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v 4d
frozen to death
its all i can see
smoke in the ear calls to my feens
Im here and Im there
making it hard to breathe
back and forth
falling up but always jumping back down

why or what can make this be seen.
Tell me mother,
how are your lungs.
how many layers have the tobacco leaves peeled
from those sacs of flesh which give you life.

Tell me mother,
how is your heart
how many years has anger stripped away
from this vessel which keeps you in motion

tell me mother,
how is your brain.
how has the loss made you refrain
from understanding what you have done to me

tell me mother.
will we ever be the same?
or will we stay like this, you frozen
and I, terrified of loving you.
People's implusive addiction's
Be  burdensome on our shoulders
We definitely
Don't have to take on the responsibility for carrying the can
Luna Maria Sep 21
I hold the lighter
to light up her cigarette
and as I see her silhouette in de dark,
I wonder

can I also light up her life like that,
can I make it better
can I be a small, bright light.
Lora Aug 19
i can smell the cigarette on my finger
it reminds me of you
the way we smoked at that night
and talked about your dreams and future
we almost kissed under the stars
the sky and my feelings were so clear
i want to feel that again
what do you think about that?
what did you feel?
do you have feelings for me?
i wish i could read in your mind
because honey, i am here for you
Lora Aug 19
we are sitting on the riverside
we smoke cigarettes
the smell still reminds me of you
your smile brings back so many memories
your septum piercing is kinda oblique
i want to touch it while we kissing
that’s not much to ask
you probably taste like red wine and marlboro
i wish we would did this earlier
the background music has changed
some current joys playing on your phone
remember darling, we danced to that song
but if you don’t remember anything
i can tell you what we did
while we were drunk
Jasmine Reid Aug 6
finger tips decaying like a cigarette between lips
crumbling lower, and lower
surrounded by bones, locked in paper walls

touched by a kiss, heart set ablaze
love leads us to death
so i love death
I was walking in
that old betrayer,
I was soaked to the gills,
and my wingtips were
sloshing on every
broken sidewalk.
The wind took my last
match, so smoking was out.
I'd give my liver for
a lighter and two
dimes to rub together.
I think I'll join the
carnival, get on that
tunnel of love and never
get off.
This is in response to Thomas W. Case's Challenge on writing a poem inspired by Tom Waits.
Waking up, smoke a joint.
Waking up, What's the point?
Waking up, baking up.
There is so much in life,
don't always get ******.
Sometimes its good tho
Mathew Jun 6
Did you smoke a cigarette?
No darling, why would I ever do that?
Love Lies and Smoking kills
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