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Draw A pentagram

Cut your *******





here is your ****** Messiah
#ramirez #serialkiller #death #**** #
Ellesora Rue Aug 30
The girl you see before you
Is an artist who uses no canvas

She creates with pen and paper
And uses words to draw a picture
Sheela Jul 26
Grass flowers #florets

Glistened with dew
Every time I see I loosen my heart over you
This Spunky lil elf
costless but worthy enough for grass itself
You are the first florets I learnt to draw
No less than daisy to ignore

Hearts they have is shining gold
Petals they hold are pure as peace
Peeping just above the ground
In the Meadows green it’s found
E Jul 1
Except watch the TV,
muck around,
write a story
make some sound
Except sing a song,
dance a dance,
draw a picture,
go ship Klance
nora May 18
art is around me
like the wind in my hair or the grass on my feet.
art doesn’t come and go
even as humanity
in fact, when humanity is unsure,
art flourishes.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all,
i am an artist
at least, that is what i call myself
and that means many things.

i like to draw, and drawings cover my walls from
top to bottom.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to write, and words flow through me
like water through a stream.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to sing, and lyrics whisper out of my mouth
when no one is listening.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to take pictures, and images
of flowers and rivers and streams stream through my mind.
therefore i am an artist.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all, we are in quarantine.
meaning we are at home.
meaning we have “nothing” to do.

i like to draw
i like to write
i like to sing
i like to take pictures
therefore i am an artist
and i have work to do
Part two of my school project. Like this one even MORE!
Rand May 10
Hold the pen and draw
Tell the pen to show
The mountain edge
A Flame on a bridge
A rainbow colored snow

Hold the pen and see
A Garden full of trees
A golden river
A talking flower
A child racing a fleet

Hold the pen and breathe
Tell the thoughts to scream
An eye with a vision
A mouth sings a rhythm
A step towards the dream

Put the pen and fly
In each way to try
Draw justice
Outline passion
Fill the air, don't be shy
Hi Apr 25
Twinkle twinkle little star
Why is art so freaking hard
Up above the world so high
I can’t draw the other eye
vanessa marie Apr 10
my life is stretching before me
an empty canvas waiting to be painted
but how can you draw a million smiles
how can you capture a thousand adventures
how do you tint a hundred sunsets
or dye a couple heartbreaks?
all i want on my canvas of life
is to have my heart stained with the colours of you.
life has just begun, and we could all use a little light in these dark times
Heavy Hearted Apr 10
Painting the pictures I wanted to be in ~

Our life's lines are implied as parallels,
For they trace in the same direction
To our collective personnel's
profound destination:

As our life's lines are redrawn,
again and once again,
Our destiny's knotted into one,
A Triquatra till the end.

Know our lines stay parallel-
Though Infinite,  they'll never meet
In their never joining spell
Their truths within decept.
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