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Why have I become
This hopeless burden
What have I done
How did this began

Why won't she admit
I'm just a bother
We both know it
And that I'm sure
I annoy the **** out of her, I just wish she enjoyed talking to me as much as I do her
Emerson Oct 5
Things that annoy me

1: parents telling you what to do
2: parents telling you that they wouldn't do something bad to you when they already did
3: parents telling you who to talk to
4: parents saying things that make you feel insecure even though they say they don't mean it  
5: ****** politions
6: racists
7: homophobic people
8: people who preach too much
9: killers or murders
10: close minded people
11: death
12: ****** people
13: people who aren't obvious
14: people who yell too much
15: people who try to stop you from being yourself
16: Favouritism with children
17: people who write lists of what annoys them
Sorry just needed to vent
standing there with my
feet planted on the ground
and my arms crossed;
my somber eyes are
resting heavily upon
the sounds of the
monotone voice
and teeth chattering
from my cohorts
mouth jabbering
in my tone-deaf ears.

he takes his red hot poker
and tries to brand
my brain with his
autobiography of dishonesty
as if I were livestock

but the mechanics of my
body can only take so
much as I tune him out
and escape to the attic
of my mind where I string
up lights, find and open
the trunks of creativity
and pull out a binding of
blank pages to begin
working the poem
as the extension cord
and the light socket begin
******* like crazy and the
lights light up the attic
so festively with ideas
until he’s approaching
the end of his fabricated
story and my psyche
hits me like a low blow
to Houdini and I
simply nod in silence,
shrug my shoulders
and keep my humor
dry and normal
as it appears to be.

how can I survive this
grueling way of life and
what will become of me?

if the choice was mine
to choose between
the most interesting knife
and the bullet of boredom…

I’d take the slow death any day.

poetry is floating all around us
in any situation,
some sit on mountainsides
and watch beautiful
to find it,
mine just happens to be
in a boiler room of
insufferable ****
and that’s why
when I write
I have to make
it count

but if your control is exerted
and your impulses are restrained
to keep reality and surrealism
separated while surrounded by
people in numbers like
winter snowflakes

then you’ve got more will power
than all the hookers on Rush St.
making easy money.
Ivy lynn Aug 1
when will you learn/
money doesn’t buy love/
and sit & notice/
I’m sick and tired of/
this life we live/
I’m now passive/
to all these words/
that I’ve heard/
from here on out/
I will not rout/
goodbye to the girl/
who once was/
hello to the woman/
who now rises above/
hate people sometimes
Lyn-Purcell Jul 27
The world is dumbed down, dark
with roads made of glass for
which we caused and keep
One little mistake, one
little *****, people
will throw stones
and laugh and
point when
Nowadays we have to be perfect and correct about everything or else you get backlashed.
I just find it ridiculous because WE AREN'T PERFECT!
Sheesh... You wanna throw stones at others but you hate it when people do it to you.
eli Jul 26
it's just so sad
he's different
                but all he wants is to fit in
he's funny
                but he thinks his jokes are annoying
he's friendly
                but he thinks no one really wants to be friends with him
he's cute
                but he thinks he's not
he's amazing
                but he doesn't believe that
                he doesn't believe that he's worth it
                he doesn't believe something good will ever happen to him
it's just so sad
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