Mike D 1d

You're my Dirty Little Secret
Been looking my whole life
For pleasure like you give me
But please don't tell my wife.

You're my Dirty Little Secret.
Can't tell nobody else.
Can't tell my friends and family.
Got to keep it to myself.

You're my Dirty Little Secret.
The one I love to be with.
Spend all my free time and money
but always keep you a secret.

You're my Dirty Little Secret.
The one who will see me through.
In the good times and the bad
I'm spending all of them with you.

You're my Dirty Little Secret
The One I love the most.
When times are dark and down
you are there for me the most.

You're my Dirty Little Secret
the One I obsess about.
Every moment we're not together
you're all I think about.

You're my Dirty Little Secret
you're the only one who gets me.
You're the only one that's left
since everyone else has left me.

You're my Dirty Little Secret
we've been so happy together
but now the tides have turned
Fairy-tales don’t last forever.

You're my Dirty Little Secret
even that name don't seem right
I'll start calling you just 'Dirty'
since you're out there in plain sight.

You're my dirty little whore
And you sink your fangs into me
Like a vampire draining blood
You're taking my life from me.

You're a leaching parasite
It's been going on so long
All the things that used to matter
Now all of them are gone

Money, friends and family
One by one they left
My patient and understanding wife
Who promised to be with me 'til death

Finally reached her breaking point
Sobbing painfully she cried,
"I loved you and supported you.
In return you took and lied.”

My response is no response at all
I turn and look away
Don’t want to see her tearful face
Or hear what she has to say

The pain is much too great
No way that I can face it
But that’s why I have you Dirty
With one touch you can erase it

But now you want more from me
To do what you did before
You keep giving me less and less
But demanding more and more

I gave up everything for you
I thought we were a team
But I feel the tides are shifting
and things aren’t what they seem

You used to lift me when I fell
and carry me away
Fly high above the clouds
When lost you showed the way

But now that I am yours
The only thing I have is you
You grin an evil smile
You played me for the fool

No more soaring above the clouds
No more Utopian bliss
A clown cast upon a stage
For your torment and your jest

On my knees I cry and grovel,
“Dirty how can you do this to me?!
You and I we had a plan!
This ain’t the way it’s supposed to be!”

You were a seductive mistress
Satisfied my every need
Silenced the screams inside my head
All I had to do was bleed

A drop’s no longer enough
You want me to open up a vein
Tear apart my heart
And give me back the pain

With that ironic twist
You laugh the Devil’s laugh
What I ran and tried to hide from
Now present what was past

Only now a double hit
Perhaps triple or quadruple too
You give me back the pain
Along with something new

Forcing me to see
by opening my blinded eyes
wove ignorance with denial
A hefty pile on top with lies

This giant mess I made
To hide me from the truth
No Novocain or gas
You rip out each wisdom tooth

The emptiness in me
A never ending search
Tried everything to fill it
Traveled the ends of the earth

But not one step I had to take
Or open up my door
Right in front of my face
Was what I had been searching for

Friends, family and wife
who offered me true love
The first ones I cut off
and the farthest that I shoved

But all of them are gone
and you took your magic too
You left me with the pain
The Piper’s paid His due

You were a seductive mistress
provocative and flirty
but you lived up to your name
because you did me Dirty.

Written - January 11, 2017

All rights reserved.

& when you told me
to go fuck myself-
i went
& fucked myself
better than you.

pull me from this puddle
quicksanding madness
she sunk her in my
call me dirty


Mane Omsy Dec 2017

Dozen birds singing grieving songs
State my mind I wish I could help
Feeling drowned shouldn't they be the saviors
Help me out, pull me out from here

Strangers smiling waiting for their chance
Break them up before it's too late
I lay down my weapon I surrender
State my mind infact this is cruel

Rise of an age when sirens make their ways
To the end of time, I need to be so sure
When the time comes I will soon go
When will all these creatures doom?

LNI Dec 2017

Letting men into my bed
Men with no desire to let me into their hearts

And though I have been talked dirty to every which way
I have never been told that I am loved

But the thing is
I am love.

Megh Nov 2017

the truth is i didn't like Fight Club
if you heard me talk about sex the way i do
you'd call me a whore,
the fact is if you saw me starve myself to fit into my skinny jeans
you'd feel pity on me
you'd laugh at my miniature vocabulary
and cringe at my vulgar mouth
i can't help it if i blow kisses like a drag queen
and dream of having sixteen babies
and you by my side
you'd stop believing every word i say if you heard my childhood stories
but baby, believe me when i tell you
these things are only to make you stay

Jack Jenkins Oct 2017

A gorgeous gal - her name was Bella
She slept around with many fellas
Until at last, she caught herpes
Now no sex life before she's thirty
That poor gal, her name was Bella

I think I've read too much of Temporal Fugue's poetry. LOL
Dovey Oct 2017

I’ve become a nasty child
By blood and emotions the ‘clean’ me is defiled
Eating scraps of flesh one can hardly call a heart
Strangers’ sinew is what keeps me from falling apart

I need the confirmation of those who care about me to feel like I'm worth anything, or even to feel anything at all. Does this defile me, or the love?
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