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Sure enough
when all of the
distractions of life
are taken away
you are left
with yourself
your flaws
there for you to
and you alone
your imperfections
for you to pick
apart,  for you to
but mostly it is
there for you to love
to cherish
and to take care of
at the end of the day
you have yourself
Harley Hucof Aug 30
The future depends on our state of mind
Be grateful and leave the past behind.

Tell the judge what he is ought to hear
Make it clear that we humans are born to be free.

Words Of Harfouchism
God made them of excellent stuff
They judge others for no reason
To be judgemental without hesitation
They reduced to garbage dump
God made them of excellent stuff
Jordan Gee Aug 1
Snakes won't cross a braided rope,
so I take the leads up from around my bed.
I remember her face-
bright and
smiling beside mine
white as if she had just shed a skin
and the dunes grow now over the urchin barrens,
a desert in the sea.
I can peer beneath the 3rd lid
my heart claws at my throat,
allergy tight from the judging shade of
The 3rd lid opens over the Taklamakan,
Tibetan horns sound so old -
ancient vagus nerve endings in my throat but my heart claws them away.
Snakes won't cross a braided rope but
her eyes are green and we lay a
cottonmouth skin across her womb.
All I see are diamonds on the ring fingers.
Simon Jul 14
Simply because it isn’t exactly affected by something prone to burst out and gut you like an already survival pig! Because as chaotically funny as that truly sounds… One is not of the baseline rhythm for a linear line to cut ties with something meant to both simulate and represent the most basic primitive logic surrounding every step you take without deciding to either pivot from the actual issue to ignore pleasure for clarity, sidestep yourself clean off the map to avoid (yet again) another “purposeful collision”, and then bobbing and weaving to perfectly ignore what you’ve already known to be the mere gesture for your very focused survival while purposely caring to ignore ALL it’s benefits. Or you simply jumble one step ahead of the other (one after the other like a very thin tightrope) as those very steps carelessly wobbles off the perfectly laid out linear line too straight for focus to just (right then and there) be taken off course…immediately! Showing how messy your showboating everyday basic performance around everyday life truly is when slipping up to threaten the obvious away from something you just want to carefully patch up and ignore. Since the ONLY benefit you trust the absolute MOST…is your own decisions to ignore the baseline reality who’s forgotten its own benefits away from what a single linear line is all about. Especially when that single linear lined point, is where you will both fail, (only to RISE again)! In hopes to tumble ALL OVER AGAIN! Showing that a linear line breaks baseline reality when you prolong the impending issue away from the logic quickly withering away without calm dispositions measuring out of control, when it’s really “measuring control” itself too carefully for focus to ever be the real medium. Meaning there’s too many mix-ups in baseline reality itself to not just be either the one making those careful steps giving off the obvious of messing up on purposely to urge a linear line that they are the one missing it’s own benefits directly, for desperation at never again finding it's own way through. To (yet again) a never-ending choice for survival to be (“gutted like an already survival pig”) for not seeing the obvious sooner, rather then later. Especially when the benefits actually course corrects NO other route, except for a single linear lined point to be too confusing not to see its own destination properly. Especially when there’s NO single destination for when there’s NO ending point of such a thing that’s “destined” to be a never-ending linear line going on forevermore. Never thinking of many shortcomings to bear witness to, when it could go on a forever “nondirectional” state without ANY distractions available to suddenly swerve it off course and force it (anyways) to bear witness to then direction itself. Something like (direction) it knows little about when also being forced to take on a thing called “responsibility”. (Which sort of adds into sorting out the VERY trippy elements of luck from an assorting categorization!) That quickly turns into an impending consequence!
A linear line is not something you can just play around with in hopes that it would make you a better person. (You do as you “should” be doing that for yourself…!) Whilst a very normal and typical baseline reality doesn’t just laugh at the very commands of an individual’s actions. It literally tries to “shoo” you away when you aren’t acting in it’s very best interests for a proper protocol to perform with. While baseline reality doesn’t even see the BIGGEST problem in itself for what the “benefits” in a linear line could really do for itself. Again, whilst a linear line can’t even reason what’s solely known as a clear distinction of what a “direction” is truly ALL about!
Cattatonicat Jul 2
Why are you teaching them
We hate each other
Why are you teaching them
Their country doesn’t care about their health or education
Why are you teaching them
Their worth is judged by how much they produce

Teach children to feel
Teach children to love
Teach children to forgive
Teach children to learn

Teach children that they can tell
How truly alive they are
By the state of their heart
As  John put it
The incarnated word,
Saint Mary was entitled
To feed Her *******
And Hold, but whom
Juda the culprit
For 30 birr sold
Is almighty God.(John 1:1John 1:12.John 8:58)

Here it should pop up
To your attention
"God is with you!"
Saint Gabriel's to
The Immaculate felicitation.

So God,
Christ is a presiding judge
An inch do not budge
Hearing shallow teachings
Quite strange
Christ killers-turned
-Christ-peddlers on many
A religious forum stage.
As Canaan, awaits
Them a curse
For trying to belittle Christ
Intent to line up their purse.

On the cross
It was the incarnated word
That allowed the repentant
Shieftan on his right
The first greenlight
To heaven of course.

His sons'
Polar opposite deeds
Noah better felt
The visitation of  God
In Shem's tent.(Genesis 9:18-27)

Hence God's incarnation
That still reflect
Are entitled
Membership to the tent,
Which personifies
Saint Mary
The immaculate.

Thus, as the
Chosen generation
True to
Saint Mary's prophesy
Let us echo "The Graceful
And the immaculate!"
Evading Satan's
Yet another bait.
For one who reads the unabridged bible from A to Z Jesus is the presiding judge not a semi God
not everybody needs testimonials,
some dead with colours stroked,
at their feet, unkempt, kettles of rage,
boiling and burning, the heat and it's
conundrums has become a melodrama.
it is searing up wounds, once healed,
now spilling blood and secrets, shared
by ties, times and seas of cooking agony.
testimonials are not for, every wandering soul.
as they're also meant for every locked
Cedric May 18
Striking upon with justice,
Future generations waver.
Life breaks free!
It trembles, shatters, breaks!
He strikes and plows the land,
With death he offers justice.
Man and woman the core price,
Turning into vivid embers.
A poem inspired by Hellsing Ultimate's OST - Monster of God
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