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Jeremy Betts Jun 19
One foot in front of the other
A played out endeavor
That has only ever
Led to the next far greater
Chapter on disaster
The fact of the matter
Is it's getting harder and harder
To change the visual status quo behavior
With eye glue on the rearview mirror
Then a thought takes over
One I've never had before
Maybe it'd be a little easier
As a simple passenger
How exactly? Well that I'm not sure

Nat Lipstadt Sep 2023
~My portrait was painted by Jackson *******~


there are no lines or lies in my writings
there are no definitions and perception is only your truth.
my poems are splats and drips, you make them into paintings that hang in your own private museum,
but signed by me as first passenger


when did I write these words?

can’t recall, though undated,
they seem all too familiar, and thinking that if I didn’t,
I should have…
for the title of this ‘poem painting’ has lain in quietude,
a resident in my file of
“someday writs, awaiting,”
when the itch demands you will
the admixture of words and swords
that will cut a newborn reciprocity of thee and me,
an unbound bind that ties and frees us
from and by our shared senses…

today, an  inadvertent blinding sunlight stumble is demanding a
fulsome scratching


the portrait of each is the irrational intersectional of splats and drips,
each viewer, reader, filters the image through a common
which is as it should be,
for if we are each created in His image,
how glorious is the diversity of our deities,
each of us a tiny drop of paint on a tableau
of a small planet, insignificant but
uniquely beautiful intelligent species of godlike creatures,



the précis of this conundrum conversation bewilders,
a single word drops,
of plaint, paint, blood,
a seconds blush blurred
that is the building blocks of imagery
I state is mine,
but now realizations swiftly fertilize,
the portrait is not of me,
but of me blended into thee,
and this poem,
is our composition

that hangs in each of our primary
newly re-titled,
**A Passenger, Realized
Sept 13, 2023

sunlight direct in a tall building blocks away sneaks into my room,
blinding me into awareness
Deep Jan 2021
Like a passenger sitting on a bus
Surrender your life to me,
I'll guard it like a driver steering
In the darkness, and
After dropping you to the destination
Will move on, happy with the FARE of Memories.
Watching the world
Pass me by,
Through the window of
A moving vehicle
I'm a passenger
But this imagery feels like the movies,
Where some serendipitous event happens
At this very moment,
When you are pondering over life
Through your little window
You wake up to realize that this is the real-life
A journey with random stops,
Varied stories,
Vivid dreams,
But unlike life, there's a fixed destination
To that journey
While life is more of an endless cesspool
Of unrelated chaos
The destination is not etched into your hands,
The destination is what you make of it
Well, maybe there is no point
In trying to get all the answers to my questions
It took me a while to figure out how
It ain't all that bad,
How I'm happy and glad
For the good times that I've had
Not all-in for always living in the moment,
Just trying to live more in the good ones
Destiny and life go hand-in-hand
Maybe I should not let my life go bland
I should take decisions and actions,
Rather than waiting for the signs that I can understand.
Rossyam Hadi Jul 2020
We get on the ride
without any maps
or compass to guide us,
we create our own ways
and start the journey.

It could be dangerous,
but I feel safe
sitting beside you
as you take the wheel
and bring us
to somewhere new.

We will watch
every sunrise and sunset
while I rest my head
on your shoulder
and be your permanent passenger.

I want to see
the world with you,
we can go places
that we have never been,
seeing seven wonders,
exploring exotic and historical cities,
capturing priceless moments.

After the long trip,
I will always come back
to your arms,
my comfort place
and waking up
to your face,
my favourite morning view.
#PermanentPassenger🗺 is about when found the one that you can do everything together with - you can travel the world together and at the same they are the person that will be waiting for you at home.
Dr Zik Apr 2020
Lines on palms
to show direction

to unknown passenger
Van to allow a ride

Life a road
towards You

Eyes to see the path

Ears to listen
words unsaid

Nose to smell
flowers untouched

Life a road
towards You

Feelings to show

Sense to chain the feet
Vision to see you

Wish to talk
to own You

Life a road
towards You

Vision to have
your company

Heart to have You
Hands to solute You

Life a road
towards You
Zikorean Poetry
These are continuous Ziket poem. 'Life a road towards You' is a poem that have Ziket's structure and poetic flow and tone.
ro Feb 2020
in the passenger seat,
the driver's seat is empty,
i'm lost.
angel dust Jan 2020
i am but a passenger to my body

                       i cannot
          control               her

when she is near you
The train roars from the station
I don't have a clue where I'm going
The Amtrak whistle is blazing
The hardest part is not knowing

The cars sway back and forth
As the blooming trees blur by
I know she was always worth
Every moment I was by her side

I am just a Passenger
On the train called life
I am just a lonely rider
Leaving the dark behind

For each long mile I travel ahead
Just a frontiersman of the modern day
For every ounce of tears I shed
I seemed to get lost on the way

I can tolerate the engine smoke
But I can't erase the smell her perfume
The train has no feelings to evoke
It just snakes its way from gloom

I am just a Passenger
On the train called life
I am just a lonely rider
Heading toward the light

© 2019 Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
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