( you are now aware of your breathing )


(you are now aware of your heartbeat)


(how many times have you blinked by now?)


(stop moving , relax)

take your time

read slowly

the world moves with u
On the notion of "Silence".
‘Everything hurts’ I had screamed

I’d never thought I would find love it had seemed

Except I didn't know that I would soon fall

He had loved me and I thought that was all

Until it was over and he had left

But what he didn't know was that it was my heart that he still kept.
Little girl with the large, dark eyes.
Adorable & innocent, nothing to sexualize.
Man in black with the twisted mind.
Never thought or perhaps cared just how much he would put this little girls life in a bind.
She did not speak for a long time.
No recollection but over time, there's things she would find.
No justice was delivered.
No recognition, it seems.
Everyone has buried the trash.
No more talk about the past.
Hush, hush.
Woman with the large, dark eyes.
She holds anger & silently cries.
Hush, hush.
Keep it all inside.
Jessthemesss Jun 12
now fold into my arms like a paper boat
and I'll go floating down your rivers.
Inhale with a whisper that will tug me
where your love beats,
the place where we'll meet.
Fill me up with winter,
you can swallow me.
Twined between your heartstrings,
I am smoldering.
Close your eyes now sweets,
Come on, melt for me.
Mold into my shape like wax,
I'll Light your candle wick,
I will ignite all your tips
and watch you burn for me.
I will watch you breath.
    Hush, exhale-
working on imagery and thinking of you
Sleep ‘till you wake up
No need to make up
For anyone
Or anything

Rest and relax now
No need to stress now
Just clear your head
And go to bed

Dreams will be here soon
Focus on now, soon
You’ll see the way
It’s another day

Closing your eyes, hush
Sounds minimized, hush
It’s all you need
Just go to sleep

Just go to sleep.

Sometimes you just gotta sit back and face that you deserve it.... sleep.
Nylee Mar 19
there is nothing to see anymore.
Turn the other way
for you will not be able to see it.
Close your eyes
and pretend it never happened
It will be much easier this way
Hush Hush
no one will hear, no one will know
no need to speak a word
better for your life
better for you.
Annete Jan 27
In all these times and matters
You are coming to me
As plain and simple
As the sound of sunrise.
Hush and listen,
It's the beginning of the day
Where I’m no longer yours.
Audora Jan 25
Yet gentle color hush
Warmth a cold dying soul
had to be hushed
we are
french kissing
while sky diving
unkown abyss' navel
stir brushed sips
beautiful art
hushed lips

katelynn beth
hushed me
that wasn't an word
it was the thought on her lips
my heart
use to
she put words

who hushed who
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