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Allesha Eman Sep 21
How are you?
Are you lost somewhere in the valley,
walking down endless roads?
Are you falling in love whenever you meet a kindred soul?
I heard that time has caught up to your ways,
And now you’re chasing stars to have another say,
But I can’t help but feel like you needed to be saved.
So now I’m here searching along the path where your footsteps are placed,
Wondering why I’m chasing after a lost case,
But when I look at my hands, I remember the wrinkles on your thumb,
I see your soul searching for someone to love,
I remember that we’re reflections of each others hopeless dreams,
Now I know that you’re looking for someone like me,
But you’re too far gone into the future
And I’m just your past,
turn around and you’ll find me, where you left me last.
From the 26 Letters to time series
Pastel skies lay ahead
on the horizon,
blurred into the melancholy sea.

Find you too not
this supreme feeling?
what is its name I do not know
for I cannot hold it as I hold you

rightly so,
in the present.

What gift has been bestowed upon me?
I am searching the depths of the wind,
but the droplets it carries onto my tongue
do little to quench my thirst
so I stay
a naive sailor
lost within deep waters

Are you the answer?
My treasure in the sea?
My fair-skinned maiden standing beside me
with hips of gold and spirit-filled eyes.
Drink you too from this lantern eve?

Maybe in the morning, we shall both know.
Jewel Yuzon Sep 20
You could look for me in every corner of earth
and never find me.
Even if all the world were glass
and the water clear,
even if you and I were the only ones
in a white plane outside of space and time,
I could be in front of you, invisible,
just out of reach.
As you search with arms outstretched,
and I, about to smile my smug smile,
winner of my own game, I falter —
because things could have been so different.
My heart in search for proses.
My mind is asking for the words.
My mouth still staying quiet.
From lips sweet sounds flyed.
My skin is filled of the senes.
Instead my mind is a mess.
Andra Sep 11
when you think you know...

when you think that all is
as you know it
as you'd like it
there's something that happens then:

someone pulls your hand and shows you that
the world around you
is different than you thought.

that the grass' green is stronger
that the birds' flight is more beautiful than you could see it
and there's nothing left for you to do than... believe.

"believe and you shall see.
if you believe, you will see the flight and the sun's light and the sky's blues...

search without a fear, without a care and with no doubt.
you won't find the answer in an instant,
but it will come to you.
maybe only after 20 years in Tibet,
but it will surely come to you."
-a few years ago (about five, to be exact) I asked someone I looked up to a deep and quite personal question. we talked for hours. Before going to bed I wrote this.
Seanathon Sep 1
Someday, they'll burry my grave, long after the ink and parchment have faded.

Long after my thoughts have longsince passed into the undying lands.

I just hope that my neices don't have to burry me

Which is why now I search for a new family.
Inadequate Search
Allesha Eman Aug 31
It looks like adversity has gotten the better  of me.
I’m bruised, exhausted but I can hardly sleep.
The sun is unforgiving as it steals my shade.
Now I’m vulnerable right in front of your face.
My heart is always racing whenever I’m day dreaming.
My mind often floats away to another place.
I can’t seem to forgive you, I can’t seem to forget,
but I’ve been chasing your apologies alongside all my regrets.
It’s what makes me human when I’m running from your threats,
but your stare is so forgiving, your gaze floods my heart.
I’m lost in a trance that sets the world apart.
Trapped in my everlasting reality, but I found my way back.
Except, I forgot who I was on this endless rigid track.
I had it all wrong, now I’m the one to forgive.
I like to make myself the victim of your mindless tricks,
but dear time, you’re only playing your perfect role
Because it’s my fault,
I’m the one that forgot how to forgive my soul.
Letter #6 out of 26 letters to time
Who are you? nobody or somebody?
a specie called human or a
specie known by its name
if that is so,
you share your name with many,
who are you? nobody?
then why are you here?
a null is also defined then why can't you, says another
who are you? somebody?
if that is so,
care to mention that some, says another
everything has an existential reason, says one
then, why can't the existence alone  stand as a reason? says another
living aimless shouldn't be a reason, says one
then, why say "live without conditions"
and so goes the questionnaire with the society
at last found to be one!
is it somebody or nobody?
is yet to figure.
in world of ablutions sometimes we feel the void in us then the question raised in the mind are put into ink
kiran goswami Aug 24
We search for better stories
while writing about how our's is the best.
Mickey Aug 13
What if I don’t want it.
The love,
the happiness,
the good times.
What if I want to give up on it all.
I am constantly searching for it,
longing for it,
needing it.
What if I just don’t want it.
Let me get used to not having it.
So when time passes.
There wouldn’t be anything to miss.
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