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Brett Jul 1
Forever falling
Through the open hearts of outstretched arms
Tunnel vision of the past
Paves the roads ahead
The off-ramps of destiny are untamed, forgotten, and overgrown
No safety awaits me, and
There is no shelter under the roof of a broken home
Storms chase me, but
In thunderclouds I drown out the world
Weary of only the weather
Inside his own reflection
Diljeev Apr 12
this beautiful heist
of each other's soul,
blind to what she stole,
oblivious to her core.

Yet it was her own being,
that helped me in fleeing
each day,
but we never crossed paths
since the dawn of may.

The blind mademoiselle,
there's no way she could tell,
it was she who gave me eyes,
reason to wander in the world
looking for her
as each waking minute dies.
Isaac afunad Mar 22
He stood on the front porch
wandering through
Anger in his voice as he speaks
The message on his face could be
He roams with misery everywhere he goes
His reputation preceeds him
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
A longing ache has settled in
Took hold
Body and soul
Anguished heart is drenched in sin
I've missed the chaos of losing control

A rosebud sprouts darkness
Into bloom inside
My thoughts turn morbid I guess
Towards death or suicide

Raw emotions torture mind
Trust a rare commodity
Truth is challenging to find
Light impossible to see

Strength no longer fills bones
So difficult to accept
Something inside sinks like stones
Pretend I don't feel the effect

Hiding behind bursting false assurance
Behind closed doors
All the while wandering without insurance
Own chains will lift off the floor

I lost faith in what's above
Realizing vulnerability shows
The very thing I am afraid of
My unspoken woes

If only to soothe throbbing
Live in a state of peace
Fully expose the root of my sobbing
Stripped entirely of suffocating release

Dust creeps down throat
Then recedes
Plant regrets in the mud
Sprung like dandelion weeds
Invisible blades in my gut

Friends twisting handles carelessly
To and fro feelings spun then stopped
Chase fragments of what we'll never be
Off ground pick up the heart that dropped

Wandering world in a state of defeat
As I seek tomorrow
Side to side on clumsy feet
Under weight of all my sorrow
Daniel Cuzzo Nov 2020
It’s amazing how we go through life in such a reactionary style we forget
significance or even that we’re living it.  I’m 25.  She kicks my ***
at scrabble she puts up fierce defenses with words, we have hypothetical
debates about inconsistencies of irrelevant fantasies we create.

I never win debates even when I do my point of view is anchored in her
an adjunct professor at UVA my doctoral dissertation due today
on transcendentalists and Baraka Amiri/I am for others what good professors
were for me – come in all anxiety, settle down advise voice of poetry.

My daughter Rachel is still a sparkle in our eyes I laugh at wings of butterflies
revel in the Summer heat, bare feet on street spinning fire and sweating salts
shouting limericks and dancing higher than the symphony of space cadet…
Do what has to be done to survive/ winners lose, losers thrive;

those that win indulge in sin to fabricate their lives.  I’m 20.  To die right now
would hold more infamy.  Instructors do what they can/ remember to be a man
say get grades up there’s opportunity.  Read but loath the memory hallowed high
rumors used to fly bathroom pass ‘may I?’  The manufactured word.

Never dated, been kissed/adolescence missed reading sweet novels, luscious prose/
in rhyme I’d take off her clothes:  some secret depressive of a different name thrice
I’d want to take away her pain didn’t know was a badge of honor to remain.
Utterly broke, I searched the halls of my soul/found out what it means to be whole;

realized another can’t complete, yet the crickets weave through early tapestry
feasting on eyes of the moon. **** deflectors give meaning thought trains
careening – I could stay out all night, a 20 year old remembering my age.
I can be Shakespeare I can be Gladius I can be Homer and Socrates.

The bulbous night sky agrees.  I’m sophisticated, great aristocrat take that
I AM important.  I can be more than one single thing I’m in the making.
Though I can dream a beautiful view I can stay out and be anybody.
In the fall dark mold the sky while they sleep.  Wake with dream to keep.

It’s amazing that we build these dreams upon the tops of trees
Poor wind to shake the canopies – or perhaps a sneeze.
Hi all, this is part of my "Slam Poetry" phase.  Fun fact, I never actually slammed, I just wrote them.  I was very shy on the podium.
kaileia Nov 2020
where, where did you go

away from me?

now of all times, why

does it not hurt to see me bleed?

every time i think you'll prove me wrong

right back where we started.
wondering, wandering
Hammad Oct 2020
In the wee hour
when the world sleeps
I get my bag
and start wandering
I chase the trail
that your thoughts
are leaving behind - in the sand
and in no time
i find myself -  in wonder land
There is the hope
There is the love
There is the star of the north
There are the signs all along
In that moment
when the bond is very strong
you glitter
like a jewel in the crown
and when the day breaks at last
I come home
with a bag full of words
to pen them down
old willow Oct 2020
My heart, roofless, it searches for the spirit.
Whisper of birds in the silent Valley,
Songs of the moonlight bloom,
There I find tranquility.
Drifting thousands leaf,
I see what other not see.
Dwelling hundreds rest,
Other see what I not see.
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