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Rotting flesh
Something isn't right
Troubling smell
Aching heart
Darkness closing in
Silence echoing loudly
Shadows claw their way through your heart
You're breathing stops
It's inching closer every second
The emptiness
Cox Sep 10
That breath that you take is my favourite sound.
Jamie Sep 4
i'm drifting
into treacherous waters,

i still can't swim

except this time
i can't find the energy
to come up to the

there is no one around,
it's a ghost town,
and my eyes are sore and heavy

it seemed so much
easier yesterday
what happened to all that
childish wonder?

where did all the magic go?

i don't think
i want to float any longer
i think i might try and find
the bottom

wish me luck,
wherever you are
Khyati Aug 25
I'm trying not to break, anymore.
I have gone through, for what I call the "worst"
But it isn't the end I am sure.
There's a lot to come
that storm of pain is still waiting for me to fall
That feeling of vulnerability is still
tucking me in into those sleepless nights.
But now I have got to be strong
Strong enough to go past that storm.
I have to keep on living, for what they say, "breathing".
Cause I never know
what life would have to offer tomorrow
or the day after that.
That's what keeps us alive : a speck of hope,
shrouding our fears, day and night!
"I'm broken. I know that. It's a long, hard process but little by little you start -picking up the pieces. And you realise what you're making is a mirror. And the more pieces you put together the more you see yourself."
- 13 reasons why
Gabs Aug 12
Beating out of my chest even.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Lips Quivering,
Teeth lightly nibbling the inner lining of my mouth.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Clouded Vision,
Constant tears dripping down my cheek.
Deep breath in, deep breath up.

Hands Trembling,
Objects easily slipping from my grasp.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Unruly Speech,
Unwanted whispers rolling off my tongue.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Limited Oxygen,
Panting heavily in a struggle for air.
Deep breath…




Why must we always take a breath?
Why must we be forced to push away our emotions,
Masking them with the habitual action of meditative respiring?
Why must we always breathe in, breathe out?

But are we really disguising our emotions?

Are we not just calming the soul,
Clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts and anxieties?
Are we not just providing ourselves with healing,
Alleviation from the painful memories engulfing the mind?


Yes, we are.


Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Quiet the pounding of your heart.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Tranquilize the tremulousness of your lips.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Stop the flow of your once never ending stream of tears.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Relax the overactivity of your limbs.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Replace your anxious whispers with peaceful meditations.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Rectify your oxygen flow.

Don’t mask your emotions,
Regulate your responsiveness.
Evaluate your situation.
Intelligently weigh your decisions.
Dominate your way of thinking.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

It works.

I promise.
my panic sack would have
contained enough breath
to blow out most of this
year’s birthday candles


a mask tumbles out like
some kind of lung-wallet,

hinting whispered

i hyperventilate into it
with resignation upon
each casting of a socially
distant wave

splashing between crests—

a sense of security swells
in my chest as i drown in

absolute safety...

"pest bag"
©2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
i wonder if they plan to build
colonies for the infected
this century ?
Nylee Jul 31
how the day spins
There are chains in
All entwined in

How little my life means
To those I give my everything
it is humbling, to know your meaning

In the scope of greens
I am a tiny speck of red
a very lonely feeling

Cannot say anything
Without meaning other things
Deciding against it
The purpose defeating

It is so small and beautiful
I am noticing the life beyond my life
I cannot help dreaming

Every good thing
That happens after bad ones
That helps us forget
The last thing

I am still living breathing
It is gratifying
How human is still a thing

is my heart still beating
And it always for me.
Katherine Jul 1
Shy crowns knocking gold together
Old earth resting for the span of a lifetime, barely a moment.
He says, ‘Doesn’t it make you feel insignificant?’
And you have to silence yourself, can’t respond to how incredibly wrong he is-
This is only the surface. In all the design of the world, at this moment, you are more significant than you ever have been.
Your being and breath feed this place. Everything else has been immaterial, if this is all you have ever done, if this is all you do, the very word to describe it is significant.
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