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Asia 6d
Your voice came in and gently soothed my ears,

it took me away like a thief in the night.

Your voice had blindly taken me.
Your eyes set in and hypnotized me, giving me memories
i had to keep hidden away in my closet.
Wanting to release it all, but the look in your eyes said
"save it"
Your mouth captivated me and held me in like a prisoner.
With every word and with every kiss, i was stuck.
You came in and stayed in my house where i felt like a safe princess,
and simply treated me as if i was a visitor because it was no longer 'my home.
In those moments i realized
Your voice was no longer soothing, it became angry like a monster and became trapping, almost fooling.
Your eyes were now only giving me memories i wish to disintegrate, those eyes are now dangerous.
Your mouth lost its calm caramel taste and became a ripe illusion. Your words were no longer dependable and very quickly, your mouth became a
All in all, you became deadly.
Maybe now, once i revive from my killer,
i will learn to lock my doors
From an unhealthy relationship, this poem is showing how things once were and what they once looked like and then how they quickly went downhill. Showing how i let him in my house (my heart) as a stranger and treated him with love and everything, ignoring all the red flags and what the effects caused. I wrote this poem not for self pity but so that anybody who reads can also learn to maybe next time lock their doors and see who's outside before letting them in.
Erika Feb 9
loving you
is easier
Caitlin Feb 8
I'm that age that suicide comes up in casual conversation.
One half of the room thinks its selfish.
The other half are dead.
I'm that age that your doctors don't give a ****.
Because all the 20 somethings are healthy.
Except the ones that aren't.
I'm that age when my parents want grandkids.
Me too Mom, but life is funny like that, I guess.
I'm that age that all my friends are drunk or depressed.
But most of the time its both.
And we are toeing the line of fun and alcoholism.
I'm that age when I should get a better job.
But the job wants experience.
Which is why I need the job.
I'm that age that is responsible for killing the radio store.
And chain restaraunts
And literally everything else that I can't afford
So who cares if its dead?
I'm that age stuck in the honeymoon phase.
But the honeymoon phase wasn't great to begin with.
And God forbid that it ever ends.
I'm that age that shows up in all the statistics.
Ya know, the ones about failing marriages
Single parents with no idea who the father is.
Or another name written in black, carved into a headstone.
I'm that age that I never expected to survive to.
So now I'm confused.
What was I supposed to do
when 18 came and I was still alive?
I barely saw sixteen, and I have to do this for 50 more years.
I'm that age that knows how to set up my elderly neighbor's Facebook
but I can't figure out how to save enough money
That I won't end up homeless if I come down with cancer.
I'm that age that has a plethora of information at my fingertips,
the musings of Socrates and the masterpieces of Mozart.
But I watch 6 second videos because my attention span was stolen
by the drugs I was put on
to sit still in class so I could learn about paralellograms.
I'm that age that I'm supposed to have my **** together.
But honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing.
Just trying to make it to Friday,
so I can drink away the mistakes I've made.
I guess I'm just at that age.
carmen Feb 5
there is something I have never talked about;
a consummation you'd **** me for,
if you found out.
lying there with bleach blonde hair,
cold ******* gaze;
He told me He loved me in the sweetest ways.

chandelier glows soft with frozen rays
as Pretty Boy gets lost inside my crystal bouquet.
I just perch there staring down at Daddy-Babe
as He whispers heavy all the ways
He'll make me pray.

waves come in and touch my toes
as I purr into his pillow and make it known
that Babydoll's not going anywhere;
His infectious affection's got me hooked like a drug,
crying softly in his neck as he groans.
I am the closest thing to Heaven He has ever known.

all the promises He makes and keeps
lead me to believe His heart is pure
and He deserves the best of me.
of all the men I've come to love,
He's the vision of God I've been waiting for.
for Him
girl gonzo Jan 23
former selves in the scribble of some crooked writing
middle of reformed books, evolved journals
i was in them and now i'm not
into the mirror
but when i point at you
its me that walks away feeling


i don't know you anymore
but maybe i never did
evolution of personalities
mint Jan 22
I have felt the weight of so many feelings pile up inside me over the years
The top layer of myself is composed of a loss for words
I fell in love once and back then it was as if the words would never stop flowing out of me
Poem after poem pouring out of my soul about a girl who i ended up falling so completely out of love with
Ever since then i have looked at my notebooks, stray post it notes once equipped for a passionate flurry of words to be smattered onto and then neatly folded into an origami heart  
I’ve looked at them and felt only loss
Falling out of love overtook me as slowly as falling in
Shy moments persistently becoming noticed until i realized that
I wasnt who i used to be when this all began
And honestly?
I dont know who i am anymore
I really don’t
And perhaps that’s why i havent found the words yet
These past few months i have been urging myself to write, write, write,
You know you will want to remember what this is like so write
But i looked inside myself and all i saw was a confusing blob, a living person with questions for organs and i didn’t know what to do
What had become of who i was
And so i pushed writing away
Words that so easily poured from my fingertips, trapped behind a self made dam
I felt silly
I feel silly
How to i begin to describe that i no longer recognize myself
That the image of who i was
A scared angry depressed teenager has been smeared at, scratched away with rough greedy hands
And i am left looking at an empty husk of an adult
A living breathing ‘what could be’
And i am lost
And i dont know
I must really admit, i know nothing- at all.
i havent written a poem in months. I kept stressing and worrying so i decided to just, let my brain do what it wants. And this is wat it did.
I'm tired of lies.
I'm so **** confused.
Are you real or
am I being used?

Hope shouted out
with joy from the shrine.
Believe in Him,
leave fear behind.

Entrust your faith
and you shall recieve,
everything we've taught
our flock to believe.

Except for those
who go above and beyond.
Rather, in pain
their lives shall be donned.
Allison Wonder 2019
Luiz Jan 16
On an uneventfull
Monday afternoon,
she lays in bed dressed
in black laced lingerie

Then, a glowing,
vibrating screen
reads: "Hubby cell"

She starts:

My darling,

I've had a bad day
I'm tired, done and

right now
I could really use
your sweet lips
to numb my ails

I won't take time with
the usual foreplay,
not today!

I'm flying home
still dressed in my
3 piece suit and
I'm making a crash
landing on the couch


That's right!

and when I get to that
leather reclyner
you're coming out
the bedroom

you'll be wearing
your 4 inch heels,
the candy red lipstick,
the black bralette
that make your gorgeous
******* look so suculant,
and nothing else

is that right?!

the bralette that makes
my ******* hard
when you just
stare at them?

That same one!

Then what am I doing after that?

Then, you will float
slowly over to me
sit on my pipe and
start rubbing
yourself against
my metal manhood!

Hum...I see,
am I getting wet
all over your pants
as I start to ride you
like a cowgirl?

I want to be sticky wet
with your candilicious liquid
all on my pants!

so much so,
that your
honey will
drench thru to
my manhood!

I will have your perfume
all over my steel before
you're done galloping, baby!

(She can't resist
but to see the words
come to life)
She tells him:
I'm getting the honey
flowing just listening to you!
my mouth is watering
(licks her upper lip)
I'm touching...

Stop! like I said,
this is for me!
make no mistake!

you'll be my *****
and I, your master!

after you engulf me
in your essence,
you'll tenderly kiss
my sugary neck
as take my tie
and shirt off!

with your other
soft and burning hand
you will trace
all the gorging,
fat veins from
my other neck!

But babe, I'll need you
in me by then!

I'll be drenching
sweetness for you!

You're going to wait!

Why are you being
such a ****?

Because for today,
that's all I will
be to you!

The biggest, most
delicious popsickle
for the deepest,
dryest reaches
of your throat!

(No words articulate
she loved giving oral
and the poet knew it)

(the writer was going
to **** her silly
with his voice alone
before he even
touched her)

(he finally understood
the power he could
summon with
fantasy filled words.)

(only heavy breathing
and dry swalloying
is heard on his end
of the phone)

(******* images
of her bobbing head
start flooding into
her warm and
drenching womanhood)

(clear honey is bursting
from sweaty, tight,
pleasure lips)

(she slips half a tongue out,
as if to catch rain from
in between her shaky hips)

(the sugary rivers flow
onto shaved hair follicles
and manicured fingers
as if he turned her ****
on like a fauset!)  

(the poet had morphed
from a hurt cub
to a Lion King
at his prime!)

(she's a tornado of sensuality
finding herself.
******* herself.
tasting the deliciousness
sticking to her index)

(she gets lost in a
blissful landscape
between her red,
bothered *******
and her open hips) 

(she comes to reality)

then, with a trembling
low voice wisphers:

"yes master, how else
may I serve you?"

Your ocean blue weepers will
not look away from my eyes
as they roll back with pleasure!

you'll be looking
up at me on your knees!  

bobbing your head,
choking, wanting more!

you will feel the tip
of my steel gorche
with blood and
you'll move your head
faster and faster
as I quench your
thirst for sin!

Gods will peek in envi
as your face fulfills my
carnal fantasies

until I burst my dam
into your mouth!

(She **** undone
and squirts from
between her legs!)

(her moan echoes
for half a block:)


the silk sheets are
drenched with ambrosia

mission accomplished  
I'm at the driveway  
get your gorgeous face and heels ready!


Luiz (at thedriveway) Syphre
As a kid
I jumped on beds,
Ran across chairs,
And crawled under tables.

I explored jungles,
Danced with princes,
And fought in battles.

I hid in closets
And the occasional fridge.
Even under cars.

I jumped off monkey bars,
Twirled around light poles,
And chased after birds.

I raced the wind,
Climbed trees,
And gathered candy.

And now
I walk through fields,
Go around fences,
And gather berries.

I trek through puddles,
Turn around in chairs,
And chase down a cup of tea.

I hide behind books
And under covers.
Often behind a desk.

I explore archives,
Dance in clubs,
And fight for more time.

I jump on trains,
Walk down the street,
And crawl through stores.

And still today,
I feel like a kid.
Deborahlee Jan 13
slide down the hinged flap
peek inside -see brown
cheeks flush with pink

bite my smile,
and lose my frown

the mailman dropped
off my new 'toys' so now,
on- to my nuclear meltdown
grown up toys are delivered in plain brown wrap
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