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Ara 2d
a stranger points to a smoke sign and asks if i smoke; i say no
now that stranger is a friend and my no is a sometimes
and i wonder if it was a warning when he said that smoking was bad.

had i known, i would have answered the anxiety is worse and the cancer can't really **** me when i already feel dead inside.
instead, i waved him off with a laugh that meant "i know. isn't it obvious?"


the rot caught up to me two years later, outside the same bar where i'd pestered another friend into putting down a box.
it was a betrayal then, when i brought the sick to my lips and inhaled the poison.
it was a betrayal again when he found out.

i tried to appease the scolding,
argue that i've stopped smoking.
would it be a betrayal now to say
"i still think of rot and decay"?
Copyright © 2021 Aranza V. Soto Torres. All rights reserved.
Luna Maria May 18
maybe it’s the cigarette taste of your mouth
that got me addicted to your lips
that’s how easy it is
Hope Apr 27
He said he likes my clothes
And how they smell like smoke
It reminds him of someone he knew long ago
Ashe Apr 22
My love is now conditional.

It is your choice
It is your choice
It is your choice
It is your choice

I love you not when you smell of smoke.
It's ******* me to see her relapse after ten years. Just because she wanted to. It's hard to live in the same house as someone who smokes. She knows the smell alone makes me sick. She knows she could die young due to lung cancer. And she chooses the high over me and her health
Styles Apr 20
"It's funny,
when our eyes touch,
it floors me."
Riin Lai Apr 8
You are pathology incarnate
The sweat on your brow trick of the light
You were the first female
But you are no woman

Just a beast in the shape of a girl
Plucked one year before ripeness
A major at everything
A minor one way

Your eyes betray your true nature
Sharp, louche and depravity reined
Soot-yellow and one dollar green
Some might call it hazel

I call it dirt against your aryan gold hair
If you offered me fruit
I’d force myself to take a bite
So my soul won’t witness my guts feasted in the gutter

Carnivorously carnival-carved cadaver
Stamped under your cigarette-stained heels
Cherry cola chipped out of chapped lips
Cos I didn’t dare take a chockfull

You’re the first girl who has ever touched me
But I’m just the fly on your fruit
Lilith Haefelin
The girl before Eve.
alura Apr 1
how could we be under the same stars
when you made entire worlds without me?

how could we be under the same stars
when my tears flooded whole galaxies?

how could we be under the same stars
whilst you watch them from your room

yet im laying on a bench in the bitter cold
waiting for a taste of poisonous fumes?
inspired by a late night smoke watching the stars, i suppose it was easy to feel so small under a sky so ******* beautiful.
Wilkes Arnold Mar 30
It's the still nights, the stormy nights
When I want a cigarette
To spark life in my breath,
When sleep seems dead set
On avoiding me.
It leaves me asking why?
I don't even smoke.
No doubt.
The piece of gum
Naughtily stuck under a school desk

Instead of thrown in the dustbin
They say smoking's a disgusting habit
But gum is messy
Gets everywhere if you
Aren't careful

Nicotine gum?
The bane of smokers
They say it tastes

But gum
Either way
Comes in all varieties
Sugarfree I favour
Bad for the teeth
Otherwise -

Raspberry, strawberry, mint, spearmint
The never-ending flavours of life
On this planet
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