i want to write something people can resonate with.
for most of my life, i spent hours in book that i cried with or laughed to.
but now it is my turn.
i want to write for the ones with swollen hearts that are full of love,
i want to write something for the kids who were never enough,
for those spend hours sitting in the shower because the water frowns out the sounds of their tears,
i want to write something for the ones who have spent nights upon nights dreaming of ways to leave this world,
i want to write something for those finding bliss in baggies and hope in a pill
for the children who have found companionship in literary hero’s,
for the ones who twist words and rhymes,
the ones who for countless hours have manipulated vowel sounds and consonant endings.
i want to write for the ones who still believe in the magic of pixie dust,
for the ones who’s pixie dust only lives in hard bound books and in aisles of forgotten book stores.
i want to write something for those who appreciate the weird and find comfort in the uncommon.
i want to write for those fighting every day for that loaf of bread in the grocery store.
i want to write something people can resonate with.
because i’ve been there
so here it is,
here’s to you.

i’ve felt more at home
cradled inside words
and rocked to sleep by stanzas
then ever being in your bed
i’ve felt growth most
when i’m speaking in tongue
and writing rhythms,
then ever talking to you
you planted my soil
then let me choke on it,
while you sucked the life from it.
i’m growing flowers and life inside
of this body,
i am reclaiming
the revelation
that has started it all
i am washing my art down my body
feeding myself with the love and passion
you never showed me
in this moment i am growing
and my art is ever flowing

To heck with Debbie Dallas, she just don't compare
her talents and her attributes, just not that debonair
the grip upon the shaft
it's an art, a craft
Debbie, she just laughed, a BJ type, affair

Yup, I'm there ;D~

My mother told me the other day
                             she had anal!!
And that she couldn't walk straight.

"I'm a cow girl,

She giggled as she told me this!!
I'm an adult, but hearing it off
your mother is quite a little bit of

"Ok a lot of cringe worthy glances"

She laughed as she walked off asking
if we had a soft pillow..

        "I was never using that pillow again..

what is fiction and truth???

I don’t need validation
Just implicit annihilation
a moment
when the unfathomable
of this world
their grip
and we lose it all
we just slip.

You linger
in the darkest corners
of my periphery.
Though you'd never know it.
These words aren't even mine to stay.

You could be anybody
I don't care
I can already taste
your fingers
entwined in the tangles of my hair
I'm already choking
on the smoke
I inhale
as I trace your fingerprints
you indented upon my skin
after we shared oxygen
and for a moment
were so lost
we didn't care if that lurid breath was our last.

Gotta get the engine blocks
painted on the lawn
Gotta get the derelict wrecks
rearranged, by dawn
The ol double wide, re-sided
redo the roof, and shingles
Hell, she even wants
the sound of X-mas jingles
It's that time of year
here, in redneck land
Family coming to town
squattin a month, their plan
The yearly escapades
my dear love makes me do
a white trash decorating thing
she says
"or there's no sex, for you"

:D~ Mamma aint happy, aint nobody happy...
dani evelyn Nov 14

my hands are far too full
to touch the faces of boys
who have left me behind.
my hands were made for
holding the universe together,
for catching shooting stars
in the palm.
they are meant for
flying over piano keys,
for writing down all the words
i want to remember, for
making hot chocolate
on the latest of nights.
they are not there to
reach behind me
for someone who isn’t coming back.

it took twenty one years
but all at once, i feel like a person
who tucks her own damn self
into bed, who
stays up late drinking
wine with people she loves, who
wears a short skirt to the party.
all at once, i use lotion,
i eat vegetables, i only wear
clean pajamas.
i have picked myself up off the floor
enough times for my sadness
to stop being interesting.
my damsel-in-distress routine
had an expiration date, after all

and now, all my dreams are
everywhere all at once --
of getting married,
of having friends and keeping them,
of being the kind of person
i can be proud of being.
they are twisting through the soles of my feet
like vines, something strong,
with roots. i am sick of
fleeting promises and
flimsy maybe-nots
i am only in the market for the
deep and long-lasting.

and without even knowing how,
here i am:
the strongest thing you’ve ever seen.

Larry Dixon Nov 14

I slowly slide my hand down your spine.
I run them to your hips, as I kiss you’re perfect lips.
I look deep into your eyes until you beg for all nine.
I start to slip in the tip as we dig in with our fingertips and tighten our grips.

I push in half the shaft.
Our hearts race and we lose all sense of control.
It begins to feel like some type of witchcraft.
We are so engulfed in pleasure that we touch each other’s soul.

Our bodies finally connect and become one.
Being inside you makes me lose all sense of reality.
The lines that separate dreams and reality have come undone.
Everything that could be, or set us free are between you and me.

At this time we both finish.
And our sexual urges diminish.

The cops, they couldn't see it
but she did, right away
the perp had a small problem
a virtual cock toupee

Overflowing tress', pubic
like a Farah Fawcett wig
poking out his zipper
hiding all, that wasn't big

So ware the sexts you send
and don't mistype receiver
sending hairy cock pics
making the ladies gasp
and a hirsute prick, believer

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