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My dad was a bus driver when I was a kid always a thrill when he'd take me out In his bus got me away from the house for the
Away from my abusive mother that dad was totally aware of I would sit behind the driver seat to watch my dad driving his bus
He was well liked by all passengers for dad was so kind and polite and helpful
to all
He would drive through all those quaint little villages to pick up all the regular passengers I was so proud of him
He was my dad and I missed so much when he passed away and at his funeral
I spoke and said If I had a chance of one more day I'd wish for one more ride on a bus with him such a wonderful father he
My dad was a bus driver he was so well liked by all his passengers always a pleasure he'd take me out with him for the day
Tatiana 4d
If you see men pass through
a desolate room,
and fade out of existence.
You've seen ghostly residue
of men lead to their doom.
You've seen a past violence.

If you see women pass through
large, empty halls,
and constantly look over their shoulders.
You've seen how societies' glue
is stalked within the walls.
You've seen a fear that's grown colder.

If you see people pass through
the pages of your books,
look closely at who's remembered.
Four men die and get their due,
four women can't escape threatening looks.
Only one group ends up dismembered.

If you see me pass through
a part of your life,
please don't have any doubt.
You've seen this world's terrible retinue
that haunts and causes strife.
Yet the sight of me makes you pass out.
© Tatiana
I wonder if the stars get so lonely being in the cold night sky,
That they decide to burn themselves out
so they might feel some warmth before they die.
Sweety 6d
I don’t want to smile
I don’t want to laugh
Because you are no more with me and without you all smiles are lifeless

I don’t want to drive
I don’t want to listen to music
Because you are not with me and I scared that every song that I will listen to, will remind me of you

I don’t want to talk to people
I don’t want to make new friends
Because you are not with me and I am scared that they too will leave me like you..

I don’t want to travel
I don’t want to go places
Because you are not with me and I am scared of replacing your memories with new ones

I don’t want to drink coffee
I don’t want to make that cold brew anymore
Because without your company, no amount of caffeine can give me a kick

Not sure why, without you nothing seems to be right, nothing seems to be good.
Amongst all the problems in this world to which we
live but hidden
away safe from harm an Incredible
Sometimes all It takes Is to reach out and take hold
To admit that sometimes In life you just can't
A cry for help there are so many good people out there who listen and offer their help
If the world had more good people running our lives Instead all the corrupt politicians what a different world we'd
Life would be so much more pleasurable and a much nicer place to
So much good to be found In a world of much trouble but also so much love to be found just reach out It's there cry out but find It
Alison Ilene Jan 5
Together we                                
                              ­ Bonded and Paired
Everything we                          
                                    ­Shared                               For each other we                                                                 Cared, Dared,    
When I was
To you I would      
You always knew what I                      
Best friends we had
Never imagined you I would
My­ heart was
                       We were 14+ Years
What went so
Wishing u were here on this sad day  
To take all my pain away
We were best freinds. It was you andme! We were us, not those other ****** prep girls and when you got the chance you left me.  Just expressing that after 14+yrs and all of a sudden being treated like a ghost doesnt feel very good. You Wil forever have a spot in my heart
A Jan 3
It never mattered how many secrets i uncovered from you
My view of you never changed
Even in a room full of useless teenagers
Too busy laughing among themselves to realize the tv has turned off
Under starry skies when you and me shared the secrets of the universe
You’re the only one who could figure my heart out

How was i to know that your concern wasn’t on the romantics?
How was i to know you live more in your head than here?
Izabella Dec 2018
I don’t think
I’ll ever love you again
The same way I did
When I saw fireworks in your eyes
And Supernovas in your soul
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