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Starry Sep 6
Dear pervert
What the f*ck
Why do you whip it out
And send that
Awful picture
Don't you know you
Are hated and
To all
What is wrong with people.
Starry Sep 2
China Russia.
The west
I will say this through poetry
The vainnakh
The uyger, Turkish
And tibetans
We All have 46 chromesomes
Saying we are
As human
H u m a n like youu
So why can you accept us
As that
O’ world curious traveller,
Atop the Millenium bridge,
I know St Paul’s is so beautiful,
But try and keep an eye on your kids.

O’ delicious corona,
You look so divine, I’ll admit.
But why are you a whole ******* tenner?!
Are these guys all *******?!

O’ lost Northern bumbler,
Trying ‘down saaaaaath’ for a bit,
Stop standing to the left of the escalator,
You're destroying the system you *****.

O’ impatient young cycler,
Dressed in tight lycra and ****,
You’re going to try and squeeze through those buses?
You’re a ******* for thinking you’ll fit.

O’ excited tube takers,
Your theatrical energy is lit,
But please stop singing in unison,
All should be silent this trip.

To live in this concrete jungle,
You’ll pay extortionate rent for a pit,
But at least you’ll be living the high-life,
Oh wait? I’m poor. And depressed.
Elijah Lee Jul 2
It seems so crippling
Slowly killing

Sometime's it's frustrating
Even debilitating

It's so annoying
Completely terrifying

You cannot escape
It holds you in place

It leaves your breath gone
Hopefully, one day its gone

It's known in society
As anxiety
Critique is appreciated! This was written when I had just got into poetry, heh.
Dreamcatcher May 11
Friendship is there during the darkest times
It's there in the lightest
It's there when no one cares,
Or believes you.
It is there when you like it,
Or not
I love all my friends
They are allways there
Even if they annoy me
Special thanks to Trudi, Mia, Anke and Marion for allways being there
empty seas Apr 12
no one wants me

i’m too loud
and it shows

i see the looks
on my new friends’ faces
it makes me not want to try

i’ll try for now
but i’m worried it’ll
never work
“if you weren’t the new kid
i would make fun of you
for your perfectionism”
-my friend
Makayla Jane Mar 29
You talk about *** and me
How you want me to feed into your nerdy girl kink
By putting on my thick black framed glasses;

It's infuriating

Because you left me after 8 months of love
As you claim you fell out of love since you couldn't handle my depression
And if you don't want to get back together or anything
Then nothing is going to happen

End of story
God just ******* stop.
Feel free to share revision ideas (:
Judges are shortsighted now.
After all, the measure of all sounds.
There's no scarier punishment,
Than dead silence.

There is no worse crime,
Than monotonous singing.
There's metal in the voice –
Means more adult became.

Hear the buzz of the drill –
So in the apartment the cracks.
The intercom is ringing –
In the house of a possible shakedown.

Boards creak in the floor –
Nerves are jangling.
The spoon clinked in the saucer –
Everyone's laughing at you.
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