jas 21h
vodka and whiskey
mind gets slippery
uneven slopes down your body of..
one day, to understand
pessimistic feelings
fading away in the distance of ones thoughts
for moments of time
moments of life
within the reach of my fingers
i can feel the exit on the tip of my grasp
subzero liquor bottles numb my soul inside
as i take a sip that drips down my spine
over an uneasy stomach
words vomit as i open my mouth to
certain sentiments boiled deep into a gut wrenching void
of living with distant reflections
intoxicated thoughts tangled in the brain.
elaine May 12
It took 15 years,
to realize
the hopeless nights I spent drowning myself with bottle
after bottle,
Was slowly rotting my body inside and out.

It took me 15 years,
To realize that
No one should have experience
your children  watch over you as you throw up leftover booze,
Being held up by little hands as I stumble around looking for the bedroom,
or slowly watching yourself tear apart a family because you are too full with the fact that you are the victim here in this situation.

It took me 15 years,
To realize,
I can never replace the moments I spent unconscious
Barely surviving a morning
Without a shot to get threw the day.

It took me 15 years,
To realize,
The pain I caused,
The hurt I felt,
The sorrow I provided,
And the hearts of loved ones I shattered.

It took me 15 years,
To realize
That I could live without a bottle in hand.

In that time,
I lost trust in many.
I messed up the family I loved.
I lost 15 years of life
But this wasn’t a message of my nightmare,
It’s a story of me
i wrote this for a research paper on alcoholism, and i was kind of proud of it, enjoy
japheth 6d
how can u be my motivation
when u clearly only hinder me.
u have been shaking my foundation,
i only hope - some day soon - u will finally let me be.

u have given me demons - carried ghosts that i am terrified to face;
i know that everything happens for a reason - i just wish that those reasons would pick up the pace.

i can't help how my mind makes me feel - the intrusion of thoughts are breaking me down;
i convince myself that they are real -
that everyone would be better off if i wasn't around.

maybe it's the alcohol - maybe it's the drugs,
i can't function without an abundance of the two.
all of my problems were swept under imaginary rugs -
i am so far from gone - idk what to do.
i don't wanna be alive
Jo Barber Aug 8
Limbs wear heavy.
Too much wine
in too short of time.
Even still, I can make a pretty rhyme.

My favorite drink's tequila and lime,
but this'll do just fine.
To be buried due to old age
Is a dream I take for granted
Allow children time to assuage
Not to join blanketed by the planet

Age, a privilege not given to all
Genocide before nightfall
Malnutrition at the mess hall
Drugs calling souls to awol
Avarice causes many to fall
From buildings so so tall
                cannon balls,
Death dealers always on the call

But to be buried due to old age
Is a dream I take for granite
and tomorrow
and tomorrow and tomorrow
Jack Jenkins Aug 6
Poetry is always the epicenter of my expressions,
My soul's sole extension
The way I give subvention
To my tension
To give confession to my transgression
But my pen is now empty
The bottle tempts me
I pour my drink to fill
Only to find the emptiness of the glass
Matches the emptiness of the heart
The emptiness of the pen
My mind as blank as paper
My thoughts fleeting as vapor
All I can think is how I miss her
How I miss her voice that's been gone so long
How I miss the care she would give to me
How I regret that I would forget
Just how much she meant to me
& now I lament what should have prevented
Halving my heart and her heart
Never to be together because I blew it
I blew it
& I can't stop writing about you, my friend
but there are only so many words
They cannot transform this pain
They only perform for others to read
& that will not make me whole again...
So here's to the good years poetry has brought me
Here's to the good memories of you and I
I say goodbye to what once was
Because it just hurts to write
I only long to be numb
Bee Aug 6
she asked him
'why is it
that i have yet to know a poet
who doesn't hold a bottle
the same way he holds his pen'

he replied simply
a poet's hands are weary
so he must find some way
to ease the weight of his words'

Lavina Akari May 2017
i'm glad you are safe with me. even if you are not loving in my arms,
even if you are not kissing my lips.
alcohol is meant to make others seem more attractive but
it physically isn't possible to make you more beautiful than you already are so you stay the same and whilst everyone
around me gets prettier you are still the most heavenly body i could ever lay my eyes on.

there's nothing that could ever
make me look away again.
i don't know why i ever did.

everyone and everything
in the world
is eclipsed by you.

oh, it is eclipsed by your beauty.
Sagar Jul 30
तुम अब एक रस्म बन गयी हो..
कोई जिंदा तिलीस्म बन गयी हो..
हर खुशी हर गम की साथी,
मेरा दुसरा जिस्म बन गयी हो..
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