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Matt Oct 14
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
I thought she'd be my baby, but she has
Other plans

She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She said don't do it
Don't buy a ticket

My love's gone forever
Buried six feet deep
My love's gone forever
Six feet underneath
Oh, how she's the death of me
Way she says never
Lee Carter Sep 27
Hypocrisy is its own critique.
The shadow of an argument that casts shade upon itself.
Shadow Jul 12
A romantic would love you,
Someone from the 19th century would too,
A kind old man would love you,
A child's pure heart would love you,
My grandmother would love you,
And I love you too, sometimes...
But please stop chirping so much at 5 am,
I'm trying to sleep.
xavier thomas Apr 27
I happily extend out a helping-hand
I always communicate with you in advance
I poured my heart out to give
I am honest with you & also positive

But the minute I ask a favor of you...

You continue to give me excuses
You have delays in responding with zero solutions
You’re able to buy accessories from your wallet;
Yet, can’t pay back what you promised
You ghost me days-weeks-months until you need me again

Here’s my letter of resignation.
My loyalty & services are no longer needed, farewell old friend
Best to leave with peace than prove your point. Carry on
A quick stab in the side,
At least it will save him from
                                               "bEiNg BoReD"
Talking, snickering, whispering, talking, talking,
Just a quick stab in the back!
Maybe a hammer to the temple,
And a shot through the heart...

Well, fine.
Ruin my fun.
I assure you he'll be back soon
If Satan couldn't listen to Jesus,
This ****** won't stay a day in hell.
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
Life as a cat? That's where it's at.
The cat is so beloved, the humans offer a beach of crystals to use as a toilet each week.
We may be fancy, but don't fall for those ridiculous stories. we don't wear hats or speak.
As a cat, you get to sleep all day. Then, when you wake up, the humans are ready to play.
If they get annoying, just bat them with your paw and they'll usually go away.
If an intruder makes its presence known, scratch and *** on the walls to let them know "you're in my space. This is my home and mine alone."
Well, I think that's all I have to say. Remember, show your humans love, and you'll be treated like a god for the rest of your days.
She looks on into the clock, wondering when the bell would signal her release from boredom. She finds herself playing with the hoodie of a classmate, hoping he'd focus on her to have someone keep her mind from the mundane atmosphere of the classroom. She always loved messing with his hoodie during class because his reactions were always funny. She tosses the piece of clothing from one hand to the other when She comes to realize the patient nature of the classmate and thanks him for not leaving her in a world of loneliness and apologizes for having to put up with her.
I have a friend in class that sits behind me and she always liked to mess with my hoodie whenever the class would bore her, one day she apologized about having to put up with her. I never really minded when she played with it.
maria Jan 25
I'm sharing a house with her;
She's the moodiest person I know

She drinks her coffee without sugar
in the cold days,
and with sugar in the sunny days.
She calls it way of living;
      I call it lost of interest

She sleeps all day
to drive her demons away
     -I think
      she's creating more-
and if not,
she cries over a crack in the wall

Melancholy should be her second name
      -she annoys every cell in me
        I'm not even trying to explain-
so much sadness in a face
she destroyed the colours of our furniture  
in the very first day

I think of driving her off the house
but then,
  an abandoned house
is the most miserable thing
I can think about
voices in my head
I'm bored with myself
I am her that's annoyed
or am I, me that destroy?

written on January 25, 2020
© ,Maria
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