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what was it you saw in her?
so fast, when you claimed to love me?
how could it have been so deep
that you forgot what we had instantly?

you saw her for seconds,
Talked to her for minutes,
then by some strange justification decided
You Loved Her.

I don’t know if it was partly my fault,
pushing you away, but I only pushed you away because I knew how we’d end.
I’ve seen it before, and will see it again.
no loss for you, no heart, no law,
No light breaks through my window anymore.
Would they have still been remembered,
if they lived for each other instead of dying...
Alicia Aug 16
******* at the funeral
poison women aching in their parallel
they drink until Juliet is dead
or until in their head too
it is clear
free of fear and recalling
this was always supposed to be a tragedy

no left or right turn
changes that everything, even love
begins and ends with some type of poison
the slowly dripping IV type
a sudden break check
dash to face type of poison

the Juliets' love only exists on one page
allowed to live if the real goal
is to die
smoke breaks, goodbyes
the ever too consistent "I'll see you arounds"
that is the point of a tragedy
it gets to claim the reason for existing
and the entire existence itself

Juliet drinks the poison every night
even after the man in the hole warned me
her love feeds on the liver
while the others begin to fade out
sarah crouse Jul 7
The blinding white shine
of the snow is divine
as I rush through the woods
to meet you by the dogwood

my heart is thundering
my thoughts are stuttering
our time is running out fast
we can't always escape our past

but faster and faster my feet run
as my hands fail to block the sun
in this sea of white, there's a splash of red
"Meet me by the dogwood," you had said

my speed picks up at the sign
as I try to escape my bloodline
then a blow of a horn, I hear them coming
they're here for me, they're going hunting

the biting cold stings my face
I try to keep a steady pace
as I try to reach the red dogwood
the place I spent my childhood

the sound of hooves reach my ears
the sound of shouts bring me to tears
I hear the barks of dogs and hounds
as I run across the snowy grounds

at last, I see you up ahead
surrounded by a sea of red
I jump across over a fallen log
I see that you have heard the dogs

you grab my hands as I arrive
a quick hard kiss cause I'm alive
but as we start to run away
the guards surround us, there to slay

I hold you close, tightly in my arms
as they load up their firearms
with a loud bang, they shot us dead
and the dogwood sees more bloodshed.
North Fires Jun 30
a perfect Juliet.
do you know who she really is?
she looks perfect, doesn't she?
you think you've met HER.
the one, the only.
so peel the beautiful mask from her face, and see who she really is.
so take off the pretty costume, and see what she really dons.
so take her beautiful hair
and snip it off

and see who remains. is she still
Maruko San Jun 15
Yes I loved you and I still do
But what can I do?
You were with your "true love"
and you're just my "first"

I really wished were meant to be,
but do you love me?

I really wished that you were Juliet
and your Romeo was me
but isn't that a tragic ending story?

Well if were together
we can't have our happy ever after.
Riveá Dec 2019
If you were the Romeo to my Juliet, I should have died the first time.

It would have been much less of a tragedy.
Shallow Nov 2019
When showtime comes the curtain will rise
You'll prepare your face with cold blue eyes
Together you're here
With the quiet and queer
And then you'll sing your own demise
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
I feel something I've never felt before
I feel it right to my core

It steals from me without me knowing
And yet i keep going
Deep into these unknown trenches
Losing half of my soul and all of my senses

I kept at stake my heart
And lost my mind too
I chose to give you my love
I ended up dying too.
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