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hello and goodbye
all all goodbyes in the world

hello and goodbye
all the lights on the embankments of roses

I'm going to you today
I'm going to slip away

Star BG 19h
WE are all connected with an invisible vine
that flowers inside a smile,  hand, kind word.

We are all performers on stage of life,
tickling the souls conscious heart.
Filled with love's essence eternal.
meant to expand in heartbeat song.

We are all product of source sparkling
with Gods cord of light to dance.
Filled with ability to love unconditionally
with forgiveness and compassion.

We are all spirit in human form
making our way
through galaxies of dreams.
I awoke filled with inspiring words at five in the morning.
Oh lucky me to swim in ocean of jargon
Oh lucky me to learn from my own words. LOL
When you have nothing to lose
that's when your
guards fall like November leaves
and you're as ***** as Eve's innocence
in the face of every thing and anything
If there was a button to erase existence...

Good memories
Bad memories
All that lives within existence
Everything you care and lack care about
Gone and devalued...

Would you press it?
I didn't want to go home unannouced
I didn't want to bother anyone in my resting place
I just want to speed up the pace
Fast forward to the void with the sound
Of nothing at all
With nothing at all
The deception came easily
The yellow brick road and all its poets
She had them by the coat tails
Pulling them this way and that
Begging for mercy when she had done bad
Manican like motions
Soon followed
Plastered silly putty smile
Washed over
her veneers and pearly
White gates
Of tragedy poetically
Hallucinate through the glass
I want a love that's
that he cannot live without me.
I want a love;
that runs deeper than the miles around the equator.
I want a love; thats intense and fiery.
I want a love;
that plays wicked games underneath the sheets in bed.
I want a love that feels like water in the summer desert.
I want a love; that takes care of me when I'm ill.
a love that looks after me in my vulnerable moments.
a love that hushes away my demons
a love that kisses each tear
a love that holds me...
a love that respects me,
a love that truly lingers after a ****** fight
a love that returns to me
like doves to a nest.
a love that knows me best.

where is my love?
It was like being too big
Wishing you could disappear
Inside the ever-growing
Crowd of people
As their eyes wander onto yours
While you try to ebb away
In the corner

But much too small
Inside this body
Like it could not contain
All your bones and muscles
Like your skin
Needed to be stretched out
In order to hold it all

It was an awkward in between
Of being too big
But also too small
Of being too much
But not enough
Like being nothing at all
And everything at once
pseudonym Nov 16
And if you loose it all,

you still live
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