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Colm Aug 2018
To the cutest girl
   Amongst all the lunks

Purple, white and black as the sky
   (As you know)

Hard work and a trusty Honda
   Such things will get you anywhere in life
   Be it an outcome which requires this
   Such slender *****

Enjoy your night!
Gotta love *****.

K Balachandran Feb 2016
It's her, the woman of steely resolve,
who fills every lighted part
of my consciousness,so thankful, I am to her
The wife who never lets down
her man who faltered and fell,
love being the ***** in her armor
she is careful not to hurt there,
our eyes exchange texts, only
we could read and an instance

She was the one who found me out
lost from the neighborhood of her heart,
brought me back from the outback
from the jaws of the beasts of prey,
where i was stuck in a thorny thicket,
lost almost for ever bleeding,pale,
if only she didn't decide to conduct
a one woman adventure, a rescue mission
against all odds,with much *****,
and presence of mind, one rarely see
even in alpha males,who habitually
boast aloud,of having ***** to stand up
against any adversity and fight.
For me it was she who did it and all alone!

Young and callow,
a bird of infirm wings still,
alone i flew long distances
circled around,hallucinatory visions,
lost my way, eventually went down,
my love may have failed before,
but she happened ,in the moment of epiphany,
otherwise would I ask her , without a second thought
to be with me all through the journey of my life?
It would not have been,but her heart listened
to my voice wistfully spoke to it, as if becoming weak,
caught in a storm lashed over the thicket and
she came searching at the right time, rescuing me .

Gun fights and volcano eruptions we survive,
even thunder storms, mad dog attacks and cheats,
broken hearts and misfortunes of every kind too.
Never do I forget this dear face of courage,
the woman staying firmly behind me, a sturdy rock,
sticking to her faith on me and a prayer on her lips,
with the staunch belief that I'll come out a winner.
Lovingly dedicated to sweet Lady M, a fearless fighter
wife of a dear friend, in appreciation of her fighting his battle
with dark demons these days sticking with him, while he still continues his walk in the dark, towards the beckoning light..
Ezra Nov 2014
I fell in love with this girl
And her spunky Cadillac,

We rode it every day, felt it hum and watched it fly,

One day I thought
I loved her not,

So I stole her spunky Cadillac
We ran away
Off the beaten path,

Then I met this girl,

I was in love;
She was in my

My car rode off,
And so did my heart.

— The End —