When I'm asking why
you love me
I'm really asking
why the wind blows

at this point.

The only answer
you couldn't explain;
How can your sun still shine
in the midst of my rain?
These unsaid things
are better off said,
because you forgave me
for everything but to you

I couldn't allow the same.

A patience for distress
I'll never understand;
A slow burning candle
in a sea of darkness..

My small light of hope

dancing in the wind.
How is this possible?
The one thing I can explain -
the reason you love me,
those answers must be the same.
Siri couldn't tell me either.
"You're mine , your ass is mine. You are all mine."
Not knowing no one ever told her that. And she loved the way his lips told her that she was all his.
We're connected we're vibing . But you're still mine and I'm still yours.
Faith 7d
you are pretty,
but that is all.
if your appearance
reflected your heart
it would be hard
for people to look at you,
in your distorted face
but i still would
to tell you
to go fuck yourself.
Lydia Jul 7
the last thing anyone wants to hear when their hurting is that
"it will get better with time"
but it's honestly the truth

one day you really will be going about your daily life and that baseball in your gut won't be there anymore

you will find yourself slowly but surely in a different state of mind, so much so that you won't even realize you're not sad anymore
you'll find yourself around those new people everyone said you would meet, and doing all those new things everyone said you would do

the sun is still going to shine and there will be days the sky is bright blue and the best songs come on the radio all in a row

But one day you'll be driving down the road or folding your laundry and it will hit you,
that pain you thought you had forgotten
but this time you'll be stronger, you'll be wiser and you will be better for it

when it comes out of nowhere you will actually feel content for being human but also uplifted because it's over

when I was so sad and heartbroken I used to think "time heals all wounds" was a saying people said who had never felt real sorrow
now I know the ones who say it have lived their life through the hurting and came out feeling just like I do right now
I hear my children
I listen
I care
Why won't you listen when I cry?
Why won't you listen?
Do you feel the ground moving?
Can you not hear me?
Can you not feel the vibrations?
Where are you all going to go when winter comes and the cold harsh reality of not having a dwelling settles in?

Who will you ask for help from then?
Will they listen?
Will they care?
Will they let you close to their fire or will you freeze?

With no one to care about what war you served in
What you have done to save them
How hard you work at home
How you suffer in silence because you can't fly your flag!?
If you could just be you and stand up again! Be the soldier at home and protect those you love and care about!
Be color blind!
Be deaf to the vile words!
Watch the theft and stop it before it escalates!
Know that everyone has hard choices to make to keep their kin alive!
But because you are mean with harsh words
You must be fighting somewhere?
Are you ready to fight at home?
Because black and blue does not need to be our skin color of the day!
Those colors do not look good on any and every family membor!
The worst hurt comes from the vile words!
They cut a person down!
Some of those emotional scars never leave us...
They take up space in our heads and our hearts and even in our souls.
They turn us into mean people who hurt others because we are hurting.
But continuing to heart each other is not the answer anyone is looking for anymore!
Not now
Not later
We need to
Stop fighting each other.
Start making our world
A great place to live in
Our Mother Earth loves us
That is why we have the privilege of being here!
Just keep that in mind next time you want to hurt someone else.
The pen can be mightier then the sward but it still comes at a price.
Be kind.
Put yourself in their shoes
Even for a day.
MOTH Jul 2
I whimper
No tear was shed
I'm not that scared
Nor am I dead
I will not run
Nor shall I hide
I'm standing tall
Not out of pride
Call me your toy
Break me till down
I'm not that weak
I'm lucid, sound
With all this light
And shaded seas
I feel a battle within me
Screaming I shan't
Nor will I grin
I know the end
I know I'll win
I hold a hand
Not one, but three
I'm carried up
No shade on me.

My all desires ...

you are my all desires ...
with you only ...
i can feel the heart's beat ...
i can see the bright light ...
with you sweetheart ...
and because of you ...
i feel a happiness ...
that i need ...
which i need only ...
only with you ...
because you are ...
the sweet melody  ...
to my life all ...

yes you are ...
my sweetheart...
you are my world all...
and world without you ...
it's not a life ...
it's like a world without air ...
without seas ...
without rivers
and without birds songs ...
which it gives a happiness ...
in every morning ...
to start the life ...
with love ...

yes my sweetheart ...
you are the love ...
that gave me a happiness ...
and still giving me ...
love you ...

love you ...

hazem al ...
In these days of online conservatism, I dare not publish what-I-think-is a sweet and loving poem.  Of course, I won't hesitate to put it into one of three books (see bottom of poem), since I consider it a good poem in itself and an observation worth the art.  Hope you agree.

       She Dry, He Soft

She dry, he soft.
They hold aloft romance and passion.
Does not passion pass on?
And what stance does romance take
When body fails?  Does one fake?
The keys are there in every action:
Every whispered word, touch, clutch.
Intensity may modify.  
Who needs to reach the sky each twinkling of an eye?
Friendship’s warmth and harmony
Lie at the heart of passion’s key,
And if they go, so will the rest.
At best, what's left but superficiality –
A shell - and crusty one at that,
Destined in the upshot to fall flat.
She dry, he soft, not often reaching Everest,
Yet sex, oh yes, the very best,
Back and forth in all its warmth.
In giving.

She Was Dry, He Was Soft 7.1.2018 Circling Round Aging; Eros Ii; Love Relationships II;
Love conquers all.
liv Jul 1
i rarely use the word happy anymore
because i’ve realized what a temporary
thing it is
it’s funny i think i’ve use it in the past
to make others happy
i’m sorry that i can’t be happy
for you
because i can’t be happy
for myself
so used to this low dark feeling
that feeling good is unsettling
if a tree falls in the woods alone
with no one to hear it
does it still make a sound?
forgive me if i use the h word
trf Jun 21
Baby please forgive me for
the curses that i've sung
Paralyzed in my web of verses
silk patterns that i've spun

Like a spider
i'm beggin' you
not to step on me
I'm a liar
and design my beauty
from webs of deceit

Honey when i light your candle
it smells like melons dropping rain
A smile undoes the shapes
of my lips and my mouth and my pain

Something's sweet about these memories
it seems to be hard to sleep now
You better believe this is killing me
i can't tell a moon from a cow

to make peace with three sevens
three sevens
purgatory is hell in heaven
maybe a blessing

You flew by like a casual vulture
a backdrop in my mountain's terrain
Blond hair and blue eyed culture
a lightning strike to my weather vane

I yelled out from the distance
screaming, "hey babe come back!"
but you ignored my pleas
and distanced me
and chased the sun into the black

They arraigned my devotion
and subpoenaed the sky
Took days from a father's son
grey couldn't see black and white.
Ahh life! The choices, circumstances, dealings and feelings. If anything... what raw hide ride!
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