Cleo 3h
Today i can't read, i can't sleep
Everything feels so unbalanced
struggling to find my own inner works
And yet i choose to stay in the shadows
No ink in the pen can make you understand
You simply can't have eyes for my words
Its painful but not hurting just sad
Struggling with my weak spirit
Don’t mind me.
I’m only quiet cause I’m listening
I’m watching waters, watching carefully
I’m watching the sun set indefinitely
Take away
Just like the river pulls the leaves today
The leaves they float effortlessly
I wish that I could also float away
Watching me
To the days and the time
Just waiting for the nights to multiply
I’m waiting for the moon to tell me why
I’m at such a loss for words
I don’t understand why this river can’t just choose a path
they go different directions but to the same end
I can’t pretend
that I don’t just want to let it take me away.
Don’t notice me
I’m only quiet cause I have nothing to say
I’m just observing, watching mindlessly my thoughts escape. That make their way. Aimlessly.
Lounging on the poolside
like some die cast model for hopeful artificiality,
sweat-slick and ignorant
a shy lobster cooking in her dreams
it was... fate.

Fateful really.

Scuttling up the mirror
the underside tender.
And peering wistfully
at a storming sea
from one precarious perch.

I thought in shades of red.
and I was blue.

Fantasies leave sunburn
in the worst places.
A bit of wry self-deprecating humor for you. lol
Mystic Ink Feb 14
Before Adam and Eve
I ate that apple

Never, you were taught. umm
Theme: Ask my contemporaries, they witness.
The weekly Friday recounting
of everything I've said:
Did I hurt someone's feelings?
That's what I really dread.
Was I rude to my cashier?
Maybe only in my head.
Didn't talk to any friends.
No one close to me is dear.

Almost two years in this city
and no one even noticed.
You'd think they'd have some pity
for someone so focused
on never saying the wrong thing
and therefore nothing at all.
"Social anxiety" is what it's called

but I don't want that.
A therapist wears an expensive hat;
I wear my hair different ways
every day in hopes someone
will say anything.

They never do
and neither do I.
I don't even have the audacity to cry.
lins Feb 7
a mystery to me
he is full of intrigue
what is his passion
what is his truth

what is his dream
what makes him beam
I want to know him
there’s so much to learn

I only know his name
boy does that seem lame
one of these days
I’ll introduce myself

but for now I’ll just think
running my pen out of ink
writing about my curiosity
about the boy that is a mystery
Samantha Jan 31
You were quiet,
And I was loud,
You were amazing,
And I was proud.

You barely spoke once a day,
And I could talk forever,
But most days we didn't need to speak,
As long as we were together.

Because it was what you didn't say,
so worthwhile yet small,
Those are the whispers,
that made me love you at all.
Simpathi Jan 27
Where are you my love?
Are you waiting for me to find you,
To grasp your hand when I know you’re the one,
Standing in front of your face that’s as bright as the sun?

Why do this my love?
Why can’t you reveal yourself,
Instead of being the one to be shunned?
You may leave forever but I’ll still run.

Why so perfect my love?
Why hold your heart low beneath you,
For no one to see, no one to hug?
Stop checking yourself just to be done.

What do you yearn for?
Do you roam the earth for someone to love or,
Wait patiently for your lover to open your door?
He will never be there if you’re looking at floors.

What colors are your eyes?
Blue, green, brown or something so fine?
They say so much about you and tell me why.
Guess I’ll never see them if I gaze at the sky.
My love has lost perception... S.B. <3
Ayzi Jan 26
I try
I swear
But it always ended the same way
I plan out
The things I would say
But I choke on my words
They’ll never be heard
Instead I blurt out incomprehensible prattle
Immediately regretting
My attempt at conversing
My hands begin shaking
Bad habits come back as my wrists begin cracking
I panic
It hurts
My mind draws a blank and it keeps getting worse
My heart beats and breathing frantically picks up
And the blood rushes up
As my face starts to glow an embarrassing shade of red
Bad thoughts swirling and it’s filling my head
To the point that it feels like it’s going to explode
Do they notice it?
Do they even care?
What do I do?
Should I just quit?
I wish I could leave
But my legs are too shaky
My weight suddenly feels a hundred times more heavy
The panic keeps rising
Until eventually it fades as this energy converts and festers inside me
Only to welcome me back once again
When I’m alone

But time continues to pass
And the dreaded conversation keeps going
Like nothing went on
Sorry it’s my first time trying to write a poem so don’t judge too harshly.
Also the wrist cracking part is just a habit of mine when I’m nervous I don’t know why
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