Sanny 2d

The pressure of having to be good enough.. a heavy burden.

Need get be better, accomplish.

The constant search for perfection.

But what am I searching for?


Sanny 2d

Lost in my mind once again.

The past comes back to haunt me.

To remind me, preventing me from forgetting.

I've felt enough pain.

Where's my peace? Still searching.

I need to breathe, I'm suffocating.

I hear the familiar screams inside.

The burning in my lungs.

Please let me be.

I need a place for my head.

Another way to feel alive.

I pray that
We both find
What we're looking for
Even if
Our treasures
Are not each other

I say while my treasure looks for greater discoveries
Blue Shadow Jul 17

In the search of truth,
I found GOD.

In the search of god,
I found love.

In the search of LOVE,
I found you.

In the search of YOU,
I found MYSELF.

aryanalynae Jul 9

I still check my phone,
and I still search your name.
and I can't stop scrolling,
because scrolling is pain.

Finding who i am and who i want to be
but i guess that isn't who i have to be
and what you all want me to be,
so maybe i should just stop the searching.
Feel like i should start apologizing,
for being who i want to be?
or for being someone i wasnt?
or maybe just being here in the first place?
it is all a blur and i need an escape.
At last I found the escape I need
It wasn't in the form I thought it would be?
But now I don't want to apologize
I want to be me
The me that I need to be
The me that you want me to be

Conner Dixon Jul 3

Out of food is manufactured chyle. Out of chyle comes blood. Out of blood comes flesh. Out of flesh comes fat. Out of fat comes bone. Out of bone comes marrow. Out of marrow comes semen.

the semen will try to go down & out

if you want ecstasy you must change this

to upwards and in

the semen must be forced back & up
instead of downwards and out


after you eat
change it's flow

reaching the sahasrara chakra you will reach bliss

the upward flow of energy is Ecstasy
it is Spirituality

be blessed
from sexual feelings
to profound ecstasies

I saw u I fell in Love, and you smile because u knew.

William Shakespeare.

I wish it would have been your smile But it were those eyes which have hooked me with your memory. And now I am counting down the days, hoping to see u again and break free..

Sanny Jun 25

They say home is where the heart is.

But where is my heart?
I can't remember where I left it.

Retracing my steps, constantly searching.

I need to find my heart.

I want to feel home again.

I have always been beckoning
In the streets and classrooms,
In the schools and coachings,
In the soccer goals and chess games.

I have always been searching,
In the lonely evenings and nights,
In the sunny days and afternoons,
In the packed markets and parties.

I have always been so very patient,
In the empty Sundays and holidays,
In the private moments and hours,
In the public places and datings.

But true love was nowhere,
I searched the whole world,
Then I finally had it accepted,
That true love was only twice.

First was when I was born,
To my mother and father,
Second was the rebirth,
In an ICU's rebreather.

My HP Poem #1604
©Atul Kaushal
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