Xyns Oct 9

I felt my heart begin to pound
Your voice had that familiar sound..

I saw you slowly walk up those stairs
I knew I was right to be so scared..

The way you looked at me..
I could barely breathe..

The air was heavy with doubt
Who knew silence could be so loud?

Loving you was always so hard..
..I guess..
"We're better apart."

L Mar 29

I've tried my best
to ignore you
and pretend I don't
adore you

if I speak, I worry
I'll bore you
I look like nothing
when I'm placed before you.

Caroline Jan 18

Hush, my fragile heart.
Let your worries fade.
Let go of all the bad,
And have good memories made.
Hush, my fragile heart...
Until you find your flame again.

Dear Hush,
What is a movie which I must,
See and such?
Something idealistic,
And not so hush hush.
If you'd tell me in a minute,
I'd appreciate it much,
I appreciate your time,
O' Misses o' Hush.

LOLz - She'll never find this huehue
Alison Latres Dec 2016

Stand among a crowd
Of known faces
Confidence to speak
Steadily climbs higher

Clearing throat
choke on the words
Another voice cuts in
Thoughts go ignored

A pushover again
Another attempt to talk
Yet still they do not hear
Silenced by their louder voices

A stumble up the staircase
Trembling at the last step
Don't know whether to be angry
Or to feel depression

Such a pathetic choice
To give up like this
But the idea just suits too well
And sitting quiet makes more sense

So say "shut up"
And face no retaliation
It is known
I'm background noise

Diána Bósa Sep 2016

Losing the right to
occupy space I became
unanchored to this

flesh prison of mine.
Even my words lost in the
wind, but not to you.

Silencing the sound
of voices here, in my head
and beyond let me

exist in your state
of stillness. And let me count
the remaining time

of mine only by
the warmful beating of your
trusted, word clock-heart.

Hush now my love
Care not of the world
For tonight we'll sleep
Forget all sorrows we keep

Hush now my love
For tomorrow will come
The throes we keep
We will bury deep

Hush now my love
The sun will soon rise
And with it gone our demise
Rest and be at ease in mother's arms

Hush now...
Keep still...
Close your eyes...
And I'll hold you...

'Til the sparks and morning light
And across another world
I'll keep you with me
'Til after this war, be'd both be free


A mother singing his son to sleep while being caught in a crossfire.
Porto Dec 2015

Just for one night

Let the moon rest.
Let our sparks

Be the fireflies...
Or the stars on our horizon.

We're more solar

In the inky green clouds...


Molly Balius Oct 2015

The night is quiet.
Far too quiet,
And the silence is...

It's a beast, a demon,
And the only weapon
Is a whisper.

Not voice, voice just
Strengthens him.

No... just a whisper,

A ghost of a word,
A ghost of a scream.

That will do it.
That will kill him.

But be careful,
He bleeds echoes.
Bleeds them like daggers,
Spits them like venom.

His blood is diseased,
Those echoes are infected.

Please don't fall ill.
Please don't fall silent.

The only way
To slay the silence is to


After he leaves-

Leaves? Yes, he only leaves,
He does not die.
Not truly.
Silence can never really die.

So after he leaves,

Then you can scream.
Then you can scream,
Splash your voice on the walls.

Stain the dirt,
Stain the trees,
Stain the Earth with it.
Then stain the sky,
Stain the heavens.
Make the clouds
taste your breath.

Spill your voice,
Your soul-soaked words,
And drench all life,
From the snails to the birds.

Stain their tears,
Stain their eyes,
Stain their lips,
Stain their lies.

Make the stars beg for more,
Make the air beg for less.
Mark your territories,
And keep him at bay.
Don't let the night fall
Too close to the day.

But he'll always lurk,
And his wounds will scar,
But the echoes still
Run through his veins.

He's still diseased.

Still waiting to attack
The world and make all silent.
And make all dead.
He'll have your head.
He'll rip your voice out,
Through your throat.
He'll drink your words
From your neck
Like a straw.

Kind of like a butterfly
Drinking nectar
From a flower.

He'll drain you of any sliver, any
Hint of soul-soaked whisper,
Any drop left of your voice.

He'll drain you, and you'll
Have no choice
But to fall victim to the silence.

Fall victim to the echo.

That's all he is,
That all silence will ever be.
An echo soul
With a shadow body.

He is not null,
He is not nothing.
He is the boomarang,
The ricochet of a voice.

Some poor voice so long ago,
Screamed so loud,
Now doomed to be an echo.

Doomed to be silent,
But never gone.

Just remains, traces,
Footsteps, claw marks,
Leftovers of a voice once so loud.

So loud, it vanished,
Leaving an outline.

Leaving a ghost
To haunt the voiceless.
Preying on quiet,
Spreading the silence through echoes.

Until you hush.

Whispers can kill him,
But he cannot die.
The echoes will bleed from him,
And away he will fly.

And the echoes will follow
Like shadowy ghosts.
And they hide and they latch
onto unwilling hosts.

They'll watch from the night,
Just wondering why
Why you are filled with such
Terrible fright.

Why do we fear the silence?
Why are we scared of the dark?
Why do we hide from what we do not know?
What we cannot see, or hear... Or
What we cannot hold?

We fear them, the echoes, the
Empty, the unknown.
We fear them because we
Can never know.

But it's dangerous to know
Because to know is to die-
Because sometimes to live
You have to kill your mind.

That's why we fear the silence,
Because it means we cannot know.

We don't understand what knowing can do.

Thats why a certain volume of absolutely nothing
Can tear you to shreds,
Can rip off our heads,
While saving our lives.

And the beasts,
The echoes
The silence,
And shadows
All know.

They know,
They know,
They know.

So hush.


Delia Smith Oct 2015

I'm the reason you lay wake at night
The reason you shake
The reason you feel like a wind up toy that no one with let go
They don't know us
They don't know I keep you up all night saying you should worry
It won't be ok
Hush my baby
They don't think I'm worthy enough to be a burden
But they don't get me
They don't get us
What I am to you
I make you different
And you know you can't get rid of me
Take all the pills you want
Go ahead
Try it
I'm sticking to you like a magnet
I will always find my way back
And they dare call us fake
They say I'm an excuse
I'm a fashion trend
The pills don't numb the pain
They don't help  
It's easy
just relax
Yeah we can't
WE are one
If I shake
You do
If you tense
I do
And maybe if it does help us calm down
I always come back
Ready to tell you everything can go wrong
Everything will go wrong
I have a name
That's a new fashion statement
I'm not a fancy pair of earrings
I'm a snake
Quite but ever so poisonous
My name is anxiety
I have power
I can drive someone mad
They all want to get rid of me
With pills
With anything
Because they don't approve of us
But my love for you is poison
So hush my child
And try to sleep

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