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Maria Etre Nov 2020
The lump in my throat
were the words
that never made it on paper

Poetic T May 2020
An immigrant took our
                   I never saw it..  
  But It gave me a cough..
Poetic T Apr 2020
Hi-** Hi-** it's sanitizing I go,
   With a pump and spray
    Killing covid 19 on my way

Hi-low Hi-low  I got a cough
Not going away,
Getting harder to breath.
  With a high temperature
   Its off to hospital I go...

Hi-low  Hi-low

Hi-low Hi-low  I'm here to stay
            Still feeling weak
  Harder to breath
But I'm social distancing
   More than I did.

Hi-low Hi-low no gloves on as
it doesn't protect as you,
more germs
   Collecting than you know.

Hi-low Hi-low

So many passing away,
  Doctors, medics
Normal people in every
   Walk of life,
I cried as I felt Hi-low

Hi-low Hi-low it's the way we go,
We have our high days and
Then lows..
When we just  want it over,
lock down h ere to stay,
but were alive and the peak is low.
Ylzm Apr 2019
A little cough, no worries, it will go away
More irritable next day, worrisome by third
Had better see a doc, but slept the last that night

Scattered world wide, by planeloads, unrevealed, unknown
Germinate in a week, spawn on breath, speech of death
Revived ancient bug, mutated, drug resistant.

Pandemics, long with us: Black Death was not the first
Now global rapid spread, global rapid response
Always ready, always surprised, always novel.

The fit didn’t survive, the survivors, the fittest
Catastrophic selection, months, not million years
Emptied earth, cleaned, reclaimed, to be fought for, again.
Kvothe Apr 2020
A thunderclap.
Rain follows.
A sound like rot
slaps from your hollow chest.

Commuters meerkat,
as you challenge
the Silence.
Prunes for faces,
fleeing you.
Peeling from your presence.

Does it betray you?
An unspoken wall.

I hope you washed your hands.
Poetic T Mar 2020
It started with a cough,
  a thousand little teardrops
hung about the air...

then one fell upon another
      and the story doesn't end


For a cough fell upon another,
and another didn't wash his hands.
Then one became more until
a city was on lockdown..

But the world isn't big when we
can descend upon the many lands.
But manners some do not have
     to cover there mouth to wash

now ***** hands..

So now the world is coughing
       finding it hard to breath.
But some never took another
and now there friends and family


So we have a choice, to stay in.
           to keep ourselves safe.
but not only us, but the
  department of health
and others don't you see.

Who are we fighting for,
                   not just you and me.
For the elderly and those of
   ill health.
For we must be vigilant.
Yes we may get cabin fever,
but its better than being

   dead, don't you see..
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
patterns that repeat
lies that we beat
i'm sure you don't mind
i'm not sure we are found
is this something
are we nothing
are we being
just careless
just loveless
i want this to be clear
but i want also to be near
i am afraid it is a no
i am afraid it is a boo
but how will i know if i always linger
if i always just write like this
just thinking about you
pursing my lips
of the time spent
of the moments shared
is so precious
i hope you are remembering
love my heart is yours
the moment you said
you know that freaking song i ask

Zane Smith Oct 2019
like a cold
from missing you.
coughs interrupting
my breathing,
short intervals
like the time we get together.
resting in bed
allowing my body
to reset,
but I'm upset
when I can't hold you
near my chest
A B Faniki Jul 2019
There was once a rich youth who was a chief
officer, he squander his dough on drugs for cough
the chief now is not fine
the virus in him is immune
which made his handkerchief always filled with cough
L© A B  Faniki 7/21/2019 limerick for my book banal Tells . This one is about drugabuse
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