It's play time now, for adult girls and boys
reach into your closets, bringing out, all your special toys
surprise her with a tickler
surprise him, a tongue flicker
maybe cumming quicker, making lots, of noise


She's smooth as cream and silk
on her skin and in her mind
her touch and movements epic
ever sensual, and perfectly refined

I can still feel her gaze
when I close my weary eyes
exciting every single nerve
she doesn't even, have to try

Sliding in her deepest pool
playing with her moans and sighs
breaking every warning and rule
nibbling, at her breast and thighs

Gentle nibbles, not too much
and fingers moving higher
Tongue and lips in playful touch
stirring our desire

Skin aglow in heated flush
hair wrapped in your fingers
sighs and breaths in gasping rush
a teasing kiss that lingers

Awakening a mutual ache
whispered needs in muted tones
Each in turn to give and take
as words give way to sated moans

As her sweet salty skin
Lay bared to breath
Her bumps of fleshly excitement
Erupting on the scene

Touches, quivering
Vulnerability behold
Let lose your key
Open your soul

A ripple on my skin
and wetness down below
our eyes searching deep within
as we become one in our soul

A touch of burning desire
so warm, melting down my walls
each kiss, closer to the edge
exhilarating, intoxicating, as I fall

A flame of rapt emotion
explosions of such power
a volcano already in motion
oh god, I scream out louder!

A 4 way ;D~
Cné, Liz, Moi and Traveler, in alphabetical order.

The order of the stanzas is NOT in Alphabetical order ya have to guess, who did what!

She stands upon the cliffs
eyes fixed upon the waves
she knows he will return
so, she's trying to be brave

The portals and paths, now open
lip to lip and skin to skin
slipping over peaks and tips
always, the ecstasy, within

As sea to ocean, and ocean to sea
wandering, on the shores
sharing the view, and memories
opening, and closing, doors

And there, ya have it :D

Yes, it's true
ever her river runs

She pierces with her eyes
and flashes, with her tongue

Passions and lusts, I envy
she never cums up dry

A mind and body full of needs
God knows, I'm going to try

Yes, it's truer than the oceans
ever her river runs

As every move, and motion
leaves her sated, but never yet, undone

I feel like I've been blessed
each and every time

Her touches and caress
not just body, but of mind

Yes, it's so damn true
ever her river runs

The wantings of the few
feeling like, we've only just begun

Passions that just lead into more, that can never go wrong :)

If I were a gigolo
I'd strive to be the best
not like Richard Gere
I'd have hair upon my chest

The ladies will call
I'll service all their needs
doing so, enthused
and doing so, sans seeds

I'd do credit cards and cash
but not any guys or dudes
building up my money stash
bachelorette parties, in the nude

Of fame, fortune, and acclaim
I'll construct my feminine clientele
pleasing, teasing, and squeezing
things I'm known to do, so very, fucking well

Yeah, sounds like I think I'm god's gift to women. Doubtful, but hey, it's only poetry :D

Cold world goes silent
Where is the love today?
The hands they roam as my skin crawls
Nights and days. Why are they just grey?

I'm lonely. Please help me. Please heal me
Save me from my bed.
I would give me life for this to stop
I look in the mirror at who I should be
As I wipe a tear from my bruised cheek

I'm trapped and can't get out
The prison called my mind
The "what ifs" and "what could have been"
Why Is the world so d*mn blind?
He pushed himself against me
No more. Please no more

These hands, I'm dirty. Save me
Please save me
Save me

This is a poem written about the victims of sexual assault and their views during and after.
zebra May 14

all my life i held a dream
of a woman i would love

of course

she would be alluring
a charming countenance
erudite, with an angelic face

her body
a muscular stretching willow
arching her legs over head
kissing her own
curving soft feet
a graceful contortionist
in confetti colored sparkle pantyhose
stretching towards me
silken hair draping a perfect symmetry
with spun sugar kisses
wafting the scent of vanilla
and candied vaporous breath
lips like cherry glistening lozenges


one never knows ones destiny

i met her
my girl destiny
except for a faint look of languor and ruin
with a tinge of withering
she was without doubt unbearably titillating
with razor thin blackened lips
mascara slits for eyes
hair pulled straight back
jet black
jelled like hardened licorice
with satanic blood rivulets
and pitch fork tattooed tits

a vice of lechery
a malefaction of moral turpitude
her ass scarred from orgiastic beatings
her anus became
like a large wrinkly mouth
resembling the face of a bullfrog
from pleasuring  herself with
tableware cutlery

her soul
a broken creel
suffering bouts of anxiety
like a weeping moon
having  been institutionalized
in Mother Marys Hell House
from a ghastly bout of parricide

her father,
a hobbling gloomish troll
while the dark veins of mother
ran through her soul
leaving little choice
but to dispatch
the parents
abandoning their corpses in the kitchen
like strewn litter

turned out
just my


Rein May 13

It's strange
how childhood felt
like a train ride
that never stops
like reading a book
with an infinite number of pages

But now you're 19-turning-twenty
and the train has finally
come to a stop
the tracks have changed its path
and you've reached the end
the epilogue

It's time to move on
move along and grow up
step off that train
and on to the next adventure
close that book
and start a new chapter

Be brave and brace yourself
for there is more to come
beginnings can be daunting
because it also means
saying goodbye to a life
you've lived and loved.

Note to self.
Happy 20th to me.
hello adulthood I don't want to be here
zebra May 12

she was 3 feet 7 inches        
with enlarged aureoles        
that almost entirely        
covered her small breasts        
and an ass so mondo        
that it needed a wheel barrel        
to hold it so she could walk upright      

move over nicki minaj        
her lips where plush for kissing        
with a look on her face        
that caught the Bishops eye        
and caused him to growl lecherously          
his stunted blackened member enlarged        
while she postured        
pretending to hang herself        
over the toilet bowl        
this is how they spent most Saturday nights        
in the rectory        
their favorite little routine        
as Christ looked on        
his eyes shrouded in       
the darkest Dior sun glasses        
she pranced and gurgled        
went slack jawed        
her tongue flapping        
turning vermilion        
drooping and feigning death spasms        
pretending to perish        
inspiring him to beatific orgasms        
as he sacrificed their babies        
to the oblivion        
of a toilet paper wad        
thus kneeling between her legs        
he became the humble recipient        
of adorations golden shower        

A baby was born to two angels,
Sweet more than honey he was,
Page another in history added,
Enriched as the parent's beloved,
Rosary of loneliness he beaded,
Groups he was always hesitated,
Enshrined in my body he was,
Robbed of happiness always,
Securing his own spheres.

I have been diagnosed with the adult version of Asperger's Syndrome and it is not a disease but it is just a condition where slight to extreme repulsiveness to the social spheres creeps up the nerves of a really intelligent fellow due to the sequence of events in their life and they usually have a high IQ but fail to understand social interactions.

My HP Poem #1537
©Atul Kaushal
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