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The way she faked
love on those gentle
autumn nights
in the country
was one of those little
miracles that made the
trees cry, and the
flowers weep.

Sleep brought dreams
of an actor on an
empty stage...
A big crowd that wanted
They followed the actor
He felt like he always
had to be on.
He didn't like that,
so he moved to
Idaho, where he fished
for trout, and real
Hollow hole heaped with nothing
Days are veiled in Sadness's satin
Cheek of Wisdom was whipped by winds
Where's Joy if it's not living within?
Valleys and glens
I search for them
Some have gone dead
Some have gone alive
Valleys and glens
I search for them
I look at the sky
I ask the planets and stars
If they see them from afar
Please tell them
I search for them
Valleys and glens
Forests and rocks
Streams and rivers
Caves and caverns
Please tell them loud
Through cosmic sound
I miss them, I miss them
I love them, I love them
I search for them
Valleys and glens
Some have gone dead
Some have gone alive
I see thisles and shamrocks
Blowing in the wind
They're no where in sight
I look at the sky
Knees down the ground
Hands upward
Let peace transcend
Let peace transcend
I love to walk along streams, rivers, valleys and glens. I love to walk in forests, on rocks. With my golden retriever. I miss and love those lost dead or alive over time for we shall never meet again in this life.
Time it took
time still
to sort through
what was retrieved
still trying to
figure out
what bits are
worth keeping
and what bits
are temptations
to rebuild
the life
I was never
meant to
My loneliness is drawn deeply from a well
bottomlessly plunged into singledom.
Staring into the well's abyss
I discern my beloved future husband
is not in this one
Y'all da struggle of single living is Real! it's a hot mess out here!
If you could get inside my mind,
Youd look for something deep, dark, and dangerous
But I,
I would just look for hope
deadhead Mar 3
I can't help but
search for you
in every crowd
even when i know
you're thousands
of miles away
So much is dependent on personal initiative.
Truth goes unread because it has to do with someone else's answer and not mine.
What has consensus done to the world but created a unified vision?
Consensus is really only reached through personal knowledge and awareness of the aspects of the vision of the world.
So if I see another reaching for an answer, it might be beneficial if I reached for it too.
Realizing my need to search
Dharatal Feb 22
Why today and tears of my eyes
Are coming from my heart .

Mouth is silent but
Heart is speaking many things.

These ears want to listen something
But what don't know.

These eyes are waiting to see something but what don't know.

The rays of hope have been hidden
In the cloud of the despair.

Heart wants to get out of this crowd
Where are I am alone, today I am in search of a silent face which can give me all answers to my questions .
Every person has a search of another person who can understand his/her mind without speaking
Tea Feb 11
You see, stretched far and wide, the ocean.
It is just as your every move and motion.
You always seem to come and go.
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.
But you never go away or leave for good.
I can always find traces of where you stood.
And if I follow each of them, one after the other.
I can always find you, putting two and two together.

Do you see, up above, the pale blue skies?
It is just as empty as the look in your eyes.
Your soul seems very tired and strained
Your heart is left behind, darkly stained.
I have seen you search like a lonely ghost in the night.
Across bodies of water, forests, and deserts for light.
And till this day you are still roaming around.
Searching for difference in the monotone sound.

But now, do you see, beneath us all, the earth?
It is just as fertile as the happiness you birth.
You leave behind a trail wherever you go.
Many things are added with each tomorrow.
Fireflies, flowers, dew, a soft breeze grow.
Yet, you never look back, only in sorrow.
I wish you could see the truth in what you do.
Not just what or how you are, but also who.

And just as you can’t see the winds, even when all around.
You don’t notice how free you are and unable to be bound.
You bring change in the weather of life.
But you never stop your roaming or strife.
Your wings are strong but all grows tired.
So please accept how you are wired.
One day you will find a good place to build a nest.
And I hope it is in my arms you will find your rest.
Prompt for this poem: "See the sky? It is just as empty as the look in your eyes."
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