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We know how much you mean to us
Do you ?
or does it hurt to the touch
or anger you up when you think to receive it ?

Let it not be a human love to be made real and welcome
seek again, but for the love that's found hidden
in the proof behind the pain where we be warming up
to who you really are beyond it all
We're all so lively but dead within!,
We all smile from outside,
even when we're broken!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
We keep working,
even when we can't be subtle!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
We all build dreams,
but also see them  when broken!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
We want to belong to someone who doesn't even care about our presence!

We're all so lively but dead within!,
Are we just living to breathe
Or are we just the living-dead Humans!?

-Vranda Punjabi
Are we just living to breathe
Or are we just the living-dead Humans!?
Chris Slade Aug 28
Ted Slade was a Communist, an Atheist,
a Realist, a Pragmatist. All the ‘ists’…
Even as you’d see from his poetry…. a perfectionist.!
So, right to be bitter now and then,
about how the so called maker made him.
I’m right there with him on that.

How can there be a superior being… The Big ‘G’
The creator of all things living and breathing
when, he dished out the proletariat’s grand life plans…
The stoop, the damaged flesh, retracted blood and bone,
the twisted hands.

After he’d fixed the sun,
the moon and the stars
and the creatures of the sea,
he made man in his image… his own
the likes of you and me.
But Ted picked up a duff one,
an already beaten body.
Spine twisted, lungs restricted.
Unfit for purpose - ****** up.

Like a life jacket with a puncture
If he had jumped overboard with it
he would have drowned.
He’d picked up the parcel in the warehouse
that had already hit the ground.
One that shouldn’t have made it beyond quality control.
If he’d had a hand in a design that was plainly odd
he would have chosen the super deluxe model for his starring role
So he just ignored everybody else’s God
Just got on with the job…
And as such, scored an even more brilliant goal!
This is about my cousin Ted from Hull ... who, at about the age of 6, was diagnosed with severe Kyphoscoliosis - a complex curvature of the spine ... So he didn't believe in God. Ted still, without formal education till the age 12, was accepted at university at 15 ... Bsc Hons. Metalurgist, Marketeer, Internet Wiz, Programmer, and Latterly, of course, a Poet. As you do!! Ted Slade: 1936 - 2004.
Khoi-San Aug 23
I touch your skin
with my mouth
I inhale your soul,
your essence is the heart
of the morning breeze
upon my lips
I am set alight
burning after your horizon
my petals pulsate
until I slump inside your chest
I am the sunflower
you are my fire
I follow you like mist
meets the sun
with me
it's all or nothing.
For the way it should be
come lay beside me
let my fingers caress your sorrows
working through deep creases
releasing all stress your breath carries
massaging tense shoulders
and unspoken hurt buried in your chest
pulling pain from silent reservoirs
of former loneliness

I am here with you now
there is no sadness
my laying of hands can't resolve
in love there is only purity
a bliss found in eternal connection
let me tenderly kiss
all that delays your thoughts
from slumber

together, we
conquer fear as my fingers
work the tendons
making them pliable again
cupping hands to your heart
feeding you warmth and beauty
to quell midnight aches

come to me, whisper
your concerns
you never need carry
them alone again
for love conquers doubts
sending a tsunami
of tenderness
wave upon wave
to flood your soul
for  in love
we are made whole
ibkreator Aug 7
As the human stops holding hands to belief
the current runs free thru each one
independent to each ones vision
as a whole creator
and not thru another creators whole

Reality bes unique to your eye
not thru anothers
ibkreator Aug 3
the body knows
that the mind has told it

command its emotion gently
thru instinct and intuition

and it will move beyond that its learnt
ibkreator Aug 3
Human has been a passenger
to its limited mind

now it must become the driving force
to steer it forward

or keep crashing into its limits
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