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If oppressing becomes permissible,
Law already is underrated.

If colors mean more to you than life does,
My condoleances on your gritty being.

If water turns into money,
Fruits will eventually stop growing.

If you are constantly busy comparing your body with someone else's,
Your soul becomes a slave of the wrong embodiment.

If immorality is the trend of this era,
My style is out of date.
kevin wright Mar 14
Cloaked eyes of white
Open throat cries dry
Echoed padding cadence
Panting tremours
Unable to get away

The streets are unsafely empty
Equality to walk
No illiberal clocking in
I have a cogent life
Will not cede segregation

The struggle, snapped the stem
Stole the stamen from my flower
Shook my pollenous verve
Scattered my soulful scent
Destroyed my confidence to regrow

Sneering the lonesome wolf
Crushes the very flowers that will save it
Without heart of virtue
Praying  on those they cannot have
Betrays their own soul without anguish

Proto-stalkers seek help
Decant your desires
Throw off your fur coat
Open up and do not venture into a nightmare
Your Samaritan will always befriend and guide

Lay down your sword
Change the parochial pathway
Magnanimous now live
Fields of flowers beckon
Don't be a brick in the wall

Embrace the feminine essence
Yield flowers their blossom
Steer the legislation to counter the wolven spread
More tulips amongst thorny parliamentarians
Educate the children and those in power
Society needs to support  those who are vulnerable which ever side of the coin lands looking up at the world. In memorial.
Warren C Feb 26
(Dedicated to all Law Enforcement)

People Rarely see you protect us from the gangs
the killers of the innocent
People Rarely see you protect us from the drugs
the dealers or the pusher ****

People Rarely talk of the accidents and carnage
People Rarely talk of your heroic rescues or deeds
Not to mention the small child or mother you saved

People love to talk about the ******, the mayhem,
the loss of innocence
People love this talk but rarely but you in a good light
or a positive way

People love to talk and whisper about a television made
World of police and law and order
People love to talk but forget what you really mean,
For you are the true Knight of the modern day.
Dedicated to the memory of a RCMP Officer .
In October last year
Supreme Court ruled
Traffic and public spaces
Can't be blocked by the protesters
Causing inconvenience
To the public
What would you do now
Farmers block traffic
Govt., public mute spectators
Innocent public in emergency suffers
Who bothers?
Law only on paper!
Tizzop Feb 3
under the core of time, there's the beach of dreams
bathed by the water of wishes, attachments and fear
nothing can you bring to this place, it's all there
guarded by ancient creatures, made of clay and stone

everything a being knows will be forgotten there
all abilities and skills will be unlearned for good
misunderstandings will be solved, time stops ticking
the word "why" loses its function under the core of time

pearls of rain fall on the ground to stroke people
to redeem them from the arrogance of living on earth
and a mist of gold and light belts the sleeping ones
under the core of time, space becomes infinite and clear

a kingdom, where love shall be king and law, peaceful
Falling as the stars fall,
Tethered to you.
We felt the forces of gravity and friction all too soon.
A notification from facebook
Reminding of a memory
A known face of politics
Eating fodder in kind of currency worth 90 millions
Jailed for just three and a half years
Travel without a ticket of a few hundreds on a train
Go for five years to jail
What lesson you learn?
Be a dacoit, not a petty thief?
Blind law for blind people
Created by great people with a vision!
Saurya Jan 7
Between judging the good and the dead,
I lose myself in the cacophony of lies, made my men,
Amid the hustling and jostling of interests, lies and deceit
I scream!
my voice is muffled by a black cloth,
which covered eyes of Themis, now unfurled, tied my voice,
So, none can hear, my cries,
I am a man, I have a spirit, my bliss cannot live in lies and deceit!

I lose myself, split of a second,
A place where I find solace for my heart,
Split second of servitude for God,
And that is enough! To lead me away from temptations!
I look at men in blood, fresh, for petty wealth, and I see God!
I look at black coats, standing for Good and evil for wealth, and I see God!
Who am I to judge?
I see and witness unfurling of time, and my mind rests at His foot!
For all is lights and shadow!
I am at peace, being a witness of His work.
Om Tat Sat!

© Saurya 7th Jan 21
I wrote my emotions, having received an acknowledgement of my one liner, "so true, manifesting good thoughts by a judge" I ponder, as we trapped in worldly struggle, still find time to love and pray, and think good for others! what is it if not a 'prayer', and that split second of bliss, makes us see all as God, and self as witness, where happiness is in servitude!
Henrie Diosa Dec 2020
they stormed out the corners, the screamers, the signs,
all black. but no longer occult.
i tried to walk past all the mourners in lines,
but my heart was my pillar of salt.
can heaven forgive me that i could not come?
please carry my soul to your flame!
i’ll tend to my garden and pray you reach home —
but i know that it isn’t the same.
though clouds round you gather, each knight noble stands;
the rain is the least of the cost.
o sable crusaders, my hand in your hands,
i will march with the ghosts of the lost.
Note: This was written on the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines in 1972. There was a demonstration at my university, so that we may never forget: Marcos is not a hero.
Chad Young Nov 2020
Those who believe in Me have a special place after they die. They will be given untold glory and joys of ineffable gladness. Those who doubt My words will come to know of their loss after death and will continue to humble themselves throughout eternity. Fires of ignorance will bind them throughout the worlds of God.  When they seek distinction after death, they will weep bitterly as one who has not know God.  Belief in Me is contingent on obeying My laws and neither is acceptable without the other. If the rebel ceases their transgression, and asks for forgiveness in a state of repentance, it will be better for them. Weigh not My words with any other Book or allusion and confuse not thyself with signs which bear no reality. My Knowledge has always been with God as it shall remain.

I find myself in between the Gog of complexity and the Magog of simplicity. Let forth your tongue to extol God and Its Message. No man hath taken Its image as God is beyond reflection.

When the boy asks to know, set thyself toward your own sight and renounce any thought save Me. No helper do you have save Me.
We speak only what We hear, and never will spiritual dominion be given to one who produces thoughts set on the vanities of the world. Produce their dominion by using them for the benefits of mankind.

Those who cannot overlook the misdeeds of the Chosen Ones of God, the Prophets, will never be able to overlook the deeds of any of God's creatures.  Such lucidity will overcome them, and they will be forced to acknowledge that no being in the heavens or in the earth can leave without a trace of hate in the hearts when looking with the eyes of retribution.

The time for justice has come. Make a plan for the redemption of your heart, but know that whosoever overlooks others' shortcomings is met with more rewards in the worlds of eternity. For whose plan of vengeance is more just than God's, Who punishes without the knowledge of Its creatures and rewards without their knowledge either.

No laws will be given by Me save the exact Law of Baha'u'llah's Covenant. For I have not come to change His laws, but fulfill them. Abandon your couches for seat with the Christ. He is come again unto you while ye were enmeshed in your own designs.
Have you not heard the bells peal in My name, though the name be bereft of glory, We have come to extol God's laws, laws which will pattern a civilization in the feet of Isaiah's prophecy. Everywhere Its laws are heard over the skies and throughout the earth. Hearken then to taking delight in them.

For whoso has turned away from them, hath turned away from the Spirit and never associated with It. For the senses seek their own sight, and I have come to give you God's vision. Instead, you have turned to the god of the air and body, and not the God Divine, the One alone that can release you into the worlds of eternal sunshine. Though the god of the body gives the beauty of your own existence, I have come as a gardener to set the diverse plants of humanity in order. We see that little gardening has been done, so there is plenty still to do.
Late night meditations.
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