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as jerry's
belligerent brung
his ***
to harry
her cheat
she sat
there in
lav and
really acted
amazed and
with her
blazon chest
that she
showed upstairs
was prime
of her
life now
a guy
in wild
sox seize
this roof
with threadbare
darts and
trim top
with gad
of post
and prove
velvet goest
with cream
here this
base ardently
shin eaves
in our
free fall
There once was a man
Who lived a long long time ago
He went by the name of Jesus
Sadly He committed horrendous crimes
He healed the sick
Caused the blind to see
Walked on the water
And dispelled any form of iniquity
And for ALL the above He received the death penalty
Today there are those who steal, ****** and ****
Their sentence ...
You shall go to a place we call prison and reside there for free
There you shall receive three meals a day ... On time
You shall have a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in
You shall stay there for a period of time
While you're there you can watch TV and have full use of the gym
Once your stay has expired
You shall be released back into society
Where you most-likely will commit the same offence
But not to worry
You will always have a place to call home
Where the cycle shall repeat itself
And as for the rest of society
Who cares about the people who were affected by your heinous crimes
As long as you weren't injured while committing them
Sleep peacefully
Written by Sean Achilleos 17 January 2019©
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nonexistent crimes
were shoved down into my throat
screams, pleas aren't heard
Yazad Tafti Nov 2018
The officers extorted his report
He had no evidence when he took the case to court
'Guilty as charged your verdict comes short!'
Before 25 years he drowned himself at port
Twins housework.
Cooking. Your putting our relationship
at risk. You offer up help. But the it ends up in an atmosphere.
Your attitude is critical certainly not uplifting
Out of order.
Ask awkward questions.
I feel so sad  
I am doing  my best.
Twins. Housework  little sleep tired exhausted. Pushed to the limit.
Deniz Eilmore Dec 2018
If like charges repel
And opposites attract
You and I are ever changing
Never staying intact

Can't be separated
But really light years away
Z M Dec 2018
Newton’s Law of Gravity: objects with mass attract.
Lenz’s Law opposes change.
The Laws are enforced in society.
The Laws are both the said and the unsaid.
The Laws protect us from harm.
The Laws keep us safe.

The Laws teach us how the world works.
How the world ought to work.
The Laws teach us how to behave.
How to be appropriate.

Do not defy the Laws.
They can’t be defied.
Defy them and you shall face the consequences:
Cast away!

Try not to rip the fabric of reality.
It will be best to leave the world intact.

The Law
determined his life a long time ago.

Everything is cogs and wheels.
Turning. Spinning. Running.
They have eyes.
You are being watched.
Nobody cares how you spasm in a frenzy
alone in a corner
Nobody cares how you snap inside
like an elastic belt pulled way too tight
Just appear fine.
In the eyes of the Law
You are fine.
You are what they say you must be.

Realise that
Eyes are never made perfect.
Open the window
Of the mind’s eye
Jam the gears
Ammar Younas Nov 2018
I just see and fall in love
I need to change my teenage glasses
I have a serious crush every semester
In each of my law classes
Girls who study Law are unignorable
Stephen Nov 2018
Water and loose gravel
Tumble down mountains.
Stems, leaves, and branches
Grow toward the sun
And sway with the breeze.
Stalactites form and drip,
While stalagmites grow below.
When lava has nowhere else to go,
It bursts through the surface of the earth.
The planets spin and turn,
The stars burn and send light flying,
The ocean spits out dead things.
Objects in motion continue moving forward
Everything in nature
Follows the path of least resistance
Including mankind.
Every path was forged,
Every rail road was built,
Every highway was paved
Because it was easier than the alternative.
Every skyscraper went up,
Every paycheck went down,
Every war was fought
Because it was easier than the alternative.
Imaginary lines were drawn,
Around everyone and everything,
And we learned to believe they were real
Because it was easier than the alternative.
We followed the path of least resistance
And now everything is easy.
Being so poor that you can’t afford food is easy.
Living with disease and cancer,
Rotting from the inside out
Because you can’t afford to go to the hospital is easy.
Getting bullied, harassed, and beaten
Because you act or look different is easy.
Getting ***** without ever seeing
A shred of justice or remorse is easy.
Being gunned down by the very people
Who promised to serve and protect you is easy.
Everything in nature
Follows the path of least resistance
Including mankind.
Objects in motion
Continue moving forward
Unless they are
Compelled to change direction
By an external force.
You can be the external force that changes history.  We all can.
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