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LC 4d
the breeze tickles her hair 
and takes her worries with it. 
the sun wants a break
just for a little while.
she misses the sun,
but knows it needs a minute.
she'll be here when it's ready.
Oscar Valdez Sep 26
You are a poem that can't be written by my hand, only narrated to this world by your walk, your laugh, that wonderful smile, the starshine in your eyes, the river in your eyes could read you forever...
Jemima Mitra Sep 26
Amber flames lick moonlight off your forehead
Upon your beating chest I lay my bed
Your fire warms the jade stones trapped in your eyes
You swallow dark grey skies with your sunrise

And sometimes you will unleash your turquoise
In small dripping jewels I will lick the noise
To dry your face and speak against the storm.
Soon enough you return to feeling warm.

Red dwarf darling, you will blister my heart
Constellations on your back from the start
Have seduced and held hostage my fingers

This love that we share is one that lingers
A supernova shining for a while
Erupting through with your crooked teeth smile.
This poem brings a surprise,
Once I came home with bits of pies
In my hair, kids did what they dare,
Food fights all over everywhere,
All part of sacramental life,
Church celebrations full of strife,
No, I am not kidding,
In cream puffs we were skidding,
This Dracula  finally left the scene,
You try teaching all those tweens!
Feedback welcome Old teachers have hides like elephants!
She doesn't need her hair
To escape from his tower
She just needs to decide
To open the door and go
©LadyRavenhill 2019
Chicken Sep 22
She’s like a corpse
Following me down the street
Brushing past me in the shop
To get her kicks, because she’s deadened
All that lives
Is her hair
It’s still there, somehow
Charged by something other than her
Maybe it’s 5G.
Ryan Nash Sep 19
Do you know how long it will get?

It will flutter in the breeze
and tickle the side of your face.

It will wrap itself
around your ankles,
and lift you high
using all of its strength.

It will bear the force of the winds,
soak up the sorrow of the rains,
and reflect the heat of the sun.

It will twist and slither
across the ground,
take us by the hand,
and pull us close together.
tangled up on a hammock
beach hair, golden skin.
a haiku
Steve Page Sep 18
I sit with you, mutually leaning comfortably as we tremble on the sofa with Adam ******* filling our evening with laughter and I breath in your aroma - that bouquet of shampoo that you prefer to all the other scents offered in the ad breaks.

I'm no good at remembering brands or labels and your bottle of choice doesn't appear on the screen anymore in any case, but I know the smell of you fresh from the shower,

and you fill my head with happiness.
Saw a shampoo advert and thought of this.
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