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Jenna Apr 8
Music is music
One can not help their feet
as they move accordingly
One genre is not meant
for a single person alone

Music does not judge
it encourages many
no matter of their race or gender
define yourself in those lyrics
and don't let pop culture get in the way
If I could collect every negative thought you ever had about me.
I would blow them away like a dandelion wish.
Sometimes I wish I could just start over with some people, the ones who judge me before they ever got to really know  me.

We’re all in the same **** now...
The swindlers, the believers,
The cowards, and the leaders.
We’re all in the same **** now...
Welcome to reality,
Welcome to reality.

It’s nothing personal
You were born mortal.
Heaven watches from the skies
But **** waits beneath the lies.
What are you going to do?
When you stand and face
The life you chose.
What excuse will you impose?

The devils are laughing
as they welcome you.
They once believed that
they were special too.

We’re all in the same **** now...
The ******, the healers,
The judges, and the killers.
We’re all in the same **** now....
Welcome to reality,
Welcome to reality.

What are you doing with your life?
What are you doing with your life?
Flash back to Sixteen years
Did you relish in their tears?
What’s waiting for you when you die?
What’s waiting for you when you die?
Rich or poor, we don’t care,
The weight on sin will find you here.

Did you really think that
Doing some good things
Would hide all the stains
On your grubby little hands?

We’re all in the same **** now...
The victims, the abusers,
The winners, and the losers.
We’re all in the same **** now...
Welcome to reality,
Welcome to reality.

Wake up! Your not dead.
Get up from your bed.
We’re still waiting,
We’re still laughing,
We’re still watching you.

What the **** is wrong with me???
Tony Tweedy Apr 3
Of all the people who have done me harm and caused me hurt, the only one I have ever come to hate is me.
G Mar 27
A hungry gaze, dissipated haze. From across the room his hunger stays.

Tears glisten yet no one listens. Madness and depression her brain descends.

Yet she has no choice...she's one of the boys. Get a doctorate, make something of yourself, stop playing with your broken toys...either way you'll be damed to ****..

She lied, they say. Made it all up, they say. He cries his reputation is ruined, I mean he never laid a hand on you anyway...Haven't you ever done something ****** when you're drunk?

Appointed to the highest hall, I guess some people are untouchable after all...

Ah...what it is to be white and male in America..

Land of the free so long as you've paid the fee,
SIT DOWN....Don't you know girls are to be seen not heard?

So, the first time she speaks her mind, the scales of justice pull her taught from behind, all too similar to the predicament she'd find herself in...all those nights ago....

This is the story of a woman who lost it all, trying to save us from the infamous Kavanaugh.

I wonder how many Bretts do you know? How many more have we yet to meet?
This entire suit was an injustice so assault victims everywhere.
Jenna Mar 24
All around, people always look up
So why is it I am attracted to the ground?
Looking up occasionally to search
what is there and isn't
they never stop watching and waiting
to catch my own intimidating gaze
Toxic yeti Mar 24
As a kid jumps
In the rainy
Having a jolly good time
She is faced
With a friendly
Don’t judge a book by its
Don’t judge a dog
By its breed.
Stuck in a straight jacket
That detaches from humanities
That disables civilized thinking
It strangles your insides
And steals compassion
And your breath of life
Withers inside this chasten

In this rubber room
Who’s pads make up your apathetical existence
You rot here like the ***** you take
You die here
Unless you bleed yourself of disrespect
Unless you bleed yourself of disinterest
Unless you bleed yourself of narcissism

Who cares
Your worthless in this state anyway
Find purpose in empathy

Or die here
Exist out of the minds of others
Others who have collective respect
Collective understanding
Collective empathy
And open mindedness

You’re locked here cause you prejudge
Guarded by your own stubbornness
You don’t accept
That you don’t know everyone’s story
You can’t know
You judge anyway

That hippie over there
He’s not a ***** loser
He has a family he loves
Worked hard in construction
And overcame a destructive alcohol and drug abuse
He’s better than you
He’s empathetic
And embraces everyone
Got caught up in my disgusting mind. How ***** I am. Judging people I know nothing about. I hate it. Pathetic.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 14
“Who will judge, as many trudge
through mud, mucking up the rug,
a coating of clay formed by God on a particular day.
Yet talent is ingrained, whether sane or insane,
and verse is treasure or a curse, unrehearsed, dispersed for all to see,
will they applaud or disparage, this marriage of mind and rhyme,
by design aligned, a sign of the times...”

ms. patty m*

once again a thunderbolt command hits between the eyes, on-right
the precise spot where the head aches with desire to fulfill the write!
but to what can I add to this encompassing question already
better answered by the questioner?

who will judge indeed!

all the time and far too often,
the flotsam rises to the surface, when better left ignored,
while the jetsam jets nowhere, buried deep though breathing yet,
on unseen sea bottom of ignorance,
luck of the draw by one who designs, who aligns,
a capricious starscape in the firmament
as well as
the infirmity & ignominy of caskets lying quiet in sea trenches

that the answer herein contained, a supposition,
a poor poets speculation, a soul’s lactation,
the very question is a cyclone bomb by competents
who are blinded+bound+blessed by

the only judge and jury is
your forefingers tip,
if it tremble a-slight
when caressing the key called send,
your cellular fiber
has adjudged worthy,
and no dare disagree

talent and distinction
randomly and irrationally distributed,
but the courageous caress of a send key pressed,
is all that is needed
to impress the only judge and jury
authorized you
in advance to
love yourself insanely well enough
to write
to send for
a request for sentencing
Thursday March 14, 2019 10:51am

N.B. as I said,
patty m asked and answered it bestie better
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