Liyah Bella Jul 29
i am not a smoker
but that night we stayed up smoking
my lungs felt heavy and full
same as my heart
but when i woke
everything felt empty and cold
the thing about smoking is the smoke is in your lungs briefly
before you exhale
and then it is gone forever
you did the same
you were my cigarette
you filled me briefly
and then vanished
Josh Jul 26
What's the smallest living being on earth?
a graduate of music school
First class degree won with some leeway
but that can't pay for my MOT, no way
four hundred and thirty seven quid and 26p to pay
for new suspension ball joints and wishbone, wiper blades and an emission test pass grade
and now my car has scraped a "pass with defects"
I hope someone made a wish as the old bone cracked
as they took it to the tip with the entire contents of my bank account
I wish I was back home again, scared to answer the phone again
but now every phone call I'm praying for a gig.  

For nine grand a year I wonder how well she would do in the next few tests
if she'd have a long career ahead after a short rest or if she would still be run into the ground,
one day kicking the bucket at 90 miles an hour on the M4 back to Cardiff; I recently found
she won't quite make it to one hundred.
One hundred miles an hour!
Such power, so close, but no cigars for me any more - I can't even afford to smoke rollies.
When I'm seventy I'll start again
whether I want to or not, I need that one lifetime guarantee.
If I make it to seventy.
Hopefully boredom, rejection and masturbation aren't causes of early mortality.
Aly Jul 23
Smoking dulls rough
less like a camp fire
more like a tough
bit of bark and a hazy pyre
that knocks out higher
senses till the feeling pops
and you have to deal with
real feels again, pot
doesn’t do much in the long run
but it sure makes things quiet
don’t do drugs kids
Harry Kelly Jul 20
So often
Going through the day
Minding my own business
and people feel the need to intrude.

Smoking outside my building
Just want silence
One of the local talkies comes over
Going on and on
Sciatica pain he says
On and on
and on and on

“Probably emotional” I tell him
He did not like that
Most people don’t
When you suggest there is something
more going on
Than they are willing to face.

But I have decided
If they want to intrude
on my solitude
I don’t have to chew it.
Danial John Jul 19
My friend burns slow
I put her to my lips and draw
then exhale smoke
The tar stains my teeth and lungs.
I enjoy her presence because she makes me feel young.
Sage Jul 17
We are lighting up
just to try them out
See the smoke escape
From darkened mouths

Watch the swirling clouds
meet the horizon
In a laid-back town
Leaving your pure-white gown

In the backseat
Just too young to be treasured
Just too old to be loved
We are driving
We are racing
not-quite-classic car

A place of our own
With cigarette burns
And a world of steel
Needles to numb what we feel

Without a care
Higher than the smoke blows
Burning pavement and open skies
Sending letters of our lies

In the backseat
Just too young to matter
Just too old to run
We are living
We are losing
A not-quite-classic car
I quit smoking cigarettes.
Romantic ideations of death.
Thinking of the paper taste, now
brings me the same enjoyment.
Balmy, blue summer nights.
Cradled my audience of stars.
Laughing at the shape of waste,
they smile down upon me these days.
I don't know why I quit.
I don't know why I started.
Desperation. Depression.
Emulation? My grandpa, he waved
his hand with his fingers around bones,
tracing orange stories with his dead light,
of his would have been adventures
would he have had the time.

I. I.

I don't have to die
I don't have to re
tire to my

a tale.

I've been so blue.
Out of the loop
with my body
& my mind,

I. I.

I still have the time.

I've been so stressed.
Forgot I could
depress the stress
button just

On my

Now, when
I have sex,
I have the breath
for pleasure:

Eating fried cheese curds
With the three stooges
In a greasy
Trap-house orgy.
Drinking dope
Smoking rum.
Listening to the cats
And piss
All over the damn place.
I had a moment
Of clarity.
Everything made sense.
Until I lost it
When I came in the mouth
Of an old
Wrinkly butterfaced
Lady of the night.
Sometimes the meaning
Of it all
Can be found
And lost
In the blink of an eye.
Or the shooting
Of a load.
I guess
The world
Will never know.
But I did
Once upon a time.
©James Dennis Casey IV
Annie Jul 5
Still remember the words he wrote,
"I see my life vanishing in cigarette smoke."
Young, old soul
Ranting about the hearts he had broke

Can't help but see him when it rains,
Standing in the corner of the road -a smiling face

Too many years had passed,
Heard he was fighting in a rehab,
Such a dear friend –but time moves fast

We laid him down to rest,
Six feet under, I know he did his best

A friend is a friend,
When hearts break, you ought to mend
But when they leave,
Make sure love's all you send
In memory of a friend we lost to drug addiction.
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