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K Balachandran Nov 2017
Gently you patted my cheek,
with a tenderness piquant,
not  known hitherto to us both.
Those quivering long fingers
exude motherliness,I miss ever after,
my mom has gone to her last pilgrimage,
And I crave for at moments of pain intense.

From the layers of memory darkened
by distance,I recover that feeling,
to place you instantly at a level higher,
than that of a sultry lover to whom
desire than anything higher binds together.

In to my lackluster eyes, you peer,
see the ineptly hidden drop of tear,
in the corner shivering plaintively
before rolling down to lose forever,
it's in the memory of my mother,
who rhythmically tapped my back,
led me to the cozy cloud of sleep,
when outside raged the rain storm,
I now gather, to a women I owe
when, time after time she takes
another avatar, of my mother,
momentarily, at times,when earth slips,
from under the feet
                         You did see the storm raging
inside and the child looking for solace.

You hold me close to your *****,
and I travel to a world gone by again
even when wolves howl refusing to sleep.
and let me doze off to wake up in another world!
Àŧùl Feb 2019
I looked at you, babe,
Only to dream about it,
Oh! I experienced it.

In the dream that I was having,
I was happily skiing,
Skiing down the valley.

Down the smooth bathykolpian valley,
I dreamt that I was falling freely.
I went around the navel to *** down under.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
Nikos Kyriazis Oct 2018
Then gazed the sky and he whispered
Foggy shades in a lavender void

Gloomy glimpse on a cumulus sigh
I'll grief with you my old father

And by dusk's last glow i shalt follow
Lo your son neath your stature he stands

Thou who rules in the heavens great court
A plea to you by your earthling

Your stairway i most desire now
Let me come in the ***** i borned

Days on earth are the true flames of hell
The inferno's tales you've narrated

The eternal night of my lineage
Now i regret what i've done then my God

Overdue are these words and through shame
For evermore i will serve you

And nevermore the foul serpent
Touch my hand and revive me once more
Kerri Jun 2018
I bury my heaving *****
Beneath a carnival of flowers
Until the hope
The fear
ajit patel Mar 2018
very mysterious DP....
you look deep in thoughts,
dreams flowing like wind,
through your mind and hair.
pink, a reflection of the soft warmth
of your *****.
Mood evoked on seeing her DP.
Àŧùl Jul 2017
Smart was my first girlfriend,
Open minded she was a friend.

She was my 3rd crush,
Often she would blush,
Forget I'd all the rush,
The ***** of hers was so plush.

Why I remember our third kiss,
Ended it so sweetly in a bliss,
Royal caramel chocolate I miss,
Enthralling was her soft hiss.

Her memories I remember sharply,
Exceptional was my every reply,
Really my kisses were never haply.

Lies never ever appeared among us two,
In fact she wanted me to be her Mewtwo,
Penance she was my life number two,
S*he wanted to kiss me but atwo*.
I can't help how I always rhyme my poems.

My HP Poem #1641
©Atul Kaushal
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
after a bout of giggling,
we quietly discarded
whatever we wore

and at the other
bookend of the act
the tent unzipping

a luxury of clouds
drifting to a *****
moon full ripe heavy
Chad Chumley Dec 2014
How beautiful is the fairness in her *****.  It makes me.  Is the sun shining within me?  Is the lover's ***** alert again?  Me?  Is the party?  How goes within here? Is the true morn awake, smiling too?  ***** fire too?  Within recesses there stands all fire, cold fire, majestic fire, Who?
Based on the same layout of one of Baha'u'llah's healing prayers.
Ezra Nov 2014
There was once

She was like

She had big brains
She had a large
And she had those Buns O' Steel

But she had

— The End —