Everything is imperfect-
The space
Between your eyes.
The crooked white
Inside your half-smile.
The choppy,
Paper-cutting scissor bangs
That frame your face.

You chopped them late
In a dim lit bathroom.
Flickering neon against the blade.

Tucking tounge under breath,
Chunks of midnight strands
Refracting grey-silver dreams
Fell to the floor like splinters
Hurled from breaking wood.

With crescent moons
Formed on each cheek,
The mirror smiled.

Guden 3d

And you move around
Your bedroom
Down between your legs
On your head
In my mouth.
And I get a taste of you
Breathing in your breathing out.
And we touch
I lick
Every part
Not covered in clothes,
We're naked.
And morning comes
The room gets heated
Is it the sun?
Is it the fire in your hair?
Between your legs?

When I close my eyes I see your face
And wish to feel your warm embrace.
I run my fingers through my hair,
And wish instead that you were there.
I wake up craving the touch of your skin,
The warmth of your breath,
You pull me right in.
Everything about you is extraordinary.
And how you surprise me with the weight that you carry.
The weight of the world you try to rest on your shoulder,
And when you’ve had enough you still balance that boulder.
I wish that you knew that it isn’t required,
That you give up yourself to lift everyone higher.
To think of yourself every once and awhile,
And do something for you to make yourself smile,
Does not make you selfish,
Does not make you cruel.
There is no such reason to stand by that rule.
You may not be perfect in all eyes that see
But there’s no other being more perfect for me.

Hair secured like a bonnet around the back of her mind
flowing down like a water-fall divided by crag over cliffs,
I look back and its in a tail but hardly pony, almost as long as our conversations, talking about the tunes got me loony,
cant wait to call you roomy, see you when your'e moody,
Soft hands molded like the clay they manipulate,
Soft words bolded by the way they abdicate, from her lips,
Oh my, you have me falling, floating, oh wait I think I just tripped.

Hunter Cyrus Nov 5

The water strains through your hair,
Little droplets flung into the air as you turn.
Your smile at me,
The slight exasperation from your lips.
“Do I have to?” You ask.
“Of course,” I clap.
The brush hits your hair,
A knot makes you grimace.
Your hair slowly puffs,
You finish and present.
I proclaim my great satisfaction.
You huff your irritation,
Your head a puffy fluff of hair.
One look at my simple smile,
And you plan to say yes if I ask again.

Inspired by a past relationship. The small things are the most precious.
Dani Oct 30

I am rolling hills with vibrant tulips as far as the eye can see,
I am savannah with boundless sunshine, flora and fauna wild and carefree
I am thick forest with trees who stand tall and strong and extend their arms to the sky,
I am luscious jungle untamed and heavy and saturated with blossoms and vines.

I am gorgeous in every part of me, regardless of the sharpened gazes
pointed towards me like spears.
I am powerful in every part of me because I dare to be me,
sharpening my own spears in self defense.

My jungle is the strongest part of me,
A landscape of coarse trunks along the curves of my legs,
A tangled mass of vines on the undersides of my arms,
An unruly bush to accompany trunks at the place where they meet.

I rule my jungle in confidence and wield my own spears
To let the savages know that I am unafraid and comfortable
whether my jungle is tamed or left uncut.

Henry Koskoff Oct 26

hair dark
slick and swift
the skin between my fingers gliding through

skin dark
caramel dreams
ashkenazi schemes

eyes dark
hot springs
placed there
for me to swim in

wholesome clothes
wholesome glasses
wholesome hand
wholesome body

dense but airy
not douchey but very there

tangible torso
in my bed please

jaw and face
cutting but gentle
in the cup of my hand

warming smile

his lips on mine

Majid Oct 20

Slam the door with silence, no friction
Your deathbed awaits by the sun
Facing it, with your right hand tickling the moon
Left one carrying a gun

“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
Whispers, as I wait for the sun
“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
At the galaxy’s edge, I stump

Where a dress made in heaven
Specially for her November
For her special mirror she wore
My chest shivers, as she carries me

My chest shivers, as she opens the door
Take me to the galaxy’s edge
Wear me upon your hazel hair
To let go of my old one

From a nameless stone fix me
Into living bones fix me
I sink into your mind
When it turns to be a black hole

Endless, with sensational blares
Echoing at the endless core
Take me to the sun
My only one, my only home

My mind convulses into spasms!
While I nap over her ocean
Where light wins every fight
Where darkness’s fading, I live

For a new life I live
For a new shadow of mine
Lifted by her soul
Lifted unbroken

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