Awakened by the restlessness of wanderlust
I watched colours fly by untouched windows
The skies were a blue I’d never seen before
Right in between the ***** of dawn and a starry sea
My arms covered in goosebumps induced by the sight I’d seen
The sun was playing games of hide and seek
And the clouds were its’ mischievous companions
But my heart was still at unease, as my mind wandered to a thoughtless dream
What would the sky be like on the other side of the sea?
Expanses of sky
Open up to
Where will the wind
Take me?
Can I sail on the current
Of air and smoke
To a place where I
Can start anew?
Can I wander on the ether
To a world that is understanding
Of the hustle and bustle
And ever happening of life,
And a place that will bring me
In a world that is filled with
I daydream
On the airplane,
30,000 feet
Above the reality
Of a world where I am known
As a number
Rather than a name
This morning the plains are shrouded in a thick fog
and here I am right in the middle of it
drifting all around
looking for a buoy, a light, a sight or sound
so I’ll know I am somewhere
and not nowhere.  

I wonder how many of us
are in their own foggy world
if the planet has little patches
hovering over our species
each of us wandering -
sometimes with great determination -
looking for a place, trying to see
somewhere firm in the shrouded sea
a place calm and silent to be
just for a minute or two or three.

Inspired by Michael of and his poem, Nirvana.
Inspired by Michael of and his poem, Nirvana.
Wolf Dec 2018
A wanderer approaches you
His eyes are those who've seen the world
For this man, what would you do?
Turn your cheek and fear his act
Or greet him, ease what he's been through
He'd smile back, old and worn
Like painted art that's lost its hue
"Release hearts still confined, forget not your own."
His advice a mountain, solid and true
Every day you'd meet those eyes, growing ever-so softer
The wandering soul has advice for you
Michael King Jan 11

How do I find the pathway to origin?
I have searched all the pasts of the past,
and held onto the past longer than necessity.

I have seen an awakening turn into a darkening
of clouds,  as breeze sharpens with each gust
and this brain yields to... what?


In the distance I see a reflection. It is
emerging to me,  and waves into a
silhouette of shapes and confusion. Who is this? Is it bravery I see? Or just imagination.

Help me!

Help me?

Do you even hear me?

Do you even listen to a fool such as me?
What *** worth following would answer
the wretched of the world. Me,  and me,  and... I. And I alone have abandoned the
*** within myself..

I had a mercenary as a muse. I think she
left and seduced a better writer.

© Wanderer
Dimitris Dec 2018
I wander around in Athens
like a vagabond
passing by the house
that I rent to be
with you,
almost three years ago.

Before that
we were both
still living with our parents.

You see,
we needed some space.
Some space
from the others,
not from each other.

We needed some time, for us.
Almost three years later and
I've lost count of
the nights
I looked
for you
in empty bars
on stranger's faces
at university parties
in the train, where we first met

I don't regret leaving you.
It was the right thing to do.
But I am in pain,
after all these years
I'm still in pain
And no one knows.
Not even you.
anastasia Dec 2018
Too fond am I of the heavenly bodies that hold their distance between themselves and I
If I could reach them would my yearning for them cease to exist
and my thoughts of halcyon days would no longer be
Remaining with a vestigial flicker of what could have been
If I had let curiosity rove further than allowed
But the scope could not be settled standing on peaks
and the spectre of reverie would remain the same
M-E Dec 2018
When I was a child, so many wonders and questions rise up to my grip-sized head
"Mommy. Where I come from?"
"Daddy. Why the sun is yellow and the sky is blue?"
"Mommy. Will I die like Grandpa? When?"
"Daddy. Why you are my dad?"
"Daddy. Why this coin can buy everything I want from the grocery store?"
Now, I just keep reminding myself that I ve got a rent to pay and a mouth to feed.

I started few months ago writing some thoughts while going to work or wandering in the streets and I thought to share it with you guys. :)
Madison Greene Dec 2018
someday, years from now
when you are waiting for her to come home
and your mind drifts to thoughts of me
and you like to think that I'm wandering aimlessly
drawing maps out of the past hoping they'll lead you back to me
you should know I've found a new resting place in the stability of someone else
I show him every scar and the stories behind them
and he smothers them in a kindness that cleanses every record of you
I left your memories with my shoes at his doorstep
and I stopped missing you when he welcomed the parts of me
I always had to hide from you
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