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Kellin Jan 9
I wish I could build a castle of memories

Just to have somewhere to escape my own

Brett Sep 2021
Hallways ever lonely in my mind
The duality
Of whispering voices
Screaming inside

Walls of empty picture frames,
Move like mirrors chasing a lost reflection.
Fading memories melt away like oil paintings in the desert.
Fickle, or free. I remember when,
Remembering was the furthest feeling found flowering inside of me.

Sword-crossed lovers,
And now a dagger in my heart.
Empty castle now stands full,
With all the rubble from its broken parts.
Karijinbba Jun 2021
My ancient Lancelot.
*Love is patient love is kind,
it kept no record
of wrong doing piling high."
Reminiscing my first poet, sigh;
sweet cane dust sprinkled
on a table's body inch by inch.
Tracings followed little food
reduced to crumbs
Saving hunger and thirst
for the last dance, Knight sought.
True lovers lost and found.
Come lovers unrequited long
find a new dancing floor
dance till the end of love.
I've saved the last dance
for an ancient true Knight
sought long and by and by.
A lifetime I've traveled hard
fed by my lover's light in eye.
It's time, see me renewed
in my new Hindu Knight's light
and sigh.
By Karijinbba
for so long I traveled in the ghost
of my knight's love in eye.
(Rddpc-Rk/ RddBba.)
I stand alone young in heart
for a dance on a final castle floor.
Mel May 2021
History likes to repeat itself
But sometimes it likes to change
The curve in the river
Will start going straight
And the walls on the castle
Are now crumbling down

But then a new river is formed
And a new wall is built
And history starts all over again

Maybe it does repeat itself
05 - 13 - 2021
I'm trying to get into the habit of writing more and writing more on themes but I've been stuck between work and school :-(
blake Mar 2021
the solid beat along the floor
the echo of the violin
the pace of pining breaths
against each other's skin

the music kicks up
you part with my waist
and the longer i'm away
the more time seems to chase

my eyes open to darkness
i'm left with a dream fleeting
all i recall are the notes of a song
such a bittersweet meeting!
inspired by merry go round of life from howl's moving castle

legit just let me dance with sophie pleaseeeee
Svetoslav Feb 2021
Walls of antiquity covered in green plants,
while hidden treasures are waiting to be found.
Rocky road leads every interested person
to uncover this mystery of history.

That's the Green castle,
sculpted by talented architects
millenniums ago will still remain stunning
in the eyes of the passer by for the rest to come.

With fields of tulips and a golden sunset,
piercing the flags of grass of the sunny gate
and solid foundations clung to the bowels of earth,
the castle changes its shades through the seasons.
Translated from Bulgarian
by Svetli
Open the magic fridge
and you'll see a magic bridge.
After you walk pass the magic bridge
You'll see a magic blue skybridge in front of you

Look at the magic blue skybridge
There's a woman making porridge in a magic ***
After, you ate the porridge
It will take you to a sweet berry tree
Say a magic word to the sweet berry tree

Berry tree, Berry tree
What a sweet berry tree you are
Please take me to a castle with a

You are now walking into a magically enchanted castle with drawbridge.
A sweet berry tree that leads you to a drawbridge castle
Slime-God Jan 2021
Shelter is a storm.
Flying high; my heart within.
Why must you float on?
Sorry for the re-upload, I accidentally yeeted this one
brynna Jan 2021
through the corridor,
the steps of your heart have a beat
the balcony on the second floor,
the creases in my sheets
Abner Ros Nov 2020
Surrounding the family of six was a woodland,
shrouded in shrubbery and
trees which seemingly rose upward forever,
linking the earth to the heavens.
The forest wrapped around the castle like a bandage on a wound,
isolating them from those far beyond the greenery and
obscuring the perfect orange circle which did not
shine upon the bitter Hold.
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