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I'm brOKen Feb 9
Sends me ballistic,
I can't function!

The beast in me won't stay in its grave!

A mental misfit-
Tell me am I too much to save?

These pastel colours and painted on my pallet:
Love and Laughter,
Rage and Regret
The memories I'm after
The memories I want to forget
The red and blues are abused

These aren't colours I see!
How could I tell you?
You never come through-
It is killing me
I near the point where it hurts so much I hurt myself
Don't you understand the meaning of 'help'?
Bastian Pop Jan 12
Being accused
drug possession
my fried
swallowed chocolate
on teary eyes

Uknow truth
she is a liar who
never learned to draw

Cutting white soap
sniffing in

Who is my lover
when blank sketches
get trough  

Being switched inside
my friend Jeremy died
inside my weeded brain

   sniffing in
   shooting out

Who knows?
Neither I
Art is beautiful
Art is ****
Art is whatever you want it to be
Dare to invite strangers
To your imagination
Let them stay for a while
Allow their minds to go wild
Art is love
Art is hate
Art is feelings Only the strangers feel
Perception of the truth
Lives in the artists head
To know it, you must be willing to love the unseen
Star BG Dec 2018
A human child,
drew a picture of a fairy
with a tail, whiskers, and
coat long and fluffy like a cat.

A fairy child,
drew a picture of a human
with a tail, whiskers, and
coat long and fluffy like a cat.

Both traveled in their own reality world.
Both believed anything was possible.
just playing in imagination
Madison the Bean Nov 2018
I draw
I draw a face
Is it yours?
No, not exactly

Because I draw from memory
And my memories are weak
I'm sorry
I have no pictures of your smiling face

I draw
I draw a bird
No, not a crow
A raven
Very different birds.

I don't draw it dark enough
I'm too scared
If it's too dark,  there's no going back
Don't touch the 9b

I draw
I draw a storm
Not my storm, no
Just a storm

Wreaking through the houses
The walls
The roof
Just to get to you
And I let it

I draw
I draw a mountain
That I will not climb
I refuse, it's too big

A mountain of my fears is always too big
I don't wish to try
To climb
The things I cannot control

I draw
I draw tears
Tears that were mine
But no longer Belong to me

The tears for you that I shed
The tears I wish I did not have
The tears rolling in the back of my head
The tears wishing you never bleed

I draw
idk. I just have a writing bug, I guess.
Shirley Antonio Oct 2018
I'm trying to be born again.
I'm going to conquer the world.
I'll fight against the time.
I'm going to live my dream.
I'm going to get up early in the morning.
I'm going up to the sky to have a hug of yours.
I'll dream you're here.
I'm going to draw your smile on the stars.
I'm going to get all the money in the world.
I'm going to win prizes and collect merit.
I'm going to buy a compass.
I'll wear the best clothes
I'm going to create ties.
I'm going to climb the highest mountain
But father ...
You're not here anymore.
No moment will have meaning without you.
No compass can guide me, only you.
Only you could tame all my hurricanes.
Only your good-night kiss on my cheek kept me safe.
Only your scent made me feel alive.
Now you've decided to leave me papers and pictures as souvenirs.
Now I only have your legacy as a bible.
I no longer have your hand to hold when I'm afraid.
Scent dad  father mountain compass prizes
stopdoopy Dec 2018
Pluck one
Then two
Drag them out
As long as you want
Play the song of their hearts
Feelings as tight as you tuned them
Draw them in
So taunt
Until the chord breaks
Played me like a fiddle.
Anya Sep 2018
Our task in class
to draw really
depressed people
for a competition
I wanted to draw
a really
drooping cheeks
flawless skin

She said no
I get to draw
an old person
which is fine
HOW am I to draw
And especially
a value scale
of shading
as well
the issue
isn't that
I am unwilling to draw
I, consider myself
at big picture person
NOT as much detail oriented

I, consider myself
who relies
at least half
if not more on
NOT to say
that I lack
technical skill

my strong suit
would be
the idea

she's challenging me
by giving me a simple idea
And having the key portion
be the
According to my mom
it's a good thing
And I agree too,
I suppose I'd better go draw
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
The greatest piece of art
is found in the movement
of bodies

the fluidity of the wrist
to paint the nakedness
of humanity

the speed of fingers
strumming and plucking
our souls

the sensuality of flesh
moving in rhythm
of life

the meticulous eye
capturing little moments
of society

Art is beauty
and beauty is movement
of bodies.
Hus J Jul 2018
no face man
Wants to see what other people saw
Smell the odds
Taste the world

Yet no face to experience all
Only could hear what is told

One day he has a brilliant thought
Draw his eyes, nose and so

Sadly,nothings change at all
Surprisingly,he could mouth a few words

Though his idea was not functioning so well
He continue to draw
In theory of cool and warm
Day after night
Dusk to dawn
He's happy to be norm

His face is colourful as shown
Just as his heart as before

Eventually, his face is confused in tone
Too much talks
Too much thoughts
Too much words

He starts to erase the filthy spots
As hard as he could till his face torn a little

At last,
He wipes away his only hope

no face man lives by tales
At least not too much additional notes

Who knows others are just like him as well.
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