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In many a light I thought peace had come;
   what stutter would come undone?
   Far away, yet here today,
   my ocean does sleep in clay.

   Near hopelessly as I, these fears of time,
   still sing in twilight skies.
   And of you and I, what heroes may side
      and swim in this oceans mind?

In many a light I thought peace had come;
   what ocean will await undone?
Amy Oct 5
The dragon
prefers to stay far away from
towns and cities

Don’t disturb it.

For it will breathe fire to those who displeases it.
Don’t assume it’s a weakling,

For it will unleash its wings
And show you not to underestimate
something by the exterior.
for those who are quiet and shy but have a fire in their soul and have so much to offer than those who target them with poor judgement for being a 'weakling' to sit at the corner away from the buzz. And would rather watch and admire life from afar.
Nadia Sep 26
Rhyming Review - Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come by Jessica Pan

Introverts unite
(separately, of course),
This book is for you,
Jessica Pan is your force

For a year she denied
Her introverted tendencies
She e-dated for friends
Gave up shy dependencies

She tried stand up comedy
She spoke at the Moth
She signed up for improv
Things that make shy ppl froth

Her anxieties could have come
Straight out of my own head
You could try extroverting
Or watch Jessica try it instead

You will learn new tricks
While you frown and cringe
Or snicker sympathetically
Through your reading binge
This book was awesome!!! I listened to it while my podcast app was glitching and I am so glad I did.
Millie Sep 25
You see the ice and think I’m frozen
You need to get better at this “hon”
But there’s so much spinning around my brain
And so little of it would change what my eyes stole from yours
So I walk away
Betrayed by the lump in my throat
Let ME be
YOUR home

Let ME call
My home
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Beyond Shyness
I look at shying girl.
So cute and pretty small.
With hair of sun.
With freckles on her face and eyes like green grass.
She was belive in better life.
She was belive someday she'll shiny like a star.
That little girl so nice and small.
I know she looks at me and proud of who I am became.
Mark Sep 10
Sights from within a lonely hotel
Never revealing my peep hole
No maid service, room smells like hell
But never starring in the main role
Beauty I could almost kiss      
With your luscious lips for sure
Just what the urge is      
I can't explain anymore
'Cause I see you
Yes, I see you
Oh, how, I see you
Staring at people
Some face to face
Just watching how they feel      
They dare not flinch, just in case
While some try to avoid me      
Thinking they can escape my stare
Just hoping it won't be      
They can try to hide anywhere
And I see you
Yes, I see you
Oh, how, I see you
Oh, how, I see you
Numb, dead skin
Dumb, head in

Isolation withers you
Insecurity is idiotic

Find, yourself
Hiding, from health

Social interaction
Will give you traction

Swim, into
Dig, you fool

The undertow drowns you
Reincarnation awaits you

Lose, your shell
Binding, you in hell

Venture out of vacuum
And without presume

Shyness is repulsive

Enlightenment, awaits you
Selfless, and too true

Adhere, to the collective
Powerful, and perspective

Connect with others
Help without stutters

Samsara, is a chance
Not, a trance

So help each other
Venerate and gather

Moon, sits waiting
Her, confidant scintillating

She’ll tell her secrets
Without regrets

Only, if we conquer the three poisons
Tonic, clean, and pleasant, like soissons
YusufKudsi Sep 6
My heart skipped a beat just by looking at you,
It would have stopped if you looked back at me.
Time froze when you smiled like a shining star, we were in the same room but million miles away.
I tried to speak but fear took my words away.
How can I be brave when I am just a lost boy from Neverland.
OpenWorldView Aug 22
he speaks in silence
the poem of her beauty.
a spell unbroken
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