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Welcome to the hatrix,
Where you’re only allowed to
Care about yourself.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where everybody thinks that
Thinking is ****.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where good men are discouraged
And good women are wasted.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where the most endearing terms
Are meant to mean the opposite.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where nobody talks
Unless it’s behind another’s back.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where everybody thinks that
you’re a ****** in secret.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where people want you dead
Because you breathe
And have life.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where cooperation is
Blind compliance in disguise.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where the only thing
That motivates people
Is not being uncomfortable.

Welcome, human, to the hatrix.
Eat all the video evidence
Before we find you
And **** you.
James Study Mar 5
master of gibberish lines of metaphor
acclaim and awards from the poetry corp
coffee house pied piper
study and decipher
dazzle with brilliance or baffle galore
Cohen’s a snitch, an eel,
A despicable squeal,
Why I once trusted this horrible man,
This sniveling lawyer whose life is a sham,
Is simply beyond me a momentary lapse,
Yet one more sharp pain that my energy saps.
And while this all irks, stealing my time,
I revel in knowing the payback’s sublime.
His next stop a cell, depressing and cramped,
The perfect abode for this creep to be dumped.
As for these democrats digging for dirt
Little they realize their pistols just squirt,
I’ve the bazooka loaded and primed
Waiting to fire at the moment best timed,
So let them all revel while they still can
For I am the gale force to their puny fan.
Yes, I love beer
And beer loves me,
We’re as thick as thieves
As honey is to bees.

I can’t help but wonder
What life would be
Without this golden amber,
Not a world I’d like to see.

Every sip a luscious joy,
Food for body, mind and soul,
It warms in winter, cools when hot,
As water is to ice, as fire adores its coal.

But now they claim it hampered,
My judgement in my youth,
A baseless common slander,
Insulting and uncouth.

A lifetime spent in service,
As a bastion of the law,
A judge regaled with honor,
Not just a man of straw.

So what I had a tipple
And sometimes a few more,
It livened up the party,
With a drink I so adore.

As to these accusations
That somehow I blacked out
I just can’t help but wonder,
How folks could not this doubt.

A father and a husband,
A friend to countless girls,
A man of faith and principle,
Tarnished by innuendo’s swirls.

So let this be a lesson
To all young pups today,
Consider each and every action,
Beware of what posterity may say.
Chuck and Nancy quite the couple
They work in tandem and speak as one,
Like two fly’s buzzing in unison
Into my space have they now come.

A New York hack and a California dreamer,
Their single purpose to stop me in my tracks,
Just when the nation needs my talent most,
All I hear from them are quacks.

There’s a national emergency
With heathens at our gates,
Rapists, robbers and molesters,
The basest form of life’s primates.

But my wall will stop them,
To protect us all,
For them to try and block it
Takes truly quite some gall.

The fight’s not over,
I’ll win this yet,
Upon the outcome
You can now bet.

Our darling lovebirds
Need watch the sky,
As this great eagle
Comes swooping by!
Ticket, Ticket Everywhere
Money, Money Everywhere
Everything is Reserved
For the Money makers and Rich

Want to ride in a Bus, Car or Taxi
Or Travel in Ship, Train or Aeroplane
Use your brain, my dear
Please shell out some money

Oh Sorry, You dropped that **** idea
Then what you are going to go?
Going to Circus or to watch a film
Want to go to a Book fair or a fete

Still have to Shell out some Money
It's not that funny, O' Honey
It's Business, Serious Business
Oh No, You can't even go to Public Park

Or the River bank either
Oh want to use Public Toilets
Do you think it's free?
No my dear, just Pay and Use

You need some Food, Nice Cold drink
Or want to sip just a glass of plain water
Pay Some Money, Money and Money
Money is the religion and the faith

Need a Pen to write your pain
Again I have to ask for Money
We Money monger are the rules
You Un-employed are the problem

Either pay or perish, that’s a simple rule
That’s a golden Rule, Follow it
Don't try to break it. If you do
I bet, you will fail and fall in jail
Money is Everything. Long Live Capitalism
Victoria Feb 19
Once upon a midnight,windy,
Graveyard heavy, tombstone weary,
Rose a man of great renowned-
The writer of which works can be found
Classroom sat in many a volume galore.
As the news and folk declare-
The dead whose lungs again took in air,
The writer who now stood before-
T’was Poe (and raven) of “Nevermore”.

“So if it be daemon, omen, curse or hex-”
In deciding action next, he spoke forth these words of old,
“I have been given further morrow, time of which furthers my sorrow,
Yet if I may this new life borrow- borrow perhaps to bring prose more-
In the hope,to continue prose more-
Pen to paper I’ll restore.”

Many a night spent struggling to create rhymes anew,
Edgar realized how language had changed,
For **** no longer meant to slay, and his beloved had turned to bae!
On his desk the perched bird had flown-
To say these words in had it flown-
Quoth the Raven “Just use Rhymezone.”
[Day 1] -
We see that you’re navigating
Navigating issues
We believe that we can help you
Navigate them

Are you sure of yourself?
It’s okay if you’re not
If you don’t want us, you may leave at any time.
Your 5-day trial starts now.
We are here for you
To help

[Day 2] -
Share with us your feelings
Share with us your doubts
Share with us your concerns
Share with us your time

We will give you our attention
We will give you our love
We will give you what you need
We are here for you
To help

[Day 3] -
We noticed that you were thinking
We’re concerned about what we heard
Are you okay?
Tell us

It’s okay to share...
We are here for you
To help

[Day 4] -
We noticed your thoughts have persisted
We’re getting increasingly concerned for you
Everyone has expressed their concerns
We don’t want this to hurt our community
We want you here

Are you still here?


We are here for you
To help

[Day 5] -
We gave you everything
Now it’s time to pay
Did you not read the contract we made for you?
You could have left us at any time
But now it’s past the date

We are here for you
To help

[Day 6] -
Give us your ******* soul.
Don’t jeopardize this wonderful community.
Are you not proud of this community?

Did you not realize we own your life now?
We can withdraw our love from you at any time.
Are you not loving enough to want our love?
Don’t you love this community?
Where is your love?

We are very tolerant.
We love unity in our community too much
to allow your divisive thinking.
So now,
Give us your soul.

As we have always said,
We are here for you
To help
Have YOU ever experienced the following:

Sadness, financial debt, crushing loneliness, childhood trauma, all, some, or other soul-killing misfortune?

It all ends today. Introducing the CRYPTO-SPIRITUAL DEEP ANIMA CLEANSING SYSTEM (CDACS) from World Grip Inc. Misery has never been this impartial!

The "CDACS" learns about the user through exposure to create a positive feedback loop that discourages critical thought and negative emotion. Need assistance emotionally, professionally, or sexually? CDACS has you covered.

Disclaimer: rare cases of seclusion, loss of emotion, and unchecked growth of the shadow self have been reported in some users. Tell our professionals if you experience any disintegration of identity or hedonistic megalomania.

Jayden Feb 12
First, look at each other with loving eyes
Giggle and chuckle and smile
Say something kind about your eyes and your giggle and your chuckle and your smiles,
Describe them with unnecessary nonsense similes
Your cheeks like the rosey rose-red red rose gardens
Your voice sweet like chocolatey chocolate-brown chocolates, etc, (insert rhetoric metaphors)
In most love songs that’d count as an entire verse
In my opinion, that’s just sincerity’s depressing hearse

Next I say something about, “I don’t wanna break up”
And then rhyme it with let’s make up
Calm you with a consolation flower, bent at the stem
Wipe your tears with a comforting napkin, torn on the hem
Might even play you a corny acoustic love song, not like there’s a shortage of them
That sort of bs is all the redemption most can offer
And accepting it is the mediocracy we all seem to suffer
Because otherwise, we’d all just be blue
Why not be happy if the only cost is to stop being true?

The next chronological step is to say something about loving you
I love you
I love you
I love you
You believe me? Oh, whew
That’s a relief
Cause I might be 15 but I most definitely totes love you
Why’d I say it three times in a row if it’s not true?

I’ll say everything about wanting you
Staying with you
Loving you
And then define forever by the lifespan of a small insect
To be frank and honest, I really don’t care
Whether anyone’s vain mating attempt is failed or perfect
All I’m up here to say is that it’s not fair
That we accept the cheapest bouquet
Accompanied by an acoustic cliche
As symbols of true love
How does that show that we care?
I don’t mind much for any form of love, really
I’m just trying to point out the evident and obvious fallacy
In these claims of love and romance
That come in the form of a thousand empty apologies
Third, fourth, endless requests for a second chance
And though I’m not one for **** like feelings
And though I don't want to talk down from above
Watching everyone scramble and scream, in disparity and ecstasy
All in the name of true love
Is simply depressing
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