lostboy 1d

Google oh Google!
You answer our questions so;
Why can't penguins fly?
What is the yellow snow?
You then answer us,
So that we will then know.

Google oh Google,
This I must say;
You change your appearance
In almost every way,
Just to drop a hint
Of some eventful day.

Google oh Google!
Many topics you suggest
So we may rely on you
For you know what is best;
To stop our worry
And put us at rest.

Daniel Magner Oct 11

My electric guitar stands,
My girlfriend wakes,
at 4 am,
to go to a job she hates.
I spend 11 hours a day
getting to, then working, then leaving
a job that's okay,
so I can get paid enough
to spend my nights and two free days
in an apartment where I share
all the space.
How can I break the cycle?
Bring a smile to her face?
Make this life full of wonder,

Daniel Magner 2017

I’m a man made of broken relations
one piece from each
each has a story of its own
one that gets me closer to being complete.

Sometimes I say to myself
that I need no one by my side
I convince my inner me
that I can be both -
the one that needs and
the one that fulfils.

I adore the darkness
yet I crave for the moonlit skies
In its calmness, I feel alive again
And continue my quest to find a better me.

I close my eyes, and I hear me breathe
I sway like the carefree wind
as they sing in harmony with the leaves.
As I open them, I find myself back in my den
searching for the switch to play it all over again.

I searched for you in the alley of conversations.
In the backyard of a smile.
Between the walls of simplicity.

I searched for you in the corners of affection.
In the garden of butterflies.
In the unsafety of my dreams.

I searched for supernatural, divine encounters.
For beating hearts and shaky voices
For mindblowing realities.
I searched for God in a man.

Instead I found sincerity
I found differences
I found fear and jealousy
I found mistakes
I found acceptance

I found human.

Maria Imran Sep 24

1:05 PM.
I am sitting on my bed, laptop in front of me.
Searching vague terms.
And then it hits--
It was you. I remember the dream now.
It was your text, after all this time, and only I on this space can imagine the feelings it brought.
It was your text, and then I had replied, and then...
And then I couldn't find it in my phone anymore.
The dream ended on searching and searching
has seeped through in my day since.
Maybe another night? Maybe another day?

You can't truly find what you're searching for if you just keep on wandering within your finite space.

© Cyrille Octaviano, 2017
Sha Sep 13

What are the odds
Of finding je ne sais quoi
When you're searching for it
In the middle of a dead language
Or in a parallel universe
Like Sputnik Sweetheart

Rebel Heart Sep 13

I just want to pack my bags
And vanish
Leave without a trace

Spend the rest of my life
In solitude
I'm no longer
A burden to you...
Maybe this way I'll find me,
The real me,
The one that lives outside of
These useless broken words
The one that breathes outside of
This loop of a mess that's become
My nightmare and my life all at once
Maybe this way I can finally
Throw away my masks
Maybe this way I can finally
Taste freedom
Maybe this way
I might even discover
The meaning of
True happiness

And maybe this time
I won't run away from it

"She loved mysteries so much that she became one..." Maybe she became one to finally unlock the mysteries of the world...
Front Page (9/13/17)
(Just some scribbles on a lined paper someone will find years from now in the trash...)
Fynn Sep 5

I might be no hero, but I still got a heart
Right or wrong, i can hardly tell
I tried to do my best from the start
but my best might not work out that well

but arent intentions everything
or is it just result that matters
my whole life ive been struggeling
to make all proud but mostly I failed

Everyone got their special skills
It just took me a while to search for mine
From the depths of the ocean, to the greatest hills
I searched for it, for such long time

And even if I did not find it yet
i know that I am here for a reason
but after this long and tiring quest
which took me more than 8 whole seasons
I just want to pause it and take a nap
in my cosy lovely bed

I havent been home in a while
I hope you my love did wait for me
I cant wait to see your smile
And cant wait to see my family

The true purpose I serve is more than enough
its making you happy and making us two
You are the only girl that I love
theres no better couple than me and you

Something happy.. after all the other poems which had rather sad storys i thought.. well why not writing something more enjoyable for once  :)

This is where I grew up broken
And I still am
I'm trying to find my missing pieces

This is where I fell apart
I'm still not together
I'm searching for a way to snap things into place

Understanding is out of my reach
I walk with limited sight
Hoping that the next thing I stumble upon
Will be an answer
Will help me move forward

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