zebra 3d
she likes to dance in cemeteries naked
warring little but jeweled ankle bracelets
toe rings
bingles, bangles, bells, piercings,
through her nipples and nose

her tongue split
each side wiggling independently

she gives head on a head stone
her blow jobs
like two undulating mouths
her skin inked with
black and blood tattoos that say
Satan's little whore bitch
double penetrations preferred porfavor
the more buttery big cocks and pastry puffy pussies the better

all purple hair tinged red
and antler horned hat
with silver toe and finger nails
a crazy saint sane
adored by the popes of the lascivious
eyes wide open over a crimson mouth sneer
cherry pout lips
gods gift to dicks and vaginas
a temple of relief exalting
a fuck it bucket list of lust
her heart
cotton candy in flames
orgies like a river of smashed potatoes
in cream

she like
phases of a corpse moon
begs to be used after death
like pigment on canvas
smeared red globes and chiaroscuro
she playing dead
living it up

do you know her
she keeps her secret hidden
on her sleeve
while you keep yours
from yourself

bless me father for I have sinned
and loved every minute of it
yet dare not be happy
for fear of Gods rage

my soul saved
turned fertile earth to sand
and shrouding vistas of light
till the bed is the bed
of the living dead
so there's nothin left but work and sleep
and dreams of drunken fuck madness are buried
under the weight
marked forbidden

black sun curse
hips sway in ashes
a forbidden dance
Sam 3d
An illustrious rose she arose from fields dystopian.
Concrete tapestries a gallery of desecrated art.
She bless a soured dream, 
willing colour on a scene
tainted monochrome.
She's the contrast in the weavings of fine art,
nexus that binds together delicate prose;
sole reason words morph effortless.
Energy tantamount to a thousand suns
and a gleam just as potent.
Thievery at play, usurped my heart;
embezzled like colonial gold,
hauled from the shipwreck of me.
zebra 3d
you never tell me to go fuck myself
unless you want to help me do it
like when you get on your knees
after doing the knife stamp dance
loving my sickness as your own
Your ass a weaving curl

if I asked you to eat worms
you'd run to the tackle store
and buy a box of them
put on blood red lipstick
and tarnish your gleaming pearly whites
you all leg spread
porn on a plate
doing the shimmy
and gobble them down
making your tongue brown
like shit from hell
flashing your eyes like lightning
and laugh making me eat the rest
before ordering me to lick your ass
like Mr. Clean
all spic and span

obedience is our lubricant
each others darkest secret dreams
baked in the fires of of a dark grove
binding us

what's next ?
bare feet on hot coals
rope burns
little strangles and tender kisses
cherry blood cunt to devour
ballet toe licking
my cock wrapped by you in a square  knot
whos the queen
whos the king
whos the whore
princess of dirty deeds
whos groveling in the mud
begging for a spanking
nipples like red raspberries

we are

tears of passion
saliva kisses
each others Stromboli

hurt me, hurt you
we cry and die
loving like coiled monsters in heaven

when we walk down the street
arm in arm we know
no one could ever have us
like we have each other
sick twisted love birds
gargling blood stones
bending over for each other
at every turn
cock and nipple rings
to pull us along
anus forced open
fingers fucking preamble
spicy screaming kisses like nettles
through opium nights
our sex like dripping buds
black cat perfume
our bed an ancient red alter
spikes for sacrifice
all golden glow

Queen Snakes
cuddle in Carpathian mists
I've contracted fire
it burns in my veins and soul
fully reveling desires
disabling, controls

No water to the flames
I'll not render it too smoke
playing all the games
I'm in this blaze, too soak

Every ounce of energy
committed to the flare
a wicker man, in effigy
on a wanton dare

She fuels every spark
bringing too fruition
my light within the dark
begging my
Yet another trip to the gully
never deliberate, bringing you here
and your reputation, sully
She'll slide on me
and I on her
each other's amusement park

She'll coo my name
I'll return the same
all day, and in the dark

She'll climax heatedly
me and her, repeatedly
as rekindling every spark

She's sleek, supine
to my rigid spine
every time, too hit
the culminated mark
Reminds me of the song
"All night long"
e J 5d
Entwined bodies
Ushered speed
Parted lips
Hasty thrusts
Open legs
Red face
Intimate sounds
Agonizing Release
Sorry for the adult content. This has been in my folder for a minute and I decided to post it. Not meant to offend or disturb any users. If it's concerning to others I will remove it
What do you people want?

Your feeble constitutions,

The wrong illusions,

The motherfucking morals of prostitution,

A caustic fusion

Of Huguenot persecution,

(I'm losing the will to even put my fucking shoes on)

The ruse of the institution,

The views with the usual convolutions,

Ablutions in blood seems a good solution

Diffusing the uncouth truth of your self-delusion,

I'm usin' up words and I'm running out of verbs to serve as a rhyming locution,

I'm losing', it's time to wind down, find restitution,

Abuse yourself well with God's pollution.
Just a bit of fun. I was bored.
Maria Polina Feb 16
I never had a room.
Well, I had a room
But, I was allergic to dust.
I am allergic to dust.
So, early on
She took all the books
Off the cold off-white metal shelves
That clanked and groaned
Under their weight
Put the humidifier in
And let the velvety steam
Perspire on my peach painted walls.
I think they were peach.
Maybe another hue of pink.
Which I grew to hate
Because she slept in blue.
A fragment of my childhood.
The Variation Feb 15
semblant snowflakes dash across
a dotted line;
yellow picture frames eat tar.
twisted root of pine fallen,
bellowing tears that steal wind,
breathing irregular through
patchwork lungs.

humid fire tastes humour bland,
phallic symbols of granite rust,
inhaling smoke through
tangled hairs in your nostrils.
Iska Feb 12
although age in and of itself
does not declare experience
or the depth of knowledge one has gained
and in my opinion is silly for anyone
to think otherwise
I'm always told
"your so wise for one so young."
"oh I remember what it was like to be 19
and think you know the world."
Yet what they refuse to acknowledge
is that in 19 short years,
I may have experienced both
horrors and beauty
that they have yet to dream let alone see.
Who is to say that age is a boundary of the mind?
That inexperience creates an age divide?
Who are they to claim that we would be consumed
when they have yet to wander in our beaten old shoes?
Who are they to judge me of a story
they have yet to hear?
All becuse they refuse to lend an ear?
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