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substantial breakable quiet, the moon
shimmers above, a great beacon of tranquility
the night whispers a hidden new tune
and hides its face in an attempt at humility
quickly the sound is gone too soon
a misty white evening
with boats on the bay
the water churning, until it is gray
an empty stillness weaving
the tapestry of the night
a multitude of dreams, and quiet hearts
the living hold breath, at the magnificent sight
because of the silence, the mind can't help but spark
we are a simple people, it is with the absence of sound
Our scholars and our work, have become renowned
in the beginning, there was silence and today there still is,
we cannot live without the quiet, unbearable though it is.
I don't know what this is honestly.
Ekuna CH Jan 28
You are not born
On the luckiest star,
I am your scars.
Wounds won’t heal,
But let us walk up
To the top of this hill.

There is no soul
To make you whole,
You feel so small,
But you are so tall.

It is your call:
Being weak,
Or strong,
Your decision.
Sing a song...
Look up...

Your vision
Is darken
Without love,
life is a puzzle,
you cannot solve.
Listen to me,
I am all you got,
We have to find
Luna Jay Jan 18
Don’t speak.
I was a freak to bleed in the sheets.
You keep going once our eyes meet.
Never knew this was you all along.
It has been the longest of weeks-
The thought of you makes me weak
With nausea.
I only weep.
Took and crumbled a woman so strong.
You leap from maternal figure
To paternal stickler-
You have Daddy issues because he’s rich
But won’t share.
How dare he not fund your white entitlement.
You curse when he tells you to brush your teeth
At night, because you can’t stand
The thought of someone caring for you
On a non-financial level,
And I’m the devil,
Because I won’t accept the monetary gifts.
You slip me this and that,
Skip the emotional derivative.
And gasp at the fact that
I’ve stopped putting in initiative.
Silly boy, I don’t need you.
A toy made to tease you.
Keep me on this collar,
But I’m the one who leads you.
Euphie Jan 15
Those little moans,
the thrusting of the hips,
the hush of the mouth,
the rosy cheeks,
that is all you need
when it comes to me.
Kit Scott Nov 2018
and in the quiet...

                    in the quiet, we are fine
zz Nov 2018
prickly roses
quick to touch

don't you weep
let's keep this a hush

sing my song
when you fall

or else watch
your demons as
they crawl
Kate Pruneau Sep 2018
I said everything that came to mind
and yet things still built up
So now it’s time to keep it in
Let’s see if I erupt
Gary Brocks Aug 2018
No buttressed vaulted ceilings here,
or monkish men in robes of cloth,
a space where things are sold and bought
and yet, there is an atmosphere:

A cloistered hush outside of time,
etched in rows of words, wooden,
the self’s restrained demarcation
seeds this scene for the sublime.

“In the beginning was the word”,
nothing before that differentiation,
in the assemblage of imagination,
a whispered restless breath is heard, as

marks on paper command the motion
of eyes and thoughts across a texture
in which silence is a rapture,
the echo of yearning and union.

Copyright © 2003 Gary Brocks
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