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Bristles and branches come crashing down, spraying embers at your feet.
One by one they plummet, seeking solitude within your ability to cool them.
Twist and tweak, be silent and listen, for the ones worthwhile will instead, set your cool ablaze.
Nuray Dec 7
There are people
Who take the first step
Who move so easily
Creating their environment
Moving the world in a specific direction.

There are people
Who follow
Who live in the shadow of others' voices
Trying to be a part of something bigger
Than themselves.

There is me
Who doesn't fit
In both worlds
Neither I lead nor follow
I just look from the sideline
Trying to find my way.
Last week
I had raised an open question;
There is no response.
I know because I have scanned
The air,
All newspapers and weekly tracts,
My mail
And even my phone calls;
The silence stays.
O, gentle heart!
Do not ask me to repeat that question.
Except you
I do not owe to anyone
My trust and faith.
I have forgotten my being,
I must know who I am.
Lost I roam in this wilderness;
I want someone to find me
And not question my presence.
Caloris Nov 28
From clearest dark and silent night
A bolt does flash of searing light.
The thunderbolt engraves up high
A newborn star into the sky.

And as the healing rain falls down
To feed the pursuit of the crown,
At once it soothes our eternal grief:
We are to strive but never to achieve.
sara Nov 12
******* in red rope
from the slopes of my shoulders
and wrapped tight round my inner thighs.
Bound by
year-old goodbyes,
cigarettes, and blue skies.
The past never felt so unwanted alive.

island and seas,
with a lighthearted ease
which I lost to the cold western wind.
Like a silence at dawn, ending where we begin;
the past cannot heal what is not right within.
Jasmine Roper Nov 15
Don't bother searching
You're looking in all the wrong places
You can't find someone that doesn't wish to be found
That attention you seek is impossible to find
*** placed one person on this earth to give that to you
Sadly that person chooses not to listen
You're lonely, afraid, confused, and desperate.
You just want him to call you beautiful, just one time
But he didn't, hasn't and likely never will.
Stop searching
when you finally give up
let go of that hope
you'll find him
not the father you longed for
but the husband you needed.
James Study Nov 12
we missed you friend
come see everyone
come back and begin
your journey done
come tell the years
of a world corrupt
leave behind your fears
your faith well put
the search make strong
your belief has stood
*** always along
he said he would
we welcome you
and all you have found
the one thing you know
your faith still sound
Amanda Nov 12
I think I may search
Every passing face for yours
Until my last breath
You're the person I automatically scan faces for in a crowd..
kiran goswami Nov 11
You make me search
for the stars
in the daylight
And the sun
in the darkness of the night.
Leon Murphy Nov 8
Stampede in the moonlight
Breathe in the sunlight
I'll carry you on my shoulders
Up and all the way back.

These trees are dancing
And they make me cry,
Let me connect with the source
Cause that's where I want to go.

I can and I would
Hold my head up to the truth,
Taking my chances
Swimming in water
Stampede in the moonlight
Breathing in the sunlight.

Panicked in the fray, just about to welcome home
Am I in the right state?
Treasure is a pleasure when you get to stare,
And I carry these chains on my back
Prepared to stumble and fall
Yet when the time is right I will carry on
and I stampede in the moonlight
Breathe in the sunlight
Hold on tight
It's going to be, just fine.
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