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Everything will fade away
But I'll still be staying here
In my crumbling dream

Nothing for this ache
Bright against the light of day
The centerpiece

For the first time, in a long time
For the very first time...

Vacate every side in space
One last chance that we could take

Moth writhing in the flames
Never meant to be
Drawn up to the ledge I found
waking soulless sleep

For the first time, in a long time
Maybe for the the last time...

Take a deep breath
Sort out your answers
Take off the mask
Look through your own eyes, again
Take a deep breath
Brace for impact
GreenTrees May 2015
Love with its picturesque mountain peaks
one finds oneself opening their hearts to the unending sky of dreams
Down to its deep fertile valleys
where we worked the soil with hardened hands
and perseverance of heart.
At the land's edges where waves of emotion lap against its jagged shores
we find tranquility in the sound of its crashing waves.
In the high deserts where life still abounds and its fragile existence yields to the windswept nature of chance.
In its open fields where our desires roam care free
to it’s densely wooded areas where we frolic in the beauty of its simplicity.
In its grandness we are but the migratory animals who seek it's bounty from season to season.
From it we are born and die but the land remains to remind us that love endures and its beauty exists to teach us to adapt to all of its wondrous and various forms.
The moat where we keep watery fowl
afloat feeding them cracked corn
scattered from our parapets.
Repaired the dry rot in the gate, got the
drawbridge working, again…it rusts.
There is dust, makes us sneeze.
Stumble over stones, look at masons
askance.  Threaten grain withholding
(hint:  barley) unless they
make ‘em flush.
How fun to keep
the keep
Always interested in  concept of time travel and having to tackle situations with modern skill set.  Never turns out well.
In the world of lines and curves,
I was questioned at the doorstep,
"Are you a line or a curve?",
I decided I was a curve, and they let me in in the group of curves.
Somebody asked, "Why is your curve not curvier? You must go to the lines instead."
I said, "Fair enough", and moved over to the group of lines.
Somebody said again, "You are too crooked to be a line. Go away!"
Disappointed, I realized I had nowhere to go.
There was no group for me. I was a curvy, crooked line.
I was a "weirdo".

Along came a curve, and a line,
They were curious of what it would mean to push their boundaries.
So I asked them to hold hands.
And suddenly I realized I was not alone.
I held their hands too, and we were transformed,
We wriggled and jiggled, and broke our molds,
And formed a perfect circle.
From our imperfections.
Now I belonged somewhere.
And I am not a "weirdo" anymore.
Listening to her.

Feels as if i'm listening to a voice,

which is coming from a distant star.

I can always hear it,

but i cant ever hope to reach it.
i've spent years being unable to hold that sweet voice with my arms.
Until i finally gave up..
Seanathon Sep 5
Just about everything you worry about
Is not about
And does not matter

It's the things you don't see
And do not worry about

Those are the things that you have to watch out for
Worry Out, Not In
Beab Sep 1
Our relationship just words
            I said I love you

You never replied

         Was our relationship a lie?

We always argued
We always fought
                              but I had faith

I would love to see the day
Where our love would not be carried away
By the words, we built it upon

              Was I twisted for lying to myself
I wanted to believe you loved me
I wanted to say we were happy

We would have been proud
Did you know?

                                               because it's true that
Seanathon Aug 27
A home is not HOME
Unless you choose it to be
Even if you had
At one point in time
You must again
Or it's just another USE TO BE
Growing Out Of A House
Pastelblitz Aug 21
Just cast me aside

Please stop acting

Stop toying with my heart

And just crush it

Because I have no worth

Unlike the rest of you

Cast me aside

Because I’m already alone
I wish I had the guts to do something
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