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Mark Toney Oct 2019
renga or renku
a rose by another name . . .
haiku poetry
4/25/2018 - Poetry form: Haiku - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Madison Sep 2018
tw: blood


Here you are, dearest.

Take this scarlet part of me.

Quench that gnawing thirst.

It just stings a bit

A quick bite, then pure numbness

I close my eyes, calm.

You have me now, love

That part of me you wanted

Warms your still, cold veins.

More or less mortal

I swear, I don't mind one bit.

You are so worth it.

Eyes glowing crimson

You tell me you feel alive.

I smile, gratified.

You won't see me weep

For this loving sacrifice:

Forever sounds fine.
My first poem made up of separate haikus. Title from "Sweet, Sweet" by The Smashing Pumpkins.
Ezra Nov 2014
The robe of haze is wet at its hem,
It must have felt the dewy drizzle.

The robe of light is dark at its hem,
It must have seen the solar eclipse.

And your lovely face is spoiled inside,
It must have seen who you really are.

— The End —