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this is me
screaming into
the void
a whisper
i am deserving and worthy of love

this is me
constructing pieces
of boundaries
i can't put up yet

this is me
speaking words
that are not lies

this is me
preparing for the worst

this is self-preservation
im tired of biting my tongue
i can't wait to leave this town
What After the rain falls down ?

When everyone leaves your town ?

What After all lights burned out?

When you can't stand loud

What After you dreams come true ?

When no one is in your crew .

What after ........

When no one's there to call

Waiting loan at hall .

What After you reach the edge ?

Now no one is in your maze .

Its end to your fame,

Now there's no one who knows your name

No one is with you

Cause you leave everyone who's true.

You spend your life in lies

For sake of your coat and ties

You can't return to the them

Nor to your memory's frame

So , what After..........?
sundial iris Oct 10
Love is

a good thing

when frosted coated with

passionate kisses.

Without them kisses,

it’s like kissing your parents

on the


meaningful but not pleasurable
I did my best and you barely saw me
I did my worst and you disappeared
I noticed your best and worst
You noticed the random in betweens
With unspoken words being your specialty
That deceived me into staying
And I see where I overstayed but comfort drove me in again and again
Khyati Aug 15
Have you ever choked, while crying?
Well, I have, everyone has........ maybe
But what if it isn't the tears
choking you down to death
What if its actually your soul
resisting anymore hurting
Or, what if its actually the fear
The fear of vulnerability
The fear of ending up helpless
Yeah! that's my and maybe everyone's mightiest fear
But what if it's certain
that we all have to go through the worst times
And what if it's certain too
that we'll get better, one day
But what if it's not
What if nothing is certain
And you may have to go through the worst
before that "better" actually comes.

What if everything is just an illusion
and you are the illusionist
Illusionist of your own fears and what ifs
Well just some intense writing up there...Think about it, as in, feel those words.
Kyle Aug 12
Worse than a nightmare;
Worse than death;
It is being alive with so much pain inside.
Losing what you never had
Might still be the worst thing that could ever happen,

Cause once you lose what you never had,
you never stop contemplating " what if you had it ",

and though you know what your heart wants,
You ll never do it because it wasnt yours to begin with.
I know i never told her maybe if i told her, maybe things might have turned out in a different way but  now there is nothing more to contemplate or dream about for she is happy and comfortable being in someone else's arm.

I guess it is what it is.
dailythoughts Jun 15
what's the worst that can happen?
test your luck honey
the life will go
with our souls
which move this bad waves

these surrounding our boat
which will float
and resists every worst

life is deserved
to show your brilliant
the lifeu is desrved to live and gain every point of happiness and not to look to the harmful and worst things
I watched them all fade away
I saw the moon,
The stars,
And the planets
Hover around the galaxies
Searching for something
Something we’ll never understand

Under the water
They go wherever there’s trouble
I hope I don’t drown when my ship sinks
It’s scary to believe
That the worst could be a possibility

I live in my sin
Like everyone else
I’m constantly running
But I’m running out of time
For the redemption I desperately seek

But I know you
You’ll be there past the expiration of my time
You control the heavens above
If believing in you is a risk
Then you’re the only exception

I’m no longer afraid
Of what I’ll never know
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