's you
you ruined your life
you don't want to fix it, except your mouth to the bottle.
I used to cry, lock myself in my bedroom. But I want to thank you, for one last thing...and that's for making me, as strong as i am today.
Even though i realized, i'm battling anxiety, it's slowly going away, as long as i'm not near you. Fix yourself, before you look at me, or others. Because you're nothing but a DRUNK man!
This poem is dedicated towards my Uncle, who is suffering through his alcoholic addiction and harms everyone else around him, but also, worse...to which i realized, it's more of himself.
Isaac Ward Nov 2017
I painted these walls with my heart,
I shingled this roof,
And built a home for you,
Since we were just youths,

But it came to an end,
Abruptly, in violence,
So I'll strip all this paint off,
And repaint it in silence,

Now it's private property,
I ain't who I got to be,
Do what you will-
but you ain't stopping me,
I'll paint over these walls-
Even if it's dropping me,
These corners are sharper,
Too jagged, they popping me,

Cause I ain't backing down,
Know what I'm about,
Cause a home is where you can-
Tell people to get out!
Mane Omsy Oct 2017
I didn’t deserve to be played with
I don’t shape up your happiness
You spat every arrows on my face
Flapped your wings away from me

I know you would chase for menace
Trembling floors under fallen hearts
It don’t matter how they beg bitterly
You dressed up real quick to crush it

I came here to hunt another bird
Same you did haunting every beast
I’ve waited much holding this bow
Won't care if it stops your heart now
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