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Nigdaw Jun 3
he tripped through the streets
towards home
still light of foot
under the LED lights
but another unsuccessful hunt
meant he'd be hungry tonight
perhaps he knew it was
the last time
familiar sounds and smells
preying on his mind
tonight he'd sleep
under the stars outside
curled up to keep warm
on a mild spring night

I found him under a conifer
still in a fetal curve
some time later
nature had taken it's course
his brush was still there
and some of a thick red coat
but the putrid smell told me
he had chosen my garden
to take his last breath
and I was honoured
to give him the burial
he deserved
M May 13
the quick brown fox
jumped over the lazy dog
and spun a fancy tale
about the history of clichés

it beat a valiant bush
before burning a broken bridge
and kicking its own bucket
under six feet of foliage

now its dead like that horse it beat--
from counting chicks and party tricks
to counting sheep and hourly bleats
the fox is dead but oh was it quick!
ah yes
esoteric word paint of a pangram
Zywa Mar 7
A trail in the snow:

the fresh footprints of a fox --

along red spatters.
Collection "Bruises"
neth jones Feb 9
an animal - what animal ? - a fox
peeling off it's pale socks    bit the hems between it's teeth
slimmed feet
it walks now   to more silent a world
viewed in billowing gladness
many doses thick     veil it from our dull sense ability
we are a haunting to its realm
Ryan Long Jul 2022
As I walked the hills I heard the horns
The stamp of steeds and cry of a hound
I ran towards that iconic call
The hunt was on, I knew the sound

As I watched the fox run and hide
A magnificent creature sleek and fine
The thought intruded upon me
And created an image in my mind

What greater event could I encounter
Of the pursuit of love that I here had

The pursuit of something beautiful
called forth with trumpets and fanfare
Chased by all and caught by few
Tracked and then lost, joy and despair

The chase of the fox
Woman, seductive and coy
Pursued by gross beasts
Determined man and boy

For love like that fox is wily and sly
Catch only a glimpse before it flies by

Sleek and slender a thing of great worth
Pursued by all to bring home to the hearth

For love outside your possession has no value
Home it must reside to bring satisfaction to you
One of my endeavors has been to write a letter, and possibly a poem to my wife every month. As I sat and thought about pursuing her love it occurred to me. The Fox Hunt is on!
am i ee May 2022
Puppyhead leapt,
from bed,
to the door she raced.

special high pitched bark
reserved for the fox.

learned did I,
the hard way,
not to open the door.

not to let puppyhead
go racing out,
full speed ahead,
out into the night.

wild and free,
and right straight
yet another
wild life.

so we watch,
from behind
closed door,

peering out into
the dark of the night.

shadow moving around,
surveilling the ground,
a white tipped tail
barely visible as past it moves.

mean feel I,
for not opening
that door.

puppyhead barks,
ooks up at my head,
then out to that yard.

"Why can't I be out there
alone with that fox?"

learned I,
the hard way,
puppyhead won't
back down.

neither will the
wild nocturnal creatures,
who visit our den,

during the very dark,
the dark,
of the middle of the night.

so I creep silently
up the stairs,
every so quietly,

so puppyhead
won't hear,
won't want to follow,
won't want to come,
out here with me instead.

open a door,
do I,
a door to a deck.

alone stand I
peering down into the dark,
the dark of the night.

hearing that fox
moving about,
creeping along fence line,

finding a place,
a place of

almost free,
to continue to roam
through this night,
this dark,
& beautiful night.

she leaps in one
graceful arc,
up and over
high gate.

pads off she goes,
into this night,

roaming along
this solitary creature,

taking such free flight
on this magical night.
12 May 2022 magical visits by nocturnal creatures in surprising twists amidst this life in this modern suburban hell.
labyrinth Mar 2021
In the tiger mood
Fox acted airy and rude
It did not look good
Spadille Mar 2021
On a calm afternoon, a fox caught her heart
This beautiful fox was wild and not tamed
But in an instant she fell in love with it
She then planned to tame the fox

She approached it ever so gently
It was in the field basking under the rays of the sun
The fox sat there so majestic
And it bewitched her more

She sat beside the fox and said a promise no one could forget
"I'll tame you my fox, with my time and consistency you will be mine"
With all sincerity she have said that
And she plans to keep this promise until the earth crumbles

The fox agreed and held on to the sweet promise of hers
With all her love she will do anything for the fox to be tamed
No hearts will be broken and no tears will escape the eyes
For she took her promise seriously and it will not be shattered
I finally found the fox for me I wish to keep her as long as I could
Bluebird Dec 2020
We're chasing each other around the tree.
The fox and me.
Always just shy of catching the other. Sharpening our teeth on the air we each leave behind. You took the tip off my tail. And I ripped the hair out of yours.
You're the reason my hairs turned white. It's the stress. And something else, something deeper, more profound. Something that gets me out of bed in the morning, but forgets to put me back to sleep in the evening.
We've been running for weeks now. And we can't stop.
I'm just waiting to see who drops first.
I think it's going to be me.
Doing an inktober sorta thing but for december:D
Andrew Layman Nov 2020
I woke in a sweat
to the sounds of screams
at 3am
with shaking hands & ringing ears
I couldn't close my eyes again.

A women's distress
just outside the window
sobered and terrified me
leaving me
in a ghostly state
determined to visit each room
and count each sleeping head.

This call of the wild
from fox to fisher cat
how the shrill beckoning of nature
reaches and echoes everywhere
peering out to the woods
it is only fitting that this man
be deemed the real intruder.
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