I crave your hair that I never got stroke.
Oh, how would it feel to have you caress mine.

I crave your hands that I never got to hold.
Oh, how would it feel to interlock them with mine.

I crave your lips that I never got to touch.
Oh, how would it feel to have them meet mine.

I crave you, your everything, your all.
Oh, how would it feel to finally call you mine.

I know we can't be together right now, but I hope you crave me too.

Who Wouldn’t Mind Being Remembered?

Who wouldn’t mind being remembered?
It’s not the same as wanting fame -
Naiveté’s vanity its other name.

Who wouldn’t mind some impact?
An itch to reach out
Maybe teach, knowing one knows so little –
Naught at all – We are so small.

But art is there,
And impulse wants from within wants out,
Shouts quietly with word
When you yourself have disappeared.

Who Wouldn’t Mind Being Remembered? 8.16.2017
Birth, Death & In Between II;
Arlene Corwin

Think of all the burial & after-death customs.

Already I can feel my feelings for you grow

Looking at you makes me think how much you mean to me, I can

Look at you and constantly get my mind sweeped

The thought of you makes me weak

Hearing your voice makes me weak

Endlessly playing our days alone makes me weak

Reluctantly I can see me and you can possibly be meant to be

Except there are obvious obstacles

In life you are filled with choices and decisions

So many choices and decisions...

In my mind I do know that I am willing to go the distance

So, I will go and I will know that you in my life gives me new existence

You change the meaning of love for me

Or do you just add more to it?

Unfortunately, I can't really answer

But I can say

Love is a wide variety of things

And you hit more off that variety than I ever felt before

The feelings I have for you I can't help but adore

And being with you makes me always want more

The time I spent with you

The time I do spend with you

The time I got to share with you

The time I do share with you

All of that time is seamless

My feelings for you only grow

They grow to the point where I don't know how much of it to show

Sometimes I get confused if I should show less or more finesse

More or less I do show more and with finesse

And when I think of you, everything else becomes less and less

And my mind just becomes a mess

To the point where I need to rest to get my mind off of you

But all there is, is you

When you say you're "eww"

I can't help but think how that's not even close to true

Because thinking of you and you're eyes and their perfect shade of blue

All that leads up to is me thinking how unbelievably not true

You can try to argue but

I love you

And that IS true

All there is

Is you

Arlene Corwin Aug 13

Life Is A Corned Beef Hash
          (A metaphor)

Life is a corned beef hash -
Or chicken, pork or any stash
Of edibles you have at hand.
If you are clever
You will use the cleaver
To make dishes
So delicious
Guests will never understand
With formulaic words
How to make the bouquet of accolades
Big enough.
(Wow!  That was pufferific!)

All you have to do is focus,
Be a tiny bit courageous,
Use a quantity of hocus pocus
So your genius
Can shine,
Your mine of treasure
The impromptu measure
                           of the moment.

Life Is A Corned Beef Hash 8.12.2017
A Sense Of the Ridiculous II;
Arlene Corwin
puffery – in case you didn’t know: exaggerated  praise; hyperbole.

It's all for fun and learning.

The elk are uneasy
It's time to cross the lake
You can see it in their faces
The way their noses
Are just so still
The lake is a river
Polar bears are caught
Coughing, paddling for the shore
To no avail
The elk stand tall
Take one step
Then none

global warming and deer!!!!!!
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