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andY 7d
we walked to the market
and debated tomatoes
had time on our hands
met grandmas like angels

shared a slice of margarita
on the bench back to the site
can’t find the right words now
but girl that felt right

maybe this trip
mile after mile
will stand as the last
one of our highs
Kai Sep 19
we could crash
we would burn
shaking wings
slight turbulence
metal monster
flying above
jittering nerves
gnawing anxiety
Time for me to head out to Washington! I've never flown before and I am downright terrified. Hopefully I won't die tragically today.
tangled up on a hammock
beach hair, golden skin.
a haiku
Olivia Sep 12
I wish I could
t a k e  o f f
Leave my worries
b e h i n d
To somewhere we're all
k i n d
No break
d o w n s
No more
"c a l m  d o w n s"
f r e e
Somewhere I can be...
m e
Take off, calm down, somewhere free, only ups, no downs, only me.
Starry Sep 2
I see this
And I don't know where
Nature begins
And swimming pool ends
In this earthly paradise
Oh the wonders you encounter
While on vacation.
Starry Sep 2
Is this a real sand beach
Or is pebbles
All I new that that sun set seen like the real
So I step
On to the beach
White sand how about it that.
ALesiach Jul 24
Warm days
Heavy nights
Mosquito bites

Dancing bees
Delicious honey
Sweet tea,
Yummy, yummy

Swimming pools
Shade trees
Staying cool
Ice cream

Summer showers
Juicy peaches
Budding flowers
Warm beaches

Vacation's over
School begins
Time's slower
Summer ends

ALesiach © 8/2016
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