Lost in a sea of trees,
Leaves cry at my feet,
The wind howls in the distance,
I cannot find what I seek.

A vicious howl echoes in the distance,
My heartbeat just grows faster,
And fiercer,
With absolute persistence.

Where have you gone?
I have looked all over,
No stone left unturned,
No insect has spoken.

I now reached a cliff...
There is nowhere else to look.
The roaring sea told me it has seen you,
But I'm too scared to look.

One step forward,
Is all it takes to meet you again,
One step onward,
And our feelings will be in vain.

Outlines of a bird
Flying, but unstirred
In the bleak presence
Of phosphorescence!

Knots untying themselves
Loud ringing bells
Emanating petrichor
On the luminous floor!

Construction deconstruction
Misconstruction misconception
Blocks above blocks
Clocks! Moving clocks!

On the whole
It is a black box
Ready to go down the hole
Without a key, but with infinite locks

Encrypted Decrypted
Protected Unprotected
Waves after waves
Castles made of clays!

Ready for the outburst
Ready to explode
To find a body, to be the first
To walk on the forlorn road

Search is on
For the companion
The illusionary ally
Turns out to be an alter-ego
Unstoppable flow!
Unraveling mazes,
Retracing the traces
There are too many places
With a multitude of faces

Its a frantic search
From the inside
It is the soul searching for a soul!!

I'll chase, maybe find her
each moment, that she's gone
all emotions, to defer
warm, but not withdrawn

A soliloquy of psyche
the universe, in tow
going down the trails and paths
that only she, would know

Her light will persist
moves, life of it's own
constantly, as she resists
she's never been, at home

To grab the comet's tail
a ride, I won't abstain
even if, I'll always fail
feelings, will still, remain

You leave pieces, with them :)

Of progressing science
Of massive equations
Of theory and numbers
Of facts and hypotheses
Unexplained are those things that really matter!

From the realms of a world
That works purely on sense
With so called knowledge immense
But only in your head!
God is a work of fiction, you say
Call those mortals dumb for a day
For they don't believe in science
Yet you prove atom, to my dismay
While it exists, but not seen
Questions to these answers is what I seek
Seem as strong as I wish, I am still weak

Heaps of papers lie at your desk
Where are the answers when I feel Kafkaesque
What use is it, when two plus two can't be five
While she is dead, and I am alive

Pleasures so corporeal
Have left my abode
Facts no longer real
All that is left is the source code
Of what a yes is and a no

Of regressing mentality
Of submissive disorders
Of beliefs and faiths
Of lies and false assumptions
Unexplained are those things that really matter!

Akash Mandal Nov 29

Her despairing mind
searched for thorns
on her floral print dress.

Samruddhi Nov 28

Let me swim against the current
Just to know what power I behold
Let me fly against the flow
To strengthen my wings multiple fold
Let me run across the boundaries
Just to see where this land meets the sky
Let me run far far away
But join me only if you can fly
Be my partner, not my wings
Help me get up if I fall off a cliff
Hold me tight and don't you ever lose your grip
Even when we laugh or we are in a tiff..

uhhhhhhh Nov 25

Mitch McConnell could be the biggest piece of shit in American history.
Why don't you come oppress me, bitch? I'm anti-fascism, you piece of shit bastard! So, come on down and oppress me, big man. I dare you. Try to silence me, fuck face!
I wish you would.
I personally DO NOT work retail. However cum breath , the people who do work retail and any non essential non-medical job deserve a holiday off with pay same as anyone else does just as president Lincoln declared in 1863
you unpatriotic inbred cattle fucking piece of uneducated shit.

If I posted what I actually wish for the bastard from Kentucky, I would hear a knock on my door and guys in blue suits with sun glasses.

He looks like a loaf of shit that is beginning to poke out of your ass prior to reaching a toilet.
That bitch can die in a well.

Mane Omsy Nov 23

Grinning at the memories
She left in my conscious mind
Like everything still seems present
The cherished times at her laughs
Left smiles of regret to take a chance

Through this road with music
Louder than the wilderness
Good Will Hunting final theme
I have to go see about a girl

The road longing as I accelerate
Take me to her heart once again
Make it my home in her forever
To return everyday and night

hope you're fine

Ok, so here's the deal
I've got waaaay to many poems

I can't find specific ones
Eliot's search engine, just ain't, goin

What if we had a better one?
one that actually finds words or lines?

Ya think he'd be on board with that?
or think it, a waste, of time?

We could search our own, or others
and find some inspiration, and a muse

Or we could just stay right here
and all our sanity, lose

I'd like a better search engine
I'd like it here, and now

I'd like a better search engine
someway, right here, somehow

Holy cow, the search here really sucks, bad D:
C'mon Eliot, has to be a better solution? Please? Maybe?

I keep adding to this LOL, can't help myself :D
Aleeza Nov 16

my eyes wander to people
and i think
does anybody really know

who do you think you are
walking this fragile earth
and preaching the lies of centuries
telling the people of a treachery

you rely the world on this feeling
when it is nothing but fleeting in a world of change
you think that this is salvation
when it will abandon you

because this is far too human
too sweet in the mornings
all coffee and sunlight and soft music
and too bitter in the moonlight
all scratches on skin and empty screams and tears

all too human
that in every day it morphs into something unfamiliar
this feeling we hold so high
this feeling we crave to drown in

and the centuries that we have wasted in search of such
we were blind to the real force that pushes us over the edge
we have denied ourselves the truth for the longest time
it is now that we need to see

that this world does not allow for the existence of love
the very thing that wars were fought over and bonds were created
and it is only a passion that drives us
to our beginnings or to our ends

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