you didn't open your eyes once.
you didn't want to see how much i was in love with you.
we sat there in the back of your car
kissing like there was no tomorrow.
but you never once opened your eyes to look at me.
you did smile..
with those perfect teeth...
your lips parting just enough
where i could feel them against my lips.
your eyes never opened.
i pushed your hair back...
maybe you were blinded by the coarse strands of golden brown hair?
i pushed and pushed but your eyes never opened.
maybe those eyes  didn't want to see who they were touching.
they just wanted the sensation of the touch.
your eyes never opened that night
and i never once got to see
those glazed brown eyes staring back at me.
Kai 5d
a girl with flaming hair
and her eyes were as clear as her mind
but never wanting to be apart of me

a small girl
with inky hair
making my heart bleed with
all the reasons i loved her

a boy who i visit every week
who knew
gravestones didn't talk back

my grandmother
her words slapping me
so her hands didn't have to

my eyes sparkling
my heart fluttering
a smile on my lips
i regret losing myself

i regret you.
this is just a poem.
"And she would run her
gentle, icy fingers
through my hair
like frosty wind
would caress me
on cold winter mornings."
"And her hair
were like the ocean
that fell onto me
like strong wind tides
and turned me into salt."
sar Feb 14
freckle lined and hued with pink
angled gently in a curved facade
red, curled and pillowed
over her face and around
her ear.
coppered brown flick her
eye and eye and eye
trickle down, find
the bridge and there
organ of inhalation.
the arch of hair
lead over her forehead
blank in between
pointing downward to end
at the tip of her lip.
a lip turned coral
by the line of blood
traveled continually
hill to hill to hill.
her ear linked to the
gentle flaked cover
of her body.
word after word
floating from her throat
murmured into heartache
of an adrift lover.
marking her cheek up
and down
placed darkly
and with magic.
i had to write a lipogram describing my face without the letter "s". tada.
*ps. "organ of inhalation" was the only way i could think to say "nose"
Cyndi Marie Feb 8
I have visions of me
Standing in a sun beam
In one of your cabled sweaters
Too big for me
But thick, warm, white, and comfy
On a deck we built
To add to our dream home
There's a field of tall grass
Behind me, and it stretches for miles
My hair is soft brown and long
Blowing in the gentle morning breeze
You bring me a cup of coffee
Still wearing that same beanie
You've been wearing since I've known you
Your broad smile takes up your whole face
Disappearing only when you reach for a kiss
And there it is returned
You wrap an arm around me from behind
And we stand there
Sipping coffee and enjoying the stillness of us
I daydream about this constantly. It's an outward perspective. And all I can see is a couple that loves each other more than anything.
maya Feb 8
.1. Your eyes glimmer and beam when you talk about something you're passionate in. The rest of the world needs to view that beauty your voice speaks when the potential flows out of your mouth like tiny ballet dancers frolicking over your lips. Those lips touch together every time you say 'M' and now you're trying to see if you can say it without closing your lips. The curiosity of a young toddler trapped inside your body that must be discovered so before that happens, you will stay alive.

2. Your feet spring around from time to time because you're either excited or anxious; or both. The ground has savored every single moment your feet taps its skin, the cracks in the pavements have relished the instant your feet stumble against the stone pelt. Even so, just the movement of your body in contact with its exterior is appreciated.

3. Your hair bounces when you bob your head to music. Those perfect waves and curls, those bangs that hide your delicate face understands your sadness; why you're listening to that song or that rage and anger that persuades you to yell and cry. It's just a moment and you will get through it.

4. Your hands, as they write rhymes and comments and stories and virtues about life. Your radiant but soft complexion reflects the silence you have brought upon yourself. Your voice tells you to pipe up but nothing comes out. Promise yourself that you will not suffer in silence but paradise in flamboyant noise.

5. Your stomach that metabolizes; constantly at work to process the fuel that keeps you alive. The same stomach that plays perfect outside but loosens inside. The one perfect enough as you are, but displays your decisions.

6. Your arms lift you up each and every day.
7. Your waist who reminds you that you are perfect and worth it.
8. Your knees, elbows, and wrists that help you move; leaving you in pain or lively motion; or in relaxed gestures.

9. Your heart; your heart is on fire and you would need not one, but two buckets of water to even try extinguishing it. Burning with eagerness and love, no hate settling within. That heart, that keeps pumping and pumping, never allowing you to weaken and perish.

10. Your body; that does everything it possibly can to keep you alive.
Maverick Feb 6
The smell of your cancer
Lingers in my hair
Shaved it off
So maybe someday
I can feel
Your fingers
You came back
For a day and a half
And i fell for you again
Head over heels
Loving your sweet sea blue eyes
Beautiful blond hair
And your voice
To perfect to describe
And even though you didn't say a word to me
Just being able to see you again
Was magical
You came back!!!
If only for a few hours
mrc Feb 3
if you think i'm magical now
you should've seen me when my
hair floated behind me on a
phantom wind with a second goodbye
after walking past
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