Anomaly 6m

What does it mean
to call someone a "cunt" ?
An insult none the less,
but to who?
When did another word for vagina
become so dirty?
Fanny, minge, muff.
All these words,
they are childs play for those
who cannot handle that one word
too big for the weak to swallow.

V a g i n a

Do you wanna make love?
Do you wanna make me?
Or do you wanna make both?
Do you want to love me emotionally?
Do you want to sing happy songs to my dark parts?
Do you want to kiss me long and lazy?
Do you want to take my burdens with every blanket you wrap me up in?
Do you want to play with me in front of the open window because we're shameless?
Do you want to tell me stories to soothe my soul?
Do you want to fuck me while the rain comes down all around us?
Tell me, do you?

Seema 4d

Collecting my tears in my cupped hands
Feeling the aches by the leashes of wips
Some of the bodies still sway as it hangs
Slaves are we, fetch gold till our skin rips

They call themselves the clean beings
Their skin flashed white while ours dark
They say we are dirty and our blood stinks
And stamp our backs with a hot rod to mark

I am a girl with so many broken dreams
Trapped in slavery with other unfortunate slaves
My mouth is sealed yet my soul desperately screams
I wonder why people of such, declare godly behaves

My mind is numb, my body is torn
I am used by many, as a nights babie doll
I wish I wasn't a female to be born
No one comes for my rescue, whenever I call

I am so done living like a house without a door
No knocks, no greets, just entered by goons
Each night I have to kiss the filthy floor
Beaten, ripped, one hears my moans

Tonight I am passing out from this world for good
My life is worthless among these hungry lords
I am not gonna be another meal or fleshy food
My soul can no longer bear the wrath nor,
                                             my body can afford...


Inspired by a documentary on YouTube about slavery.
Jose H Sep 3

In the darkest of nights
Your body pressed against the wall
Hands held high above
Let me slide my hands down your body
To feel every sensual curve
Let me kiss you as if it were the last time I were able
Sliding my tongue softly against your lips
Let me kiss your neck softly in this night
Sliding my tongue up your neck upon your ear
Down further to explore your body. Tearing off one piece of clothing as a am to uncover what my tongue seeks Watch me as I kiss down your bare body
Watch me as I spread your legs and slide between.
Watch me tear your underwear off
Let me slide my velvet tongue
Watch me explore your insides
Until I find the path that brings you to your limitations
Watch me climb up your body kissing every inch with wet lips
Kiss me so you taste what your inner being is
Open your legs and wrap them around my waist
Pull me closer so our bodies may collide
Pull me deeper so I may further explore your inner being
My hips bucking
Yours following in motion
This pleasure we share
In my life's fantasy.

You are the death that lingers on my tongue.
The filth that I hate, that I've become. The sore that leaks with a rancid stench.
Just the mention of your name makes me flinch.
You are everything that is wrong with this place.
Cruel heart, calloused mind, yet a smiling face.
Silver tongued devil with a piercing stare.
I only wish that I had been aware.
So smart, so pretty, such a tease too.
I would have done anything for you.
I assumed that we were destined to be.
But like the saying goes, we're asses, you and me.

H Aug 28

Please don't share it
I've suffered enough
I can't trust anyone
Please keep your mouth shut.
I've told you too much
In times of desperation
In times of weakness
I've said too much.
I overflow often
My laundry's undone.

We were never friends.
Victoria Aug 11

My hands are dirty
No matter how much I dig, it’s not deep enough
My hands are blistered
No matter how much I build, it’s not strong enough
I am too weak to fight, but I try
Even though I can’t remember why

Poetic T Aug 4

To kiss upon the pleasurable place,

would  smiles venture...  

But beware...
to many
             and you'll  be wiping your face

Jim baker Aug 2

Can you tell how much I want to
Run my hands down your back?
Ghosts whisper into your ear,
Dirty thoughts I do not lack

Open you up and pull you closer
Wear you out and tie you down.
Pulled lace against quivering skin,
Morphine queen, I slowly drown

In you

Clothing melts off your arched
Back, feet, neck. I test limits
Like candy I slowly eat you
As your hip lightly pivots

Can you see right through me?
I inhale you, sweet apple crush
Naked hybrid, twisted from two
Dripping desire, pulsating rush

Of you

horny i guess, lol
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