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Eve Jul 27
I swear it, I'm not suicidal or anything,
But do you know how hard it is to breathe,
It's so hard that I just wished that I stopped.

Shane Lee Jun 11
Away from the poisons,
the purple clouds,
the black rivers,
we breathe easy
knowing nature is breathing.
And when we listen to the sound
of nature breathing,
deep, deep, deep breathing,
we've accepted to breathe better
within nature.
neth jones Apr 23
to bed
a head full of cotton wolves
                 to be
calmly deflead of aggression
                 prior to
the cloud cover of slumber
then the beasts and i
         shall procure our fathom
Brevity Homework 1
oh the freedom in being
the happiness that unfolds
I release it all
I release the tightness in my hands
I release the tension in my jaw
I release the breath I’ve been choking back
I release it all

oh the joy in being
the relief that follows
I release it all
I release the creases in my face
I release the tears in the trenches of my soul
I release the smile I’ve been punishing

oh to be
to breathe
to stretch
to smile
oh to simply be
Shane Lee Feb 3
There is a world laying outside a window and looking out is a woman. She stares, unknowingly, out towards what could be the vastness of the year or the quickness in a day, an hour, the second it takes to inhale and exhale the sigh that leaves her lips that warmed her mouth that expanded her lungs causing the diaphragm to visibly widen and then recede again.

It may be unknown but it is all too familiar - the feeling of looking out of a window, inhaling and exhaling, feeling and watching the breast rise and fall, the repetition of it all THAT is all too familiar. Then it settles in. The resignation that this might be an always unknown sight with an always too familiar feeling, action, inhale, exhale, inhaLE, exhALE, inHALE, eXHALE, INHALE ....

Don't forget to eeeeeexhaaaaaaaaaale ... blow. It's close iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinhaaaaaaaaaaale ... it's autumn again ... eeeeeeeeeeexhaaaaaaale. Wonderful. Excellent. Marvelous! Steady now - it's not unknown but a curiosity. And so begins the cycle of my anxiety.
Hi! Hello! Hey!
I hope you guys enjoy this!! It's a sneak peak into how I kind of cope with my anxiety.
© Shane Lee
Mon Amour

When a man whispers
"His feet hurt, and his shoes
are too small and
he's forgotten how to dance."
He prays noone else
understands his dilema,
nor what this means but I do.
No moon rises betwéen his
lowly stinky creepy
femfatales shoe-less other.
My moon spins way up higher
in orbit serving mystic functions
and our moon glares
in each others eyes
as our breathing sighs in love.
True love is our vine that
reigns in us as gravity rules on Earth.
With trips to nowhere and back
In love and without presence
I remain lost and found
a restless Angel.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Madeleine Nov 2021
When you ask me what I am doing
If am bored
Or doing nothing
My response to you will be
Kassan Jahmal Oct 2021
We may breathe the-
Same air
But we might not use-
It the same.
Keep your breaths
Glenn Currier Sep 2021
I awaken in darkness
still terrified and running
from the mountain lion.

But what if I’m the prey
of my own judging
captive of my comparisons?
At times I feel those verdicts in my gut
like when I can’t concentrate on a task
I SHOULD be doing.

When I notice my tight gut
and my mind wanting to flee
I can stop trying
and lying to myself
set my imagination free
roam a wilderness I choose
like right here on the flat and fertile plains
of this poem’s lines.
I used to MAKE myself read this or that out of duty or responsibility or just my own judgements that I SHOULD be reading this. But today I decided to stop that foolishness, read a poem or two here on this site, and just let my imagination roam. The word wilderness popped up out of nowhere. So I rode it and let it take me. The above is the result. Writing poetry frees me.
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