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Poetic T Apr 17
I cut down the last tree,
   and ate the last apple...

I  wore the snake as a noose...

******* gravity...

                 I fell hollow and empty...
The noose tightens
Day by day
And gradually my breaths
Get shorter and shorter

The noose tightens
Hour by hour
Until one day
My hands wrap real rope
Around my neck
And the once invisible
Takes true form
Just another poem based on my story...
M Grant Teague Dec 2019
Beauty has been murdered by my hand.
Every feature disgusts and appalls me.

I have strung my own noose,
Stepped through the loop.
I stand ready
For you
To kick
My stool

The fake world speeds communication
Yet quickly sends sin and the devil too.

I stand a ****
And a harlot
Of your sweet perfection.
Asominate Nov 2019
Of queens and kings
A harpy sings
Of those who’re in control

And all the things
Their power brings
As all else pay the toll

Of kings and queens
The unforeseen
A funeral bell rings

Through thick and lean
As life has been
Queens hang their kings on strings.
I'm feeling a bit odd.
Gray Dawson Oct 2019
Last night I was low
Last night I was low.
Blow after blow,
I found a way to go
Down to the place below

Gather the rope of creation
Make the slipknot operation
Write a note to the nation
And say hello to liberation

Last night I was low
Low. Low. Low.
Ideas always glow
When you are so... Low

Trying to not be another statistic
But lets be realistic
I’ll be dead in a grave going ballistic
Trying to remember how to be optimistic

But I guess I’m just low.
Ray Dunn Sep 2019
painstakingly human—
with tears like a noose,
wrapping of tethers
begging to choke me,
with their tendrils of ice
that fade into the pillow.
idk imagery i guess? cleaning out my drafts mostly
Lydeen Aug 2019

How many will work?

Or! Maybe I can
my Pencil Sharpener.

Or better yet,

Knit a long,

Where to hang it though?

Perhaps I could take a
Too Hot

And sit till it's cold.

Weigh myself,
Until I'm satisfied

That'd do it too.
If you get all of this sorry lol but I bet almost everyone does on here
I’ve been trying my best to be a good host,
Though I have no idea as to what suits a ghost,
I’ve offered them food, and watched it all rot,
I’ve offered my wardrobe, no clothes they sought,
I lit a fire for sitting, but they’d no need for heat,
I freed up the best armchair, for none to take seat,
I’d availed the dead, and was left feeling loose,
And so held my head up with the help of this noose,
It’s no wonder their company’s naught for to boast,
If you ask me, I’ll tell you to give up the ghost.
m h John Jun 2019
we wore our nooses
too loosely around our necks
until we pushed each other
far enough away
not realizing there was a cliff
and the only thing that was there
to catch us
were the burdens of mistakes
we carried along with us
Iz Jun 2019
As I wake
I mistake the sirens as my name
The wail telling me to come
That I’ve got lost again and I need to follow them home
Home as in the straight jacket hospital
Home as in you belong here
Home as in basically GSA
Your mind is the only sharp thing in sight
And the rope once noose tying you down
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