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Anastasia Oct 8
he had a galaxy
in his mind
and it showed
through his eyes
it spilled
from his lips
at his fingertips
planets in his pockets
moon drops in his pen
he drew what he knew
again and again
Anastasia Sep 6
i promise
that i'll take care of you
i won't let you go
i'll look from your point of view
i'll play with your hair
and breathe in your air
if you're okay with being vulnerable
i'll let you cry next to me
if you don't think you're beautiful
i'll help you see
i'll lay beside you
while you fall asleep
tracing circles on your skin
i'll never feel
any regret
for letting you in
i'll draw pictures of you
anytime you want
i'll be your girl
the one you love to taunt
i'll put my arms around you
put my lips on yours
won't tell
what happens behind closed doors
it could be just you and i
i promise that i'll try
to make you happy
Dev Aug 1
I once drew a dinosaur scene on my grandparent's wall.

T-rex and long necks over 30 feet tall.

My raptor looked lonely so I thought I'd draw double.

"Wow. You're going to be in so much trouble."

My sister's comment came with such great surprise.

She didn't stop to see the detail in the Triceratop's eyes.

No compliments or critiques, she just walked on by.

She returned with a smirk and someone by her side.

My feeling of joy was replaced with pure dread.

Like the crayon I had dropped, my face, pure red.

Grandpa picked up the blood colored cylinder

He than showed me how add our family signature.

My grandpa would jest, as I nearly **** my long-johns: 

"You’re never too old to draw with crayons."
Challenge: Write a poem including the line, “You’re never too old to draw with crayons."

For the sake of rhyme, I hope you pronounce it "cra-yons".
Anastasia May 16

Soft like petals


Likes cloudy stones

Covered in soft soil

I like to watch you

Dreams like clouds

And roses

And rain

I think

You are pretty

And I like to watch

Your hands move

Your pencil,


Your eyes, moving

I like to watch
days by the water, covered in dandelions
To make a great accomplishment,
Rescue someone from his malice thoughts,
Embrace his sorrows with your humane touch,
And show him the way to a life of great purpose.

To make a great accomplishment,
Brighten up his days with your kind words,
Give him a ladder, light him a candle, and be his angel.
Pour into his heart a cup of compassion and a dash of love.

To make a great accomplishment,
Draw your soul to serve those who are forgotten, their
Dreams shattered, their voices lost in wars, be their light,
Be their champion, and stand up for their cause!

Hussein Dekmak

Jaxey May 1
I showed you my art
expecting an "ew"
But then you rolled up your sleeve
and said "I draw too"
do you have unwanted art?
Emily Apr 8
Kelly, not Machiavelli,
Did puncture my skin, to get the line in,

For her I am grateful, would never be hateful.
Impressed with her skill, I’d not wish her ill.

I hope she ever will find, great peace of mind,
Doing her best, even when stressed.
Emily Apr 8
Sandy was better than candy.
She helped me to smile without any guile.

Quick with a stick, for me, she did *****.
I hope her yesterday was quite good anyway.

With my blood she absconded, and to questions responded,
Quick to smile and go the extra mile.

May her draws always succeed, her patients willingly bleed.
Into the vial without a great trial.
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