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Eva 7d
Is it possible to have absolutely nothing on your mind.
Just staring at the cracks in the ceiling,
while scrunched in bed.
The gentle taps of the rain
would lightly knock on your windowsill.
Your favorite song-
escaping from your earbuds.
And for a moment, you forget about the world
and all your worries.
It's Tea!
Wake up!
Here is your tea
in your favourite cup,
now don't stare at me!
Get up!
Don't snuggle!
It's my last warning! I'll shake it and drink it
if you won't take it.
4:18 AM
It doesn't feel what's real or unreal
once you lose the control of your breath,
It seems heavier everything inside
and no one to understand what it feels like,  
It's the real mess!
Just someone immersing you with its ******.
and you can't shout or speak out,
all you do is stare but no one look out
when you are trying to breathe,
but inside you are dead.
I wrote this at 3:09 AM. I love writing at night and that's when I feel more me and less the other me which I'm not. I feel peace within me. I had rough days where dark used to feel scary, now I'm loving night.
Michelle Apr 30
after all this time
here i am
thinking about you.

you stared at me
as you tore me to shreds.

were my eyes the only thing
beautiful enough to keep
stare at me and tell me you didn't destroy me.
Bhill Apr 15
expressionless and with a stare that seemed alien
the driftwood form floated and tossed in the violent sea
not knowing where IT had been or where IT would finish
tossing and turning, relying on the forces of nature for guidance
direction towards land is more then IT could hope for
soon the chaos and turmoil of the sea stopped
was IT on sand or still drifting out there in the void
IT seemed to be motionless when a blurred image appeared
not being able to recognize what IT was
not understanding ITs newfound sensations
not realizing IT was using a sense of sight
was there more to this image that understanding would support
what is this occurrence
is this simple, is this another new unknown excitement
is this even genuine
soon, IT appeared to be lifting up, being held quite gently by something
or someone
IT was suddenly and abruptly raised up and all ITs new sensations ceased
what was this, what was ITs final feeling
IT had been found...!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 106
What is your interpretation of this piece?  Please let me know.
Anurag Apr 15
Your dress makes a dark nightmare,
Like suffocation in the surrounding air.
Brown eyes make the perfect pair,
Off the camera looking elsewhere.
It seems the necklace that you wear,
Warning Trespassers beware.
Defining a beauty such rare,
On my part, is the hardest dare.
Nobody could really stop and stare
But, If I really could.
I would stop never.
If anyone could picture the photograph I want to express from my poem please comment! My friend's photograph inspired me to write this piece.
Ruheen Mar 30
People are staring

I'm not moving

Maybe that's why

I'm not moving

Cause they're staring

And they're staring

Cause I'm not moving

And I don't know why

We're stuck in this loop

No difference

With eyes that stare

All around me

People are pushing

Too much pressure

I'm still not moving

The loop continues

But now, I'm alone.
I don't know. I was already messed up. Quarantine's making it worse.
Anurag Mar 30
I smell your dark intent in the air,
Whether it's in my mind, I don't even care,
Before you speak, Let me make you aware,
She is my girl and you don't even dare.

I can rip you apart, like a wild bear.
I'm with her, you don't need to care.
You might be good, but, it's very rare.
She is my girl and you don't even stare.
Man always wants to protect their women, whether his wife or daughter from bad eyes. And every man knows, good eyes are very rare.
I always think of you,
When I stare at the moon
Wondering if you're staring at it too.
Why is it always your name that is coming into my mind?
I'm getting terrified.
All these men, but you still shined.
How can I forget you when you give light?
And that makes me fight.
Are you thinking about me too,
Or look at me the way I look at you?
The moon was bright.
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