John D Feb 8
My life essence
Trapped inside of my soul
Surrounded by distant lands
Filled with emptiness and loneliness
My trapped soul wanders
Looking for a purpose
Inside of a desolate stricken world
Alicia Allen Feb 7
Something hurts.
A deeply painful hurt that seems to resonate from a place as deep as it is painful.
As brutal as the crushing pressure building from within lungs trapped under tons of water . Salted water drawn from earths own seas.
Something hurts
and it hurts something fierce, now there's water in my soul and an ancient ache in my bones.
Wandering under the pressure of it in a dark chasm.
Something hurts and it is not found of this earth. Its ache as foreign as distant lands.
Something, something hurts.
It makes a body weary and fatigued
Hard pressed not carry on  longer.
No heavier sigh has be found as a burdened one.
Something hurts and it tells me carry on no more. Let it be, let it rest, let it go
So let me be,  let I will this thing that hurts.

Something, something hurts and I will it not to hurt anymore.
Getting lost in your eyes is, I am sure,
Much like being rescued from Tempest waters
With the Blue Moon dappled on my back.

What you see wonders with, I often find myself drowning in
But I never suffocate, no,
And I never die;
I just lose my breathe for a moment
Before you bring me to life.

I would very much like to meet the Sirens in your mind and appease each she through acquaintance;
I will jump in at the deep end with no questions asked-
Alas, I am not worthy to drink nor feel
The Aqua of your embrace,
Instead I cloud my face
And speak the lines that Prufrock spake:
'I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.'

I am undeserving of the swim within your sweet, salt water,
It would seem.
Another love poem
Tatiana Jan 23
I'm a wandering soul
caught outside in the snow
fighting the blizzard conditions
swaying with the fierce winds
and watching the warm glow
of cozy kitchen windows
mock me.
A draft that I should just post and not overthink.
Athena Jan 8
Loving never mattered to someone so tired of it.
In that quiet town where the sun rarely showed itself,
and with roads puddled by the never-ending rain,
she found herself swearing
that what broke her could never reach her again.
Nobody could put a finger on where she came from.
All traces would only lead back
to the old inn’s waitress
who saw her arrive with a look so barren,
and fed her for free, as she always did to vagabonds.
This town full of compassion wasn’t for someone who wanted to avoid it.
And so, after a few days and nights,
she left for nowhere.
Dr YumnaKay Jan 2
​In silence I wander, to distant places of my mind, probing, exploring the depths of the cavernous labyrinth. It frightens me, of what I'm capable of; of what I have so far gone through. I could not be sane - after all that, after everything, this body, this face, with a half smile etched across, though hollow, feels like an accomplishment.
Ramblings of an exhausted mind. Short diary entry...
benedictpiper Nov 2017
Sometimes I wander
Don't really know where to
Letting thoughts and emotion go as I walk through
places I will not remember
Robert J Howard Nov 2017
Ups and downs
Grins and frowns
Balloons and clowns
Floats and drowns.

Heals and cuts
Opens and shuts
Angels and sluts
Sane and nuts.

Make and break
Real and fake
Give and take
Birth and wake.

Warmth and chills
Sleep and pills
Health and ills
Grows and kills.
Sleepless Nights
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