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Ju Temo 1d
After the rain the fills the ***
And leaks out the side
At the last drop down the roof
Even when the wood is wet,
I’ll leave.

The freshness of the day,
Can’t match the lightness in my heart,
It’s biking past the bridges,
Pushing past the grass in the stream,

Soaring down the hills,
That pour out from the purple sunset,
Hanging down cherry blossoms’
Open hands reaching out to every path.

The train has yet to come,
But the heat already settled,
Cooled by the sun far back,
Windows mirrored in its light,
Peppered a village under me,

Going through all its tall corners,
The rails build themselves above me,
As I run past every shop,
My reflection follows along on the ride
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting.
All other poems can be seen at:
Kat Oct 12
nothing will be sold today. the rain comes and
no one will see the neon signs in the mist.
the cities of steel and glass
are merely sandcastles at high tide.
helplessness, our human nature.

still, no worries,
in the minds of children, soothed by
their mother's sing-song,
or strangers sharing their first meal –
yi is cooking ramen for everybody,
while the finnish girl just finished her story
about her grandfather and his eleven siblings.
it's a beautiful day.
lara Sep 27
I spent two days crying over a boy

who  couldn’t even admit

that I was ever something to him.

Two nights crying my tears into a river

in a city that didn’t give

two ***** about me.

A boy that wouldn’t hold me and

couldn’t let go of me.

I was a flower,

wilting and dying under his touch

because he just couldn’t bear

to ******* cut me off.

Also know as
"Golden Joinery"

Or "Kintsukuroi
Golden Repair"

Is the Japanese art of repairing
broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique.

As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.
Juan Bot Sep 13
Where there are humans
You'll find flies,
And Buddhas.
After I travelled to Japan, I was inspired to write this haiku.
Starry Aug 27
Edo castle
Stands tall
And proud
As the ruling Tokugawa
Control japan
And live there
Just impregnable
Fierce. Yet beautiful.
Starry Aug 27
In an ulternative univrrse
The hojo
Clan and there evil ninja
Fuma, have taken control
Of Japan after the defeat of the
In the seige
Of odawara castle
Thus darkness and chaos continues
In japan
Aden Annane Aug 11
Standing alone
Above the trees
There are others around her
But none can be

The masses they swarm
And crawl to ascend
Bruises form
Limbs shall bend

Summit they will
And conquer they must
They have fallen ill
Bestowed with wanderlust

They are mostly strong
All think they conquer
But the best have known long
Lady nature is stronger
"Goodbye my love, we'll meet again under the cherry blossom tree."

"The wind rustles and whispers to me, the songs of the fated."

"If only the mountain Gods were ever generous, our feet would gladly lead us the same path."

"The red sea would surely separate, wave by wave."

"Again my love, the rain may falter, my tears come in streams of a waterfall."
Japanese poems are songs of nature.
Mitch Prax Jul 22
I navigated
a sea of dumplings
in the heart of Japan
but none of them came close
to that perfect dumpling
I shared with you
in what now seems
like a dream.
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