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Ceyhun Mahi Mar 7
Someone said: ''they're like butterflies at day,
And slowly in the night they fly away.''

A time to bloom for them's the time of night,
When visiting, they do adorn the sight.

To where, to who and how – we do not know,
Except some, who are involved in their show.

With swaying moves and dancing fans they swing,
Accompanied by ancient songs they sing.

Their fan is blooming, fair as the summer-flowers,
Crafted in many dedicated hours.
nick armbrister Dec 2021
After the battle
Fishing the plane
From the water
No fighter pilot
Where is he?
Gone far away
Where warriors go
Shiden-Kai pilot
One of six
Lost that day
B-Sans or Hellcats
All the same
Way back '45
Old fading times
Not even memories
Don't forget them
Of all sides
Silence ...
Roxanne Paola Nov 2021
i said goodbye to the desert
spit out a few grains of rust and sand
as i sat in the back of my mother's grand marquis
i was bidding farewell to the long plaid skirt i wore to school every day
the school that was mercifully unmarred by bullets
the glitter on the popcorn ceiling of my grandparents' home
the smell of an overwhelming saturday evening
which stank of discarded waste and cigarettes
we were going somewhere special
goodbye nuevo laredo

eight years later
i said goodbye again
to a neat little home
nested tightly amongst the bricks of others
a hilly backyard
bluebonnets sashaying on the side of the highway
mexican restaurants every three blocks
that could never replicate what i once had
stars and stripes holding steady in the shade of a sycamore tree
a glittering city in the distance
i was in love
and i was going somewhere special

i was elated to escape
both of my previous lives
always finding myself awash with uncertainty
adrift as i committed and uncommitted to a series of distractions
from the beastly recesses of my pruned little brain
that snarled about hopelessness
a lack of worth
and motivation
maybe i knew i was meant to run
since the moment of implantation

my new neighborhood is impeccably silent at night
no hollers to strain my ears for
no ominous pop-pop-pops
(was that a firework or could it be...)
no jovial music with thundering basses and large round drums
i eat pork drenched in teriyaki sauce
and drink green tea in the evenings
on the train, i gaze at the empty stares of other passengers
my gaze is also unreadable
i practice the strokes of a kanji
one, two, three...
my husband and i meander through temples
heavy and groaning with the weight of a thousand years
of life
benevolent buddhas and Cheshire-grinned demons
i can't help but think of the message of a western God
that my mother recited to me every night in the black of our room
sometimes i shuffle my feet in the square space of my living room
to the tune of cumbia

i used to think that i didn't have an identity
no confinement to a culture conceived by the likes of men
but i am what i am
and i never actually escaped
Bell Oct 2021
blank* is like one of those gashapon capsule toys
Swimming in a sea of the indistinguishable look-alikes
until a passing stranger is willing to spare a coin or two
similar to how one gives themself up to blank
Much like falling_
A colorful little capsule falling
Twirling in anticipation
For its final destination
A little metal door
You can’t help but wonder what will await you
passion, partnership, disappointment?
Only one way to find out
(ガシャポン), also called gashapon (ガチャポン), are a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan and elsewhere.
Methmi Mandara Oct 2021
A box full of train tickets she saw
With her mother at the station door
She saw it belongs to the ticket man
And wanted to be as so
With a dream of a secret agent too
Ding ****, the desk is awesome
Open, Book out
Open, Book in
Open, Pencil out
"Lid it is, not a drawer" she wondered
The children learn the book
But she leans and look
Through the window to the virtuosos
Enjoys them sing and dance
Stays and stays or she'll miss the chance
"What are you doing"
"Where are you going"
She cries through the window
To the flying sparrow
"She is terrible,
******, out of control
Find a new school"
The teacher lets her out
Her mom finds a new school
For the girl, she knew it will be cool
A school in a train, is what she found
Of Sosaku Kobayashi, the greatest one
"Mom, new school is wonderful"
She was amazed and truthful
Chatted with Sosaku six hours
No one ever listened so much
"Something from ocean"
"Something from land"
It was and interesting lunch
of crunch
Once her little purse
Fell to a toilet pit as a curse
Dig the pit until she found
More value was it that dozens of pound
In the summer, perfect for a swim
Cool to be in the pool
No swimming suits were at all
Girls and boys, naked no rules!
One sided love to Tai-chan
Dreamed of being his bride forever as the sun
Seven years old girl was fallen in love
Love is a sacrifice, she taught to bow
A rejected girl from a school of nerds
'Tomo' made her a free bird
Testsuko Kuroyanagi she is
Who won the world, a role model
Based on the Japanese biography, "The Girl at the Window"
Owen Jun 2021
Grandfather mountain,
watching us worry and die.
Spending six weeks on Mt. Fuji
Susan N Aassahde Apr 2021
pink snow rhodio
early clang
nettle treat pollen
Susan N Aassahde Apr 2021
fleece riot
blown out snow
dash rose pebbles
Susan N Aassahde Apr 2021
ducklings wander
on the pen
California napkin
Susan N Aassahde Apr 2021
pinata spring
of hatchling gallops
dandelion spear
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