liv Oct 17

i must've been homeless for quite some time
because now in your arms i feel like home
because when she gave me a cardboard box
that i gratefully took in as i needed the shelter
you've given me a castle
and have made me feel like a damn queen
how could i even begin
to thank you

Adrian Oct 4

on the sky
where the tide
won't quash on
them and little feet
won't crumble them

Forgive me, sexy castle of my longing,

for it seems that

I have to divorce you again.

Do not ask why it always

happens right after

Our honeymoon.

Or why we never really

bedded, despite all my efforts

to make our relationship work.

I might had said this before, but

your hallways always seem so distant to me,

your windows so open and so closed.

Your walls lock me in,

guiding me and restricting me

at the same time.

Often times, I take a wrong turn,

and I get lost in your many passages, only to

find my way out after countless hours

of trial and error.

My frustration builds for days on end,

and eventually, I leave.

Yet I always return.

I continue to be enthralled by your hypnotic beauty,  no matter

the number of mistresses I have been with.

Still, I treat you unfairly.

Your corridors fill with trash I sworn I already

cleaned up and sometimes

I forget to care.

I am a terrible excuse of a housekeeper,

I confess. I should hand the keys to kid Coby down the

block for at least he

polishes his childhood toys.


even as I depart,

I selfishly cling on to your wasted love,

hopelessly waiting for the day when

I am capable

and experienced enough

to deserve your welcoming, faithful doors

My thoughts about writing
Izzy Aug 30

My King,
At sixteen we have the world at our feet.
We're building our future with unsteady hands.
One day we might run, leaving this little town in the dust.
Hand in hand. Crowns atop our heads.
The two of us against the world, off to build our own castle.
Battles raging around and between us, but we will win them.

One day we will will walk through the doors of our castle, our kingdom, our home.

One day our story will be told.
They will tell it.
We will tell it.

To the little princess or prince that fills our castle with the pattering of little feet, beyond contagious laughter, and more mess than we'll feel we can handle.
It will be wonderful, an adventure we face together.
A journey through life, all our own
                                                             ­     Love, your Queen.

Sherry Juliet Aug 11

because she built him up so high
that when he looked down from his castle
he realized
he no longer needed her

​it's late. there is no time.
time to start over.
let's go to our crystal castle.
we'll lay down over the crystal floor,
grabbing hands
and you'll tell me
how much you love me.
we'll laugh for hours
until we run out of air
and then, slowly,
we'll fall asleep
watching the sky on fire,
as we are.

this is an old poem i found in a old notepad.

on the stone parapet
the small troop stood guard
to keep any interlopers
out of their hallowed yard

they didn't want others
setting up a permanent camp
for that kind of turf gain
there'd be no rubber stamp

whomever contemplated
taking over at the location
were issued with a not
so nice get lost explanation

the place was theirs it would
be held by only them
a special title awarded unto
this company's stem

being aware of who's in control
on the castle's fortification
will serve those invaders
a very well timed notification

upon the gates was seen
the following post's discretion
to not heed it will be viewed
as a mistaken perception

Alexa Rose Jun 7

All she had left was her strength.
Searching for the key to happiness.
Is it possible to just have a key made?
Stranded in the castle of thieves.
Her tower was her birdcage.
The martyr to the pigeons,
Sacrificing her wings.
He took away her freedom.
God is my judge.
God is your judge.
He judges us all.
Am I More than a commodity?
More than a slave to the king.
How many casualties are left?
Will I ever feel the joys of spring again?
Brace yourself, time to take off the mask.
It’s only fair that we reveal only what needs to be.
It’s not an easy task. Is she safe?
She knows what she needs to do, but it’s easier said than done.
Has the battle ended? Has he really won?

Amanda May 13

Where did my happy ending go?
Its not in front of me,
Has it gone away forever?
In time i guess we'll see.

Wheres the prince I've waited for?
Hes handsome, charming, tall.
Hes slipped away without me,
but doesn't care at all.

And wheres my pretty castle?
The kingdom that I need?
Dont I get to take a ride,
Upon my trusty steed?

Where IS my perfect fairytale?
My wonderful delusion?
I want my golden sunset,
I don't care if its an illusion.

Where did my happy ending go?
I thought that it was you.
I wanted it so so badly,
I believed it would come true.

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