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Kayla Gallant Sep 27
Filthy lies

Spread across

Blank canvases

Young minds


Like milk

Left out in the sun
warped young minds becoming who the world told them to be, So much wasted potential.
Brianna Aug 31
I heard you weren't doing that great and part of me wanted to call and see just how bad you were but then I started thinking about a few of the things you ruined for me after you left.

Green eyes.
The taste of cinnamon.
The pink pens in my bag.
Mixed CD's.
Fireflies and small country towns.
The drive way at my parents house.
The old road you used to live on.
The fact that I feel you in every part of this ****-hole town.

I heard from an old friend things were getting better for you now and I think... it's for the best that we never speak again.
A M Ryder Aug 15
The kids are going to do
What they want to do
They may have just ruined their lives
On an impulse decision
Whose to say what works ?
You find somebody you like
And you roll the dice
That's all anybody can do
fray narte Jul 8
and you ruined me,
way before those filthy hands
and forced kisses had,
way before cigarettes,
and hangovers,
way before my poems
my unhappiness,
before best friend break-ups
and pretty boys
who couldn't
love themselves
and me.

you see, it was you
who ruined me first,
way before
all of them ever did.
it was you
who ruined me first,
way before
everything else did,
way before
life did,
and way before

and sometimes, i still wish
you weren't my first heartbreak
I feels so sorry for the children of today for
there future Is bleak if they're born on the poor side very little do they
They go to there school hungry for their parents have nothing forced on
to useless benefits system through no fault of their
A Government acting like children with their disgraceful behaviour to the people who voted them In they are not fit to
Shame on them who have a totall lack of respect for the working class
who made this country great only to see these clowns who have destroyed It
I always have this urge of losing myself 
And I keep on thinking what would happen if all my thoughts were put on a backyard sale 
Will someone buy it? 
Or just ignore such devastated and ruined thoughts. 

It's too late to be forever together 
My thoughts speak evil about your existence 
Those little demons under my bed are terrified 
They don't want you around me anymore. 

Let me loose for a while hear the birds singing 
Lay on the grass let the sun burn my face in the morning hour gold rush, try to understand this complex words i wrote for a devil.
I laid down my life
Like a red carpet
For your beauty
To tread upon,
But you tracked
Filth and rot
Across it
And now
I am ruined
Outsider Apr 28
I wear my heart on my sleeves.
As in the cuts that bleed.
Where everyone can see that I´m damaged.
How I´m broken,
to pieces.
One can never fully recover.
As my cuts turn to scars,
my sleeves will still,
never be the same.
As the same for my heart.
After all these years it's funny how you can destroy everything,
How you can just sweep in and ruin me,
I know that it's your style,
And I should've been prepared,
And that's on me,
It just ***** how someone so close to me can be such an ******* and keep killing me over and over again.
I love you, and I know that you're aware of that.
And somehow I know that you love me in your own stupid way.
But that's what love is, right?
Happy moments that are mostly overweighed by the bad ones.
It stops now.
My heart is tired of all this ******* that you keep punching me with.
There are some last words that I would like to say to you:
Johnny walker Feb 10
I'm Drifting through lives everyday troubles by the
Memories of my once sweetheart and
my dreams that will carry me through the struggles of this ever-changing world
I'm closing my eyes for I no longer want to see the way we are destroying our world along with the future of our
for we are leaving them nothing but a polluted world a planet that's days to the end are closing
I'm closing my eyes and remembering how my life as a kid was so different for me not the pressure of present-day
we're kid had time to play as kids but now pushed to learning far too early In
So they won't grow up with  the memories as I did playing as a kid guess I'll go back to drifting through every trouble of
with memories and dream of Helen to escape from reality and the uncertainties of a life ruined by the very humans
who live
A world were the days of end are closing fast
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