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We inhale what kills us
To numb the pain of living
Remind us we’re still alive
With each puff we’re giving
The last of our will to survive
Smoking may kill us in time
But we’re already dying inside
im addicted to you
like cigarettes and nicotine
a flame surviving off chemicals
you make me burn
down to the bud
to the ash
to the wind
then you’re gone.
i've smoked one time, but i get the jist.
These cigarettes I light one after the other

Chain smoking won’t help to cover

The fact that I can’t forget her

But they don’t hurt either
Over-exhaust of some inferno: liars
case to hedge the raging cost against
the dead man's deepest loss. The bleeding-in
of light, the color play blanked out to cosmic
white, unchecked derivatives bleach every shore.
It's clean: suspend the dream mid-action,
suffer closeness (main event) —two lives' derision
in the backlight of the spent
trash in their grip. Burning for space
to butt in, burdened by what they consumed—
deny they ever made it, even as it grows
from out their hand. They'll wander for
a land to burn, crouched lighters shielding
from cold fans the doubts and duties
of the clean non-lethal air.
"I'd rather die than care," the smokers
claim, and rally 'round the spot.
Brisk trade in little leaves extortion,
quarters dropped in slots—the little lives
of pocket-things, borne true to clouds
away, your stack, your papers in
the fray. Advance your cheap diversion,
spread the caustic fire. Butt-crushing
embers snuff desire in lieu
of one more hit, and those who knew it
never left unlit.
My countenance
made love with the harsh earth
she left me
and bloodied
with a couple days
plucked out of my memory
thank whoever is above
for the few buddies
that pulled me to the
corner with a flashlight
bag of cold ice
shoulder rubs
and words of advice
I got back in the ring
ready for to resume the fight
I learned that night that
you can't beat Gaia
but that you could endure
a few rounds.

Just kidding,
I was knocked out
during the first round.
In the crease of her fingers
Is where she held me.
A history of thought,
Flaked off at the end.
It was her fingers I felt most comfortable.
That I could truly do anything.
Stuck between her middle and pointer finger.
Held high, upright.
Unprecedented in eclipse.
She'd press me to her lips.
Flaked at the tip.
Scatter ash
Where I felt most alive.
Nestled in the bend of her fingers.
My building without escape.
She'd set fire to my head.
& like a mad man I'd lay still.
This smoke, a place I wanted to be.
Our bad habit persisting
Day in and day out.
The only fact perhaps we truly have.
I'd unravel in loss of responsibility,
The nook of her fingers,
A universal sense of comfort.
Withered down.
Tossed to the wind.
Our history made short,
Recognizing that we were doomed from the start.
Smoking in front of the no smoking sign,
A habit we can't put down
You say i'll never be secure
I'll always be the one jealous of her.
I think she's just who you'd prefer.
You only see skin color. I'm pale and thinner.
Maybe if I was thicker, hair was longer,
You wouldn't long for her.
Or have me thinking im mediocre and crying all October.
I was hoping our memories would hold you over.
It's my birthday, no reason to stay sober.
Try to remember me before
I made mistakes, i just wanted to explore.
I got ahead of myself, i wandered too far.
Fell from a cliff tryin to get my clit licked.
Lost my inocence, then got lost in your forest.
Wanted to climb sequoias, now all I gots a toothpick,
and kindling, but I cant keep our flame lit.
so my hearts ripped and my minds split.
Do I choose love, do I choose happiness?
Do I walk away? i wont hear the end of it
My heart knows what my mind dont admit.
I could drive myself crazy, loosing my whits.
So i walk slow follow the signals, see it from your angle, stare out my window, watch the smoke flow.
I never wanna see you go as easily as this wind blows my clouds low, away from my home.
Try to grasp it, but it slips through my hold.
Always felt like you broke the mold.
Everyone before you was placebo, you were my libido.
Turned me into a loving creature, instead of who I am now, feral with fever. fucking for leisure, smoking until I cant see clear.
Wish I could go back to who you knew last year.
Shaxy Oct 7
using me

yours sincerely,
cigarette sticks
Quit while you still can.
They come to life at night and frolic
   Gleefully 'mongst the mushrooms dewy,
Making most merry and smoking most chronic
   And eating the mushrooms and finding them chewy.

Revelers reveling through nighttime's hours,
   Leprechaun-like they're mischief-making.
As lively at night as amorous flowers,
   They're still as stone when dawn is breaking.

Julie Oct 4
she said
isn't good for your health

but I am not
listening to the words
she said

putting the cigarette
back into my mouth

she said
isn't good for your eyes

but I am not
listening to the words
she said

starting to cry again
over the boy who left me

she said
isn't good for your heart

but I am not
listening to the words
she said

I am still loving
but not the boy who left me

I am loving her
the woman who carried me 9 months
inside her

Dear momma,
worrying about me
I am saying
isn't your purpose in life

but she didn't
listen to the words
I said

so she still worries about me
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