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This morning I woke up without regret
Everything went well
My thoughts didn't cause any turmoil
My soul was at peace

Suddenly, something changed.
I was filled with anxiety
Gut-wrenching thoughts flooded in.
Maybe I should just die

Those words filled my head,
Impulses rushed through my body,
To act upon those nasty feelings
To actually take my own life.

But here I am
Barely breathing
Barely living
On the verge of ending it all.
s i r Jun 9
Stay on me for a bit longer
Linger your sight on my lips
Can you feel yourself coming closer
Snake your hands around my waist
I place mine on your cheek, your neck
Ready to pull ourselves closer

Look at me still
Close your eyes
And I close mine
Kiss me
Kiss me slow
Take your
There is only
Until heat

When we breathe, it’s over.
Hold your breath
And time stands still
chlorine Jun 8
If love is like breathing
Why am I speechless?
If love is like breathing
Why is this feeling creeping?
If love is like breathing
My eyes cannot read yours
If love is like breathing
Why am I having trouble seizing?
Love is a breath
Coveting my chest
A cool embrace
Morphs to a sudden death
If love is like breathing
I don’t know what comes next.
I seldom learn about life
When walking fast along a path,
Exercise becomes the goal
Instead of understanding
Who I am, what the world is about
And why I am here

I seldom learn about myself
By reading the morning paper
instead of hearing the good morning song
Of the wren visiting
Among the feeders

I seldom learn about you
By thinking what I will tell you
Instead of hearing deeply
What you are saying and
What you are feeling while you say it

I seldom become aware
Until I feel my breath
Cascading in and out
Filling my belly and
Leaving my chest

Perhaps life is simple
When we experience it
Moment by moment
Instead of trying
To capture it
And make it ours
Morning reflections
Mrs Robota May 4
it's been raining
like waves crashing on the sidewalk
i've been avoiding the puddles
waiting on the dawn of something i can hold
to come along and make me feel alive

but the days never come easy
the morning rush only brings silence
the loneliness drags on
i've been wondering if the strangers on the bus
feel the same way
i do
are they breathing?

sleep won't come
affectionate offerings mean nothing
it could get better
but all it is
is getting worse
and all i to know
is i want to know
what it feels like
to feel hurt again
because all i feel
is nothing

so if this happens to be a rare situation
a bad dream where i'm running
a sweet dream where i cut
off everything i hate
about myself
maybe it'll turn out alright
and i'll find the feeling
to feel alive

i've been fighting a long time
i can't save him now
i've been fighting a long time
she can't save me now
i've been fighting a long time
i can't save me now
I might come back to rewrite it because I'm not 100% happy with it, but I think for now it's okay
What does love look like today?

Today love looks like sweet, sultry music...
I feel myself a child of the moon,
Dancing with wine in her hands.
I feel like lavender and honey,
Sweet and attending to
Your breathing,
Your melting,
Your heavy...
Like skin on skin
Like oil on canvas
Like chocolate candles
Like running all over each other...
Poetress2 Apr 6
After the nightly news,
she faces the ***** wall;
She ***** her wrinkled thumb,
as she curls up in a ball.
She knows what's soon to come,
it happens every night;
When the nightly news is over,
this small child's full of fright.
And just like all the nights before,
they come into her room;
She has to reassure herself,
"This will all be over soon."
Her breathing becomes shallow,
"Perhaps they'll think I'm dead;"
"Your being such a good, little girl,"
is the only words they said.
Motionless she lays there,
as they touch her baby soft skin;
She feels overwhelmingly ill,
guilty and shamed from within.
When they are finished using her,
they leave without saying a word;
She shakes as she cradles her Teddy,
this precious three-year old girl.
we are the machine
and the ghost within
all bound together
in one breathing,
dreaming body
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