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Payton Feb 2021
Tell me, my dear,   why      you keep

that golden sun beetle      tied so       tightly around your neck?

You say       that you feel naked without it, as

                           it hangs gently

        over your *******.

                         But let me tell you something.

I feel naked without you wrapped around my neck.

                      I am totally and completely exposed without your love

       to shield me from the night.

But your arms are not a ribbon.

                                  I cannot keep you on

a leash.

             Nor do I want to.

Darling, you are           the most valuable thing in the universe            to me.

And because             you mean so much,                     I must let you fly free.

I cannot keep you tied around my neck like the scarab on yours.

I can only hope that you'd willingly hang around.
This poem was written in 2016.
It's inspired by a golden beetle necklace I had years ago.
Jaicob Dec 2020
-Hate yourself to the point of misery

-Slash your skin into oblivion

-Make your flesh a canopy of the hatred you feel

-Still feel numb after all of the pain

-Get yourself a rope

-Hang the rope on a sturdy branch

-Tie the knot properly
         - make a loop
         - spiral the rope around the loop
         - tuck the rope through the loop
         - pull on the end to tighten

-Pull a stool under your necklace

-Stand on the stood and wear your craft

-Kick the stool away

-"Look, Mum! No hands!"

-Think of your mum.... and others you love...

-Gasp for air but find none

-Shed a tear, cry out in agony

-Feel your neck being stretched out

-Remember the lovely touches from your loved ones... Remember how your brother used to nuzzle up by your chest and whisper against your neck

-Remember the times your friends used to hug you around the neck

-Remember the way Their lips felt against your supple skin

-Cry out harshly one final time


                                       Nothing is left anymore...

-You did it!

The pain you face doesn't go away when you do. It's simply transferred onto others. The ones who cry at your funeral, the ones who will miss your voice, the ones who notice an empty place where you used to sit, the ones who shed a tear at the mention of your name, and even the ones who seemed to hate you will still love you the same. They'll be devastated. If you ever need to talk with somebody, I've been here before. I've been to the lowest of lows, and I've attempted before. You can always talk with me. My instagram DMs are open all the time. @darlingdrawingqueen

Don't be afraid to reach out. Your life is important, and you are loved by so many people. If not until now, then I love you. I love you so much, and I really want to get to know you.
If you're ever feeling this way, please reach out to somebody. If nobody else, you can ALWAYS message me. I love you dearly, and life will get easier, darling. I promise.
imehsahdehahs Jul 2020
There is Nothing  between Us, but

That Ugly ****** Noose

my eyes are Shining, but

You didn't even turn around to Look

because of that Ugly ****** Nose

I sing you a Song for you love,

scream of the butterfly

As Soon as you turned around

You Turn your back  

tell what happened?

is it because of my Skin? My race?

My Black Lips, body and hair?

Don't tell me it's not true

telling  me, it isn't  my fault!

Like i've done somethings

to feel guilty

for not being, What? White

Shut The **** Up!

who's running for office?

"how's Ye doin?"

is He Still wearing that hat?

That Red hat

Wash your Red hat

in this blood bath

signing that blood pact

Now you Chilling out with trump


triumph of the will

My Visions our blurry

I can't breath





C      A     N  '  T

B.          R.       E.      A.         T.        .H

PS:  A. How is that handsome Duke Doin'?

B. oh, Same old David, just like to hang  

****** by the toe.
Send Noose
Poetic T Apr 2020
I cut down the last tree,
   and ate the last apple...

I  wore the snake as a noose...

******* gravity...

                 I fell hollow and empty...
Daisy Ashcroft Mar 2020
The noose tightens
Day by day
And gradually my breaths
Get shorter and shorter

The noose tightens
Hour by hour
Until one day
My hands wrap real rope
Around my neck
And the once invisible
Takes true form
Just another poem based on my story...
M Grant Teague Dec 2019
Beauty has been murdered by my hand.
Every feature disgusts and appalls me.

I have strung my own noose,
Stepped through the loop.
I stand ready
For you
To kick
My stool

The fake world speeds communication
Yet quickly sends sin and the devil too.

I stand a ****
And a harlot
Of your sweet perfection.
Asominate Nov 2019
Of queens and kings
A harpy sings
Of those who’re in control

And all the things
Their power brings
As all else pay the toll

Of kings and queens
The unforeseen
A funeral bell rings

Through thick and lean
As life has been
Queens hang their kings on strings.
I'm feeling a bit odd.
Gray Dawson Oct 2019
Last night I was low
Last night I was low.
Blow after blow,
I found a way to go
Down to the place below

Gather the rope of creation
Make the slipknot operation
Write a note to the nation
And say hello to liberation

Last night I was low
Low. Low. Low.
Ideas always glow
When you are so... Low

Trying to not be another statistic
But lets be realistic
I’ll be dead in a grave going ballistic
Trying to remember how to be optimistic

But I guess I’m just low.
Ray Dunn Sep 2019
painstakingly human—
with tears like a noose,
wrapping of tethers
begging to choke me,
with their tendrils of ice
that fade into the pillow.
idk imagery i guess? cleaning out my drafts mostly
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