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Taylor Kennerly Aug 2017

My heart shudders

And ripples in fear

And I imagine

Touching my stomach

For fear of what my future child

One day may have to endure

One day may have to see

One day may have to think

One day may have to feel …
ConnectHook Sep 2015

Finish the crackers --- grab a smoke . . .
of Ferguson my muse will sing.
A call to arms --- God’s fires to stoke;
let Truth and Freedom ring!

Take to the streets; avenge this wrong
and hasten the end of racist rule.
Justice, though it may tarry long
will find its target in the duel.

Young Michael Brown, like all true saints
found himself craving Swisher Sweets.
He robbed a store, whose camera paints
impartial portrait. In the streets

the thief refused to be detained
and so threw off police restraint.
Though sin escaped, the Law remained
and made a martyr of this saint.

The agitators did their thing:
inflaming thugs to smash and loot,
while racists baited hooks, to string
the press. Officials followed suit.

Angels, although not always kind,
do not display this attitude –
aware of how the police mind
responds to such ingratitude.

We ought to thank the police force
for showing mercy under stress.
The culprit chose a foolish course
and made a God-awful mess.

Prince Michael met ignoble fate
(that ghetto-Christ, that righteous youth)
His sacrifice in vain --- though great,
could not impede the march of Truth.

Ferguson, our eyes turn towards you . . .
are you now able to admit
while reality rewards you
that looting and lying ain’t ****?
¡ Hypocrite readers -  I salute you !
almost a thousand have read this immortal screed and not ONE of you
dares to LIKE it. Poetic wusses all. Social Justice is on the way.
☻ ?  ☻
ca May 2015
they cannot contain nonconformity, they already have my soul locked up in a cellar, a speechless being with incitement and spark, removed
from the body: but as the transition approaches, so does my representation in society
              I MATTER
a lifting of faith and aspiring traits, moving the crowds of martyrs amongst the claimed saints

opinionated with my provoked past, and ripped from my own voice, i regained a
spirit indescribable, far more powerful than anger: but instead, harmony and composure
               I MATTER
                 (my voice counts, giving quirk and spark to the souls in awe)


black lives matter, as in the same sense
/all lives matter/
*born and raised in ferguson, missouri in the midst of all of the chaos in the past year*
Skylar May 2015
The human being is an inherently contentious creature.

Seven billion rock-wall eyes;
Eyes staring belligerently down seven billion sharp noses;
Noses affixed to seven billion faces;
Faces covered in creases and scars,
Framed in unruly hair
And outlined in stark exactness
By the flames cowering in bipedal shadows.

Into the human heart is chiseled "inexorable".
We are an incongruence:
We row up the rapids,
Scale the waterfall
And taunt the oily heavens from atop Devil's Tower.

We will always get what we want,
Whether it involves killing the albatross
Or playing Gondorff's chess.
Whether we wrest it from Gaia's grasp
Or that of our more miserly peers.

Robert C. crystalised our resolve.

The riot gear-clad Blue and Green with timers in their throats
Stand abreast.
Chanting "Listen to Mother. Mother knows best.",
They begin the forward press.

When an impish grenade leaps our way,
We fling it back between mouthfuls of chips.

The barricades erected
By Mother and ourselves alike
Are many and implacable and incessant,
But they will be broken and overtaken.

They will be broken and overtaken by us,
The humans,
Because we are.
Blurry Vision May 2015
Isn't about the hatred of another person
Isn't about screaming opinions at the top of your lungs
Isn't about attacking others

Social Justice
Is about standing in the middle of a crowded room and shouting what's right as they shout what's wrong
Words flowing
Blood pumping

Screaming about Baltimore and Ferguson
White people crying wolf while blacks cry fear

Social Justice
Is the construct that is refused because it's right
And we know it's right
But refuse to believe it in all of its glory
Ok, I didn't want to do this
but there's rules that you must know
Etiquette to be followed
A line that you must toe

Listen very closely now
I think you all should try it
The things that you will now learn
About a protest and a riot

Firstly, have a purpose
Just random shouting, that's persay
If you do not have a topic
Then all the new folks go away

Throwing bricks at coppers
Breaking windows on the street
Is this a sign of protest
Or is it idiots in heat

No signage, and no speakers
Just random yelling for a cause
This isn't a good protest
Just breaking random laws

A protest has a purpose
It presents a point of view
A riot is an ugly thing
Which one is right for you

MLK could run a protest
Make a point and get things done
All without a mob forcing
A cop to use his gun

The rules really are simple
Keep the young ones all at home
For people in glass houses
Should really not throw stones

A peaceful resolution
From a protest is the goal
But a riot is just aimless
It puts the city in a hole

Victims of a riot
Are not the ones who are to blame
They're just owners of the business'
Who get caught up in the game

Next time that you protest
Protest rioting instead
It will turn out for the better
And nobody will end up dead
Frecky Rosa Mar 2015
6"4 Vs 6"4.
Arms Vs Hands.

Stole cigarettes.
Being Black was his crime.

Justice was colorblind.
The color of a White bruise appeared
redder than the blood of a Black body.

Dear Humans, what color did you see?
Robert Crisp Mar 2015
That’s the way
your gleaming teeth strongly gnashed,
your face burrowed in Progress, but Progress of a certain kind—

your streets and grass damp with blood
that rolls day and night, rivulets that cry
louder than Abel’s

but your God is a deaf-mute
enamored of his fat, golden self,
preening for the masses that are no longer huddled

and no longer tired
marching town by town, street by street,
shedding their beaten flesh for the fire underneath.
Inspired in particular by the events in Ferguson and the terrible racism that still holds America in its grip. Also, I owe a debt to the fantastic e.e. cummings' poem "i Sing of Olaf glad and big."
Mary Christopher Feb 2015
I'm drowning
In the American Dream.
Everything here
Is not what it seems.

Is it your dream
To be shot on the street?
Is it your dream
To not be able to breathe?

This is what we are.
This is where we are.
This is some American Dream.

So stand with me,
Raise our hands.
"Don't shoot."
We say.
But what does that do?

As long as the guilty walk free,
And the innocent can't be,
We are stuck in this American Dream.

Please get me out.
Take me away.
This is a nightmare.
Hold your breath,
And raise up your hands,
And pray to God
That man won't shoot.
Is this all we can do?

Frank Ruland Feb 2015
.     Hello, citizen. Lately there's been a lot of heat surrounding the actions of cops nowadays, and I completely understand why. The racial tensions in America are at an all time high. The citizens of this country, no matter the color of your skin, gender, religion or ****** orientation, are all trying to find their voice and identity, and then we have, let's say, the incident at Ferguson taking place. People all around the country (African Americans, more so understandably), suddenly feel outraged by this, and why not? You have a reason to be frustrated. The court struck down Wilson's charges and he walked away free. You feel as if you were wronged because a man's life was taken, and your pleas to have this wrong made right has been swept underneath the rug like a priceless vase from the Ming Dynasty.
     Death is made all too personal whenever more than just the deceased are apart of an already morbid picture.
     Without delving into the Ferguson incident, or what I may think of it, let's go straight to the underlying issue of this country's police force, shall we? What do you think of it? Do you feel as if police in general are trigger-happy, power-crazed, all too militarized suits who are under the orders to make this country's people subservient to the system? Do you believe in a middle ground, and think that most cops are just trying to do their jobs and **** happens? Or, are you sympathetic to them and feel as if, like us, they are people, and that when the adrenaline begins tho course through their veins in an already heated situation, that sometimes "fight" wins over "flight," or even what's wrong and right?
     People, I know there is oppression, and this nation is not perfect. And trust me, I'll support all of our rights to protest the parts and pieces of America's government that don't even pretend to care, but is there a need for violence and gun waving at the police? "I know you can't breathe! You feel smothered by oppression , folks! This nation was built on the right to speak your mind, but let me ask this: are these threats reverberating from our urban purgatories of cop killing and gun waving towards our the members of our society who put their lives on the line everyday to protect and serve really necessary?
     We are people. They,* are people.
     And what part of the human condition is true for everybody? We make mistakes. Yes, black men have been killed by white cops. Yes, the white cop walked away clean and free after a black man's death. At the same time, black cops have killed white men, though! The common denominator here is people who are in potentially dangerous situations that are undergoing intense psychological stress and are feeling the effects of the ebbs and flows of chemicals that are making them respond in ways they don't think about before whatever it is happens. It's not always a matter of the ignorant, "Shoot first. Ask questions later." euphemism!
     You want to speak out against the system because you feel you're being silenced, and you figure the only way to be heard is be as loud as possible. I get it. But, gun waving and cop shooting is getting nobody, nowhere, in no time quickly. All this hatred against cops as a whole is blinding us from who these people are! They're people.
     The fact of the matter is, you might not like them, but if you call the police, they will come to your aid. Personally, if someone broke into my house with a gun I have .45 caliber solution to resolve the issue, but for those involved with issues they cannot handle themselves, they have the police to turn to.
     Citizens, let us not hate our fellow man for his mistakes. Do we hate Michael Brown for his robbery shortly before he was shot? Let us instead react to the hatred in the hearts of our fellow man. I don't know about you, but I don't believe there is any malice behind these situations. Only people reacting without being able to think first. What would you do if you were an officer coming into a situation where ****** harm and death potentially lurks around the corner? Forget race for a second. I have a family that I want to go home to everyday. A girlfriend that would be heartbroken if some tragic fate were to befall me. All this combined with shouting (internal and external), weapons, and a job to do...
     Donning a badge and uniform and being designated an individual with duties to perform and laws to uphold can't always be easy, citizens.
     Whether you agree or disagree with what I've said, I've said it. Now you say something. Let's talk issues.
Hello, citizen! This is a new series I wish to start. I'm very political for my age, and I feel very strongly about certain topics. Issues concerning our nation's finest is one of them. Use the comment section to share what you think, but please... no hate mail. This is merely my belief, and I promise to respect yours as long as you respect mine.
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