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Someone hear me -
now that he’s gone,
he’s gone for good.
Someone see me
through this airless night,
for the monster I am when I turn out the light..
Someone believe me...
when I say my thoughts are stark,
treacherous and dark.
Someone tell me,
a kind word or
a soft humming song.
Someone hold me -
back from tempting abuse,
for I’m dying to cut loose.
Someone give me -
a half arsed wave or a fraudulent smile,
a ******* reason to stay alive.
Fed-up of ordinary life
Free opportunity on line
Facing onslaught of lust
Finally out of luck
Four FOOLs make a fool!
Eat, sleep, dream,
Never bother for 'your sin,
Never go too deep into' your problems.

Eat, Sleep, dream.
Enjoy the life that's possible.

Take a chance,
Work your body, work your soul...
Work-out and brain-chorus_
Heavy lifting and chores _
Trained body, mind and soul.

Eat, Sleep, dream...
Nikkipopgun69 Mar 13
I tent to delete messages I type out
And think no I can’t send that.
Thinking are you in love with them?
Or just thought of them?

Going in and out of Dms thinking this is just a joke.
I can mess everything up within 5 minutes.
As I watch every second of the day go by getting either left on delivered or seen?
I should just scream I’m out. I can’t do it anymore.

But I like to watch the jealously of someone else being jealous of things I’m doing.
By calling me out on things all the time and trying to copy my behaviour...
Girl I won’t even bother trying to shoot your shot.

I just want to spill the tea on your behaviour
But I don’t wanna come across being a *****.
If only you left me out of your little rant
I wouldn’t be thinking of that. I just want to be left alone.

Yes I may like the same guy you do.
But don’t involve me when I haven’t done anything. Like I’m over and out.
Oil pumps dot the fields for miles,
Like giant metal bison.
Rust for fur,
And shoulders of rotating turbines.
dierdre Jan 3
Going around circles
tired of all this endless arguments
when will this going to end?
Shedding this skin
Donning my new
One of color and pain
A rainbow bruise

Like tearing off a bandaid.

I hear doctors will hurt you,
I hear they do it to heal
Is that what this is?
There is so much pain, but I am happy.

I am out.

My family is growing
My friends are showing who they are
Some are close
Others will stand aside.

My God.

He hears my pain
He knows my heart
I know he understands.
He loves me.

For me being gay.
Mark Wanless Dec 2020
from inside to out
i fill all the universe
i am very small
Joss12 Dec 2020
Worn dull, tired of lab grown
language stone carved
The way that can happen
Not just the obvious sonant brutality
acid bare knuckles
Other words, shaped for obscurity
ar o u nd and a ro un d and
a r o u n d and
Skirting certain description
hiding behind
like earth, unlike earth
unverified, unburied, not bare
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