sammy 2d
your hair’s so damn distracting
it’s gorgeous, yes,
slicked back or even gelled up into the punk rock staple
of I hate my parents
but it pulls me away from your face
like a sucker for half-assed romance novels
your doe like hazel eyes
draw me in
your bumpy nose
rocks against mine and makes me giggle
your lopsided grin
makes it so easy to get lost in kisses
but when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs
about how much fucking hairspray you need for the next show
it gets me wondering
and wondering is always bad, but,
did it ever occur to you that girls will still love you even if you don’t grease your hair up
did it ever occur to you that I will still love you
but then again,
you’ll eventually just get a haircut
written in 2014
Dippes 4d
When birds refused to sing and wind refused to blow.. i met a girl with light brown eyes and a nice smile, with glitter in her hair and She reminded me of the rain and
sun at the same time.
I'm left
here in
her wierd
world of
frosty stripes
but a
coup d'etat  
recycle today's
beliefs in
her pumps
and charcoal
stole and
rather than
fine this  
love affair
it changed
the world
When the tide was high
I loved to hang over the edge.
Rising and falling.
The gap widening then closing.
No longer visible to shore.
I'd lean over.
The wind thumping me in the chest.
My lips peeled in joy.
Well conditioned hair.
My fingers lost in wave after wave.
The sails filled in a gust.
My fingers folded between the current.
I a stow away.
Finding my way to the helm.
My hand lost in a sea of hair.
Sailing towards the horizon
Ender Royalty Apr 17
You make me feel
All by a single glance
Is it your alluring hazel eyes
That put me in a peculiar trance
Where I'm impulsive to defy
Or your fading red hair
That stops me where I stand
To allow my inner heart to repair
That gives me the urge to grab your hand
Is it your every brown freckle
That makes me yearn to kiss you
Without caution or being fearful
That gives me the ability to pursue
Is it your perfect curves
Unlike anybody elses
That makes me stutter my words
And for get all my stresses
Or is it your style
That gives me the will to live
Responsible for my every smile

You truly are a gift
The words I think about every single day
But just can't say
Your top knot,
It looks so cute.
My top knot…
        Does not.

Your top knot,
It makes you seem young and fun.
My top knot…
        Does not.

Your top knot,
It’s a little messy but not too messy; really just the perfect amount of messy.
My top knot…
        Looks like a sad, wispy rat’s nest.

Your top knot,
It’s fucking perfect.
My top knot…
        What top knot? I’m wearing my hair down. Who’s talking about top knots?
Last night I had a little too much to drink.
How much is too much?
Hmmm, lemme think...


I got bangs! Did you hear me?
I got fucking bangs!
But this wasn't a pro job...
I gave myself bangs.

Are the bangs a good haircut?
Do the bangs frame my face?
All solid questions;
It depends on your taste:

Should bangs be all jagged?
Should they move on their own?
Is it cool if they’re aflutter,
Like I’m always windblown?

Should bangs be greasy, and stringy, and frizzy?
And this here bangs cowlick, does it make me look pretty?

I was going for Taylor Swift, circa 2010.
What I got was a late ‘80s George Harrison.

These bangs are a problem,
I’m starting to think.
Maybe I can fix them,
After another strong drink.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is in the rain.
Love is hair all wet.
Love is running make-up.
Love is looking perfect.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Robert Apr 14
I'm not really sure what is it I like
About you
Maybe it's your pretty face
With a cute little smile
And big glasses hiding your eyes
Your long hair clipped behind
Two ears or falling in front
Of your face making it hard
To see you in full
Maybe it's the fact you seem calm
Quiet and shy
Studying by yourself with no one to talk
I'm not yet sure but the fact
That I like you so much
staysha Apr 13
There once was a girl
Who collected all creatures
All with at least one curl
she had screechers
And when passing she would say hi merl
Or hey mr. preachers
But all of them were well
Well fed well mannered and even well.. Pampered
For if they wanted anything they would just ring a bell
They would scamper
Here and scamper there
For every where they may play
As long as they don't touch their hair
Then they may do as wish as long as they obey
It was a sad thing if they did not listen
For example the day casey braided her hair
Oh how her eyes did glisten
With a mischievous flair
When she was caught you could see realization in her eyes
And soon after her hair was bleached and turned green
And tried a many lies.
But the look Gave her away
now i am sure you can find the moral. But if you can’t i will help do not disobey
your elders or they may dye your hair.
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