A nation great and strong we stood
The symbol of a dream
A city on a shining hill
A torch, a glowing beam

A statue tall and proud we built
Of copper and of gold
Its feet of clay away were cut
It crumbled into mold

Corrupted now our leaders are
And sunken into greed
An illness growing in our land
A toxic spreading weed

Now all the people stand in awe
From sea to shining sea
Fearfully they all behold
The tears of Liberty

...the more you talk,
the more they know...

Somehow they are coming,
...somehow they know.

The more you engage it.
Less con-troll...

The sense is over-whelming...
A death.
Death is here.

I am good
I am good
I am good...

She still -stalking...

Did break Her code?



Come to design,

Dalia ate the pages?

Where are the pages Wizard?
The milk that spoils overnight,
The horse that sweats in the morning?


the words of treason he shouted is what
put the stock of a rifle to my shoulder
take aim now that the patriots are traitors
never thought it would ever come to this in my lifetime
there's a man on the road with a rebel flag
yelling that his treason is patriotic
he is gonna take my life for some russian profit in his pocket
he is gonna take my America for somebody else's taxes

Remember growing up the thought that my generation trusted
this land be free
"this land is your land, this land is my land"*
never said nothing bout had to be black or white
never said had to be praying to another man's God
they have come knocking upon my door
tell me my words are not the lies they are selling
and I better get in line or they gonna take me away
get right in my head evil men are the gods Americka dreams of
that our children will live in darkness and hunger
for some russians profit in your pocket

just an hour from Reno stopped by the roadside
watched the sun set on the edge of the desert
and hoped my America would still be here when i awoke
this never should have happened
never saw it comin
never thought America could fall
let alone to have a president be the
one who fires the first shot
I see a rebel on the road
words of treason spilling from his bible
a used car salesman spinning a tall tale
and the fools who cheered him on
wipe that stupid grin off his face if I could
I see a rebel on the road
yelling his treason is patriotic
come to take away my America
come to take my life for some rich thief's taxes

Remember growing up the thought that my generation trusted
remember what my country was built on honor integrity truth
now that's all been sold for pennies on the dollar
so some rich slob can feed off what used to be
a place that the world envied
a place people dreamed of
now the patriots are traitors
now Amerika burns
now Americans die
for some russians profit in your pocket

*reference: Quote from Woody Guthrie "This land is your land" Circa 1940
Patrick Jul 9

The ground beneath our feet shakes
As the American Spirit springs forth
From the geysers, from the sewers
And cloaks of ambiguity mold away

Directions no longer divide us
Tragedy brings forth the needle and thread
To sow friends and enemies together
Against a common foe -- apathy

Oppression knocks on the nation’s door
As we sharpen our spears to a point
And cry out into the starless night
Against the hammer of tyrants

Freedom’s trail will be blazed
Fields of grain will turn to flame
Cold winters will feel the heat
Of summer storms sailing to oppression's door.

WGelles Jul 7

Trump's covfefe
caused a kerfuffle.
The people's voice
cannot be muffled.
A real brouhaha...
The Emperor's absurd
and yet we hang
on every word
and he has every right
to coin a new word
to have his fits of logorrhea
to incinerate North Korea
to mock the handicapped, women, and blacks
to free the super-wealthy from tax
to trash the planet
rob the poor
make the rich richer
and do much more....

"President Trump"
is an oxymoron.
Donald the Chump
is a moron.

Ooops, Pussy-Grabber's term has expired.
It's time to tell Trump:
"You're fired."

WGelles Jul 7

He's a bully.  He's a goon.
He can't be gone too soon.
A sadistic megalomaniac
he would crush Forrest Gump
like a rotten tree stump
"because Forrest Gump is a loser, a sad pathetic little man
and I am a winner, the people love me, we have
an amazing relationship, just amazing."
If you swallowed all his lies
you will need a stomach pump.
If you believe his nationalist nonsense
you're a chump.
He surrounds himself with nepotistic relations
and wealthy cronies
and listens to them only.
Despite his empty promises
the Rust Belt is not going to
wake up from its slump any time soon.
Military spending (but not your real wages)
will take a huge jump.
The sooner he's dumped
the better off for all
   though a right-wing Christian fundamentalist
       is waiting in the wings
           ready to take his place
  and help the One Percent control the human race.

I come back to my head covered by a veil
The veil is stars bound by stripes
I cannot breathe through it
I cannot see through it
My hands feel around but do not touch
Hands that sought mine seek no longer
I have disappeared beneath this veil
Where once I was resplendent
The light is now muffled
Flown by night
But in a different hue
And of a spectrum unseeable
A light cannot see itself
A light does not understand itself
It is just changes through time
Sinking, covered by veils,
That are sometimes transparent
Sweet lace
And are sometimes opaque
Stifling burlap

Where might a hole begin to appear?
Must it be picked at?
Torn? Purposefully? Accidentally?
Stars cannot be bound
Light cannot be stifled
And yet

Devin Domino Jul 2

I've confined the greatest hits of Marx
to a playlist
and periodically map over them with dull,
grasping eyes, when desperate for talking points
or anti-capitalism ideation

The works of Bukowski, Poe, Emerson,
tethered to my fingertips where I can stave
them off enough to hold concept
but unearth no meaning

I can pull and manipulate quotes
like nobody's business

I googled Sigmund Freud once
because I forgot how to spell his name

If photos could become life
and give justice to experience and wealth,
I would be Frank Lloyd Wright

If John Muir had an iPhone,
he would be as distracted and rooted
Somehow he died surrounded by angels
at the advent of advertising and public relations;

Emily Dickinson would have been
an Instagram model and romanticized
mental illness

I gasp in admiration and nostalgia
at Rockwell, but that world never existed
beyond his oil, canvas and scope

If the people that wrote the history books
had to read them, they would be
as insatiable as me.

All we are is illusions of aesthetics
to one another
Trapped in the vaguely perfect candor
of rehearsed moments

Tripped up and mired in perspective
because we aren't as lost as they
Only lost to ourselves

The library of my mind relies
on binary communication,
programmed in arbitration

And inside, there's a small child
whose heart still desires to play
But he's overwhelmed and crying for help

In the corner, a yearning spirit
is steadfast and pacified
Forming a benchmark of baseline bullet points
Wrought with cynicism

I am not smart
I am not profound
I am not layered
I am not organic
I am not the next great American anything

M Norris Jun 22

The eagle can't soar.

Left wing and right wing
Working together in harmony,
And the eagle can be seen
Soaring beautifully, gloriously.

When the left and the right
Have between them a wall,
And continuously fight
Then the eagle will fall.

Alas, the wings are both broken
And the eagle is grounded.
Big dreams that will never be spoken
Amidst the din that has sounded.

Political commentary, Yay!
Tyler Matthew Jun 21

"It occurs to me that I am America.
I am talking to myself again."
- Allen Ginsberg

What does it mean to be an American?
Does it mean I can say the
Pledge of Allegiance
When I'm told?
Does it means that I can vote for
My president,
Governor, and
County clerk
Even when every choice is a Condemnation?
Does it mean that I must be
Proud of the military?
Does it mean that I am
Entitled to the world's oil reserves?
Is being an American a liberty or
A constraint?
Why are America's trails full of tears?
If I am cold will the
Flag serve to warm me?
Will that be enough?
Is it ever enough?
Does "one nation under God" refer to
My god, too?
Does America's god practice
The golden rule?
When will America keep its nose
Out of the Middle East?
If America loses its nose
In the Middle East, will a new nose
Be elected - this one twice as nosey?
Does being an American mean that
We can only dream in
Red or white or blue?
Does the American dream seem like a
Nightmare to anyone else?
Is it America's bad conscience
That keeps it up at night?
Does America ever get the blues?
Does America ever open a dictionary?
Does America know the
Difference between "democracy" and
Is America aware that I do?
Can America survive on
Minimum wage?
Does America pay its taxes on time?
Does America go to work every day
With a smile?
Does America punch out and feel Proud?
Does America really blow smoke
Up our asses?
Is six dollars and seventy-seven cents
Enough to get me through the week?
Does America only have one life?
Is one life enough to satisfy her?
What about three-hundred million?
What about me?

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