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Anne J Oct 9
Silked lips
Below black drips
Wilted snow
Around an upturned nose
Another sophomore poem. Jesus, last year, I sure wrote a lot of depressing poems. I was gonna add more, but I feel like the shortness makes the message of a sad female perfect, especially the black drips representing mascara ruined by tears. It also feels a tad Japanese female crying out her makeup lol.
Fatima Sep 28
You kissed me
And i kissed back
But we shouldn’t have
We were friends
Now we’re nothing
I ruined everything
To end up haunted by a kiss
Jacco krom Sep 6
I dont have a ******* clue,
What am I supposed to do?
I guess im just ******,
So I keep on hurting you.

A fool, an *******, a psychopath,
Is that what I am?
Is that what I 'll be?
Don't want any of this,
Don't want to be me.

Thought **** was well,
Thought **** was good.
**** wasn't well,
**** wasn't good.

Only fooled myself,
Pretended to be happy
Acted as if it was fine.
All was ruined in time.
Ruined..... ruined...
This messed up mind of mine.
Jazmine M Sep 1
It is the year of 2015.
War is ongoing,
society is changing,
Secrets are being kept from us,
the human race,
is fading.

It is the year of 2015.
More animals are dying,
more children are crying,
Technology is all that matters.
Let's ignore how the world is crumbling?

It is the year of 2015.
More suicides, self harm.
More murders, crime,
it's not a false alarm.
Mental illness is huge,
men are being ignored,
where is equality,
of this, when will we get bored?

It is the year of 2015.
Police have turned evil,
the government are plotting,
kindness is scarce,
this generation is rotting.
Kids aren't being bought up right,
which will only make their children the same,
and so the cycle will continue,
until we're overpopulated by those inhuman humans,
and the world will go insane.

It is the year of 2015.
The planet is truly failing,
we are working towards nothing,
It is all a big dead end.
But "its fine!", they tell us,
or at least, so they pretend.
We're mistreating land,
destroying nature,
so why does no one seem to care?
That everything is in danger.

It is the year of 2100.
There is no more laughter,
no more beauty,
only fragments of once beautiful things.
Children no longer have fun,
instead their lives are being run.
We are all under compulsion,
this is all a big dysfunction.
Too little, too late.
We're now all paying for our own past mistakes.

It is the year 2100.
Look at the horror that is now,
I'm sure its made you regret not doing enough,
and how we lost sight of this world.
Everyone has also lost sight of themself,
now we are all isolated:
can't look eachother in the eye
we walk with our heads down;
some have never seen the sky.

It is the year 2100.
A "gentleman" is no longer,
and since seeing is believing,
no one believes there ever was such a man.
A "lady" has lost all meaning,
there is not one female that could behold such a title anymore.
'What's that?'
You may ask,
And you may know too,
if the twenty first century had allowed it.

It is the year 2100.
I'm sorry for your loss.
The loss of yourself,
the loss of those you love,
The loss of your character and your morals.
I'm sorry you never got to see,
how beautiful the world once was.
Never had the chance to explore the world in all its glory.
Never had the chance of freedom.

It is the year 2100.
You see,
Because you live in the twenty second century, sadly, you have missed out,
on any chance of possibly living:
Because 2015 was the beginning of the end of the world.
So I'm sorry,
that your slot on this earth wasn't before then,
because anyone living in the world you're in now,
has been born to die,
and for no other reason than that,
because the life you've been given,
is a life not worth living.

-Jazmine MacIntyre
The message here, is basically, ae need to start trying to put this world back together, because if we don't and we just let everything carry on as it is, there won't be  a future. It will be only chaos. You can always do your part to save the world, if everyone did there part, it would no longer need saving, it would only require maintaining.
shiv Aug 26
because she would beg on her knees to a *** she doesn't believe in,
because the sky could cave in and her world would go with it.
nish Jul 29
sometimes i'll sit all by myself
legs together, tightly pressed
for my mind has wondered once again
and landed on that night
of ******* and bliss

you held me down on the bed
i could feel your weight
and something else
your lips, they captured me by surprise
i felt their pressure against my neck
slowly moving down
they landed on my chest

there was no hesitation
you wandered even lower
that mouth of yours, on my stomach
once, twice and finally
your hands, they grabbed my waist
fingers inched their way
towards my special place

you stopped
and then started all over again.
didn't want to get too explicit, but this guy was so good he ruined me for anyone else.
Wyatt Jul 16
After all these years
your stench is still on me,
your name still disgusts me,
your curse on my life
still sticks with me every day.
What you did to me,
how you preyed on me
when I was way too young.
How you’re probably still
out there somewhere
doing it to someone else,
I’m tired of thinking about it.
I’m afraid of people
and what they might think,
you’re the reason why.
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you break me?

Late night thoughts,
stricken with fear.
Someone will find out,
I’ll be shunned by my peers.
Dysfunctional, weary.
It stays with me,
I feel disgusting.
Cannot function without
that memory appearing.
Cannot socialize,
it might happen again.
My hands still shake,
I’ll never get over this.
Your stench is still on me,
it’s all so ****.
Innocence stolen by you,
part of me died back then.
Fatima Jul 2
I may be weak.
I may be ****
I may be broken

At least i haven’t broken hearts
At least i haven’t torn people apart
At least i haven’t ruined lives

I can’t say the same for you.
fat drunk Jun 13
Whether it's the first time you held my hand,
Or the time you took me to foreign land;
I can't seem to escape your pull.
You're a magnet, and I'm the fool.

Countless days in fields where we stand,
Toe to toe, believing what you had planned
Was a love as deep as the deepest pool,
But alas, yet again I'm the fool.

Lucid white beach, buried in sand.
Losing track of time as our pale skin tanned.
I miss those days of hot and cool...
Why did I have to be such a fool?..
I'm sorry my friend, please forget me
Blake Jun 13
Rose petals,
And Bon Jovi playing,
Pretty lit up candles and
Expensive champagne
Doesn’t hide the two letter word that I was    

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