Well my baby's blue
Almost all the time
She's a broken soul
Can't go out alone at night
And her tattoos
And her sweeter side
And all her bad advice
Under the neon lights

I've been broken down
I've been split in two
If I go straight with you
I'll be searching
For your face tonight

But if fates allow
If fates allow
Then we'll collide
Under the neon lights

If fates allow
There'll champagne
And endless wine
There'll be broken glass
In the morning
But we won't mind

Because we'll be sleeping late
We'll be wide-eyed
You'll be coming down
I know you'll be coming down
After the neon lights

The neon lights

Well I sold my soul
For a melody
I've sunk my teeth into
Every half-strung tragedy
And all these childish tantrums
Darling, they don't work on me

But you're most beautiful
Under the neon lights
Under the neon lights
Under the neon lights
A song I wrote
Mei 1d
i've only been drunk roughly four,
maybe five
in my life.

the first time:
out of sheer curiosity for the taste
when i was roughly 15 or so.
it was illegal,
still is.
but everyone does it.

the second time:
when i was of legal age,
college frat parties,
out of my mind,
(was a lightweight, still am) .
not worth the headache
i had awoken to.

the third time:
was better.
a club for the first time,
not the last.
too many one night stands ensued after.
i can't remember them coherently.

the forth:
due to regret.
if anyone told you that drinking would help you forget, it's only temporary.
solve the issue at hand.
alcohol is of no use when it only allows you to
wallow in the painful depths of where it went down and why,
all the while extremely inebriated.

my fifth?
i'm still drunk.
i'm drunk off of you,
and i don't know what to do.
this was a short ramble i had, but i wanted to try to put it in a poem format somewhat and minimized only to the significant words, except for the forth one.
One For The Road

A mother cries, at her babies smile,
Because everything is alright.
A father lies dying in his car,
He’s not coming home tonight.

If only he had changed his ways,
If only he had used his head today.
If he hadn’t gone out to celebrate,
Maybe he would be coming home again.

There’s been another crash on Route 66,
That left a single mother with a newborn kid.
It’s just another headline news story,
It’s just another drink-drive tragedy.

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

A man lies dying in his car,
He dreams of holding his baby in his arms.
But we all know that will never happen;
Never again will he know happiness.
We all know how the story ends;
A single mother with a newborn kid.

Another crash on Route 66,
Another victim of the Devils drink.
Another headline news story,
Another drink-drive tragedy.

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

So drink!  And drive!  And party all night,
It feels so good to turn out the lights.
It feels so good to step on the gas,
It feels so good, until you crash!

So if you’re drunk and sat in a bar,
Just hand over the keys to your car.
Go and call yourself a cab,
Because it's not too late for you to be a good Dad.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dan Beyer Jan 29
Goin' loopy, eyes are droopy,
Drunk enough to make me kooky.
Drunk so much but not enough.
What I needs a lil' huff n puff.
'Haps that'll take me outta my head
Stop me wishin' I was dead.
I wanted to make a silly poem with silly words, but it took a dark turn...
skyler 5d
if you are happy
and living your best life
are you drowning your thoughts
in booze every night
because, my love
you don't numb happiness
you numb pain

i love you for all that you’ve done and will do
you are my sun, forming morning dew
and i pray one day you’ll shine as you want to

sweetheart, i beg you not to go dim
take off the mask and worry not for them
for if they don’t love you, they also don’t love Him

in my eyes you are brighter than any star
and i bask in your radiance from afar
thinking, i love you, i love you, just as you are
Sometimes I think I'm over it,
And sometimes maybe I am.
But it doesn't mean that I forget
The sting of your raised hand -
How could I?
I know you think that we are fine,
But my smiles are a lie
I think about it all the time.
Now maybe it was all the drink,
Or you're just not angry anymore
But tell me what am I supposed to think
When you walk through that door?
You've stumbled home,
And I can see that glazed look in your eyes
I still make sure that I'm not alone,
And tell myself that I'm not five
(Or nine,
Or twelve)..
Riddle me this;
Was it as bad as I recall
Or could I not see that it was mostly bliss
Until you sometimes hit a wall?
(it was never a wall)
But still you made me who I am,
See I promised myself I'd never settle
For another hateful little man,
I'll wear this strength just like a medal.
So maybe I should thank you,
How fucked up would that be?
I don't know maybe I'm confused
But I'm damn proud of being me.
Tough love or hate; I still wont break
So hey look at me now
Can't you see I'm fucking great
Come on and take a bow.
Thank you / Fuck you
Amanda 7d
I have been drinking too much to write you a song
Downed too many drinks to say I care
Because when sober the pain becomes
Far too much for me to bear

I've been drowning sorrows in alcohol
Numbing the hurt night after night
I want to tell you I love you
I've been drinking too much to write
Written 6/10/13
You draw me in with false promises, and forever let me down
You promise escape & happiness, but it just ends in a frown
Not from me of course, as I’m laid here snoozing
A constant disappointment I feel, so I carry on the boozing.

What am I running from? Anesthetised I lay
And coast through each and every hour, of the following day.
Your everywhere I look! Buses, billboards, even litter
Trying to draw us in with your intoxicating glitter.

Your so bloody acceptable, I’m a FREAK if I abstain
“Oh goo on kid, one waint hurt, stop being a chuffin pain”
BUT what they fail to understand, is at 1 it does not stop!
The moment that sip will pass my lips, I’m craving the next drop.
Or 2 or 3 or “fuck this shit, I’m off to the bottle shop”
In fear my stash will not suffice my seeming desire to flop.

Fast forward half an hour, and here I am again
Snoring like a pig, much to the families disdain
Iphone started, camera rolling, my daughter hits record
She watches Daddy comatosed, her memory stamped APPALLED!

“No goodnight kiss, no cuddles tight, no tickles once again”
Her hero lays before her, vest adorned with red wine stains
“What’s wrong with me?” she wonders “why’s he chose wine over me?
And my sis & mummy too, is he too blind to see?
Your consuming liquid memory thief, don’t forget us dad
Im learning all I know from you, is this how fun is had?
Or adult relaxation? Or when you’re feeling stressed!
Does drinking really do all this? WOW IT SOUNDS THE BEST!
But if it really is this good, then what you fail to see….
Is your family stood before you whilst you pass out on the settee!
I was a daily drinker. I would fall asleep each night drunk on the sofa... until 1 night...my daughter filmed me passed out drunk on the settee, snoring, belly hanging out, red wine stains on vest. I found the video the next day. The rest is history. 9 months sober now and never going back!
Aa Harvey Jun 13
With some people, you just can’t lose.

It’s just turned Monday; I already miss Sunday.
It’s late December; I wish it was summer.
It’s getting late here; ain’t got no money to waste on beer,
‘cause I’ve been drinking all weekend…
And I’ve been wasting my time with my best friend.
She said she had to leave on Friday evening,
But I guess we lost track of time again.

It’s going home time; I’m walking in the sunshine.
When I get back I’ll open the wine
And then we will drink until three a.m., again.
It’s past my bedtime; I’m busy writing lines.
I tell her I’m feeling fine
And then I throw up…she is still my friend.

She lies with me in bed;
We’ve always been good friends.
Then she rolls over and takes hold of my head;
We kiss…is the end…of us being friends?

The story continues;
We tell our story from different views.
We stay together until we are old and grey…
I guess with some people you just can’t lose.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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