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My Dear Poet Feb 26
a tear dropped
from the face of despair
and wove it’s way down
it’s entangled hair
weaving through waves
of dry dead strands
it untangled the knots
the braids and the bands
sliding ever so slowly
soothing out like oil
every curve and curl
of every anxious coil
straightening the stress
as it falls to the ground
shaking your head off the mess
let your hair hang down
Shley Feb 5
I cut off my hair today.
Destroyed my crown of glory.
Threw off the shackles of beauty.
And I've never felt so free.
Beauty is a burden. And now a weight is lifted.
MuseumofMax Jan 22
Yesterday I noticed a few blonde hairs mixed in my chestnut brown hair

They blend in until I looked closer
Little strands barely there

They reminded me of when when I was a child

Sunny hair and a freckled face
Bright blue eyes and an always smile
Big front teeth and rosy pink lips

I forget what it felt like to have blonde hair
I forgot what it was to feel free

I know my childhood was not all smiles
Mostly rainy days and hiding away

But I cherish the moments when the sun came out
And I laid in the dewy grass talking to the trees

I remember now how I loved my blonde hair
That glowed under the shining stars

I remember now how I smiled when I looked in the mirror
Loving my reflection, my whole self

Now as I stare at those few blonde hairs
I remember how beautiful I can be
I remember the child that still lives within me

I hope she never leaves
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
it is hard to think
of mind when your hair is on
fire put out the fire
Anne Molony Nov 2023
I kiss you as if to confirm you are here. With me. Not going anywhere.

To confirm your presence.

I kiss you as I kiss your hands, as I rub your hands, massaging them to make sure they are real. In disbelief, perhaps that it is your hand in mine and that I have the pleasure of holding it.

I run my fingers down your back, soft, your arms, sturdy. I clutch a wiry coil of hair, yours, in my fist.

I smooth your face. I kiss your face.

It is soft. It is safe. It is kind. It is right.
Jules Harper Aug 2023
First time feeling like Juliet,
staring at you from the balcony
Majestic curly hair,
don’t know if you notice that like I do
Dark brown eyes,
sharp like a knife cutting right into me
And those smile in such hot weather,
somehow a shiver sent down my spine

Talking to your beloved friends,
your laugh could really end me
Don’t know if you know what you’re doing,
but I do know what to
Introducing myself to you,
introducing us, hopefully
That one day you’ll call me darling,
and I’ll call you mine
Last day of being a stage assistant of a 10 50-minute performances. Fun times, met interesting people, one volunteer work that I’ll give 8/10 sincerely grateful for the experiences and exposures.
Looking forward to the future.
Zywa Aug 2023
Her curly hair sings!

And it enchants me, it is --

"The Queen of the Tambourine" (1991, Jane Gardam), § Concerning June 2nd (1990)

Collection "No wonder"
ky Jul 2023
I hated it.
Every single time
you called me beautiful,
I hated it.

I get it;
I have blue eyes,
long hair,
a thin body.
Everything you wanted.

But there's so much more to me than that.

I bet you wouldn't have liked me
if I had shorter hair
and a little extra weight.
That's why I realized I don't want a guy
who constantly calls me beautiful.

I want to be called

Those words say much more about the real me
than "beautiful" ever will.
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