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I think you deserve the world, and all of its ruin
Because you know it so well, and even better.

The tongue babbles
Too much in its cheeks
And I hate the grind
Of morning breath
And clenched teeth
Always reaping a benefit
From the previous self.

But you’re a wealth of information
And you do lead me astray, with words
Echoing and saying “come play.”

How are you today, skull of thought?
Is I or you trying to make us stop,
And consider the alternative
Or some depiction of the devil
That we use to validate us clean?

Don’t you have chatter, to make me cry.
"That's not you, only I," but you say that,
I say that too much. And you don't exist.
bk Feb 4
trying to get
over someone
you never had?

that's the worst
kind of struggle.
I am my own worst enemy
I lost my mind

Tears - they kept on flowing.

18 electro-convulsive therapies later…

My mind’s all scared..

Like nuking meat in the microwave…

It’s sad and glowing.

On and off the wagon

I hurt my leg and couldn't keep walking.

I beg for help

But I couldn't afford the crutch

Can I play this game, any longer?

Before I lose everything..everyone that I care for?

What I need in my life, so very much?

The storm was started

As anger lit the match

I mended such broken parts back together

Can’t you see? Insanity?

It might be said “to last, forever.”

“Will you get the best of me?”

I have suffered through Ednos and Adhd,PTSD, and Addictions for many years. I was never broken. I got my help and stronger with the right family. Friends. I got stronger. Support to any who still suffer and have yet to find their own ground.
the worst type of hurt is not
the red-faced, hot tears,
scratchy throat, puffy-eyed
sadness we all see, but instead
it is the empty space in your
chest that you cannot seem
to fill.
it is the sound of your favorite
song playing on repeat as you
try to diminish all thoughts of them
and how they made you feel.
it is the sight of seeing them
happy without you because
you know in your heart
the only thing ever holding
them back was
the worst type of hurt
is knowing you
were their hurt,
and being just as hurt anyways.
He knew you are false
He knew you are faith

But when you saw her
You told every worst

And the relation between you
And him
Downed to the worst
the heart knew every atom for your thought
Ken Pepiton Jan 20
A 'cuse me?

I lie, eh? I know the way, but let me be the one

to wonder why
would I lie,
do you
read or listen or look or stop when al you can do has been done
al read y
and stand
to catch a breath

Up ag'in the wall?

If Dunning Kruger is all they got to throw,
you know what
you know, wrong ain't evil,
lying ly real calling right wrong is something only

a left hand wishing to make some noise
could imagine

clap clap clap, and **** Feynman

backing us up with a little James Dean ditty from
the ***** City

Times change, reality may be
de or re ift

in a rich man with a satisfied mind.
(if you'd only known.) Take another question?

chew and swallow and wait,
this will get your guts grinding reasons
the frontal cortex always gets

chirality inhibitions about letting the right hand
do anything the left can't imagine.

You know how it is. we get by.
Equality of out comes as I pondered what a good person with Dunning Kruger would respond to being when outed by a *** professing peace is beyon a kuna mootada. Y'know fun to write, fun to read, or your ****** id.
mads Jan 4
How do you tell someone that
they are both the best and worst thing to happen to you.
Meeting you made me experience something I had not yet experienced.
I learned to care in a way I did not know I could before.
But with the care, and the love
came this pain that also
I had yet to know before
You made me experience the most sunniest days
and the coldest
I don't know whether to say
thank you
I hate you
no matter what i can't bare to leave
she waited for the flirt
he promised he would write
poem equals her smart

he wrote nothing
he gave her white and sang
without voice he moved

his lips as he sang
she screamed and said," wht a worst!"
he ssaid,"Nothing equals your beauty

except that white appear as a day
telling the world you are shine
as the sun faces the earth to get fine

plant in green as your eye
the write to one who we loves, needs great suffer
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Just remember
that even your
worst days
only have
24 hours.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Limit the ****,
Quench the thirst,
Before it get worst,
Understand you are enough !!
Get out of mad race.. that's what I urge
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