Motion, like the
waves crashing,
pistoning, pounding,
feeding, injecting.

Moon spotlights the show,
silica, and skin,
sparkle in the glow,
sweat washed away,
by the ever-present flow.

Driftwood erect
as it floats by,
following a path,
constellations in the sky.

Love washed ashore,
as sand castles are made,
just as bikinis fall,
no need in the shade.

Footprints left,
and a line from dragging towels,
beach house path,
shadowed by the clouds.

moist folds,
pink origami,
a woman's blossom,

hot as hibachi,
my fingers burn,
with exquisite flavors,

wanting more,
of what she has to give,
a veritable buffet,
sights and flavors.

salty and sweet,
tastebuds titillated,
all natural,

then bodies,
tangle and fold,
in living sculpture,

lost inside a vision,
trapped inside a touch,
crushed red velvet dreams,
white fleece trim is just too much.

overloaded sensations,
softness on my skin,
this naughty little elf,
has aroused my sin.

hats cotton ball tassel,
dragged all over me,
has me excited,
I think that she can see.

her fingers roam around,
my undecorated tree,
silky soft touches,
almost set me free.

her gifts are all wrapped up,
but I'm about to see to that,
throw her to the bed,
and put on her red hat.

pulling on a string,
the robe opens wide,
a gorgeous Christmas dream,
had been trapped inside.

I feast on her cookies,
and drink up all her milk,
and give her a present ...
deep inside her silk!

wake up Christmas morning,
bodies tangled in red fleece,
her hat still on my head,
she asks for another present, please.

She colored it red, then platinum
her locks now gold, then grey
she never let the current fashion trends
get a hold, or in her way

She liked it short, then long
curled, and then strait
medium, in bun, or braids
no dare to brave, or great

She matched her eyes, then handbag
her shoes, coordinated
her car, the perfect shade of pink
her dye, so formulated

Only did her lover notice
where it all went so wrong
the drapes don't match the carpet
some things, will never, get along

:D~ How odd eh?
Cné 1d

blindfolded taste test
teasing my tongue sensually
erotically sweet

Just fantasizing
danny 4d

It went in so easy,
meant to be.
Swollen and throbbing,
deep in me.

I slide up and smile,
slam down and gasp.
Filling me up
and stretching my ass.

I scrap my nails on your chest
and leave a mark.
You got this now
from light til dark.

Your motion makes me explode,
hard and fast as it gets.
We are not done,
I want to be ridden hard and put away wet.

My first venture into erotic poetry, seeing how it goes and what response I get

A lady I met, liked to have cunnilingual play
so down I did go, to please her in every way
her rank smell, a surprise
bringing tears, to my eyes
thinkin I'd died, as I handed her, Eau de toilette

Yeah, surprise! surprise! surprise! (best Gomer Pyle voice)

The beach towel doesn't complain
even though, it winds up, getting the stain

The writhing the sighs, and the screams
down on the beach, a spicy, sensual scene

The granules and particulate sand
in genital places, for woman and man

The beach a great place for thought
but for sex, well, probably not

It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be :/

Every touch, electric
every nerve, aflame
eyes locked, to eyes
we'll never be, the same

Moving with such ease
her mouth, her lips, divine
consuming, every part
our bodies, perfectly, aligned

Feeling her liquidity
her fingernails, on skin
hitting all the high notes
without, and so, within

Culminating in the moment
control, lost to the lust
climaxing, at the peak
with, the final thrust

Sliding in, the velvet glove
slow gliding to the verge
time, that we hold back
so at the pinnacle, converge

It's always best when it happens at the same time IMO ;D~
Slip Sliding Aug 7

Watching porn
until two in the morning,
then wondering why in-the-fuck
I'm so miserable.
Where are the days of verse
and language; words that soothed
and brought peace?
Clicking between one depravity
and another; I'm disgusted,
not by what I see but by my own hand
seeking perverse gratification.
There is a book on my nightstand
a classic from a classical age of literature
and one in my living room
but who has time to read
and who can inhale the words
through the gasps and moans
from the screen across my lap.

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