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Elle Jun 5
Crumpling the atlas
I connect our paths
Healer May 20
Even black has a shade of blue,
when I see it from your point of view.
Your love has the power to change every wrong to right.
With you by my side, these hollow and dead night turn's into a beautiful twilight.
Your laughter is an assurance that everything is fine, it'll be alright,
hope is everywhere so is the lingering light.
Your eyes are like sacred raining of starlight,
like the drifts of leaves, immovable and bright,
filling the world as fair as white.
Your talk is so magical it feels so right,
I just want to listen as you talk in the spotlight.
When you look in my direction,
I feel a connection, it makes me want to grow into your definition of perfection.
Still undecided on the title part.
This poem is dedicated to the reflection I see every time I pass by my mirror.
Even when there is chaos in world and life feels ****** up, one self talk sessions with myself in the mirror and I fall in love with myself again. So I wanna thank me for nurturing the beautiful soul that I am becoming.
The North Star
The Pole Star
Different names
Same star
Appears fixed
In the sky
At night
To the eyes
Lies above the North Pole
On the celestial sphere
Earth's axis of rotation
Passes close by
It guides
GPS of olden days
On disappearing
Golden rays ☀️
Mythological character
Associated to it
Converted to it
Message on the firmament
Surrender cares and worries
To the Divine
Lost in Corona War
The North Star
The Pole Star
The guiding star ⭐
Google for story of mythological character 'DHRUV'.
Simon Apr 8
Space Case is not the advertisement for fear of losing yourself to the very darkness that is blanking out from normal reality and heading into a newer reality, (from which only your own psyche can fictitiously acknowledge, properly).
However way you spin the wonderous find of the gap in your own little sub-space (that is your own even tinier different types of psychological roundabouts...)
Nothing is truly centered in the very lucky situations, where each newly realized predicament isn’t as endearing as you'd first realize them to be.
Carrying out the struggle for the circumstance, that is one's own disembodied state, where such lucky situations...go completely dark!
Now, what's the first ideal of a space case.... Nothing more than what you haven't already knew from before you lost your very first contact with reality.
Since after all, your newly realized ideology is ("reality central") itself!
Things become slightly corrupt when reality central takes center stage, because you have no such management on this sort of (now newly put together source).
It's almost as if you've been entirely thrown into a newer source of energy, that only you and you alone, can bring yourself back out from, (via "your own little reality" itself).
And when your own psyche can once again, fictitiously acknowledge properly, then everything starts to take many tumbles (just so it can reorganize itself back into its original form). Coming directly from the very agreement from its own previous ideals and impressions upon a perspective that danced a little too much), when becoming stuck between two sources of familiar energy sources that signatures the very voice of concern, (or even a voice of caution).
Where everything starts to begin spiraling out of control!
But there's no chaotic tendencies, when consequences become the newer mortality rate...that this very circumstance provides the very presently disturbed predicament that still surrounds itself with such disbelief) over something so sudden, immediate, and radically unexpected!
But that's life, after all. And you can't control what goes on (outside of your own mind's eye). When you truly control what goes on from deep within the very inside itself.
Lastly, what goes around, comes straight on back around...when it truly becomes this scenario (upon many sequences after sequences) that enable you (once again), to hitch up a ride with the very sudden, immediate and radically unexpected realization of such a, well...
Let's pretend (for ONLY just a single moment, before it slips into its own dream sequence or improbable dreamscape, where nothing truly "healthy wise", comes back from that)?!
Which then delivers a type of pressure-free release into (the very such now incredible acknowledgement) of officially knowing that everything that had just built-up (over time) towards this very point in time...
Is nothing more than the ever-lasting, ever-increasingly and never-ending spectacle...of a simulation for "abrupt flaws"!
Because when it comes to such a slithering snake, that is a simulation for abrupt flaws....
Everything begins blurring out of sync!
Then begins distorting the very outside world, as if it was merely a mirage (without "self-acceptance" in itself)!
And when everything completely comes to the very turning point that is fusing together this perfect little bundle of "incomprehensible" joy.
This is when things collapse into a radically self-inducement scenario, where the "head case" (that you once were, on the outside world).
Now officially becomes the newly established Space Case! (Full of primary self-doting commands and actions that consequently, don't fit perfectly in the outside world.
When it was truthfully all about the head case that was meant to evolve into the space case all along.)
"Reality Central" is (as yet again), back up and running!
Begin your newer reality, my friends....
If you’re not already slipping back on into your own such fictitious beliefs again?
When you’re really not accepting the outside world for what it really is. (Except, that's blasphemy!
Only when you don't simply accept your own ideals from within your own heart.)
Being a Space Case is nothing more than for something (or someone) to become what is truthfully your own ideals working (as yet again...) OVERTIME!
Zaraeea Mar 19
Go in Circles until you can’t anymore then go Straight
You head left Seven times then right Eight
If you see a Gate go back you have gone North for too long
Drive until you run out of gas and then walk until you Drop
When you wake there will be a Star 30’ to the West follow that until even your bones ache
You will at last hit a River with Six Six Masted Boats with Six Crew Men each
Take the Third one and give the Master all that you have
They will then take you into a Fog so deep you do not even know if you are above Water or not
Jump from the Boat when you can Swim in the Air
Swim until you are not sure that it is an Island or a Monster you are going towards
On the shore, there is a Hut and a Path
Take the Path
Leave as much Distance between you and the Hut as possible
Walk for 12 minutes exactly or you will lose your way
Close your eyes and turn until you hear Music then go towards it
You will then walk into a Clearing with a Group of People in it
A Man Playing the Fiddle
A Boy Playing the Drum
A Woman Playing the Flute
A Girl Playing the Tamborine
When the Last One turns to you ask if you may Join
If you have followed my Instructions exactly They will Yes
And when you do Join them in the Clearing something inside you will Settle
And you Will be Free at Last
Capitalization is there for a reason.
Good Luck.
Going with the flow
or following the course?

We are advancing
thanks to an internal force

Trusting the direction
or examining the source?

We are progressing since
we act with no remorse
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
I love
X asks how much I love?
To Moon and back!
Y asks how much I love?
To and fro Mars!
Z asks how much I love?
To and fro Venus!
X and Y are annoyed
For I love Z so much more
Z too annoyed
For why I love X and Y
I tell them
I am a coordinate system
I love in every direction
If you merge to a point (X,Y,Z)
I shall love you all
More than to and fro Venus
Two times square root
Sqare of distance Moon plus square of distance Mars plus square of distance Venus
To be exact!
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