Mars 3d
Waking up every morning on a mission to search for happiness
It didn't come this morning
Maybe later,
Maybe tonight,
Maybe tomorrow,
Maybe in a month, a year?
Possibly never.
Everyday is a battle trying to experience this thing so called "happiness"
Where is it?
What does it look like?
How does it feel?
Will I ever know?
When I have nothing inside
I follow the lights
Ahead of me
To grow with grace

Taking a break
To gain something nice

You have to believe
I change my mind

I’m coming home

Where I’m from?

Am I the soul?
Am I the myth?
Am I the stardust?
Or, the galaxy?

Am I the question
Or, the answer
Or, the silence in between

Or, am I the one,
Who lost the identity?
Or, the change
Time waiting for
Theme: All possibilities
A journey or a walk-a-bout
garnering experience and/or pain
hoarding every happiness
and love, that still remains

Mellowed in remembering
the touch, and look of eye
no harshness, and no sobering
no answer, when, or why

Knowledge just a myth
all that we can know, or think
outlying dogma, just beneath
the razor's edge, racing to the brink

Hearts and spirits wandering
eternity it seems
ever to be pondering
the meanings of
our dreams
Endlessly we are searching
the yearning not defined
realizing much to late
it's what we'll never
You will discover -
Your strengths and weaknesses;
Just look within.
Thank you for reading ♥
PM May 25
We all have secret codes,
a double tap or double ring,
to gets our heads turning and eyes frantically searching.
Double taps are my favourite,
what's yours?
Just a lil one, inspired by a book... I'm always surprised by how some people talk with their eyes and never have to say a word....
Aa Harvey May 24
Good luck

Are you happy today?  I hope that you are.
If you are not then I will wish upon a shooting star
And throw your three coins into the fountain.
I wish you good luck
And if you are all out of luck, then I will wish for you to be in.

If you are in need of love, then please have all of mine.
If you are worried about money,
Then I hope you can find a way to put your mind at ease.
I want you to be peaceful and happy
And if you have something you want to find,
Then I am crossing my fingers and hoping you do find all these things;
I hope you do become all that which you want to be.

With this rabbit’s foot, I am sending you my good luck.
Best wishes;
Maybe you will find what you need, if you take another look.
I would give you the world, if I only could.
I have e-mailed you a letter and it is full of love.

I have told them of your story;
I have told them that you are good.
I will continue to tell everybody how much you mean to me,
If there was only enough time and a way that I could,
I would do anything to help you find your way to being happy.

I would make all your dreams come true,
If only I could my friend.
I would do all I could to make you smile at your life,
Because I want you to feel loved,
So to you all my love I will send.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Not once did I find,
In your heart a spark
But you lit mine up somehow
That's without a doubt
About a year or so
I lived without
A mind of my own
Driven by your thought
So when the spark died
I searched for a thought
But I can find none now
Been too long since your depart
Nick Stiltner May 20
A glimmer breaks through the clouds,
A single beam of white light drifts
through the skylight above
As I lay with back to carpet,
watching the fan lazily rotate.

The fan wobbles and creaks,
it’s paint chipped and weary.
Chains dangle below, rattling
And the blades blur in rotation.

I do not blame the ones of before
for seeing a single hopeful beam of light
and dropping to their knees in prayer,
tears dripping down in the face of
a savior, any savior.

The layers behind eyes flitting with
joy, eyes that dart about, drinking in the scene
to that of unseeing blank, wide mouthed
as if in awe of the world above,
stuck in their ways for eternity.
Even if I don't say it out loud,
I still search for you in a crowd,
Actually, I search for you in every place.
I look for you in every face,
Hoping it is your eyes that I find,
And yet you are nowhere - but in my mind.
people are like blackberries
some sour
some bittersweet
some saccharine
sometimes you have to search the entire field to find the perfect one
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