A gorgeous formula for force is:
F=dp/dt or F=d(m.v)/dt
By employing mass into velocity.
This formula uses the momentum
To elucidate the force involved
And to deduce the frontage
Of any effect developed

My HP Poem #1625
©Atul Kaushal

Autumn tall
fall the leaves down too reach me
The trees know trust with change.

Wind sings a psalm
Right along with my heart beat
And calls me by my name.

A dream that blends
With my strife,
So I pretend
And color out the gray.

I need a place
Where my life could comfortably stay
Far from the way it is.

JDH Jul 5

Some introductory food for thought...

"Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen"
  - George Orwell

"There is only three states of being. There is slavery, tyranny, those are both forms of conflict, or negotiation. Negotiation depends on freedom of speech and you have to be able to talk to people if you are not going to fight with them or capitulate to them."
  - Jordan Peterson

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
  - George Orwell

The key proponents of the Bill and it's context...
On the 18th October 2016, Bill C-16 received Royal assent in Canada, despite having a small, but thorough opposition, even from those within the LGBT community who felt that the proponents of the Bill did not represent their desires, but that of the most extreme and ideological spectrum of their community. A prominent figure in the opposition to the Bill was Jordan Peterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, who has dedicated a great length of time in study into the Nazi and Soviet regimes of the past, paying particular attention to the ideological and psychological elements of those periods, which has built his principles as strongly opposed to ideological thought, Postmodernism and Marxism, all of which were instrumental or played roles in the mass genocidal regimes of the early 20th century that began with the subjugation of ideas and speech.

The Bill's implementation is an amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code that makes the refusal by an individual to refer to someone by their preferred gender pronouns a hate crime. It also brands discrimination by 'gender expression' with the same impunity. To those who do not understand what these concepts mean, essentially what the gender pronoun debate is, is how a minority of the LGBT community demand they be refereed to by different pronouns, and have their gender expression (fashion choice) protected by law. For instance, those who claim not to fit into the binary gender pronouns (he/she) and therefor don't identify as either a man or a woman, wish to be refereed to with artificial neologisms such as ve, they and them.

These demands, however, are not being made by the majority of LGBT people, but a small minority of people, mostly younger students who've been indoctrinated into postmodern and social Marxist ideology. This means that the Canadian government is taking the most extreme representation of a group as the representatives of the entire group, which would be like taking the Nazi Party as a valid representation of Germans, or the British Olympic squad as representatives of the standard fitness of the entire British public. This is a key focus of opponents to the Bill, like Prof. Peterson who recognises (being an employee of a University himself) that Bills like these are the result of borderline indoctrination in the Universities, and not the demands of LGBT people in general.  

The innate authoritarianism of the bill and it's Marxist/Postmodern motives...
Why are the proponents of this Bill innately authoritarian in nature? Well, as Professor Jordan Peterson makes the clear distinction, that unlike other forms of what is deemed hate speech in law, that enforces what you CAN NOT say, this Bill enforces WHAT YOU MUST SAY. As an example, Holocaust denial is considered hate speech, and so you can not express such a position, however, here you are now forced to speak words that you might not want to say, something far more Orwellian that one might be able to conceive when concerning a seemingly trivial enforcement, and having often spoken of gradualism, this is certainly not the end of the issue.

What is also concerning is that the supporters of the Bill are evidently ideologically motivated, in terms that their ideology (Marxist/Postmodern) is in itself authoritarian in nature, and as they fail to gain support by ideas, they suppress them. Law like this should not be able to slide through the apparatus of the State this easily, for it conveys on many levels a lack of respect for the generations of people who suffered under despotic rule for centuries until finally the rule of law gave them rights (and now we throw them away). It also shows to those more nefarious groups, that the public will not blink, even when you chip away at their right to speak as they choose, which I don't believe is a habit that should be maintained.

- a short essay by FabiusSideman

I am from the UK, however, I followed the events and the processes of this Bill, particularly its opposition.

I feel like I know nothing at all
And yet what I know tells me to experience and prove myself right or wrong and I'll start with you

I don' give a fuck about what people say it's good,
I'm sick of law: moral law, judicial law, school law
Fuck that

I want you

If I didn't why would I give up all the 'freedom' of choice between millions of girls in the world for you?
'Cause you have IT!

I mean I don't care how many hoes, ladies, girls, women come...
You have something and I love you for that and for all the things you think and all the crazy li'l' brat-like plays you do and that cheeky smile and that sexy cat walk that is half-joking with all those millions of girls you are more than but yet unknowingly and all humble and shining, fuck thinking I want you!


You won't get that from thinking and love is experience, what more is it?

february 19, 2017
6:37 a.m.
Old one I really wanted to share
Sam Anthony Jun 23

Speeding is naughty
It's against the law
But everyone does it
So no-one is ashamed

Running red lights is the same
It is naughty too
And everyone knows it
So we all sit patiently

Then Mark said to Tom
"People are inconsistent.
"Why do they speed when
"They won't go past a red?"

Tom listened carefully
He agreed with the statement
So now he drives through red lights
And the universe is angry with him

Zan Balmore Jun 21

I'm confused by the caustic whispers
What I do, I do for love, they say
I'm profane.

Of course I'm atheistic,
I'm under the dome
of this upset city
with my badge and gun,
what do they expect,
my broken home?
I of all the answers,
answers, I have none.

I know their caustic whispers well
because I am one of
the inimical voices
spraying my name.

My name is in lights,
while I wanted this, I never asked
I never asked, but
now my brain is awake and I'm profane.

Marcus stood in her kitchen
sink to the face
hearing her name,
seeing the little girl.
Knowing full shame,
a person of poor success,
falling from grace.

He set a motion that tied the night
with a surge of peace through flight
A walk at pardoned him for this fight
the doorway sought now
as his fortune with the moon!

And a primal scream that retaliated fraught
but down by fairgrounds his doggy run
still furry friends rode in heat,
and they couldn't be sheep in these latitudes that wool adorn
when a caper was a precedent.

If ghosts perched upon the cases
where sprinkles attended from where they stay
but they must defame those breeds
with suggestive wiles they rehearsed.
furthermore their embrace did employ
what dignified lust was another cornflower day

Cherisse May May 24

A place
I thought
Would be okay
Is experiencing hell.

A place
Where people I know are
Attacked, viciously, brutally,

And a country
In a state of division
Among its citizens
And an island under Martial Law.

A girl
Who writes poems
Can do nothing but write and pray.


My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by the terrorist attacks. This feels unreal, and the terror is terrifying, to say the least. It's happening, and all we could do is pray, and help if we can.
melli7 May 5

There are precious few at ease
with moral ambiguities,
so we act as though they don't exist.

              ---Wizard of Oz in "Wicked," lyricist Stephen Swartz

You wanna feel the burn of the words of your language
Then come at me sideways and we’ll only be speaking my language
I am too soft for words of sphere
So do not come for me because i am the one who knows what hurts the most
I can look at you and know what will bruise you and what words will haunt you like them ghosts
So come for my emotions only if you are looking for sleepless nights
My words are piercing, a nuisance, and displeasing
Just a comet of pain coming in vein
All because you distracted a gentle sleeping lioness
Now you must pay while i stand up towards you with my iron chest
My explosive words
My heated sentences
You wouldn't be able to fight them even with your best blessings
Cause i am karma
If karma is not me
Just fuck with me
And we will see if you agree
That i am not the one whose emotions should be tampered with
I am wildly dangerous
You poke at my sadness, you poke at my peace
And you are not leaving without taking your destruction, that you thought you would leave with me
That is crazy and bold
You do not mess with the Queen of Scold
Only if you want to feel burning searing cold
So be careful and wise at the words you use with me
When we are chatting and spending time
Because at any given moment the situation could flip
And you would wish that you never met me
So hurt, you will just dip
That is what i thought
My words too hot
So keep it moving or stay in your damn spot

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