because she built him up so high
that when he looked down from his castle
he realized
he no longer needed her

​it's late. there is no time.
time to start over.
let's go to our crystal castle.
we'll lay down over the crystal floor,
grabbing hands
and you'll tell me
how much you love me.
we'll laugh for hours
until we run out of air
and then, slowly,
we'll fall asleep
watching the sky on fire,
as we are.

this is an old poem i found in a old notepad.

on the stone parapet
the small troop stood guard
to keep any interlopers
out of their hallowed yard

they didn't want others
setting up a permanent camp
for that kind of turf gain
there'd be no rubber stamp

whomever contemplated
taking over at the location
were issued with a not
so nice get lost explanation

the place was theirs it would
be held by only them
a special title awarded unto
this company's stem

being aware of who's in control
on the castle's fortification
will serve those invaders
a very well timed notification

upon the gates was seen
the following post's discretion
to not heed it will be viewed
as a mistaken perception

Alexa Rose Jun 7

All she had left was her strength.
Searching for the key to happiness.
Is it possible to just have a key made?
Stranded in the castle of thieves.
Her tower was her birdcage.
The martyr to the pigeons,
Sacrificing her wings.
He took away her freedom.
God is my judge.
God is your judge.
He judges us all.
Am I More than a commodity?
More than a slave to the king.
How many casualties are left?
Will I ever feel the joys of spring again?
Brace yourself, time to take off the mask.
It’s only fair that we reveal only what needs to be.
It’s not an easy task. Is she safe?
She knows what she needs to do, but it’s easier said than done.
Has the battle ended? Has he really won?

Amanda May 13

Where did my happy ending go?
Its not in front of me,
Has it gone away forever?
In time i guess we'll see.

Wheres the prince I've waited for?
Hes handsome, charming, tall.
Hes slipped away without me,
but doesn't care at all.

And wheres my pretty castle?
The kingdom that I need?
Dont I get to take a ride,
Upon my trusty steed?

Where IS my perfect fairytale?
My wonderful delusion?
I want my golden sunset,
I don't care if its an illusion.

Where did my happy ending go?
I thought that it was you.
I wanted it so so badly,
I believed it would come true.

Grace May 6

The world is full of beautiful mysterious mazes,
And each breathing soul, including us, is solving it.
All of us are trying to reach our destiny,
which we are clueless about and seek.
Just when a small streak of light transpires
showing us where our passion lies,
we set forth towards it, to see for ourselves,
if it is the key to our life’s purpose,
if it is what we want to become.
Reaching there, we find all the resources
we need to build the castle of our dream.
Block by block, we build the castle of our goal.
Once done, we spend some time at the castle,
enjoying our creation, making the best out of it.
As we spend some time at the beautiful castle,
we realize we want more from the maze.
We set out on a different journey, a different field,
this time exploring the unexplored.
We, once again, dream of a big castle,
a castle filled with bigger dreams and happiness.
Block by block, we build again a beautiful castle.
After seeing many days and many nights, living in the castle,
we wish and aspire for something bigger.
We keep building huge castles,
trying with all might to figure out
what we want to be,
where we want to be,
what we want to do in our life.
Years roll by, we have built many breath-taking castles.
We have had many adventures, many failures, many successes.
At about this time, the secret of the maze becomes
visible to the human eyes,
we see the road not taken,
we dive in, building the magnificent castle,
the castle of our dream,
the castle of our destiny.

Vexren4000 Apr 29

Great fortresses,
Falling into ruin,
On stretching European coasts,
Or In Verdant Irish Fields,
Towering over the tall grasses,
And the minuscule animals,
The brick and mortar eroding,
Back into the soil.

Vexren4000 Apr 12

As the dawn breaks upon the kingdom,
Spiders retreat from the shine of the sun,
Dangling precariously over forest floors,
Looking for a pest for prey,
The castle glinting in the distance,
Built almost as if the woods had grown around it,
The ivory blindingly shining in the light.
Accents of gold and silver,
Run as veins across the great structure,
And as I stand here, Awestruck,
a rain of arrows begins to fall,
As the castle has detected an interloper,
And extermination is a must.

sunprincess Mar 25

special surprises
and pink sunrises

surround me
in my castle high

one special morning
the sky and everything
was pink, even the air
was truly magical to see

My castle ....

into the heart of the sky there ...
above all clouds i build my castle ...
there where no one could reach my castle ...
no one could be there ...
no one have a rights to be ...
only the one whom i build for ...
there i build my castle for the one who has the rights to be ...
to be the queen to my castle ....
and the queen to me heart ...

there above all clouds i build my castle ...
build it only for you there ...
there where i sowed my love ...
and irrigated it through my heart's blood ...
to keep you always alive into my castle ...

there i build my castle ...
created it just to be our kingdom ...
our love's kingdom ...
and named it by your word's name ...
to be the castle to our love ...
and to live into our castles' love forever ...

there i'm creating you sweetheart ...
would you be there with me ...
would you be the queen to my castle ...
i build it just only for you ...
so  please ...
don't be late ...
i'm waiting you there ...

hazem al..

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