when donned the mask
the transformation
smoulders forth the other

the fantasy of your desire
carnal fire
on wings of dreams

she is she
and too another

unleashed at light of ardor's moon
her masquerade does lust ignite

manifest at your request
sustained this night
at her delight

she is isis
she is venus
a goddess true
in every measure

she is your every longing loosed
to bring you every pleasure

she is everything
and much more than this
bestowed with every molten kiss

as you burn
remember this
beneath the mask
your real bliss


rob kistner © 2010
(revised © 2018)
My beautiful wife and I had just watched Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Open" and it sparked this lustful fantasy.
This write was further fueled by my long-standing personal penchant for occasionally making love wearing captivating eye masks, for a playful kink.
hinges creaked as the door pivoted from its frame
i can still hear the soft caressing of his cotton socks against the canvas of his sneakers
he trekked deeper into uninvited territory

the ice rattled as i poured his drink
the way he smirked at me over the glass brim is unwavering in my mind
he forced himself into my bedroom
my sanctuary
my safety

his hands groped the knob, searching for a lock
the carpet rustled with every step he took toward me
the screech of a lose baseboard echoed through the thick silence
i reached out for hope
confidence that my purity will be faultless when he leaves

each time i undress myself
my conscious races back to the unwanted nakedness of that night
i lay exposed to more than just the sticky air between us
every revolution of the fan was a dagger in my vulnerable skin

goose bumps scampered across my body
his hands moved toward my breasts despite my contest
the violation began
my head fell to the side
with every blink i see the clock hands ticking

i can smell his breath in my face
my dreams are invaded by the wickedness deep in his eyes
my life has been torn apart by his vicious hands

i flinch at the sight of a friendly hand approaching my body
at the presence of an embrace, i am tense
the torture replays every time i close my eyes
the broken record never stops turning

seventeen minutes

now i am on my hands and knees picking up my broken pieces from the floor
a love that is new
is unexpected
is unplanned
never a mistake, but an embraced surprise

caught in the middle
was something so innocent
not to be touched
not to be heard
not to be seen
only felt

a love that is pure
is fresh
is unpolluted
never parting from origin
a secret so hard to keep

but your burden is too heavy,
my shoulders too weak
i have to let go

he cries
he kisses goodbye
he touches you for the first and last time
i pray on my knees
holding you

the most precious of gifts in my hands
diligently made into perfect form
he and i stroke your delicate skin
knowing this is the end

a love that is forever
is strong
is unconditional
my love could not keep you with me
my strength could not keep you with me
you slipped away

love was not enough
love is never enough
Anne 2d
love feels wonderful.
it pains when everything ends.
       you do
Just two ships, passing in the night
or two shopping carts, at the grocery store
glances that say, what could'a might'a
or maybe even, more

Who knows, who can postulate
all the what should have beens
some maybes, or conjugates
a minor sin, of skin

The look the pass of eyes
kindling of perchance flames
mentally too compromise
not even knowing, names

Never mind to reconcile
the quiet cost of ecstasy
whether yes, or not worthwhile
just, a crazy glance
and a simple
Your eyes meet, for less than a second, yet, you know! :D
Anne 4d
you told me you'll

              and i did. i waited for you.
              but maybe i  was not your type.
           ­             day

                   you broke my heart. and then you went
                   just like how others did.
Kylie 5d
I hold the memory and nothing more,
for a while I wasn't sure,
if it were real, I wish it was not,
but it pollutes every thought of mine,
with painful fear and anguish.

I remember the white walled room,
thats all I saw, but not the surface of what I felt,
I felt the destruction of maximal agony and torment to life,
and at seven and a half I was an adult.

You decayed my trust in people,
and of the fate and stars,
I can't say anything anymore,
how I wish to see you in bars.

bars like the shackles you gave me,
holding me tight with nothing,
I keep it all a secret,
and I wish not,
for it will determine your gritty end.

for you killed me, but i'm still alive
Anne 5d
legs tangled
our noses
almost touching.

We smile at each other
one last time

before every little
detail of us gets
by someone else

the quilt beneath us
our heads touching,

we silently make our
last goodbyes,

another year
makes us away
from each other.

legs tangled
making magic,
the last time
My Love
All those years we were lovers
and bestfriends.
Well in my mind we were soulmates.
Now I see my love really never meant anything.
All those 'I love you' you were lieing through you teeth.
Your so cruel to let me believe you loved me.
Now I see my love never really meant anything.
How can you take my love and play those wicked games.
I gave you all my love you were my everything.
Now I see my love never really meant anything.
I hope you unthaw that ice cold heart emotional blockages shaping your reality.
Now I see my love never really meant anything.
One day you will think of me you will miss me and I will be long gone in love with someone new and happy.
She's fresh and warm and tasty, best when she's cooking
She's toast and bread and sticky buns and everything in spring
I'll butter her in every way
and with her pastries, play
spreading the petals of, her flowered honeyed wings
Mmmmmm Sticky buns! ;D~
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