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False Poets Feb 2018
there is no value in a poem that reads
M M l i f e s u c k s x x x n o p o e m i g o t


nerve; crap bs, a denial of craft

seek the intelligent intelligible,
kiss the sensational thrill that
emotion harvests with resonating tenses
that beg our brains to differ, sense

this claims,
there is no value in no words is
a hoax cloaked as art by the weak,
make thy metaphors metastasize,
my every cell, a preposition,
preposterous and precious and
comforting in their
privations and provocations

speak to us in alpha and
line our eyes wide,
with pictures at an exhibition
of a faun immobile and beauteous

let me hang on every word of yours and
let it be the raft that sees me happily
unsafe home

take your bs line poem  
shove it down your silent voice

this is not avant garde; this is insulting

p.s.  write me a smile and all will be_____
I check-

No one’s looking.
An acorn is the only sound
I hear while falling to the ground.
I leap from my tree;
But I’m not quite free;
There’s a lasso around

My neck-
Johnny walker Mar 21
Whilst laid at night In bed I'm laying In my thoughts of Helen that bring a smile to my face for I can see
laughing together whilst
laid in same bed that I'm laying alone In the bed once was shared by
And I'm seeing her face again and those beautiful eyes, she could say more with eyes than any words
Oh so beautiful I no longer feel alone for I've still got Helen here with me for keeping things this way never allows me to feel
For where ever I go or what ever I do Helen will be right here with sat In the car just as she always
was when I drink my coffee In the cafe where we would both would
I will hang on to every memory of her, at last through tragedy I have last found a peace a place of contentment free from the every day trails In life and happy I still have my sweetheart forever with me
I let never let go of my sweetheart go so she's still
with me makes me a happy man to know this
Bad Vibes Mar 5
Some days I dream of the way my feet would hang off the side of a roof top garden ledge
Crisp air cooling my toes.

Some days I wish I was hanging from a tree
Lifeless, still, and calm.

Some days I wish I was at least just hanging in there,
Instead of feeling empty and numb.

Joshua Feb 25
Naalala ko pa yung araw na napagdesisyunan kong kumain sa McDo.
Kasi wala lang, trip ko lang.
Hindi naman ako gutom, hindi rin pagod.
Pero nag-McDo ako.

Noong panahong yun,
Saka ko lang narealize yung sinasabi nilang "Self Worth."
Pahalagahan ang sarili, mahalin.
Bagay na hindi ko nagawa sa nakaraan.
Kaya ayun, nagwakas, natuldukan.
Paano naman nga ba kasi magpapahalaga sa iba
Kung sarili ko nga di ko mapahalagahan.

Umorder na ko ng fries at Big Mac
Syempre kasama ang paborito kong McFloat.
Nasa kalagitnaan na ko ng pagnguya
Nung nagtanong ka
"May nakaupo na po ba?"
Hindi ko na tiningnan ang kanyang mukha
Umiling nalang ako.
Nagtataka rin kasi ako bat sa harap ko pa naisipan **** umupo.
Yun pala, wala na talagang pwesto sa McDo.

Binasag mo ang katahimikan sa pagpapakilala mo sa akin.
Bigla atang lumamig ng hangin
Lalo na nung nakita kong nakangiti ka sakin.

Nagkakilala tayo. Naging magkaibigan.

Ikaw ang nagsilbi kong Happy Meal
sa araw-araw na paggising ko.
Hindi ko na kailangan ng Happy Meal toy
Kasi makasama ka lang enjoy na ako.
Ikaw yung chicken fillet na
sa sobrang lambot ng pisngi mo nanggigigil ako.
Ikaw yung Hot Fudge na mas matamis pa
sa Dairy Milk kasi sobrang sweet mo.
At para kang gravy ng McDo
na hanggat di ubos yung ulam magrerefill ako.

Hanggang isang araw, inaya mo ko mag-McDo.
Masaya akong sumama kasi minsan lang yun.
Ako naman ililibre ng taong madalas ilibre ko.
Feeling ko tuloy sasagutin mo na ako.
Nagpresenta kang ikaw na o-order
At ako nang bahala sa uupuan.
Hindi ko alam bakit pagkaupo ko palang
Nakaramdam na ko ng kalungkutan.
Natakot ako bigla sa di malamang dahilan.

Buti dumating ka na, at
Buti nakangiti ka.
Ngunit ako ay nagtaka na
Ang pagkaing binili mo ay hindi para sa dalawa.
Agad **** sinabi saken na saglit lang,
May pupuntahan ka lang.

Pagkaalis mo, kinain ko na ang binili mo.
Pero nagulat ako
Matapos kong i-angat ang burger na inorder mo.
"Hindi pa pala ako handa."
Nakasulat sa sticky note na nilagay mo.
Di ko alam ano ibig **** sabihin
Kaya nagdecide akong ikaw ay hintayin.
Mahal, sabi mo saglit.
Pero bakit hindi ka na bumalik?
Iniwan mo na ako.
Iniwan mo gamit ang isang sticky note,
Kasama ang favorite kong McFloat.
Hanging on
Originally, I had a girl hanging from a string that was connected to the letter T in "thread". Here it is:

Or if that does not work..
ok okay Oct 2018
Some people hang their heads in shame
Others hang their heads with rope
They say be happy about the days God give you to live to experience another breath and all the humanly things that makes a person human. But I can't stress it enough on how ungreatful I am to even be alive and go through the things that makes me think. On a daily note I wake up with my own germs and the thought of aging simply for nothing. I once thought as you age things will get better though there would be minor setbacks; however life has taught me well to never underestimate. In my dreams I see my death as beautiful as ever some in which I'm hanging from the rope tied to the ceiling of my fan and some where I'm walking upstairs in my apartment to make it to the top of the world falling from the edge. When I awake I'm left to feel misery of another day. I've met God and the devil... They look like me just on the flip side they have power over what's to come in my unneeded life

By: Leory Santana dawn
Cherisse May Sep 2018
the first time i did it,
my neck didn't break, the rope fell,
and the ***** simply came off;
it couldn't support me.

the other attempts,
I've been trying,
but I always kept telling myself there's still
some reason out there for me to try and fight this.

I guess tonight isn't one of those days.
Here's to hoping
the superglue on my ceiling
gets to hold me nice and tight.
i hate this feeling.
Cherisse May Sep 2018
I tried suspending a heavy object
from my ceiling,
testing a hook ***** I found
lying around in my room.

As soon as it fell,
I took some superglue
and squeezed it onto the *****'s threads,
hoping it'll stick into the ceiling well.

Superglue advertisements often endorse
their superb sticking ability;
let's see,
can it properly hang me?
I should be studying but these nasty thoughts are consuming me.
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