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My heart, roofless, it searches for the spirit.
Whisper of birds in the silent Valley,
Songs of the moonlight bloom,
There I find tranquility.
Drifting thousands leaf,
I see what other not see.
Dwelling hundreds rest,
Other see what I not see.
Sacha Oct 15
Sometimes I want what others have
Sometimes I dont
Sometimes I go the extra mile
Sometimes I wont

Sometimes I want what others had
Sometimes I dont
Sometimes I look at all thats good
Sometimes I wont

Sometimes I see life for what it is
So short and pointles
Sometimes I see life for what it is
So long and painful

Sometimes I know it's just a mood
Sometimes I wish that i just could
Sometimes I need to know what to want
Sometimes all of it is not enough
Words just wander
In my mind
But all the pieces
Hard to find

What are they?
And where do they
come to go?
Like missing pieces
of a puzzle
I’ll never know
panting for air,
running to nowhere

out of breath,
still trying to dig what's underneath

what's left is longing,
a soul seeking,
a mind wandering
let hearts be hurting

after the sorrow and tears
laying down walls and fears

let the fragile heart break
let the shakeable shake
no more trails of fake and ache

wait 'til the void opens
the emptiness awakens

beauty in nothing,
space for new fillings
throwing what's rotting

no longer chasing
finally, resting and stopping
It's okay to pause. It's okay to find yourself. It's okay to be real and raw. In the emptiness, we can start over again.
Hammad Sep 5
The moon lost its balance and eclipsed...
and that poor lonely north star
right above it
gone out of sight...
abandoned, scarred  and shattered
which was once so bright...
leaving many
through the dark
wandering in fright...
her mind wandered
as she sat
mind wandering
as her body
should be
thinking of
what she shouldn't
her body was
she had
what they call
if her body
wasn't moving
then her mind
Hammad Aug 26
Not long ago,
I started wandering
in my dreams
on some uncharted waters
and it seems  
that those don’t come true
now and forever…
Riju Gupta Aug 26
Here i am
Legs hanging from top
Wind is blowing fast
Its hard, with all the hair
In my eyes, intruding my beautiful sight

Imagining a sky
A little yellow and red
with a background of white
In the centre lies a star
Brightest of all, Circular in form
Luminating us all

But there’s still something odd
There’s a fear that evolve
What i am?
What if i can’t?
What i am here for?
Is this all?

To this
I smile with a clutching eye
Holding my fear inside
Waiting for someone to rely
Someone with similar cry
Someone who is also building a sky

Day after Day
I try, to build a better sky
With all the birds that fly
With all the shades that glide
But the fear still slides
Ruining my beautiful sight
(Like a hair in eye)

One day
I saw someone
Wondering with his neck raised a little
Smiling with the clutching eyes
Nodding like, something isn’t right

I said,”Excuse-me”
Is it “A little yellow and red, with a background of white.”  
He said “its just, A golden sky full of flying life.”
I laughed and
Held his hand
Brought him, where is stand

With our legs hanging from top
Wind blows with a different odour
There’s no more intrusion in my vision

We stand at top
He created the golden sky
Full of flying life
I created a fallen star
Circular in form
Sinking in the west

It is the best
We looked at eachother’s face
And smiled our best

There were no more fears,
no more nodding’s of head
Its Just us and Our sunset
Holding hands and talking
How it really felt,How we can
How it matters , what we can?

Here i am
With a coffee in my hand
Watching the sunset
With the wind in my face
Hair in my eyes

Thinking what it really can
If there’s someone to hold my hand
And walk me through sand
Sharing his sunset
With what he can.
Aidan M Aug 20
       In your eyes,
                               Dreaming of darkness

I wish we just could
Burn away the tears
                         In the night

              But whenever we dream,
         You always just
                                  fly away again.

       Alone in the darkness,
          no feeling of light.
                                         Alone in the shadows
                                      With strength I can’t fight.

      I’m lost without you.
                                       I’m now without rules,
                   The feeling of sadness
                                                          Is making me cuel


                                       But I will thrive.
                                I will thrive without you.
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 29
Frigid Nights
Thick Forests
My shattered hair
Ghost spirit
Are wandering
Like an owl
Frigid nights.

This poem is based on imagination
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