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Steve Page Apr 4
Long distance gazing
exercises the imagination
filling the mind with out-of-reach thoughts
and within-our-grasp possibilities.
You need to pace yourself however.
Over-stretching can cause you to topple
into sorrow.

Short distance grinning
close up gawping
is bred from appreciation
for the unexpected
and creates opportunity
for shared mirth
and reflected smiles.
Over-stretching causes face ache
and further laughter.
Apparently Jenny Diski (writer) included 'middle distance staring' as one of her pastimes.
let's play a game
you and i
stare in silence
while locking eyes

nervous and quite shy
turned into big smiles
then quiet laughter
still looking intently all the while

every second passing
and strings started to exist
attaching and latching
knots tying in twists

electricity started flowing
unseen but a rushing feel
back and forth
a connection -- is this becoming real?

in that short time
i started to imagine
me leaning in to kiss you
and I almost let it happen

three hundred seconds is up
and i tried to explain
but i couldn't tell you everything
that was going on in my brain

so i told you i feel closer to you
without saying anything more
didn't want you to know
it was you i was longing for.
i saw a video about people staring in silence for five minutes and we decided to try it and it was funny at first we couldn't stop smiling and quietly laughing then as time passed, our reactions were changing and we got more serious, i started to feel more than what i'm seeing in front of me. i was taking deep slow calm breaths and started to feel a true connection with you and in the end when we could finally share our experiences from it, you told me yours and i didn't tell you what was going on with me fully, didn't tell you my urge to kiss you, didn't tell you the feelings that were growing because after all, we're just friends trying a game right?
When I first met you,
I had yet to face you..

Memories dug deep,
Presented as a heap..

Resemblance of me,
Your semblance deceived..

Ungrateful eyes,
And a fateful life..

Stories untold,
And memories unfold..

A gaze and a stare,
Within the rage and despair..

Two strangers meet,
And sane they leave..

To horizons unseen,
And boundaries within..
You can communicate via eyes.
kiran goswami Jan 13
That’s all it takes to make a woman quiet,
to silence her.

A slap, a word, a scream, an eye
and perhaps a kiss too.

But there’s a different story for my mother.
For the three words, she spoke
while her heart was struggling to keep alive,
She was given a slap.

A slap whose loudness,
I still hear somedays
when I go to bed and when my mother wakes up.

I think she has been silent for too long
to even count now.
So, I pretend I never heard her speak in the first place.

But there is a different story for my sister.
For her Thumbelina sized request,
she was shouted on like Lady Tremaine did.

In a voice so loud that
It was all she could hear for years to come by.

So, while hearing that, she forgot to speak.
She did not know who to search for
when your ‘Prince Charming’ becomes your ‘Wicked Step-Mother’.

But there is a different story for her.
For tears in her eyes
and the words that were just a zygote in her mouth’s womb,
she got a stare.

A stare, that froze her down
and her words had to go through a miscarriage

So, she went through an unplanned abortion
that made her mouth infertile.

But there’s a different story for her.
However, somehow, they are all the same.

Because that’s all it takes to make a woman quiet,
to silence her.

A slap, a word, a scream, an eye
and perhaps a kiss too.
Have you ever held a meeting during
     a pandemic
With a scream and a shout about
     a pandemic
Progeny demanding attention due to
     a pandemic
Every call interrupted
Every thought obstructed
Without an end to the neurosis of
     a pandemic
On the horizon no solutions to
     a pandemic
Bearing witness to destruction via
     a pandemic
Threatening peril indefinitely
Meriting stares incredulously

I will recapitulate: have you?
Nermine Marei Dec 2020
Why do people shout?
If no one will hear a sound..

Why do people fight?
When they don't have the right.

Why do they suiside?
While God is by their side.

Why do people steal?
While they live in fear

Why do people stare?
While they know its not theirs

Why would people share?
If love was never there

Nermine 💔
mark soltero Dec 2020
what can i say
when the words die
inside the void of my own selfish mind

does the diction of my tongue
evoke an uneasy feeling within you
when i stare into the paint of this filthy room
Dylan McFadden Nov 2020
I have looked
Into the face
Of a real-life

He came into view
When I could
No longer

I tried to catch him
But when he cringed
I pondered…

I have looked
Into the face
Of a real-life

Inspired by all the times I stared at myself in the mirror as a kid...and all the times I've avoided "looking in the mirror" as an adult.

"We have seen the enemy, and he is us"
Nik Bland Oct 2020
She lifted up a thousand eyes
Which followed her like spotlight
Like thirsting telescopes tracing shooting star
Longing to be filled with natural wonder
What spells befell such eyes
Each piece studied of an impeccable work
And each stare the knowing of a Creator
As each breath and move she made was testament
Bhill Oct 2020
the cowboy slowly enters town riding high on his horse
the town had no name, he just knew he would find what he was after
townsfolk seemed to stop in time and stare at his rugged face
the desert had stolen his youth and good looks
he was a renegade cowboy looking for what seemed, a friendly face
not sure this town had such a person
this town was not real
this town was a ghost
these folks were in the wind waiting for departure into the next
he had found Middletown
was he real, was his horse real, where is he
he thought he knew

Brian Hill - 2020 # 281
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