A supine woman
On top of my sheets, let’s make
Those ankles touch ears
clever Aug 2
The blood of many, the salt stained pink
A girl sitting pretty on the brink
And inhibitions aside, a body to sink
wasted lives
wasted words
wasted paper
wasted books

wasted immortality
rots in the
dumping grounds
of nothingness

until the end when
we become fertilizer
for the rich soil
the dirty fingernails
of some gravedigger
named Sal.
Seema Jul 31
Stop tracing my heart,
With your dirty finger
I smell blood, on your murderous hands

Get out of my face,
You don't belong here
Your breath smells like of dead

Leave me alone,
I owe nothing to a freezed mind
Not even good words of wisdom

Reap your deeds,
Screams, begging and hurts
Is all I hear, from your silent posture

How many deaths,
And whose paying for all this kills
It's all noted, in the hells receipt

Payback time will come,
Your screams and moans
Will never be enough for those souls...

Spilling thoughts and imagination. Tho, monsters like this exist in our society. Keep yourself and loved one safe.
an earl
of gray
in this
Whig from
Bombay made
tonight sapphic
in jeers
made polling
where higher
men defame
the titans
and the
doctrine of
the land
as sight
of indespicable
lancing boils
A child,
Yet still a man,
Last at deep sea.
His hands
Such rust.
His feet
So clean.
He did not know
When he screamed,
I heard.
Through his tears,
I sneer
For I am awake.
Dangerously near
Yet far, far away.
Dangerously near,
Centimeters away.
But you can’t see me.
I’m tricky that way.
I love you.
I love you.
And my love will,
It will,
Yes, it will.
The white-hot death
Frozen in a scream.
Never shall you leave
My embrace,
For I long to forever caress
Your face.
You’ll never know my true name
Though I am the source
Of your deepest shames.
The Red Man is gone,
Dead by your blade.
Perhaps it’s time for Blue
To stake his claim.
You won’t see me coming,
When you do it will be too late.
I’ll be having my fun.
When you see my wicked face,
The personification of depression
We stare deep into each others eyes.
Hand in hand as you hover over my body.
You close your eyes.
And give me a kiss.
I cant get enough of this.
The sweetness in your lips.
The passion in your eyes.
I want to savor the taste of honey.
I can only imagine what other flavors will come by.
I fly close to the clouds.
And I attempt to touch the sky.
You pull away
Take a breath
A sweet smile but...
There’s something underneath
Behind his perfect white teeth...
A smile so sinister,
I can barely muster
The courage to just pin you to the bed,
As you lick me deeply while I hold your head.
But I stay still,
An innocent soul,
Greeted by beautiful sins tied with a bow.
Who knew being bad was so much fun?
I close my eyes as your fingers run
All over my body.
Leaving its mark.
I'm your territory now.
Do what you want.
Hold me down, break me in half, fuck me until I lose my mind.
Make my brain shake and turn my eyes blind.
From rolling them so far back as I take you in.
It’s so good, I don't feel human.
It all feels deliciously foreign.
I feel like an uncontrollable,
Savage monster.
I want more
I keep... wanting...
I can't... take this anymore.
Please, make me your whore.
I don’t know what to think or do.
My body just wants to become a slut for you.
For your eyes only to listen,
And your ears only to hear.
As you whisper I love you and as you make me fear.
Fear of stopping this two person ride.
I can feel you slip slowly inside.
I let out soft moans.
But with this I shouldn’t have loaned.
You take the advantage to hear me so vulnerable.
You pound me into something unrecognizable.
Everything in me is breaking.
I'm a chaotic mess.
But I’m also falling
In love with this moment, in love with you,
in love of feeling like we are one too.
Stroke my hair and whisper me your dark desires.
I'm crazy for it, it’s making my heart catch on fire.
Make me yours,
Make me your slave,
Don’t even try to save
Me, just do what you want to see.
Keep me locked in your rib cage, don’t let me free.
No don’t stop,
I'm not crying,
I'm just insane.
Insane for your touch and for your thoughts in your brain.
This is so good, I  feel like I'm going to heaven.
You leave my legs shaking with ecstasy,
My breasts moving to your rhythm.
This primal lust overtakes me.
I am talking so dirty.
I can't even think anymore
Fuck this entire rhyme scheme,
Give everything to me.
Let our minds go crazy.
Explicit content warnings forgotten.
Take me in.
Make me...
Forever yours.
mindless, breathless, weightless...
Look out in the field when you drive by
Look to the ditch that your cruising beside
Look to the grass and you will see
Look upon that constellation of trash
That tells the story of how we treat
This street
This neighborhood
This town
This county
This state
This country
This continent
This place
We call home
Gray Jun 14
You tossed me on the heated ground.
The way you could just get rid of me makes me astound.

One moment, you’re holding me tight in your firm hand.
Now I am resting here on the scolding beach sand.

I understand that you were once thirsty,
But was it worth it because now this place is dirty?
mc ish Jun 13
dirty hands,
doing beautiful works,
are still dirty?
dimming at the rapture
i cannot get the words expressed.
i hope to one day find an ounce of your being in someone else,
someone who is allowed to love with all they have.
someone not held back by society or circumstance.
but for now, i lie dormant at your doorstep,
hoping for the chance to let you see anything you’d like to,
take apart my very mind and keep the pieces that will keep me in your sight.
our dirty hands are not allowed to touch,
lest we create a spark so bright
they dare to put us out.
these hands make for a lovely soul, yearning to walk upwards without change of self.
our dirty hands are not the ones in need of cleansing,
our love is not the one in need of changing.
you and i, we are the ones who love with all we have,
we are the ones happy to suffer at the ends of the earth in order to give those we long for freedom.
love is accepted in the form of begging and lies,
coercing and exasperated sighs,
throwing things and vicious rendezvous,
“he just likes you!”
our dirty hands can’t too be swept by lust’s mighty flood?
when some of the world’s greatest creations came from the mud.
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