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Kassan Jahmal May 22
I act shy around
strangely enough
amongst my peers,
but around you
I'm not as shy;
to be strangely in
love with

Don't overthink, don't tense your nerve'...
Not only our tangent is different but I'm also standing alone upon a messed up curve..!
I'm an unsocial guy and it's very well known...
Don't try to find me out, I'm lost in the illusion of my own..!

It's not so easy for me to walk on the given way...
It's not so easy for me to give  instant reply on — what you say..!
It's not so easy for me to follow your set norm'...
Whenever I try to do so... I'm stopped by my inner storm..!

I'm the one who tries to live under the table...
In the company of yours, I find myself uncomfortable..!
I run away, whenever I hear your call...
It's very tough for me to be friend with you all..!

It will take some time for my shyness to end...
It will take me some time to make new friend'..!
So give me my time to stand with you all, on the same line...
Until that moment, let me live in the space and thought of mine..!
Hey everyone,
I hope u all are good. Wasn't active here from past few days coz of the reopening of my university campus but now I'm back. It feels so good and relaxed to be here. As I'm back now, I'll start exploring HP again...

[Ignore it...(just wanted to share somewhere)
Went to my clg last week for the very first time...I'm about to complete my bachelor's till next year but when I entered, I got the feel of a fresher. Everyone appeared as a stranger to me and cuz of my shy nature I didn't get the opportunity to interact with others. Although I don't like to make friends yet I think interaction is important. But I think I'm little different and I need my time to be comfortable even to interact with my classmates (physically).]
Kassan Jahmal Feb 21
My tongue lowers; as nothing can be expressed,
the love has not many words.

As are the prideful
remarks on breast.

I fear for the words to say, aren't perfect
in the ceremonies of love's rite,

The strength of my words only decay. A burden
of mine to lose my might.

Eyes heavy upon this love,
Preyed onto by your glorious sight. Oh how my
silent love only knows wit,

Belonging to a shy man's lips.
Finn Dec 2021
Is it wrong
to go through
day by day
and barely speak a word?

Everyone else is just
so loud.
I can't be heard anyway

I've learned
that I
almost like
being ignored.

Most people leave me alone.
Maybe I like it better this way.

Or did I just get good
at ignoring my loneliness?
lua Nov 2021
whispers of green that linger in the air
wafting through the grey morning breeze
the sun is shy today, i think to myself
while i hide behind my own wall of clouds

the water is cold and seemingly bottomless
when i dip my toes in the murky black
i watch it ripple
and fogs of blue leak from my lips

jump in
the tide is waist-high
and sends shivers spiraling down your spine
wash away the tearstains of night
and you'll find yourself
looking for the sun.
Wyatt Nov 2021
the rain drops patter
but never too loudly,
blending with the crickets.
i can't help but feel like
this storm is a little like me.
the thunder doesn't sound off
but the clouds put on a show,
glistening in a monochrome sky.
droplets jump off of the street
and are moved by a calm breeze.
far in the distance i can hear
the low rumblings of a train,
it compliments this shy rain.
i could melt into this scene,
the mood outside is serene.

Mark Toney Nov 2021
lovely wallflower
what you see is what you get
~ sheer simplicity

Mark Toney ©️ 2021
11/4/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you) - Mark Toney ©️ 2021
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2021
The quest for invisibility
Leads them here

Your ***** little secrets
Venture out at night
To drink and dance
Into thin air

Your snow melts
Your stars flicker out

But they're not
Beyond detection
When the party's
Not over yet

Kassan Jahmal Nov 2021
Gnawing thoughts;
Biting beats on brain'
Yawning dots'
Sizing them both insane.

                 Or perhaps plain:

His head hurts'
At their single home;
She wears only long skirts.


Do we surpass our shys;
Being too afraid'
To show our insides?

Shy as a tall mountain'
Hiding behind clouds:
Seems for this first,
We both have a lot to climb.
Ellis Oct 2021
-want to say-
but i-
-to talk to you-
but i-
-thinking about thinking-
-too- because i-
-think-    -much-
-i meant too much-
but i-
-m just a ******-
because i-
-don’t know what to-
but i-
-see you walk away-
because i-
-didn’t- -opened my-
dumb mouth
but i-
next to you- -so close-
because i-
I really want

-talk to you-
but i-
-stumble, fumble, tumble-
over words-
-because i-
No- -i’m not-
but i- -i’m not lonely- -because i-
-convinced myself 15 different times-
-with 15 different excuses-

-so what-
-if you walk away-

I’ll talk to someone else.
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