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moon May 17
my dad is kicking me out, he's been verbally abusive and i guess this was his next move to make my life miserable.

i have 83 cents to my name and he's kicking me out in a few days.

i hate to ask but if, whoever is reading this, has even a dollar to spare, it would help immensely. even a prayer would be appreciated, thank you so much.

thank you, thank you, thank you.

my cashapp is $blipofjoy
ca: $blipofjoy
Alaia May 13
Lazy and lethargic
Loopy and lost
Little dizzy dots dancing through glass
Distorted and reorganized daily
Finding wiser ways warily
Cutting rosemary from the dirt
Megahertz blurt thoughts into blankness
Blankets on the back porch
Roaches in the feed corn
Violating duties sworn
Better to be never born
Steel shorn clean, violently
Violets growing amongst ivy
Mahogany inseparably blending into ivory
Talking more quietly
For you
I hit the ground, but it wasn’t slowly.

It was sudden and the absence of love had crushed my lungs.

You stole the air right out of me so that you could breathe.

Ripped me apart and claimed it would set me free.

And as I laid there with broken bones and bruised ribs, I realized that this is what falling out of love looks like.
This poem is about that feeling of waking up one day and realizing you are no longer in love with your partner. I hope you enjoy and leave any comments for feedback.❤️❤️
TyeniWrites May 4
Lived each day thinking I had it
Wasted it when I had it
Now I'm regretting because I m running out of it
Time,they warned me about her
But I didn't listen
Thought I had more of her
But she waits for no one
The clock keeps ticking
Sometime I'd like to see the bottom fall out.
Pull out all the  stops, be left without a doubt. Let it all hangout, just  let it all  hangout. Drenched it all in gasoline light the fuse and watch em scream. That would be a scene, a scene for me with certainty I can dream can't I?

Sometime I'd like to see the aftermath, see what happens after  that, after the fact.
**** em out,  let's see it out, let's **** em out. I can see it now the freedom aloud to be yourself and not a crowd.  Be it now and be it loud, freedoms child with a golden smile. I can dream can't I?

Sometime I'd like to see the children running wild screaming loud and being wild. Plotting how to burn it down. I am certain now I'd turn a smile, being foul like  burning bile. It's curtains, hang em in the streets like curtains. I can see em now  screaming as they go down. I'm certain,  I can dream can't I?

I can dream can't I? I'm certain I can dream can't I?  Let's burn it down. I'm certain now I am dreaming aloud. It's all curtains. I'm certain how it's burning now with a turning scowl. I'm certain now its curtains. I'm certain I can dream can't I?
Ingram Apr 26
I remember putting on my white dress,
trying to hold back tears from stress.
I knew deep down that I never wanted to walk down that aisle,
but my feet kept moving with a perfect, fake smile.

I put all my faith in God above,
and I even prayed to feel His love.
Because all I wanted was to do the right thing,
and I truly believed that getting married to a man would fix everything.

One year later I am back where I started,
but this time with divorce papers feeling cold-hearted.
I never wanted it to end this way,
and how naive of me to think I was strong enough to stay.

Now I just want to hug my mom while I cry out,
but she is disgusted with the fact that I came out.
I am filled with tears of hatred and shame
because I lit up my life with an irreversible flame.

I asked for this.
I asked for all of this.

My brain says


but my heart says

Sorry heart; I always try to listen to you, but not this time ,buddy, not this time...
Luna Maria Apr 11
you stopped loving me

so I also

stopped loving

the things you used to love about me suddenly turned into the things I hated about myself.
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