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Aparna 1d
West Coast still burns
forests of Oregon ravaged by fires
orange-red flames ceaselessy devouring
green groves leaving
colossal smoke clouds above America
and cinder-laden evenings

Pantanal burns too
Brazilian flora,fauna perishing
as undoused flames dance
(diversity under duress)

In the wake of these 'wildfires'
Siberian boreal forests burn
billowing smoke hovers above taigas
as fire creeps up,crepitating
heat sinks deeper down the layers
and into the Permafrost.
and carbon immixed with methane
rises into the air

I watch too,as million others do.  
(in muffled shock and sudden vigil)
in a moment,eyes rushing to that Justice League poster
on the wall,reading
       'You can't save the world alone'
it's all burning down and it's all over the news
well, hope it all ends soon
M Salinger Sep 11
It's been 19 years
and America
is still

The death & destruction
carries on
without prejudice,
taking all it its wake
and leaving sorrowed
loved ones

Man creates man.
Man destroys man.

The only constant is the earth
below our feet
& our conflict with each other,
from whose blood and ashes
a new one
is born.

When will we wake to see
we have been the masters
of our own terror
all along?
In loving memory of all the lives lost and affected, now and then.
Norman Crane Sep 11
He was a toad catching flies
Except that with each lashing of his tongue
He pulled down aircraft
And long could be heard their cries:
Blessed be, Amphibian Creator!
Death to America!
Frog is greater!
Egø PrOfETa Jul 30
Whatever Man,
Just passing through
Randomly while
Like 2
Pumpkins smashed
Yeah, that's how I like mines
All.. squashed together
And like they always say,
Bad weather is not meant
to last.. Forever
Rest assured tho
Fair-weather is still in the plan
Oh Ok..
Whatever is clever fella just grab an
But realistically tho
This world that we're living in is not one of make believe or a fairytale
Or are you.. too sensitive
to cope with.. the Real of it?
And another thing,
Why are we.. so easily offended by the quotes and opinions of another man?!
My fellow Americans*
at you
S- M- H
I'm shaking my head
For these are the famous words always spoken by our Presidents
Yet, most of them are just puppets
And the rest of them are.. well.. DEAD
Dead Presidents
But greed is what they truly represent
So why even vote for them or vouch for them, as we pocket them with
Exchanging them from hand to fist
But yet.. most of them are Coun-ter-feits
Like Islands
That are floating in a hidden mist
Like sinking.. battleships.. on the Rift
And.. well.. So for me?
That's more or less a Hit or Miss
On my cerebral GPS
Like the theme of
IJS man Yo
( I'm Just Saying )
Personally, I don't care or know as much as I could or should know about politics. But I will always speak honesty on what I do see and what I think about certain topics at hand IJS ( Hit or Miss ) Catch my drift?
Graff1980 Sep 5
I’ve been looking,
through glass windows,
reflecting city lights
of the night life.

Strange phantasms
pass like distorted
carnival glasses,
mind mirrors broken
from the harsh words

I’ve been searching,
seeking the smiling hearts
of brave angels
who face hateful strangers
that are full of poison,
and spitefully spitting
sick syllables,
possibly contagious,
as they go
instantly viral.

I’ve been watching
cops stopping
particular people,
seen one to many
real life movies
that end in tragedy,
and in observing
the hurting
of children
and elderly folks
I have fallen
to tears of rage
and anguish.

I’ve been wondering
if in my wanderings
seeing this sideshow spectacle,
of disrespectful,
cruel, and hateful
have I found the true face
of America?
TJ King Sep 2
Lounging, today, on Your back porch
I saw America's men
Holding their tiki torches
Toward all they had been

I saw all of America's men
Wade angrily out into the icy upper bay waters
Toward all they had been
Through the tears of their mothers and daughters

Wading out into the icy straits
Holding their tiki torches
Through the tears of their mothers and daughters
Lounging, half-drowned, on Lady Liberty's back porch
Seventies **** is
so ******* over-rated
and outdated, smoke
the killer **** and
down the whole eighth
of Blueberry Haze straight
to my head.

It's like I'm feeling heavy,
got two fifteens in the back
of my homeboy's chevy.

Steal everything, if it's
not bolted down,
believe it's in the back
of my house by the shed G.

I live in the land of plenty,
good and ready, ready
for whatever, got
my ***** from the jetty.
You got your *****
from the levee.
Feast on the sedimentary
layers of the Hātea.
Don't ask me, I have abso-friggin-lutely no idea what I was aiming for.
miki Aug 9
i’m still looking for the version of america that was taught to us in school.

the america where the flag that stands
stands for everyone’s freedom,
not just those whose skin is made of porcelain.

the america where those who protect and serve
protect and serve everyone,
not just those whose skin is made of porcelain.

the america where all are welcomed
and we welcome everyone with open arms,
not just those whose skin is made of porcelain.

but i guess this is only the america that lives inside my head.
the america that never existed.
where “everyone is free”
yet everyone whose skin isn’t made of porcelain is seen as a felon, a ******, a walking disease, a theft...
as an inferior.
and the stars and the stripes that so gloriously fly
even in the darkest of nights
no longer stand for freedom.
because this “freedom” only applies to those whose skin is made of porcelain.

what makes the porcelain people so different than those whose skin is made of velvet?
when the version of america where that question is answered exists, take me there
no one is free, until everyone is free.
Gabs Aug 6
I knock on the door, he says go away
I plead and I beg, let me in, I say
Please let me in
He pushes me astray, telling me to find another home to invade
Stepping aside I reveal one large flowerpot filled to the brim with soil and three blooming flowers
May I at least enrich your garden with my three budding fruits
Reaching out, the homeowner grabs hold of the cylindrical vessel
One by one he looks each flower up and down, examining their brightly captivating colors
Their yellow-like nature shines like gold in the sun
The depth of their cocoa centers contrasting beautifully with those same honey dyed petals.
Looking over into his garden, I see only white flowers.
Though equally beautiful, the unanimous collection lacked the distinction that my prodigies could provide
Awaiting his response, my head falls limply in reverence
Yet I remain confident
A smile gracing my lips.
I was excited to see
Excited to witness the opportunity my blossoms would be given to thrive in a nurturing environment
Yet as my head rose and my eyes lifted,
All reassurance left my face,
My happiness transformed into terror
Before me stood a man seeming ten feet taller and baring the face of a fiend
A wicked smile replaced his pondering expression,
A snicker belt out from his nostrils.
Looking into my eyes, the homeowner spit his words into my face
The saliva causing a sickening chill to run throughout my body
In my heart, his words will forever stay
My God-given soul permanently hardened to stone  
No. They are the wrong color.
A shiver sparking a queasiness in my belly
As are you.
Graff1980 Aug 3
While you were swallowing
the t.v. news
that the corporations use
to sell sick perspectives
that get sales projections
and stock market values
going up,

I was back here loving you,
watching while you choked on
the pricey drugs you use,
to numb those American blues.

While you were slinging the gospel
casting your almighty god spell
so, no one would buy in
to that fact that you are trying
to deny facts in favor
of your favorite brand of lying,

I was trying to learn
the lessons you spurned,
so, I could take science and poetry
combine them in this flow you see
to share our shared humanity
and help us be better human beings.
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