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dailythoughts Oct 15
the moon burns brighter glaring at me
shamelessly shying away on your name
my only wish
helena alexis Oct 14
his eyes contemplated the way she introduced herself, sultry and seductive
never breaking eye contact with him

this young woman wanted him
in ways he could never imagine
vivid dreams filled her mind
the passion, the roughness, the danger,
it all excited her

she pictured him in a way that
one day without warning he would
break her, ravage her like
no other man has before
thinking ab my crush
Something is out of place.
Something inherently
molecular within her
myogenic wilderness:
a modesty, an awareness,
the visible manifestation
of her shyness.
It contracts.
It tones.
It colors her
just as the sky.
just as stimuli.
There's something new
about this face.
Something awakened.
Something lovestruck
and silly.
For what else
could exert such
a dilator mechanism,
in all its deliciousness?
Mrs Anybody Sep 23
your best friend
told me

you are
really shy

but then why
are you
so open
with me?

you barely
even know
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Kashish Aug 8
It was early sunday morning
The sun was shining blazingly in the sky
As I saw you passing by
You gave me butterflies, I won’t lie
Your impeccable innate beauty and your courteous smile made me shy
After a while, by chance
We swapped a glance
I could neither think nor blink
But just wonder, how pretty you glimpsed in pink!
Isabella Aug 1
Yes, I’m done talking.
Oh, no, one more thing—
Nevermind, you’re not listening.
Bullet Aug 1
The jeans seem to be clean
The tone I bring is dark washed
My shyness is bleached
I keep thinking of spin cycles
Acid wash anything I can dream
Just a tab to expand what is loaded
Psychedelic and kaleidoscopic hues
Painting with a vivid open minded view
Let the universe hypnotize me
The spin cycle I keep thinking about
My decision to surf on a wave
Will it bring me tripped out pain
Stuck in the intertwining of space
Stuck between experience and entrapment
Acid wash me into a different color
Or drown me into a world I’m not ready for
Acid wash color me away
Singata Jul 10
A smile
That changed the world
It made the sunshine
It dried up tears
It destroyed darkness
and destroyed fear
It brought joy and laughter
Mankind's antidote
It brought back peace thereafter
A thoughtful anecdote
Teeth came out of hiding
Reflecting light once more
A light too bright for fighting
The light opened a door
To your mind and to your heart
The light opened a door
To a new chance and a new start
All emanating from..
A smile
A smile you kept to yourself
Sophie Sharp Jun 29
Why do I always sit alone?
Why am I afraid?
I just can't ever condone
The stupid things people say.

Is this problem theirs?
Or is it purely mine,
I guess nobody cares,
For me nobody pines.

Why don't I loosen up?
Why don't I just have a drink?
Because my head is way too full,
I can't even hear myself think.

I know I don't need to keep this up,
I could just please the crowd,
But so far I've still got some luck
I don't want to run out.

Some day, someone will get me,
They'll understand my ways,
Then together we can party
For the rest of our perfect days.
Mrs Robota Jun 17
I just wanted to say hi
and ask you, if you
would, maybe, consider...Uhm
would you have coffee with me?
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