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Luna Maria Sep 15
we love
as hard as we
fall apart
on our worst days
Emily Sep 11
Get ready for the worst
It's almost at the end
I feel it coming closer
Every now and then
I wonder what will happen
What would it be like
When it is upon us
What will happen at the worst?
Sadness is the worst part
It is very difficult
To find a place to sleep
I laid down all my sorrows
So I could try to rest.
Calmness is impossible
Quiet is not a thing
Lying is quite real.
This is not a joke.
Get ready for the worst.

You can kinda read it backwards too...
Khushi Saha Sep 10
Someone told me either you always win or lose a fight,
I asked,
Did you ever had one with your bestie!!
Neha Sharma Aug 18
Better to come,
Worst has gone.
Dusk was harsh,
Welcome cheerful dawn.

~your smiling queen :)
Something better has to come.
Just wait for it.
By the way Tommorow is my birthday, what can be better than that.
Your presence awoke the darkness.
I thought it was harmless
until it drove me into being heartless.

Now there is emptiness
and only sadness.

Your presence awoke insanity;
driving me batty
and a little scatty
leaving me ratty.
Carl D'Souza Jul 22
I prepare for the worst
so that when it comes
I have wisdom
about what do do
to survive
and decrease my suffering
and increase my joy and happiness.
Something has changed
Since I last was awake
Sounds are wrong
My pulse is unnerved
My limbs are sitting strangely
The world blurs
As rain twinkles down
Crouching outside
On the edge
Of a field of weeds
I am not wanted
I do not belong
Some space is being taken
By me
That is not mine to take
Hahaha something is wrong.
adept Jul 9
the worst people in my life
have taught me the most
***** this world!!!
I scream,not so loud...
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