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Draw your face ...

asked my pen ...
to draw your face...
could you do ...
how could it draw you...
your face ...
by words ...
could it be ...
could my pen ,do ...
to draw this charming face ...
how could it can ...
to draw yours eyes ...
which it more deep than a seas ...
and all oceans ...

and what about those lips ...
which they as a beautiful rose ...
into a heart's garden of this face ,,,

my pen got wordless for a while ...
and shyly answered ...
really i wish to do ...
but my ink ...
Failed to draw this beauty face ...

hazem al ...
Raven Feels Jun 16
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when you wish upon a star
your dreams come true-Cliff Edwards---do they? :>

remember when you called us quits too soon
one year later in a **** same room
all the blacks and whites grayed out a little on me
but never returned the woods in thousand dreams

remember when you took that hug in a theft
burned the station down and couldn't hear a left
but things a carry a chocolate cake would never cut
all so small to you but me just a single much

remember when the ice we clanged and freed
even the cold I've missed the day you chose a fleeing cheat
all the hours and runs we held the hands and lilac
but I know again a no more a wont come back

remember the dark ages we bled and rhymed
cared and favored out on every other than not crime
all the shadows and hunts tracing the midnight sky
but the stars would never forget a lover's align

but my heart and soul would never know to draw a line
but my nights and getaways would never dim a dime
but my soul can't erase veins on violin classic chimes

Alicia Moore Apr 25
With the point of my arrow as sharp as my jaw,
my draw back and backtalk are equally as piercing.
Tanya Apr 14
in blurry sight I discerned
the shape of your face-
an ink kissed by a drop of water-
and I thought I cloud draw you
a thousand times

I woke up and you weren’t here
and I thought I’d rather look at you
a thousand more
You attack my heart
With honey
I lose it
and ask where?
Do you go

I have ne attract
Except my faith
I steel; your heart
Only with me

Return my heart
I will do
Draw , draw
one feels ne can overlap and beat any one. but one can occupy the important thing. heart
Ellesora Rue Jan 19
I draw
With words
Cross lines of grey
On paper
Ivory white

I draw
With words
To describe
The indescribable

I draw
With words
In hopes that
My words may
Take flight

I draw
With words
For those
While cannot see
The sight

I draw
With words
For those afraid
To ****
The night

I draw
With words
Because the world
Needs tell
Of the beauty
Created bright
Haven't posted in a while... sorry! Not that it's that important :P.
karly codr Jan 13
i like to imagine
what my art looks like
before i put it on the page
it never looks like
what i imagine it to be
but i've learned
not to be disappointed
when it doesn't turn out
how i want it to
imehsahdehahs Sep 2020
Draw A pentagram

Cut your *******





here is your ****** Messiah
#ramirez #serialkiller #death #**** #
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
The girl you see before you
Is an artist who uses no canvas

She creates with pen and paper
And uses words to draw a picture
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