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I feel the friction raising blisters to fingers.
I feel the whispers of the smoke when it lingers,
a siren rifling delirium
and biting to the throat of a genius
who questions how bad miasma hurts the singer.
It's the quintessential fever dream between us

Oh, he's so smart, look at his three page diatribe
describing his rage, he's a machinist
Go join the dire parades of craven weakness.
Admire reagents calculated to the T,
brewed and created for playfully degrading,
and raising heart rate, lying to you,
and prying from your fingers.
When they ask you why you're dying be facetious.
Just sew the mask on to your face and make it seamless.

Breath it in.

Smell the plastic and bone.
Relax enraptured in what half of us know.
We drink the rumors from a chalice,
sink in fallacies of balance,
humor actuates the patterns,
and its harder to battle the tumor after it's grown.
Then we're just grass on the road,
and we can laugh as we go,
and we can act as if inaction
ain't the ***** in the stone.
And we'll be baffled alone.
We'll be the practical applicants
of a graph of a lung,
hung in a school.
Drooling hospital drones.

Stool in a bag on his side.
Try to hide the agony in seeing lagging behind
tank of life on a chain.
Banking his breath on a check,
and when it bounces he dies.

It ends faster than you think it might.

Don't even start.
If you're smoking, quit. If you aren't, don't.
Emily Dec 4
I smoke until I can feel nothing
Because it is better than feeling everything
That's what it is. Everything
My heart is like my head
A thousand different thoughts, shifting and twisting
Changing, over and over again.
And I feel everything.
Always overwhelming, endless emotions
That never dissipate, but only build
My body is too small to hold all of this
It shouldn't be possible
I'm bone weary
I'm stuck in a current and I can't get out
Wave after wave after wave and I can't catch my breath
The world is spinning above me
And nothing will still
I feel everything
So I smoke until I can feel nothing
Emily Nov 23
i never used to smoke
but since you left,
it’s the only time i can seem to breathe
Fọlá Nov 19
A sesh.
An exchange of ideas.
A meeting of men, women.
A gathering of peers.

A collection of the open-minded.
At a place of happiness.
A place with no problems. No stress.
All you have to do is pass and share.
oddmanout Nov 19
When I quit smoking
I always wanted a cig
I would crave one
with every bone in my body
And then one day
I just didn't anymore

I hope I have as much luck getting over you
I blew my cigarette smoke into her face,
Both of our faces held smiles.

Both of us held our breath in the back seat of my car.

The windows were fogged up,
Her hand prints smeared across the glass,
Creating perverted pictures.

Our voices cracked slightly, hers high pitched, mine more of growls and grunts.

It was just your everyday ***.
Zeeshan Riyad Nov 11
Loving you is like being addicted to cigarettes

I know I am hooked and I despise it

But my, Oh my! Will I ever stop smoking.
Rambling mumbo jumbo, sorry
Jo Nov 10
I'd always hated cigarettes
At least until I watched you smoke
Icy hands and thin red lips
I'm convinced that you were determined to ruin me
Because every smile that you gave me made me want to join you
Out on the back porch, cigarette in hand
I no longer associated the smell of smoke with sickness, but with pretty thoughts of you
Your laugh
Your smile
The butterflies I got when your eyes locked with mine
***, I love you and your cigarettes
another repost
Annie Nov 7
Lonely we are,
******* smoke through our lips
never getting no kiss,
just the lightheaded feeling

And now we lie in our beds,
with the smoke in our heads,
sifting through red **** and
blue sorrow.
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