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Nat Lipstadt Oct 10
safe & sound in sounds beloved


in a chalk dust soft whisper, barely bit more than an
eyelash fluttering tonality, she requested her playlist,
favoritism shown, partial to certain poems, poet,
safety in the sounds of familiarity, melded into verses and poems

“works,” how she nat/notated them, smiling,
for they were not works, but labors, safe sounds,
on a palette synthesized from emotive words coloring all of
her drumming, thrumming skin beating, eyes singing,
lips tingle reverberating, echoing my weeping

I read her the collected, the sure ones, made to eye-tear, her lips,
pleasure poutiest before turning corners upward,
in a haven’t-smiled-for-awhile,
a plush blush so pale red, pores of pavé chips of rubies glistening
each in a tearful diamond setting

one more stanza to remember, mark the page, the collective
of this moment,
what shall we call it, this essence of timing of
lifetimes glory glorious;
a hallelujah crossover, suggested, hints of death after life, no,
I nod, no, vociferously
gifting it to her as a quiet,
safe and sound,
safe in sounds beloved, words, beloved,

beloved for being loved and she, beloved

early morning
shamamama Sep 20
how to make ghee
how to to clarify,
place the salt free butter in pan
turn the heat on very low,
then just listen............
then sounds of drizzling rain for a while grow
to a creek starting to flow
then hear the steady rain pelting on leaves
(if it starts to sound like popcorn,
maybe turn the heat down),
then let the rain keep
trodding, until
it gets quieter
and quieter
and quiet
haven't done so in awhile, love making ghee
lua Sep 12
Love feels like fire
Like fire in my skin
It's tingling,
And aching all over
But it's warm

Love feels like lightning
Like booming thunder
Rattling and nervous
But after the storm,
Comes the rainbow

Love feels like water
Like water levels rising
And it's frightening going down
But the currents are calming
And the deeper you go, the more to discover

Love tastes sweet,
And bitter, and salty, and sour
It's a flavour no one has ever truly tasted
But everyone will say it tastes like everything
Everything and anything and nothing at all

Love sounds loud
But quiet too
Like hushed whispers,
Sweet nothings,
And screaming into megaphones

Love is the colour red,
And blue, and green, and yellow
Love comes in a spectrum of colour
Filling each space like colour-by-numbers
It's everything we see

Love is everything.
teju Aug 12
was looking
through the smog
wandering at
isolated places
in the forest,
listening to all
the horrifying
trying to
identify the
masked faces,
with the feeling
of some
A sudden jolt
woke me up,
to make me
it was just a
Midnight Dream!
Keiri Jul 29
The pitched sound of glass that breaks and I just fall
The surprise as it slips from your fingers.
Bleeding while you're trying to save it all.
Lost forever, this feeling lingers.

Trying to fix it, but failing hard.
Doubting what to do as your hope starts to fade.
It hurts more than to just stop and fall appart.
Gleaming with the failures you've made.

Puzzling the pieces is harder than I thought.
The wounds in my fingers are not helping.
It's all for nothing and I've fought.
My fingers full of glass and the bleeding isn't stelping.

The glass can never be saved, what's done is done.
And when your life is flipping upside down.
And you realise, all you did is run.
You see the blood and you hear the sound.

You never wanted it to drop.
You didn't even realise.
The clinging sound in the cleaning mop.
Nearly pretty, your demise.

His silence can't be tamed.
This is one of my first poems, it might sound strange since I repolished it and translated it to English (from Dutch). The original was a bit darker too, I had to turn it down a notch (don't worry, it's been 2 years, I'm in a post depression state and just posting the poems I've made in those terrible times)
LaCayla Jul 28
I open my window,
And the sounds of crickets fill the air.

Tonight there was a concert going on,
Just down the road.

I could hear people laughing,
And I could hear them singing along.

The concert is now over,
And all I hear are crickets chirping.

They're getting really loud,
That's all I've got to say.

I'm thinking of closing my window,
But I'm kinda enjoying the sound.

I just finished a book,
Took me a few hours from beginning to end.

The book was in poetry form,
Yet I read it like it was normal.

Now I'm just laying in bed,
Writing poetry.

Curled up in a ball,
Texting a couple people.

Getting a little bored,
Not knowing what to do.

Maybe write another poem,
but about what?

I don't even know,
Oh wait they texted back.
Amaris Jul 24
You gave me silken scarves and solitude
To weave my own bindings
You gave me surpluses of satin
Bandages for skin you broke
You gave me Swarovski accessories
As if it excused your absences
You gave me smooth apologies
A salve to my twisted fingers
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