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Luiz 2h
I've been waiting an eternity for you to arrive Darling
why are you shaking like a leaf in the wind…

this is our moment to surrender to our longing...
come close Baby
slide on these of hands of lust
that extend with love from my soul
invisible hands onto your
beautiful contours

hands that explore familiar grounds
then go and delicately
caress your elegant neck and shoulders...
gracefully massaging and
gently squeezing your pains away

your shaking has subsided now Honey
I lean closer
jealous lips now whisper gently on your left ear...

“Como te quiero Amor…
ámame, como yo a ti...bésame Preciosa!”

you don’t know Spanish you say
yet you know exactly what to do with those words
your shaking now to a calm and steady

go to the rhythm of my heartbeat
that heartbeat that is one with yours
quietly the beat deafens all good morals

torture me with that tease...
we gray out from my black soul and
your white disappearing innocence

but you know how I like it Love...
tare that fucken last piece off you!

No puedo detenerme Amor...tu atracción
es más que mi peleo!

drawn to you….irresistible!

I am the hard steel
upon your body...
an electrified sensual magnet
In the eye of an electric storm

let it loose! Fuck it!
lustful instincts take control...

you pull me by the hair…
throw me against the wall!

I am good...perfect!
but for one thing at this moment...
to make you forget about him
and don’t worry Baby
that bitch is the last thing
on my mind…

Come! HERE! NOW!

wild growling
muffled moaning
greedy with lust, you take me whole!
I am your victim
your willing slave
Oh! Goddess!

you feed upon me
I feed upon you
sinful ambrosia….

one soul lost upon storming moments of bliss…

indistinguishable shadows
and silhouettes
twisting and twirling
in the eye of the storm

we are pieces of the same
puzzle fitting together
both twirl and moan
twist and contort!
and as one we conspire...

manifest malicious pleasures
that break
whole religions
with carnal sins!

grab me by the hand!
face to face
soul to soul
lock and key...

run with me!

I see God in the distance
open the door!

run the distance!
do you feel his smile?
do you feel my smile?

run Baby….
we're almost home
let God in!

touched by the hand of God

time stops
this moment is


untainted by guilt or the past

-Luiz (running) Syphre
© 2017 M&M Edition
carmen 1d
you feel like heaven
between my thighs
when you fill my soul
stars form before my eyes
the way you breathe is intoxicating,
primal and raw in my ear
the way you hold me is maddening,
so close to you and dear
the world melts away
when your lips meet mine
or you catch my Monroe gaze
i'm in love with you Mr. Ocean Eyes
you taste like sin
and the trouble i'm in
i'm drunk off the way you speak to me
so fast and cheap
i miss your hand clenched
around my frail throat
and your hotboxed car
filled to the brim with smoke
Daddy, don't be mean
you're forever my King
no need to doubt my loyalty
when pretty kitty treats you like royalty
ur tha only one for me, daddy
Lydia 1d
Growing up I was always told,

I never knew how hard both of those things really were to do
I grew up and
became confused about who I am
and I found myself at times too weak to say anything when I knew something was wrong
What if I my parents told me that growing up
in hopes that I could do the things they never found the courage to?
O liar lover!
Your biggest lies "I love you babe,  more than me and my father-mother"
I remember your words
And every falsehood will be judged one day!
That day I opened my pants zipper:
I'll piss your dirty face!
What is insult?
I'll teach you.
Rubbish slut girl
No one will look at you;
Nobody will show sympathy;
You will cry,
Nobody can hold your hand,
I'll kick you
In your face and chest
I will kick your stomach!
I will tattoo your whole body
"You are a liar! You are a scam! You're a whore! You're a street nerd dog!"
Bitch now go to hell....
If you despise me, remember, I do not have time to fuck you
Her name was Cné, Lizzy, Santita, Tangerine
she told me she was new in town, fresh upon, the scene
we danced the tango, mamba
we loved in the horizontal thunda
and I know she was in splendor, the moment that, she creamed
;D ya had to be there....
Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad were hot stuff in my day LOL!
When our lips glanced at each other,
i could have sworn the eclipse happened, time paused for the beauty, the angels sang.
When weird and beautiful mix, something beautifully magical is created.
I could feel my soul burn from your passionate fire.
Our passion is like diesel in an engine, without you my life breaks down.
With you, kissing became a tool where heaven meets hell and becomes one.
While my lips dances on your lips, may your river flow and may my hands take you to Mars.
As you breathe hard, may I become your oxygen, take me like you would suffocate without me.
For the river had flown, love had been made, kisses had been kissed, touches had been touched.
There shall be tears on the kiss.
A sensual picture of what it feels like to kiss and be intimate with someone for the last time.
Lauren Bloss Sep 1
The sound of the blistering gunshots pound in my ringing ears,
Bringing on a headache of a thousand wounds,
Impenetrable by the outside force,

The sight of the innocent fallen colors from the opinions of others brought to a vicious reality and physicality that would slaughter the purest of souls,
Bringing fear that is everlasting and never forgotten in my mind that shall remain forever damaged,

The feeling and sense of the souls that hammer my barely beating heart,
My breath burning slower like a fire dying out,
I try and scream but all that would come was a faint and distant shout,

The uttermost terrifying taste of the foul air,
So bad that the puke climbing up to my throat shall retreat before execution,
I mutter to myself This is not fair"

The most agony and torment any individual may be so unfortunate as to experience,
The smell of the rage and the misery filling my nostrils as I try to keep striving for what I have arrived here for,

Before I stand once again I notice the blood on my dirtied and culpable hands,

I fall to the ground so lost that I have forgotten to feel the unforgiving wound in my chest,
The guilt stabbed harder than any bullet ever could and ever would,
And as I took my final breath I vowed to myself,
To never fight over opinion and shame ever again,
Or I shall die once and for all.
This is a metaphor, however, I wrote this to allow you to decide how you interpret it.
Greg Jones Aug 29
I’m overwhelmed, I’m underprepared,
I’m under the guise of someone ready for the world.
I’m too scared to speak, afraid of myself,
Worried about what the world wants from me.

I had all these thoughts circle my mind,
Locked in my room praying tomorrow won’t come.
My heart’s in my throat, I’m starting to choke,
Hiding behind the safety of my youth.

I hear my dad saying,
“It comes about-face.
When you’re least expecting it.
So handle it like a man.”

But I’m just a boy.
Iska Aug 29
My darling,
Before you set out to change the world,
The world will change you as well.
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