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Jellyfish Feb 29
I sit and wait for the call to begin
I ponder what I'll say
or if I'll learn anything
While the dread settles in

I don't like myself right now.
I see patterns and look for answers
I'll think I might be getting closer to closure,
but in the end, only  assumptions are found.

"Why do you need to know?" She asks me.
Because I feel like a well.
The Sun appears and I become dried out,
a storm rumbles in and I'm overflowing.

People visit me rarely
each time they do, I become more empty.
They come to me because they get something
They don't stop and sit with me, they want what I function.

Sometimes they paint me,
or add a layer to my shell
They might gift me an accessory
because for them, it will help.

It makes them feel better,
when how I look brings them comfort,
They think everything changed
But I'm still a well they never visit to connect.

I'm a well that sits on a hill,
They think I'm out of reach
but I'm here, left out
Someday I'll be the well that fell.
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2023
Write like you have already Run out of time…
(what do you want for breakfast?)

the despair heats my wearied blood to near a freezing temp,
and the Hamilton song lyric, fresh on my mind,
haunts my soul, with a modified tense-ion,
running becomes also~ran, already now, is a past tense,
gonna get me a weapon, other than words
cause I want the
satisfaction of taking some murderer~haters down

anyway, future is now past tense revisiting,
and you think can still make a difference, but
optimism ain’t my forte, could be a
genetic POV curse,
a refresher course

BUT it’s past time,

used to worry, still do, that my grandkids
in a decade or less, would not have running,
potable water, electricity for a couple
hours a day, as we transition to a
new world the visionary~isms haven’t
prepared a **** for

and words are cheaper now
than they have ever been,

and the freedom to hate gonna be
added to the new constitution with a
new Bill of Rights revised, approved list,
got no illusions that ‘no preservation’ of
my kind will be a top ten item item

now I worry about the useful idiots, believers in
“extermination of the vermin”
are revisiting  this world, and laugh at the ‘evidence’
that it can’t happen here, and/or anywhere, because
those who call for my destruction are celebrating in
rallies from sea to shining sea, yeah, not that sea,
not the one they chanting ‘bout, no doubt, they’ll
extend the boundless vision
to get us all,
once and for all,
and  please don’t tell me I’m
cause war and organized ****** is ONLY
just the same as
politics by another name,
and. your view, let’s **** a jew,
is protected speech,
and land of the free will soon have a whole
new meaning for political,
as on free of people like me…

so let’s go about our day, intensely discussing the NFL,
and it’s never to early to talk about summer plans and
air plane tickets just so hard to get, forget about getting a plumber,
and a now memory resurfaces
of visiting a synagogue in Rome
in the 1980’s and seeing the machine gun toting carabinieri
standing guard outside and swastikas on Parisian bustops
and what an idiot I’ve been thinking the future will be like
the recent past, but weight of ancient Idée Fixe
of  five thousands years duration
and when asked
what do I want for breakfast,
and other
newly pointless questions,
my response
is on point:

don’t give a ***
Mon Nov 13 2023
moving on
Mrs Timetable Jun 2022
I love that you
Treat me like a
Library book
Checking me out
All the time
I ask him "what are you staring at?"  And he just smiles
Andrew Rueter Oct 2021
I came out of the closet swinging
my **** around
all the while singing
and wearing a crown
it’s nice to be here
out of the darkness
now the way I steer
is the farthest
without a harness
I go wherever I may
it’s the greatest decision I ever made
and all I had to do is say that I’m gay.
It’s National Coming Out Day:) if you are facing questions or issues with your sexuality you should reach out to family and friends you can trust. If you don’t feel you can trust anyone then please reach out to a positive and supportive online forum of people with a similar modality.
once you choose to leave the closet
you can never crawl back inside
so he stays hidden
waiting for signs of change
the accepting sound of safety
it takes a certain level of brave
to leave that anonymous space
to know the closet will always be open
and choose to leave it anyway
you can never crawl back inside
Zack Ripley Jul 2021
Half of the world sleeps
While the other half wakes up.
One more light goes out
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