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Sarah 6h
"don't you feel it?" i ask
doe eyed
young and lost
"don't you feel the world closing in on you?"
you smiled at me
your hand brushed my face
"so let it close in," you say
"just don't let it close you out"
I ask my self:
Was I the only one
to ever love you?
Between us two?
No, no, you loved
Yourself too, all the while
leaving me unloved
Both by you and
As it happens, by me too -
All this would not have
Changed had you not left
And now I slowly
After  breaking saw too
That I can love my self so.
Even after you after all.
I pity the person no soul
no happiness, reason, or goal

I'll do what I can
every-time, just a man

Driven by purpose
and every
Are we not brothers?
Merwin Nikad Oct 4
To be something
Everything that was
Never could be
Doors dont always answer


Perchance you could
Open a door
Ear for an ear
Moss for moss
Sleep for sleep
Sneaky sneaky
Saint Audrey Sep 29
Could you stay the same
For just one more day

Could you stay
The same
One more day

Do you feel that weight?
Starting to shake
Distant thunder begins to roar

I exist through sleepless nights
And the chances
As the first few drops start falling down

Pleasure and pain
Human traits
Vying for attention in the back of lucid nightmares

Everyone is the same, after all

Could you stay the same
Delia Grace Sep 28
And we’re close in a way
That I couldn’t explain
With your comforting gaze
In the soft morning rain
And the water drips down
On my bare blinking lids
And you’re still there
When my eyes open again

Everyone longs for the sun
Or the sea
To be looking back at them
Through the space in between
But your darkness stares back
With a warmth deep inside
And I hope you hold true
As my fall intervenes

I’m partial to darkness
While the day still stands high
The contrast is simple
Against royal skies
With a comfort in place
And a turning of string
And you strike a sweet chord
With a soft song in mind

And the lyrics you hear
Of the sea and the sun
Don’t talk about feelings
That hit like a gun
When the starlight shines down
And you brighten to gold
You’re a bright brand new amber
And I am undone
A commentary on brown eyes
zen Aug 30
I can smell jealousy moons away now
For I have been a fool too long...

Longing for meaning and acceptance
In a brutal battle between
Body and mind
Bruising one or the other or both
On the brinks of breaking
all of one could possibly insist,

Internally elaborate, full of tales robust in beauty
bountifully flawed
Luv yoself
I want to get high
I try to get drunk
Just to stop the cry
To rid the depression

But I wouldn't for you
But only for you
Because anything I do
Has always been for you
Just another piece to the one I loved... still love
Sky Yang Sep 26
2 AM:

i'm falling in, and out, and in, and out,
of sleep.

my mind reaches:
arching forwards,
slowly uncurls a single finger

pinkish joints blossom

the slightest graze of fingernail
and what i think is real bursts into a million,
spinning globules sent
skittering down a marble hall,
who knows how long?

but sometimes there are no marbles--
there are only shooting stars

masses of hazy, gaseous yellow
pixels, flickering and glitchering

in the corners of my eyes, hover
at my brow, drop at my feet ah...

a sadness devoid of

like androids,
two dreamscapes
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