Shenzhen strums with Sanxian
Koh Samui dances to Lam Wong
America listens to new rock

I traveled a lot when younger due to my family's business.
Jack Jenkins Apr 13

A country that the world left behind
when rubber could be made by man.
The country that slaves found home.

I love this country
that I haven't set
foot on it's soil

I want to walk it's
dusty trails into
rainforests and
hidden tribes.

I want to sing with
all the vagabonds
ragamuffins &

It's a country unknown
a frontier to discover.
A place to call home

I searched for you across wild oceans,
Never daring to dream that I would find
Such a dirty, dangerous, delicious passion
Which, after more than four hundred summers, still burns hot.
But you are colder now.

When I discovered your riches,
I knew I had to possess you entirely.
The blood lost and the blood lust
Was worth it to make you mine.
But you are bolder now.

I never wanted to set you free.
Your Declaration of Independence nearly destroyed me.
I had to accept your right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,
To lose you completely would be unbearable.
You are the scolder now.

Like a white knight, your white light saved me,
As it seared through flesh, turning skin inside out and the whole world upside down.
You were Oversexed and Overpaid,
But I needed you Over Here beside me.
You are the shoulder now.

Through time and space, our destructive power has bound us together,
I have fallen; my heart is given; my soul is sold.
I'd lie for you, I'd die for you;
Take tooth for tooth and eye for eye for you.
It's all in a sexed up folder now.

Of late, others say you have grown so ugly;
Distorted and deranged with and beyond belief;
Frenzied and overcome with hate, but I still love you,
Still long for our special relationship.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder now.

anna jones ©2017

Aaron LA Lux Apr 6

I don’t have time,
always in a rush,
I speak up I don’t sit down,
I speak loud but nobody says “Hush.”,

instead of “Quiet down”,
they say “Don’t give up.”,


this Word Play is insane,
the Gift of Gab is real,
‘Make You Feel That Way’,
2002 Blazing Arrow,

that’s another reference,
quadruple entendre references,
people say “Your really talented.”,
but I usually don’t take those comments as compliments,

I don’t write this stuff anyways,
my Ghost Writer is a Higher Power,
my Ghost Writer is Higher Power,
I am a Higher Power,
I am Higher Power,

let that,
marinate for a minute,
in the,
Melting Pot of America,
see with,
the Truth there’s no need for gimmicks,
when it’s,
entertaining enough just to live it,
we live it,
in a rush I don’t sit down I speak up,
can’t stay sitting’,
I speak loud but nobody says “Hush.”...

Tasa Jalbert Apr 4

America, the beautiful place full of obesity and intolerance,
where there’s a McDonald’s on every corner,
but a homeless veteran on every corner too.
The place where old white men are making choices about women’s reproductive rights,
refugees are turned away from a place founded by immigrants,
And racism is alive and well.
America the Beautiful doesn’t exist any more,
It’s America the polluted, America the Land of Sexism, America that would disappoint our forefathers.
America was founded by people in search of freedom, but yet our government is trying to take our freedoms away,
when our President is in favor of conversion therapy that makes LGBTQ+ people 8 times more likely to commit suicide,
it’s obvious that he doesn’t actually care about us.
America the money hungry country,
Where I can’t afford the EpiPen I need to survive,
And the top 1% says that raising the minimum wage is us being selfish.
America the Misogynist,
Because our country is directly affected by who we choose to represent it.
And I do not want to be “grabbed by the pussy”.
I don’t want a rapist to be in charge when my rapist is still out living free on the streets.  
We are America the sexist because when women march for their right’s it’s seen as a whine,
not a cry for help.
America the bigot,
Where people are seen more as their melanin pigment, or their religion, and less as a person.
Where “don’t shoot” is more of a suggestion than a plea.,
Where I’m worried about my friends every single day.
America the Beautiful doesn’t exist any more.
It was made beautiful by the array of faces all different creeds, colors, and religions.
Now America is the United States of Hate.

Tasa Jalbert Original Poem Copyrighted 2017©
Raven Apr 3

The storm rages on,
As the girl stares beyond.
A ship that is sinking,
Full of weasels and sods.
There's no room for sharing,
Or to be open minded.
Instead your voice is lost,
In a box we're confined in.

The waves grow stronger,
Wearing down the seams.
Worrying whose side is worse,
Rather than calming the seas.
An abundance of bickering,
Yet a scarcity of repairs.
A ship forever sailing,
Fueled on internal affairs.

BloodSkarlet Nov 2016

"The American Dream"
What a let down
Gotta have a thousand dollars to eat for 2 days
...and that's on a budget?
We buy into fast food and occupy the pills
We upload our status and beg for attention
We pray to people who are selfish and lie on the screen
They're all eating cake up on Capitol Hills

Murder is free in Hollywood kills

We live in a world where girls have to take off there clothes to pay the bills.

I hate this country its so fucked up
Lucy Mar 24

For the years I’ve been alive
How am I just now seeing the truth
Did I deny simply because I was terrified
Why didn’t I notice it sooner
Why are so many who look like me dying for senseless reasons
Did that cop forget to protect and serve
That American was screaming for an important reason
Is it red, white, and blue
And everything that makes our nation seem less wrong
And more right
Or has it been Black vs. White
This whole time
Was I shielding my eyes from the truth
From the terrifying fact that
Murderers have left this nation in pieces
But despite their weapons of discrimination
We must continue to fight
For a simple reason
That reason being why I was growled at
Like an animal as I held the door freely
For those my ancestors hid from
Why a little girl was taught to hate me
Simply because her parents believed my skin should be corrected
Why a customer felt the urge to get a confirmation from me
That she wasn’t another racist
Don’t they know I’m not a disease
I don’t need a cure
My skin is my skin
If you cut me open
You will see my blood is also red
And my heart beats like your own
And every beat matches hundreds of unspoken words
That carry a devotion to love, justice, and equality
Or as I would like to say
Red, white, and blue
Those who look like me have become an
And those with lighter skin, and brighter eyes
And everyone else like them are all categorized into
Don’t they know that there is no us and they
It’s we the people
Not they the people
And for those who still mock my skin
For those who believe there’s a correction
For those who growl and shout at me
Know that my complexion is everything worthy of perfection
My Blackness will forever be louder
And all because
Will never know that when I am cut open
My blood bleeds
Red, white, and blue

Don't add to the division in our growth.

Beware of falsehoods
That's what the cards told me
Now the curtain is rising
And it's not pretty to see

The bridges are long gone
But the evil still breeds
What's going to happen to us and me?

Where is our Shepherd
When we need him dear?
Isn't there much more to life
Than just blood and tears?

A hot steel rhino
Drowns a city in its screams
What's going to happen to them and me?

The accursed notebook
Earns its stars and stripes
The eagle is grounded
While the magpies take flight

A young grim reaper
Brings his scythe to a sheen
What's going to happen to him and me?

Here lies Jonny Boy
And his fall from grace
All his strings are breaking
And he realizes too late

Forgive me Claudine
For the bitterness I keep
What's going to happen to you and me?

Brains are frying
And hearts are spilled
The more we hurt now
The longer it takes to heal

Have I still a long way
Before I lay down and sleep?
What's going to happen to all and me?

Where are you now, dear Shepherd?
Can you hear me?
Can we save ourselves?

In response to today's bad news including the devastating Westminster Bridge Assault. I've been at my wit's end with everything that's happened in just one day...

Woe for England and the world indeed!
Alexa Sangren Mar 23

You call it Trump's America
Like hate is something new
You blame just half of America
For something we all do

Human nature begs for us
To criticize and demean
While the only way to find a way
Is somewhere in between

To speak our mind freely
And honestly spread our words
To be kind and fair but also just
To speak what must be heard

For everyone to love themselves
For all to have a friend
For all a warm bed in the night
For every broken heart to mend

Something for all to strive for,
Peace, hope, and love
But humans always screw it up,
So we must ask God above

To keep everyone safe at night
And have liberty to say
How we feel, think, hope
And never discriminate as we pray

You call it Trump's America,
Like insults have never been thrown
I ask you please, before you hurt,
Take a look at only your own

Words, actions, deeds and intent
Make sure one has never been done
To hurt, scathe, to cause fear or pain
If you have, I ask you, run

To whom you have hurt and apologize
For whatever thing you undertook
For it is by forgiveness alone
That this world will clearly look

Upon what it has done
And what it can do
For before we move forward,
We must look backwards too

You call it Trump's America
But I see it as our own
A place with much good soil
For seeds of love to be sown

Look around our America
And see what you can do
To spread the seeds of peace
And maybe water them too

"Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,"
--Calling anyone names is never going to get anyone anywhere. --Sadly, all of America is tied up in petty fights, when there are so many people without basic needs in this world. --We are all responsible for the words and actions we say and take. --Put someone else before yourself today- and see what happens. --If everyone is a teensy bit better every day, this world will soon improve drastically.--
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