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let my lips be your air
and my eyes will let you stare.
it feels different when you're deeply in love.
Ylzm May 10
An initial glimpse,
then the secret knowing glances,
then the full stare:
No discomfort, no unease,
but in total rest and bliss,
of the most intimate oneness.

You found the one
you unknowingly seek
since the day you’re born.
Eyes penetrating eyes,
***** soul caresses ***** soul.
Time ceases, the world dissolves;
It can go on for all eternity.

But tyrannical flesh forcibly
wakes you from your transcendence,
And reminds you of your *******
to the laws of man and nature;
By an act of sheer will,
you forcibly closed the window to your soul;
And returned to being a hardened stranger,
familiar with the hidden pains and agonies of denial.

But the spirit does not lie,
And love cannot be denied,
And the soul demands to be set free,
From the ******* of flesh and man.

Thus it knows this world is not home, and
neither for despair was the glimpse given,
but to reveal and affirm heaven, where
the soul is free and truly loves, in
perfect blissful oneness eternally.
Sabastian Apr 18
I get angry with myself
When I don’t talk to you
When you’re right there
But all I do is stare
My mouth no speaketh around ya, and you probably think I don’t care
Amanda Apr 16
I stare while you peacefully sleep
Trying to peek inside your brain
It is the trust issues plaguing my thoughts
Driving me this insane

Why do I act crazy
Every time I get too close?
All I desire is a guarantee
That I am the one you want the most

You say you are happy with me
But something won’t let me believe
Hesitation in your smile
Betrays truth I long to receive

A confession would ease my worries
You show no honesty as evidence
To prove promises are accurate
Strengthen your defense

I wish every word you said was true
My heart would have relief
It’s hard so unsure I ponder
Your emotions as you sleep
Yes I sound like a stalker I know
Sabastian Apr 6
Stop and bore into my eyes
You’ll see the mirror never lies
By the time you know I’ll sense your danger
I’ll be looking into the eyes of a stranger
Inspired by Queensrÿche
I could stare
into your eyes for
at a time.
Actually, forever would be just fine! :)
Distorted midday dreams
Deepest unwelcome fears
Uttering thunderous screams
With inglorious tears

A warm but scentless gaze
Limited by these walls
Lies fixed on you these days
While a dread in me crawls
Mateo Mar 26
It took just one look
To get me completely hooked.
Our eyes met for just a second
And both our smiles broadened.
Your face had me lost in a maze
I thought I solved it, but I was still dazed.
Nothing in this world could compare
To how amazing it was to stare.
Except when you came up to me
I felt completely free.
This poem is dedicated to the most beautiful girl in the world.
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