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Where are you
my one perfect muse
the shape of contours
conjured in dreams
held since bud was formed

Where do you rest
like me for that
of moments


Are you even
embraced in capsule
located in One

Or are you diverse
scattered like seed on
winds unknown
beyond my reach
as I wonder


Is it pointless to conceive
of your fullness
knowing deep down
you exist only in
poetry of disenchanted idealists

Newly formed realists
whose life work
lies smashed
pointless journey
reaching reality

Or will I glimpse you
in passing crowd
ephemeral but
sharply cut out
from all the rest?
(If not 'muse' then boss, friend, partner... )
Ali Ashraf Oct 9
I have travelled so much,
so much that my feet
have become sore
still, I yearn for more.

when will end this quest?
how much more will I search?
what is this thirst that I have?

I don't know
where I am going
I don't know
who I am anymore
I don't know
how will I reach there
and I don't even know
what I am looking for.

© Ali Ashraf
I don't know anymore
daniellaap Oct 8
were there times when you feel so worthless?
when you feel so bad about yourself then suddenly you thought,
that you were everyone's villain?

were there times you feel so down
you thought everyone's talking about you,
about how vulnerable you are
at that moment?

were there times you wished you were somebody else,
somebody you always wanted to be,
always inside your walls
that won't break down built from confidence?

were there times that you wan't to be a superhuman
that of which can read one's thoughts
thoughts and insights about you,
and how you were in other people's view?

most of the time,
i want to know thy self,
make some spare time,
so that I can fix myself
it won't hurt, right?
they wouldn't mind, right?
Ali Ashraf Oct 7
in this drunken madness
called "the world"
let's stop for a while
look into mirror
reflect upon ourselves
and ask the same old questions

what does all of this supposed to mean?
what is purpose of all this?
where did I come from?
where am I headed?

© Ali Ashraf
Existential crisis
Romance is distraction -
Romance is elaborating saga,
Romance is invention,
and not at all Love's dogma.

Love is discovery -
Love is devotion,
Love is creativity,
It evolved as we evolved,

Love is center, in all kinds
in the pure and the complex,
Love expressed in all the fines
the beauty in finding is yet -

Losing oneself in the find
or finding oneself in a loss,
unset from stone your searching mind
come morning, midnight, sun rise or set -

Love will find you as much as
Love willingly let's you beget.
Bartholomew Sep 28
Your “about me” says: ask”, but I don’t know where to start.
Your intent wants to “date but nothing serious” at heart.
But I wanna know more,
my ambition is to learn how very ambitious you are.
The 3 photos attached to your profile inspired me to write this scribe.
Hoping I don’t come off as corny cuz if I do I’ll be dying inside.
But I’ll shoot my shot, slide in ya DM and hope the best of luck.
And I ain’t goin lie, I’m digging ya style, you look **** as **** without your pictures showing too much.
Eloquent features, soft lips, but are your eyez filled with pain?
Cuz the pics don’t depict a smile, please don’t take that the wrong way.
I wanna get high with you spiritually and **** the **** out of your thoughts.
Make your spirit bust as ya soul gets wetter from every idea that was sought.
I wanna kick it, share uncontrollable laughter, go on adventures and get lost.
What’s the cost?
Free thinker, free thinker, are you thinking I’m too soft?
Nah never that, I’m just not afraid to show emotion in which this generation is currently at fault. Their lost.
Doesn’t mean I’m in love with you, doesn’t mean I’m not guarded and ****
Doesn’t mean I’m tryna lock you down like Wayne and mya and have you fallen and ****
But I am interested like whoa, who knows it could be destiny
Even though I wanna see how you put that thing on me, I can’t let you get the best of me
I wanna know everything
from your first love to your last
All just because I’m captivated and your “about me” says “ask”

So I ask.... are you intrigued as well?
Or am I looking  for love in a wrong venue?
Mya ft Lil Wayne- lock u down
Mya- like whoa
Mya-best of me
Mya- fallen
And to whoever MyaLove is on Pof that didn’t give me a shot. It’s all good love
rob kistner Sep 16

eccentric in their special ways
they prefer the path unclear
the trail unmarked

fond of stumbling in
fumbling through
finding the way that's theirs

engaged by the obtuse
the uneven
the asymmetric
they see grace and form
in brilliant imbalance

seduced by the clue
drawn to the fog
they seek the wonder
it withholds

where they long to go
is always 'round the bend
over the hill
behind the closed door

their ears *****
to the distant sound
that arises
just beyond clarity

to all these things
their souls are pulled


down the trail
in the mist
around the curve
over the crest
shut away
comes the clarion call


rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on the poet's wonderfully special traits.
bk Sep 14
i looked into the abyss
searching for you
my love
but i never laid eyes on you
because i stared at the abyss
so long
that it began
to stare back at me.
I followed the trails that she had left behind
I walked the trails religiously abide to it
My eyes set on her trails- I witnessed nothing beyond it.

There was no question of our destination
It was a journey- I stumbled, I fell, but I chased
I lived every season and survived it through
I pushed away every help- I wanted to rise as a hero
I made my stories down the path- practiced every word of my proposal

My heart ached, tears dropped, I chocked on my misery
Yet I crawled after her trails , in search of her

In hope I followed to hear her say :
"Don't follow the trails anymore.. walk next to me and together we create"
Chasing unrequited love becomes so difficult at times.
My anguish, my agony I writhe in pain
oh the agony of my heart!
You left me in a bitter place
For a better place
this sore truth I shall carry to my grave

Oh My heart sinks
You taught me how to love
Your presence an experience I totally miss
Your voice and laughter my ears long to hear
Left Surrounded by melancholic vibes I shed a tear

Please tell me there is no truth to their utter
There is no comfort, they all look at me in tears
Everything is a lie
there is no truth to it all
Your yesterday smile I still see clear
Not this heap of sand in which I stand

This promise I make
and this very one I shall keep
I will search for you through a thousand worlds
Ten thousand life times until I find you
My dear
My beloved
My heart
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