Unrequited love,
is eating me up
I'm choking on this,
venomous lust.
Your kisses felt like,
an antidote.
You once healed my
broken soul.
But Boy,
you got your hands
wrapped around my
Inflitrate, breed
Destroy, devour
No point in saving
Something that is already dead

Centipedes crawling through the vessels
Maggots swarming the core
Diseased and ruined
Beating with a faint murmur

Blood cells turned black
The white has faded
No light but eternal void

A heart that beats
With an infection
Is a dead man walking
Rotten to the core
In the mementos of days past

Once the cracks extend
Creep and stretch
The core breaks
No more is me
Rotten to the core
Clarity May 3
I can feel it breaking all over again
My heart shattering into tiny pieces
I hear it cracking with every tear that runs down my face.
Why is this so hard?
It was so long ago
So how can you still tear me apart?

I can’t breathe.
Im choking on the memories
Of you
Of us
Of the end.
I seem to always fall into the cracks between your words.
I can’t seem to land on them.
Believe them.
I’d rather fall into a mysterious black hole
I’ve created to imagine my own version of what you say.

I drive myself crazy.
Not believing.
Not seeing.

Just ruining.

What could be.
You can be your own worst enemy.
Shaina Mar 21
A woman you shall not be
For she has ruined his heart
She lied and abused him
All he did was scream in grim

The sins that have been committed
The fire has ignited
The pain of the young soul
A young boy who she stole
A boy who was deceived by false image

For she, a sly creature
Is a fool for what she has done
The woman was furious after he fled

A boy walked away
From a crime he didn’t commit

A boy walked away
From a storm he did not miix

A boy walked away
From all the pain you cannot see

A boy walked away
From the woman you shall not be
second part of "A Man You Shall Not Be"
Kathryn Rose Mar 20
Don't you dare speak those words.

You know exactly what they will do,
to you,
and to him.

There will be no more
you and him.

Like the peach blossoms
broken from the delicate, young branches,
the verbal hail storm,
the weight of the frozen ice,
will knock him to the frozen ground.

he will be unsure
of how much affection he can return,
of how his own whirling thoughts fit with yours.
Your tale, far from fairy, will end.

Your open heart will shrivel,
like the salty sardines you left on the wooden picnic table
in the burning sun.

You will regret your thoughts and
you will regret your feelings,
but know, sadly, there was nothing left to do,
but leave too soon.
FreeMind Mar 12
You took my most precious gem away from me,
And left me empty handed.

You shattered my soul into billions of pieces,
And left me broken on the streets.

Your selfishness destroyed me,
And caused the remainder of hope to vanish into thin air.

I am decaying...

My only question is,
Why didn't you kill me instead?
One Year Anniversary
I miss you
This is true
The way you held me
Happier than I could ever be

In your arms
Hope swarms
You and I forever
Quite possibly now, never

No attention
Stuck in suspension
Waiting on you
Maybe love will brew

"Don't cry” you say
As you're miles away
In my heart, far apart
In my mind, you're still mine...
I miss you, crying is getting me nowhere...
Liar, liar, liar.
I guess thats all I am,
To you, to him, to everyone.
Lying gets you nowhere
jess Feb 11
his words stuck in my brain like a feather in tar.
tasseled and ruined and destined to stay that way.
our time ran thin and quick like the air in my lungs that night. gasping for air like i’d never known how to breathe again.
his touch lingers on my skin, running around every inch of my body. i’m still waiting for those 7 years to pass so i can have a body completely untouched by yours.
i can’t get the image of him out of my head like a bad scar you regret getting.
it only seems to be getting darker.
when it ended i swore i’d never feel again.
and i just want to say, if you’re heart broken; hold onto to that, because if you let that feeling go.
you just might be a cold stone trown into the void of a sea of emotions.
— thinking about you again.
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