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MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
This is my coming out poem
Listen before I go

I didn’t write this to be told ‘no’
It’s not a choice and I'm not asking

It’s up to you whether you accept me

Im gay and gender-queer,

Sometimes I wish I could just be a tree

This is way more difficult for me

Don’t push your beliefs on an independent
If you don’t agree I can leave

If you don’t want me in your life I won’t force it
But real love understands
That’s the hook, line, and sinker

If you try and push it down
You push me away
So that’s up to you
But I can’t help that I’m gay

You’re the ones who made me who I am
Whether by blood or not you’re my family
I hope this doesn’t change that

This was hard for me to say
Right now I’m in finals week but soon I’ll be back
I’ll read this to you
Maybe I’ll cry

But either way

I want you to know
I only share this with those who deserve it
Remember that as you walk away

Before you yell at me take a step back
Think about life without a Sophie
Is it fun?
Or is it dreary?

He wants to be in your life
They just are asking you to open your mind
Give her a hug
And heal her strife.

Planning on reading this to my family
Persephone Nov 2021
Before he left
He sowed his shadow to her arm
So she would have trouble forgetting
His childish charm
The 3rd man to her right stayed until morning
Andrew Rueter Oct 2021
I came out of the closet swinging
my **** around
all the while singing
and wearing a crown
it’s nice to be here
out of the darkness
now the way I steer
is the farthest
without a harness
I go wherever I may
it’s the greatest decision I ever made
and all I had to do is say that I’m gay.
It’s National Coming Out Day:) if you are facing questions or issues with your sexuality you should reach out to family and friends you can trust. If you don’t feel you can trust anyone then please reach out to a positive and supportive online forum of people with a similar modality.
Esther L Krenzin Sep 2021
If I was yours
we'd dance under the moonlight
laughing and cracking smiles
as we stumble through the steps
and you twirl me around

If I was yours
you'd be touching me constantly
playing with my hair
an arm around my shoulder
our fingers intertwined

If I was yours
we would gallop across the plains
into the distant horizon
until the distinction between
you, and I, and the horse

If I was yours
you'd hold me under the stars
until my breathing evened out
to the rough lullaby
of your voice

If I was yours
every moment with you would be
one adventure after another
because life pumps through your veins
more than anyone else
that I've ever met
you are filled with it

If you were mine
I would never let you go
but it is not my heart you seek
to hold close to your own
and so I must do the impossible
and let you go
for you will never
once you choose to leave the closet
you can never crawl back inside
so he stays hidden
waiting for signs of change
the accepting sound of safety
it takes a certain level of brave
to leave that anonymous space
to know the closet will always be open
and choose to leave it anyway
you can never crawl back inside
Zack Ripley Jul 2021
Half of the world sleeps
While the other half wakes up.
One more light goes out
Someone hear me -
now that he’s gone,
he’s gone for good.
Someone see me
through this airless night,
for the monster I am when I turn out the light..
Someone believe me...
when I say my thoughts are stark,
treacherous and dark.
Someone tell me,
a kind word or
a soft humming song.
Someone hold me -
back from tempting abuse,
for I’m dying to cut loose.
Someone give me -
a half arsed wave or a fraudulent smile,
a ******* reason to stay alive.
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