Laura 21h

my hair
blowing into my face
sticking to my lips
soaking up the salt air
sitting beside
our gazing stares
and slight scare

unfamiliar, exciting
fresh and exhilarating
talking about things
we'll never understand
like the stars
and why our fathers
distract themselves with cars

you pushed the hair
out of my eyes
a side swept brush
your hand touching
my face
i'm still
chasing that rush

I met a boy this summer, and we went on this date where we just sat and talked for hours. The way he so confidently pushed the hair out of my face was so simplistically romantic.

My limbs are holding on by a string.
They just dangle there unable
To make their presence known.
Or even be helpful to my broken body.

My eyes are blurry with tears
and sunken in. I am unable to see anymore.
All my vision brings me are blurry images
Of the Evil world I once new and belonged to.

My hair is disintegrating.
The strands still left are a dull grey.
They serve no purpose to me anymore.
But still I leave it down on my shoulders.

My lips are a bright pink.
They are my everything.
They reveal the lovely white teeth
waiting to be found.

My lips are the key to my happiness. 
The key to my purpose.
They release the words that no one else can say.
The words no one else dare to speak.

My lips are my anchor to this world.
I speak about everything.
I release my wisdom like droplets of water
in a running faucet. 

My lips are my World.
My lips are my Happiness.
My lips are my Pride.
My lips are my Everything.

"Flower and stars"
"Beautiful things, for beautiful people"
"My dress and your eyes?"
"I'm looking up again, am I?"
"Keep gazing Wanderer, I don't mind"
"But let my hand fall behind your head?"
"Only if you promise to stay beside me"

"And we can stare at the night"
"And you might give me a fright"
"Don't be scared my dear!"
"With me you've got nothing to, fear?"
"Where else should we go?"
"With you, no place we've known!"

"So finish this champagne with me"
"And one last bite for good"
"This one, looks perfect in your hair"
"You seem to be my own constellation"
"Will you bloom near me?"
"Will you pass me by?"

"Keep me close to you
On the ground, moving up"

"Let me see you
High up there, high on our luck"

Those moments when you're so in tune with a person that even your dreams are aligned

if you start at the bottom
you won’t rip it all out
if you work your way up
if you give yourself time
now just work through the middle
you will get to the top
you just have to wait
cus you don’t want dreadlocks

let it grow out from within
you're still still
just a row of sharp pins
it's ok
untangle it
and the comb will slide though
and the shampoo is out
i get side tracked, i'm sorry
in dark you see light
for me it's too bright
who thought who was right?

i don't know any thing
but the conditioner goes in
just at the very tips
it's ok don't be scared
and you know that he’ll care
when he feels just how soft
but you knew he was there
you just somehow forgot

and its tears and it's wet
and its fear its just running
right here
let water run down
let it wash itself out
when the stuff is all gone
you can open your eyes
you can see all too bright
but just focus on the tiles
as you sit on clean ground
you're not lost, you're not found

now all you hear is the water
and song in your mouth
and you know that he’ll care
when you've washed it all out
you just had to come clean
you just can’t be so mean
and you don’t have to rush

no you don’t need to run
just to write it all down
it was there all along
if you keep it in mind
you won’t ever be scared
it wont ever be gone

if you sit and just stop
it's a circle
a swirl
it's so smooth
a whisper
a beautiful pearl
you don’t have to prove points
and you don’t have to right wrongs
cus truth will be
and it will be so long

now you don’t need the light
and you don’t need the dark
if you learn to trust fear
you can turn it all off
you can see through it all
but wait why would you want to?
a dreams just a scream on your television screen

just watch your own thought
nothing's lost
nothing's bought
a divide just a line
with two dots either side
close your eyes

i'll always still care
i'll always be there
to wipe any of your windows
i wont leave you in mess
just my dress in your treasure chest

could go on and on and on
but i'll be late for escape
can't be so awake
so just stop
do or don't create?
a space
a place
or face
i don't know
so just wait for the next embrace
leave me a trace everywhere
i am scared
im notscared

now i’ll turn off the light
and i'll sleep well tonight

Peter Balkus Sep 14

When I stroke her hair
she doesn't say a word,
she pretends she doesn't notice,
that she doesn't care.

I pretend I stroke them
kinda randomly,
not thinking of anything,
not feeling anything.

When I stop,
I know she craves for more,
but she won't tell me,

And when I stop
she bets I wish I didn't,
but she knows well
that I won't admit it.

Kevin Swiney Sep 12

Blue as the sky with short curly red hair,

Someone who minded to share

I found that love brought us as one

I had even hoped for a son

Your eyes are hauntingly addictive when I used to stare

Now all I know is that I still care

We looked towards every single star

Or at least I did when we drove in your car,

I hate this
velvetstunner Sep 11

half up
heavy lids
matted hair
soaked sheets
rough night
before 6 a.m
only laughing matters occured
some messed up shit
better be forgotten.

Aubergine hair falls straight to her thighs.
Tantalizing the spine with it's delicate waves.
The air is deep green and she can't decide
Whether to stay in this dream
Or to open her eyes.

Shofi Ahmed Sep 8

Without it earth is no earth,
I (the primeval feminine)
have no doubt, the prophet
circle is my witness I touched
the bottom of her water!

Zeroed into her zero neigh
and circled it with my hair,
laid down for it the hardwired
foundation with my circle.

The hair on my face,
had me going through
High School.
I wanted to skip to
Graduation, so I could
be a caveman.

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