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Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2023
Life is no charming fairytale
Even on easiest days
Most blessed person you know
Has demons to keep at bay
There's no such thing as perfect
Beauty eventually will all decay
The only hope we have is to hang on
Find happiness within the disarray
And there is no such thing as happily ever after
SelinaSharday May 2021
Good morning sunlight!
When you get up in the morning
to go out to work to struggle to fight.
To see you is such delight!
No matter what your personal strife.
Your about that earning a living to make a good life.
Your a man.. Of passion love and support.
Your dedication who could abort.
I admire, Your stability the strength and fire.
Keep laboring hard staying on your grind.
Doing what you need to to have peace of mind.
may our lil naughty behaviors be forgiven.
As grace puts us in a better needful state within.
Meaning keeping emotions in check
spirit cleansed to come correct.
Your passion I can't resist and
your way seems so perfect.
A friendship I can't reject!
If your fat or thin, You'd still be adorable and lovable.
So hard to scold.
Just wanta keep you your so superfly ...
Your so handsome I like your style I won't lie.
Creamy brown sensation
you rock my inner nations,
Hey Mister can a Sista..
Just roll wit cha.
From day One I knew.
There was something special about you!
sharday3.. the rosepoet..
hanging out with u, chilling with yah, can i hang tight wit cha.
Jace Apr 2021
In and out
Round and round
Loop the loop
Come back down

Breathe in and out
The rope goes round and round
The knot goes loop the loop
He jumps but doesn't come back down.
Sorry if this is depressing and **** but if you've read any of my other poems recently then you know my friend Alfie killed himself a couple of weeks back. He hanged himself. He was 14. He took drugs but we didn't tell anyone, scared of breaking the fragile trust he had in us. I knew there was something wrong after I met him in the park that morning yet he never showec up to school. They'd had a call supposedly from his dad saying he would be absent. It wasn't from his dad, it was from Alfie. Alfie hung himself from an apartment block stairwell 2 hours later. He didn't send a text to say goodbye. He didn't have a note with him. I couldn't watch the CCTV footage but Lily, his girlfriend, did. I've slept at her house a lot since that day. Making sure she doesn't follow him. Her parents hardly notice her and she can walk around the house in short sleeves and not be questioned once about the fresh cuts or old scars. We avoid talking about it. We both think about it though. The call I get and 5:47 pm , while I'm walking home, with Lily sobbing down the phone telling about how it isn't fair and nothing is worth anything anymore. At this point I don't know what she's talking about so I asked but wish I hadn't. Alfie hanged himself. Alfie committed suicide. Alfie is dead. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm sorry I guess you probably didn't read that but if you did thanks for sticking with me. I needed to write the whole story somewhere.
jǫrð Dec 2020
I do what you do
Linger and loom like colors
On the horizon
The History: You procrastinate when it's time to go. Maybe you don't want to show that you've got nowhere to be? Same buddy.
Saïda Boūzazy Sep 2020
Hanged  between two choices
Either to forgive or to forget,
Hanged  between two  dreams
Either to forgive or to forget
between logos and pathos
between heart and head
I wander if I can forgive
I wander if you forget
Love is a fig!
Leisha Dias Jul 2020
Tick-tock, tick-tock
The clock is ticking
Time is running out.

I stand here with a black robe and a scythe
Watching her battling her own demons
Crying but not shedding a tear
As I await to feed on another soul
She awaits to seek comfort in my arms.

There she stands
With arms wide open to embrace me
With a stool underneath her feet
And a rope around her neck
Agh...the cliched way of quitting
Disappointing me as there was no surprise.

The nooze...
Not so choking as her parent's expectations
Or those comments she got for those extra pounds
Not so suffocating as his kiss had left her
Or that bottle of beer and pack of cigarettes
That felt too strangling to let go of

I stand here watching her
Covered in wounds she did to herself
Seemed like her body was her canvas
Every scar, wound, bruise and cut
Had a story of it's own to narrate.

I see her struggling against her own mind
Crumbling down with each thought
I see it all in her dark deep eyes
Deep yet everything seemed eerily hollow
Those eyes showed no sign of regret
Not a hint of reluctance.

No! she wasn't weak, just tired...

And so I ask
How far do you think she's willing to go
I had my answer

As she kicked the stool and also her life
Pushing away the last bit of hope
The rope around her neck grew tighter
Her lips curled slightly
Into a hauntingly charming smile
Life flashed in front of her eyes
As she thought she could escape it all..

Tick- tock tic-hush!!....
Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Swinging in the breeze all day,
the sun is shining high,
warm glow upon my face.
Watching as the clouds pass by,
the sky an ocean blue,
a tranquil happy place.

The meadow sweeps out to beyond,
the flowers vibrant rich,
the hills are gentle green.
The birds sing merry songs of joy,
thier tune a cheery sound,
a picture so serene.

The children laugh and play bellow,
they run and jump and dance,
such energetic grace.
They monkey up onto my tree,
I smile as they climb high,
they squint and see my face.

They suddenly begin to scream,
fleeing in abject fear,
from my skeletal smile.
It's lonely swinging here alone,
nobody knows I'm here,  
I wish they'd stayed a while

The people come to cut me down,
my rope is old and frail,
thier blade is sharp and new.
I think I'll stay here anyway,
my spirit is my own.
I rather like the view.
Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Light and dark is infinite
Light is breaking the constriction of the minds desperation to chain itself to the dark.
Dark is cocooning the mind further into the chains that shields itself from the light.
Light stares with their prying headlamps.
Dark laughs and suffers and clinks their chains with you.
Light fights til they’re bloodied, barbed chains slipping from their clotted congealed hands.
Dark helps you pull up the chair and tie up a nice rope.
Light lets out a caterwaul when they see what the heavy chains they let slip have caused.
Dark wears their chains, kicks out the chair, and swings lightly in the breeze with you.
Light pulls down the dark chains, heavy with guilt and pain, slings them over their shoulders, and trudges off into the dark.
Asominate Nov 2019
Of queens and kings
A harpy sings
Of those who’re in control

And all the things
Their power brings
As all else pay the toll

Of kings and queens
The unforeseen
A funeral bell rings

Through thick and lean
As life has been
Queens hang their kings on strings.
I'm feeling a bit odd.
Gabriel Nov 2019
When will your ropes break
At 3am on a tight situation
You keep hanging up on the phone
So you can hang out with him
Was the best way
To strangle me
With lies
Oh I have my doubts
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