Kinsey 2d
I feel so *****
Each time I shut my eyes.
While my love makes love
I imagine someone else every time.

Someone to call me names.
Someone to play games.
Someone who talks *****
And finishes without aim.

I feel so trapped and alone.
Each time I touch myself,
I close my eyes
And I’m no longer stuck at home.
I wrote this to vent some issues I have wity being married.
After I moved away with my husband, I receive several emails from ex-coworkers saying what they had thought of me and ***** things they wanted to do me and since then, my mind wanders during *** and I just used certain emails as sexting fuel.
Maybe I’m alone in that too.
KAE Dec 5
Dear Elena

dear Elena, do not give your heart to anyone. not everyone deserves it
dear Elena, keep your heart and your most beautiful feelings for the indicated or someone worthwhile
dear Elena, hide your purity
dear Elena, take care of yourself. Nobody break you, no one breaks your purest feelings
dear Elena, be careful in this ***** world, beware of these twisted people
Andrew Nov 13
I stand in the mud
To guard from the flood
Of parasitic bugs
That try to steal blood
But I’m not an evil vet
So I try to use mosquito nets
That can’t match the torpedoes set

The passing of time
Develops nasty grime
Through blasting crimes
As the lasting mimes
Understand ***** dimes
Fall to those in line

After a while the painted soil
Becomes black from sainted oil
Acquired through tainted toil
To the wealthy go the spoils
Saying it’s healthy to be royal
While our dying planet boils

A tar pit
Car drift
Scar gift
Guard shift
Charred rift
Bars lift
To heaven’s gate
So instead I deflate
To a second rate
Panicked state
As the Devil’s mate

Drowning in quicksand
Certainly won’t fix man
But I’m out of tricks planned
To cross this split span
That’s a crypt can
That clips lambs
Who withstand
The whip slams
In this strict land
Where kicks ram
The sick ******
Who picked scams

This tower of dirt
Built by our hurt
Has crumbling girth
So is it really worth
All the pain we birthed?
Like a plague on Earth
Where we play the perp
There’s no way this works
my body is my home
I have let many people come and go for the hope that they would find it comfortable enough to stay
the truth is each time I thought they would
but I'm beginning to think I am better off being admired from afar
spend a little time in me
you'll find the girl I wish I wasn't behind closed doors
my windows are all broken
and there's dirt on all my floors
TussyLambz Nov 11
Twisted mentality
Call it a bio hazard
Whatcha want from me
Death from a thousand daggers

Hold up - Stop, can't control an animal
Man's tyrannical
Pull up - Drop, on my radical
So, so bad I had to handle 'em

Many did try - i bodied 'em all up
Many may stall - I'm in it for the long haul
Many enemies - i bring em to the knees
In a sea of gasoline like ah ****

Speed on a melody go so loco
No amphetamines go for the flow whoa
All of my life i was ******* around
Why hit a ***** twice she ******* me down

I stick on a curve as I cut up a verse
Came with the force - Like I'm glued to the source
Like i groove into the work - Like i'm losing no worth
Like i'm look for pain - Like i think that they heard aye

All about the journey I'm living this life
**** too many worries I might end em tonight
Tight bends in my stomach i love it alright
I keep it ignited?

Unpredictable with the craft
I Keep ya guessing like some math
Listed lessons - leave you with one
my essence is the best to come

No more top  - I'm licking shots
I put it all up in the sky
Bound to boss i pay the cost
You ought to look me in the eye

This is worse i get so low
Bones be trudging through the snow
I blow it all  showing off
I'm never slowing up

Twisted mentality
Call it a bio hazard
Whatcha want from me
Death from a thousand daggers
listen here:
Becca Nov 7
her bare toes touch the
wet grass,
the bottoms of her feet
now covered in mud
her feet are the garden
growing fresh movements
her mind is the water
nourishing the herbs
Daniel Ruiz Oct 11
***** Dishes were left
for every one to see,

Being spectated by the
Different type of people,
and being pitied,
by those who don't bother to do theirs anymore.

i miss before,
the before where i didn't
wake up to the smell
of old food moisturizing,

The before Where,
Time flew through our Open window,
the before where people didn't have to try,
And ignore our ***** dishes.

But now,
there's just ***** dishes
in the kitchen,

A broken drunk man,
on the living room floor,

A mother,
that's tired of being someone,

And me,
Walking over the drunk man,
ignoring ***** dishes,
and getting myself
to school.
girl gonzo Oct 9
morning dew drops on your collar
impressing me with the zealous way the seasons drastically measure the moment it takes me
to reach forwards and brush it off
liquid winter falling onto a ***** cement
the names 'mark + bethany' written jaggedly into the cold stone of asphalt
i wait for it to disappear, for the flicker of everything gone to fade from my vision
but it passes too quickly
i look back up and there's no one around
the street is empty and the capricious wind has ceased
a sucker for patterns i walk into a fabric store and feel my hand linger on the erratic linens
fingers paused on the peach organza sprawled like a pink bubblegum sea
and i am swept into the manic fantasies of wearing the sheer tissue-like textile into
the abdomen of your sweaty palm and sinking like a sticky sweet stripe
until you put your hand in your pocket and i spend a year inside melting
into the every thread and curve of your jean until it is nothing but disgusting sugar
everything i could be when i am hidden from sight in the dark caverns of denim pants
who knew the tongue in cheek joke would be nothing but my tongue in your mouth
touching all the way up your gums  
find me sweltering beneath the uvula wondering if i could go back
to the time i found that girl with the mountain logo sweatshirt who whistled between her teeth and hummed all the reasons i should skin my knee and kiss the salty wound because there's no greater pleasure than knowing you don't have to wait for that morning dew drop to fall from their ******* collar
CallMeVenus Oct 4
Honestly, I am barely surviving without you
I now get that it never stops hurting
And all I can think of is how you look in the moonlight
How your lips were cold and slow
How my ribcage broke the moment you pulled me closer
You are alive in every corner of my mind
Feels ***** yet powerful
And I kinda love it

I can't really be alone at night
So I search for slow cold lips and knowing hands
Pain in the chest. I connect you with pain. The good kind.
I summon you at night.
Whatever I touch I leave numb
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