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How do we dare to doubt?
It's because we aren't used to happiness in life
For far too long we have been the ones who give
Maybe, that's why it is so hard for us to receive
We are scared of being backstabbed
Know life as the cruel place without light
We are shy, timid creatures
Coming to be tamed by love
audrey Apr 28
rather than the pretty rose,
that was showered with
praise and poise
and sunshine smiles,
the mimosa plant always was
pricked by the curious calico cat,
curling into itself
and if i were to do the same,
would i disappear too?
Duckie Apr 10
Sometimes the need to grab strangers by the shoulders,
And beg-BEG- for them to hurt me,
Pretend to love but actually hate me,
Romance me, only to ignore me-

Sometimes the need to grab strangers by the shoulders,
And ask for their prayers,
Spill out my darkest confessions,
Grieve my past self to them-

Sometimes the need to grab strangers by the shoulders,
And preach the importance of freedom,
Inform them of the world’s woes,
Bore them with politics-

Sometimes the need to grab strangers by the shoulders,
And demand they save me,
Pause my loneliness before it turns foul,
Accompany me during my days-

Sometimes the need to grab strangers by the shoulders,
And scream help, so the birds flee,
Becomes ever too powerful.

So powerful I recoil from human interactions,
Until I can perform the average conversation again.
rig Feb 13
a sea so non-sonorous
snows summers on amorous
rose woven aurora rooms…
on a moon i run scenes as
wars are won over rumours.
see – no nexus. none. success.
zero cameras on me.
prisioner's constraint - not using any letters with ascenders or descenders. basically only half of the alphabet is available, no b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, p, q, t, and y. also i. i know there's one in the poem. it's on purpose.
Reagan Lee Feb 11
Valentine's Day is here;
I hope he comes out of his shell.
The one and only Valentine;
Please be mine.

Common things like gummy bears
Fun Dips and Ring Pops galore.
The weirdest things like crystal *****.
Please drag me out the door.

Oh Sheldon, oh Sheldon,
Come out of your shell.
There you are!
Now as Valentines we dwell.
It's about a girl who wants her pet snail to come out of his shell, because he has been hidden  inside for a long time.
xoe Dec 2020
i cant write with you staring over my shoulder,
i am a song bird but i only sing to the sky,
my fellow mockingbirds sing in harmony,
but im my own being,
my own culture,
my own style,
i am a mockingbird of singularity.
i feel strange
Grazielle Lota Nov 2020
Nobody knows
How I fight my battles
With thoughts of you
Coming and disappearing

Stop! I plead myself
I had more than enough everyday,
I adore you in silence
And I too, suffer in silence
Until my eyes
Speak much of words I never say,
With my face almost soaked in tears
Again and again.

Til I get too tired and numb
Treading on the patterns
I both make and keep
The punishment of a shy soul
From a distance, I own you
At least.
Godfrey Ndlovu Nov 2020
Shy cup of Latte 🍵

Shy cup of Latte, savor of mine
Sat with ease as unto a regal saucer--
Upon my heart's amber throne
Hearth to a grandeur sublime
That trembles the first bright gleamer,
Of the early morning sun.
Portions enchanting proceed--
From your pearl purple scepter
Bade on high,
Onto lofty summits of lovesome regard,
To reign my walls for ages untold,
As Empress to a citadel ever yours

Violet petals doth my path carpet
Gracing my careful fervor stroll--
To the edge of your sweet repose,
By the smooth rims, encircling
Your gently steaming streams of splendid love
In a bid to peck a sip so healing--
Kiss your froth in heartly devotion
As unto a ring queenly royal,
Of she whom upon my love delights,

Let mine soul be merry in this stead,
With its essence to joy in this blessing
Ringing spurts of gratitude--
and whispers of promise

I sound in chime to myself

"I, then --
Be an endless song
To which I ever call for her hand in dance."
She, then --
Be my heaven-vested cistern
My shy cup of latte
A fountain cup so sweet
It never ceases to pour.
To Daisy Flower🌸, the woman I wanted, the woman I've won🧘🏽‍♂️
Anemone Nov 2020
I have a superpower
I can be invisible
they can't see me
neither can you
unless you try
Betty Nov 2020
Shy people
Sometimes have the most to say
They just don't know how to do it!
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