And each day I was told it would get better. In worn shoes I would walk the long route to school, and dream of all the things I would do. Autumn leaves danced at my feet and the kids on sixteenth street shouted fall songs. I was a lonely kid with a journal and hopes for things my mother always told me I could achieve. I was told to do great things but I was told only the lucky ones make it far enough to see the stars lining up at their feet. I went home on cold nights and sat at my window in search of someone just as lonely as me and I found it in the sky shining down on me. The loneliest star once told me so, I could make it far and before I’d know, it would only get better from here.
A poem I wrote in 8th grade...
jerelii Jul 29
will you turn right or left?
of finding the true meaning of life?
July 30, 2018
I just want to go through the uncertainties,
I want to take the unfamiliar paths,
Maybe it'll lead to desired destination,
Or else, whatever, walking matters.

I just want to wash out my pains,
I want to undergo the depths​ of ocean,
To lose in its mystery and beauty.
What a beatitude! yeah, indeed.

I just want to be the wanderer of desert,
To walk through the sand dunes,
In solitude and silence all around,
Just to beware the struggle of life.

I just want to hover in the air,
Higher and higher over the layers
With open arms, walking in the wind,
To look up from there, in search of thee.
Utpal Thaker Jul 26
they said
be practical
stay with the herd
for safe grazing
in a secured turf
      i have
     only to search you
     flower by flower
     fruit by fruit
Richard Jul 25
It has already died inside of you,
the feeling you had,
the voice whispering pretty words,
little dwarf inside your head,
he got depressed, he's anxious, your inner voice died inside of itself.
And you are running through the people, trying to reach dwarf inside of the stranger,
once you reach the other's dwarf, soon you find out, that's what you needed, dwarf's help. And you keep worrying about the dwarf who keeps yours safe, and eventually that's you who suffer the most, as it's not the dwarf who is dying now.
You should give the meaning to it as you feel it
Cjf Jul 24
Life comes and goes
The person you are now could be someone that everyone back then would walk right past and never even know
You could take your compass heart north and let it lead you for the better
Or you could go down south and let it tear your very name up, letter by letter

You could choose the love of your life
or the love of the night
That would be gone by the next day
And you woke up alone wondering why you just didn't stay
You keep walking, hoping that your family is still where you left them that day
But you forgot that the letters that made up your name aren't what they used to say

And maybe they would take you back with open arms
Maybe they would give you the love you forgot in the midst of your own ocean storms
Maybe they would tell you the jokes you missed out on while you were shipwrecked and your compass broke
Maybe they would remember your name and help you rebuild it even though the last letter is barely hanging on, like a tattered edge of a rope

Life always gives you a choice, it's not just one or two.
There's numerous paths to go on, what're you going to choose?
Are you going to let a town beat you down until you aren't you?
Or are you going to overcome the obstacles and make it out alive and see this battle on through?

And your
Name was always known
Though, who's to say the letters make any sense
How can we fix the way you willingly let your ship get
No, our hearts are passed being punched and kicked
You can't Unscramble this
rd Jul 23
My soul wanders searching for thee..
When the day wears out
And the sun dims its glow
When the sky changes from a bright blue
to a sombre hue
My soul searches for you..

My soul wanders searching for thee...
When  shadows fade
and the clouds trade
white for shades of red
painting the heavens anew
My soul searches for you...

My soul wanders searching for thee...
When the atmosphere
changes its temperament
And calmness descends.
In moments of solitude
My soul  searches for you..
ShrutiDadhich Jul 23
Missing you every time,
No I ain't fine,
I see your face in everyone I see,
You left,
But I ain't free,
Like a thirsty tree,
I'm waiting for your rain,
You have lasting effect on my brain,
I have searched you in the depth of sea,
In the bright stars of night,
In the soft touch of raindrops,
& I'm yet searching your light...
For my loving & respectable Grandpa, whom I've lost in the ocean of death...
RH Fists Jul 19
superfluous really,

my insatiable pursuit of ecstasy
and ruminations of slaughter
only to find my ferality
alone in introspective cacophony
waiting and waiting for prey.
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