rose 20h

i still search for moments like those
ones that make your heart warm
ones when the world seems so close to perfect
you forget that its not

good memories
Dr zik 3d

Some body find You in a dew
Some body wander about into the woods
Men are wandering
Here and there in search of You
I am too in search of You
But the track and style is varied.
They go far, beyond themselves.
I feel and dive inward myself.
So I found You in my heart
They remain wandered about.
And I feel pleasure in my solitude

Sean Scribbles Apr 15

"Beneath the sky, above the grass un mowed and growing high .

There lives a quiet seamless wind, which whispers words in the back of my mind.

It questions me and my own being, and inquires as to if I am wasting my time.

Searching throughout humanity, for someone so practical and pure of heart, who I never was actually intended to find."

Homest words from an idealist. (:
Alisha Shibli Apr 10

Need plumbing? Call a plumber.
Need an apartment? Call a broker.
Need career help? Call a consultant.
Need love? The number you’re trying to call does not exist.

Under the enigmatically colored sky, I did wait,
in the place where you were  expected
days, nights, weeks and months passed by,
years added their handiwork on my body,
but my spirit, refused to fail kept awake

I traveled through the freeways of the sky,
learning the art of flight, all by myself,
asked the birds repeatedly about you
except the time they sang how you inspire
but they remained mute to my questions
                                      "Fly towards east
where light is" I heard a wise one say
I found light at the dawn and struggled
to keep it alive at night, only thinking
about you,I needed the heat to survive.

In the blue watery depth of the sea,
I dived, heard the music of silence.
It was your paens silence kept on singing,
Through the fertile planes i walked,
saw the corn speak of plenty.
you bestow on us, the peace it brings.
I wandered through the mountains and hills,
the grass was green and flowers on the vines,
had fragrance that reminded me your presence,
ripened fruits hanging on trees spoke
on the sweet love we shared.
Though you were away from me
and i wandered with a heart full of questions.

A song bird on the tree of wish sang,
it was all about your love for me, I was amazed,
my weary head paused and felt peace at last,
I fell in love as the hands of mountain wind caressed.
In my dream you came and sat near.
I was transformed, did I wake up from that ecstasy
or am I still asleep,I and  you are no different.

Pagan Paul Mar 20

How I wish I could lay my head
down gently on your thighs,
to make you moan and sigh aloud
and slowly close your eyes.

How I wish I could use my tongue
and give you more than rhyme,
to bring a flush up to your cheek,
of feelings beyond space and time.

How I wish that I could speak
in words of feathered certainty
and so entice your curious mind
to lay down with me for eternity.
© Pagan Paul (2017)

For the Muse I have yet to meet.
For the Lady I have yet to undress.
For the Lover I have yet to eat.
For the Goddess I have yet to impress.
I continue searching for you.
Jo Gonzalez Mar 20

I'm going to
a little lighter
even if
it wont
as long
it might
not even
a whole

Well, I'll never know.

JAC Mar 15

The answer
We've both been searching for
Is the question
We both avoid.

Atoosa Kourosh Oct 2016

Lost in Paradise
Purgatory without you
Come to my rescue

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