I am just asking to ask,
To get an answer from you,
I am just looking, to look,
To have you look at me, too.
I am so careful, I am,
******, I am just too shy.
I am afraid to risk it,
And show the interest I deny.
EJ Lee Jan 8
Out of place
No one understands
Don’t have the nerve
To say anything
About how you feel
When you do
Say something
They tend to brush it off
And don’t acknowledge
What you say
You sense you’re annoying
But you have done nothing
For them to say anything
You just feel
Out of place
EJ Lee Jan 8
I am especially shy
Around guys that I like
But I am able to hid
My true feelings towards him
This is done by seeming normal to him
I talk to you,
I make conversations with you
I may not seem affected
By your charm
On the outside
But inside
Everything that you do
Affects me
From the inside out
theforest Jan 8
i miss your smile
and the way you made
my cheeks hurt
every time you hid your face
under your covers
whenever i said
you're beautiful

i often bask in the memory
of the soft orange glow
from the fairy lights
you hung on your bedroom walls

i ache

sometimes i try to hide
from this feeling
of missing you

but it always finds me
wishing the world
would stop trying
to keep us apart
Baylee Kaye Jan 6
so please just tell me that you love me
even if you don’t really mean it
just trick my heart into believing you
say it so that I may rest, tonight
that’s all I ask of you
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I want someone
I could be
Goofy around
Not worry about what to say
No awkward moment
Just shy & clumsy
Someone i could just
Take off my shoes
And slide the whole hallway
To his open arms
Someone i could
Put my ice cold hand
On his neck
Someone i could
Live with
Share a life with
Someone i could
Stay in bed with him
Just cuddle
Have leg fights
Over the blanket
Then end up
Someone i will
Wake up next to
And run make him breakfast
Or doing pancakes together
Dancing our ***** off
In the kitchen
Someone i could
Have a pet with
A cat probably
And wake up next to it
As if it was our baby
Willie Dec 2018
I regret moments long gone
They are past
But in my mind they still
Haunt me every waking hour

You cannot pick a fruit once it falls to the
It is lost to you
But it was so ripe some time ago

That moment lost to me
You were so beautiful in the moonlight
But I was shy
And you fell through my fingers

I lost my chance
To know you better
Because I was shy
And could not tell you how

Beautiful I thought you were
All your flaws included
I would have serenaded you all night
To see you smile as you did

My smile reciprocated yours
But mine was empty
Because it lacked drive
I just could not

Get my mouth to move
The smile was all I could manage
A crumbling facade
I guess my heart was weak

I've been rejected before
But those were empty questions
I guess they too still linger
Locking away my feelings

A prison of my own making
Of a shy feeling
Loss of something I never had

Why can I write what I feel
But not say it aloud
To the one who was to hear it

Am I so pathetic for not expressing myself
Not knowing what to say
Not knowing if you would want to hear it
Am I?

Maybe when next we meet
In ten years time
I could tell you of past regret
Maybe then I would not regret trying
I wish I could show this to someone and disappear, better them to not know I guess.
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Isn't it amazing
How one can fall from Grace
For one person to keep safe

Or how one person
Can never lose faith
Even when it's screaming in his face

They can fight battles
And demons alike
And smile together at the end of the night

Give up every last power
Be weak or strong doesnt matter
And share every laughter

And yet still be unsure
Unsure if the other has affection
Unsure if the other wants their attention

It's right there
As plain as anyone can see
You love eachother so easily

So shout it out loud
Don't let fear take it away
Before you lose another day
This may have been inspired by supernatural but its true. Sometimes it's plain as anyone can see that two people like each other but doubt always takes over and stops yoy from saying how you really feel
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