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8M Dec 8
A castle of dark, a castle of light
I wonder what'll happen today
Brave men and their steeds ready to fight
From night until the day

Deep inside, there lives a soul
Singing a harmony
Banging his hands on a keyhole
Dear James L'Carmany

Burning eyes, eventful fate
Hope will never die down
"Goodbye my dear, I'll be here by eight"
He would eventually drown

James knew in his heart
This day would a brand new start
I'm needing to leave,
But because of you,
I'm glued to my feet.
Unable to walk away.
Stuck in my tracks.
The sight of you was unbearable to breathe.
I once shared another life with you.
An intuition of recognition is what I perceive.
I'm missing your skin,
like a feather misses the wind.
Carrying my soul from place to place
all in a spin,
without destination or control never to waste again.
Everything came so naturally,
Wild and free.
There isn't one thing that I'll miss
but of everything.
Remember when I once said this,
followed by a kiss.
Forever yours I intend,
but that's when the storms rolled in.
Just like that,
the start was an end.
Without no inbetween.
Short time, losted friend.
Missing you over and over,
again and again
Aster Rowen Dec 5
A lost glass slipper
Shouldn't mean a broken heart
A locked door
Upon the highest peaks of a castle
Shouldn't mean locking yourself away
The bullseye shone brightly of an arrow
Shouldn't lead to running away
It's the ever after that counts
Everything else before
Everything after
Whether you choose your own path
Which always tends to be the case
Just know you're not the only one
Longing for freedom
Cause remember
This is your Happily Ever After
I want to build
a cardboard castle with you
It won’t last long
but neither will we
Simon Röstel Nov 25
For you my dearest girl
I would build an empire
out of sun and glass.

Like your heart, it will be
pure and full of light
with every color on the ground.

But with you, denying me
the offer I am left with infinite
space and endless emotions.

Our castle has become my prison,
with all this light the only
darkness here is my shadow.

And yet I can not throw the
stone which would end my
misery and break free.
Everybody says that love is the most beautiful thing on earth.
But not if it does not get answered. Then every thought of her
is an agony - an endless pain which haunts your thoughts every
second you let them in, unwilling to lock her out of your mind.
Shane Rowe Nov 12
Break your own bones to look the part
Your words are poison to your own soul
Lies are tied loose at the end
So you can untangle them all over again
Manipulate those with strings
Put ones on those who disobey the queen
A sly little devil sat with a crown
A makeshift castle made with a frown
Throne made of eggshells painted in gold
The stench of her pride plague the halls
Oh how daring you are, a threat with no promise
Your sword and men may break on moments notice
Deny you may of the weight of your weakness
We see the cracks, the glass breaking beneath it
So for now I bow to the ruler of all
Who'll fall on her own sword with no one to call
My anger wrote these words.
I often find myself choosing
The option that pleases people
Even if it doesn't
I rather not have the conflict
Of choosing something different
But because of it
I see myself
Burdened with lines and cages
Boundaries and limitations
Filled with unwanted self expectations
To fit in so I'm not left out
To avoid having to explain myself
Why am I like this
Why do I like this
And then ask myself
Why do I still feel unwanted
I put myself in this box
Even though I didn't have to
Now I will tear this box
And build a fort or castle
Just because I want to
sunprincess Oct 30
Behold, a fallen prince from the old country
Lost one of his most prized possessions
He requested everyone in the grand castle
From the king’s cook, to the court jester
To the queens hand maiden
To search every nook and cranny
high and low
From the bell tower to the dungeons below
Yet his sight was nowhere to be found
So heartbreaking, a friend lost his sight
Jordan Sears Oct 27
Several feet thick
And fifty feet tall,
I built up these resplendent
Castle walls

My castle, it sits
On a hill, set aback
For vantage point's sake
In event of attack

Secluded inside,
I rule on my own
No family lives here
I've no heir to my throne

I've but one handmaiden
And a few guards outside
And some men to shoot arrows
If a war should betide

I read books and collogue
With my mirror on the wall
When alone, it's quite facile
To be the fairest of all

My wine comes from France,
My silks from the East
My food from the town
Where most starve while I feast

I watch from my tower
When deliveries are made
For in lieu of a drawbridge
I've a large, iron gate

They call me cold-hearted,
Poignant and cruel
But in my castle I'm safe
I'll not be made a fool

Rumors suffuse--
Of these walls; what's within
For I allow no one out
And I allow no one in.
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