I knew it the moment I saw you today
your love, your devotion for me
came flooding through
from your heart to mine--
you see, I saw the gift
shining there in your eyes
saw the locks you'd shorn
just for me
and then I knew beyond any doubt
that this love you hold
would be a glorious exaltation
that all could see--
for your beautiful gift
will shine so clear and true
and always, always, my love--
I will forever love and adore you!!!
(Thank you!)
©Pamela Rae 04.24.2017

My wedding gift from my true love was to cut his hair short for the first time in many years. A small, but magnificent gesture
to express his unending love
for his beloved soon to be bride.
(I am so incredibly Blessed!)
Dust Song Jan 24

Light and joy, wind, and passion, sweet amber grain and intricate whispers arrayed atop your  brow bringing glory to you to your handsome face and something yes something I remember from so long ago dangles in between the strands. I long to touch it, to wrap it in my fingers and hold it to my lips to breathe in this faded thing that rest amidst the curls this that is so hard to place. Ive seen it in my mothers face and have cried for it in fervent prayer It is as a memory, a scent, a feeling,  a gripping command for happiness intense but also quiet and vague. It is love and so much more it is where I sleep it is where I dream, it is a waive that washes up upon the beaches of my pillow. I lost myself in it bound between it's feathers, yes lost but not unreachable you have only to pull me down in to your lips and there is where I will be forever conquered between the two

Sandoval Apr 19

I am so alone, but you are so blind.

There's plenty in this world that seek solace in

my words.  They come to me, play with the tangles

in my hair, but you, distant cold you, the only one I

have eyes for, just don't care to be my muse.


Purple-heart Apr 17

It's been a long time since I seen you
It's hard not been able to see you.

Sometimes I sit and daydream all about you
The little people sometimes do something and reminds me of you ♡

It's hard missing you but was so easy loving you..

I miss many things but your number 1 :/

Chris Neilson Apr 16

The meek don't inherit the earth
with a military goosestepping parade
in front of the weary watching world
in a shameless warmongering charade

If 2 wrongs really don't make a right
then 2 powerful men with bad hair
should leave their missiles and twitter
or risk an apocalyptic nightmare

Stating the obvious I know, but we do currently have some very scary world leaders
Benjamin A S Apr 13

Lost control...
Urges like
pins and needles
pierce and numb
First finger and thumb
move with misplaced

Written on 07/04/2017
Daina Apr 9

The night grows to an end
a silk blanket of red
rests on my right shoulder
the sleepy windows adjacent to mine
open and close rather slowly,
revealing their blue topaz treasures
I read the clock
and yet
I don't care
I touch her wise lips
they gently whisper under my finger tips
to me
like no other
I love you

Lori Apr 8

she found me under her yellow desk
its insides were white i was brougnt to light
in shadows i glowed neon bright
raging screaming against the night
i am a single strand of blond hair
i am missing from someone's head

maybe from a boy running a hand through
his hair out of frustration and rejection
a girl gathering her hair into a ponytail
before her daughter could pull it or from
arms stretched to touch her shoulders
fingers and nails got Rapunzel tangled
perhaps it was a wise man scratching
his head solving his next breakthrough

she walked in and watched her hold
the strand in the window light
you almost couldn't see it so she
asked why she was so fascinated
shook by a strand of blond hair
she's stricken, why does it matter?

i am the blonde hair, a single strand,

Redo of undervalued, fortuitousness prompt of Napowrimo Day 7. Will practice more and post more of these. I really like it so far.
Paige Davis Mar 27

I will admit that sometimes I go
a little too long without showering.
But, it's only because when I look at
social media and I just see every girl I've ever known looking beautiful and perfect before 9 a.m having a whole day of
And, I mean, I know what I look like.
Even with clean hair, I don't compare by a mile.
My body is chubbier, and weirder.
My hair is patchy, yet too thick with a constant dry texture.

So... Why bother?
Even when I spend hours trying to straighten my hair, it never lasts more than two minutes.
Throw in makeup and I can't even put on mascara.

I suck at being a girl.

Blaise Flowers Mar 20

somewhere in distant
horizons breathes my muse.
dawn comes to me in a dream.

while the sun's early rays
embrace him
he widens his soft brown eyes, he smiles…

darkness hands me my landscape
in silence as i breathe, staring,
my heart is carried along this imaginary line.

as he sips his cup,
warm within this daylight glory,
the morning adores him and he smiles…

a glimmer, a faint hint of light i see
of grapefruit bubbles and raspberry tea,
like fireflies on the midnight hill.

he strides his fingers across the curtains,
running his hands through his hair, sighing softly, gazing away at
blue morning grandeur skies, and he smiles…

pastels in yellow flow around my scene
and i relish in the comely gold light for at last,
across the distance, we are gazing at the same sun,

and he smiles…

i love my cuuutie
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