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What was that. A knock?
I heard something.
Was it the wind, scratching across my pane?
The pine tree branch thumps its fingers.
Squirrels, racoons and mice scurry over my roof.
My porch light is a beacon of revelation.
The doors are locked against friend or others.
I will wait.
Fall asleep.
A hut on an island in the blue,
No ghostly memories.
My Dear Poet Apr 2
said the clang
said the drum
said the flute
said the gong
said the strings
the violins
Mishmash was the noise
“                      “
said the voice
It’s so loud I can hardly hear anything
Kenneth Gray Mar 13
Beckon unto me with thine
Angel-voice so soft
In heavenly song that doest
Elevate mine soul aloft
Amongst the myriad of blissful
keys I rejoice
I've transcended to God's kingdom
by the sweet sound of thine voice
Something I thought of while out on the porch smoking. Thinking about how I wish my ex wife would apologize for all the things she put me through. How hearing her say she is sorry would be music to my ears and lift up my soul. This is what came from that idea.
ce-walalang Mar 13
...the city at 4AM

...pages turning slowly

...a sigh of relief

...a heart beating

...the inaudible neighborhood

...leaves falling

...pen touching the paper

...the rain

...the silence after the rain

...the silence


ce-walalang Feb 27
...the morning tv
...when your phone and your earphones connect cardiff singing, i carry your heart in my heart sung with every song
...the opening line of your favorite radio show

...your mispronounced name
...everything on mute each time you have coffee
...your hands typing
...your seatmate laughing

...all the steps you take on your afternoon walk
...the moment the day gives way to the night
...thought bubbles on your evening commute
...your eyes closing.
on days you want to tune out but you have to keep listening
Cam Feb 25
Splish Splash with Tired arms
Inhale Exhale with Tired breath
Yell and Argue with Tired coach
Whine and Complain with Tired swimmers
Loud Static from a Tired radio
Bubble and Pour from a Tired coffee ***

At the pool,
sound became music, and music
a Tired cane for them to rest their weary limbs
I’m trying to read more so that I can enjoy all of your poems as well:)
Nilia Loh Dec 2020
Raised voices like an echo through a horn,
makes my ears get pierced with thorns.
little humans that shriek all the time,
gives me shivers down my spine.
All the cars that sound their horns,
chased away my peace until is gone.
All the sounds that i could hear,
makes me feel like death is near.
My heart seems to race endlessly,
chased by fear relentlessly.
a poem regarding something that i have been experiencing for a long time now
Abner Ros Nov 2020
Incessant beeping infests my mind,
Words and phrases all intertwined.
Cease that noise you alarming freak!
It has been ongoing for all but a week.
Like a drill to the skull
A sound never quite clear
I beg, what say you with your chime so queer?
Unable to transcribe what you whisper so dear
I guess I must give up attempting to hear…
What was that sound?
Was it a jet?
Or a dragon?
Or just the normal
Sounds of the city?
Industrial and seething
Or was it simply your sigh
That convenience store machine breath
Of desperate longing
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