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LD Goodwin Aug 2022
With my first breath, I become
to wander till the last
to be and be and be some more
time slow at first, soon fast

And with his last draw of this world's breath
an orphan I become
His time well spent I take my place
to hear my distant drum

Dark dying thoughts once swallowed me
like harpies chattering on the wind
But with the truth of death fresh at my door
I greet him as a friend

Together we shall walk and talk
and leaves and stars will fall
I will see the patterns unfold
once hidden revealing all
Last year I lost my Dad, Sister, and my Sister-in-law. The naturalness of death brought me thoughts of my own.  They are not morbid thoughts anymore but rather peaceful truths.
JKirin Mar 2021
Call my name,
see the ghost of the past I became.

Of this world, I am lost in the shadow
left to feed off the old war’s debris.
It’s too big for an innocent child
that is forced to grow up, don’t you see?

In the village, I walk unnoticed –
every grownup stares right through me.
On my tasks, I try to stay focused,
while the one thing I want is to scream.

Scream out loud at the people, the street
to be heard for a second, be seen.
In this world, do I even exist?
How, a child, would I even know this?

Call my name,
bring me back to the living, again.
about orphans
N Feb 2021
Who dares **** a child
by burning their yellow?

It shivers and weeps,
and in oblivion it sleeps
F Nov 2020
Life is so full, yet i'm so hungry
They all have shelter, but i have no home
Life is so free, yet so restricted
From all the joy im evicted.
Ylzm Jul 2020
Lust's outcome, unwanted, abandoned at birth.
Mothered by strangers, some naturally motherly,
some perversely wicked; fathers, a terrifying notion.
Fearing constantly: of the next face, the next stranger,
the next meal, the next bath, of dark and dawn.
Thrown about, moved around, from hand to hand;
Recovering from bruises to bruises, from slaps to whips.

But for being chosen from before the beginning,
and a name etched permanently in the Book of Life,
was found, saved, raised and guarded by Love.
The trauma of becoming left no resentful damage
but nurtured an instinctive sensitive soul, most acutely aware
of the deceitfulness, perversity and utter wickedness of man
and a constant wonderment of the miracle of Love.
Reappak Apr 2020
Dark nights, no more azure
Grey clouds, let out their tears
Awaiting to nurture,
Lays a soul innocent and pure

Pip Pirrip rests besides the grave
Weeping, living the memories
For he was now a slave,
for his sister mean and naive

A hopeless orphan, pushes his head
On the mother's grave's crumbles
For he now could feel her smile
And hears prayers being mumbled

Pip was drifted away
from his parents too soon
and they had left him behind
In this world

It was when Magwitch enters,
asking for food and a file
threatening his life, if disobeyed
and once again from his parents,
Pip was drifted away!
Taken  from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations
دema flutter Apr 2020
is such a foreign zone
that I long for,

a land that I can't seem to
be able to spot
on any map,

people tell me
its borders are indefinite,

and i tell them,
please take me
to the mother
I have never known.
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