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I am tired... so very exhausted of it all; inside of this frail body, heart and mind wage a war. I am human, and only human after all.
I am human; awake wishing to sleep... yet I will offer the forces of life no surrender nor retreat.
rgz Jan 10
A man tired from the waking day
hangs his keys on the beaded hook,
lets the hat off his grateful head.
He places himself in front of the table
where he laid down his papers,
his skins and his skin.
He put on the table, the day's characters,
mulled them over in the electronic hum of Aleph and coffee flavoured eyes,
rolled them up tight with tomorrow's fears
and set them alight.
He put there a glass ashtray to catch the embers of regret.
He put on the table his dear friend, Old Man Wibble,
the bedlamite seer,
drunken oracle,
"liquid Jesus, straight from the bottle"
and longed for a glass to raise.
He put there the smoke from his exasperated lungs
and the wistful music of his tired throat,
he put there every last syllable and every letter left lingering on a lost lovers lips.
He put hope on the table,
for the weight might crush him as he sat
but not the table,
solid under this load,
to bear weight is what a table must do
and tomorrow will always bring another pile.

an exercise in growing a poem
This year played some sad song
To hear happy ones, we all do long
Hope, everyone stays safe and strong

May we take slow and steady steps
And say yes, to life and living
May life play many lovely songs

The tempo in rhythm with the beat of every heart
My prayers for everyone
To be with loved ones and celebrate this precious life
Merry Christmas, dear all

Tyrell Burnett Dec 2020
O how sweet the taste of cavalry, where Christ the Lamp was slain for me. His hands were nailed, His brow was bruised, His feet were bind, His blood was spew. Oh how great is my due, O Lord to You, that Your precious blood was spew, my all, my all I render to you.
The greatest gift for Christmas was long ago bequeathed; given by Jesus Christ, our Lord, that all might receive. So please, accept His charity; and from sin be free... and be on this Christmas day, truly merry.
Sharon Miedema Dec 2020
God, it's not a thing, it's not nothing.
Bigger than what we can make of it in here.
Look wider, feel further.
The gates are always open.
It's not a loop of a conspiracy theory.
It's not the act of just world leaders in control.
It goes beyond this world, the matrix.
You'll find in your heart what's right.
Dark n Beautiful Nov 2020
The week has to have a weekend
Days have to have a tomorrow
And goodbye to yesterday’s/
In turns will bring the months to an end/

What do we have to face
moving forward setbacks and  more
worried looks in the bystanders eyes..
When all is set and done, we have to say grace
We have to look up every morning and whisper to the skies.

The news broadcaster’s never speak of genuine love,
They only wishes to be littered,
While, begging folks to do their part
The cooing of the dark lonely dove
a symbol that there’s is no more  love in ones heart
during the these stressful day/

Ten o’clock curfew at night,\/
Essentials workers must only be seen at dawn/
No more than ten to twelve people on sight/
And large outstanding gathering must be gone/

Black Friday’s deals, window shopping strolls
Everything seem on hold, the biggest black hole of 2020/
And nothing spoke to me: not even a 60 inch flatscreen TV/

Let’s take a page from the Jewish customs
Bury the dead in the next seventy two hours/
All November traditions is limit/
Thanksgiving Day a Tic, tok

All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Mischief Night, Bonfire Night
Once you take down the statues, of useless figures
Would History of the injustices will be erase/
The world is hurting,
Cait Nov 2020
I lay next to you in a field of lilacs and lavenders.
The beautiful floral scent fills my senses
I am surrounded by all that is purple.
I watch as the brilliant blue sky is filled with gorgeous violet hues.
I listen to the birds as they soothe my anxious mind.
I put my hand into yours.
Our hands intertwine.
My left hand held by your right.
The strands of purple in my hair cascade around my face,
I am surrounded by purple.
A crown of purple flowers rests on my forehead.
I am surrounded by all that is purple.
Viji Vishwanath Oct 2020
Rock always rocks
Whatever the situation may
Situation is; mere excuse
Whether it is rain
Or it is storm
Rocking rock
Always rocks
Whatever come
On its way

Rock says
You don’t know my worth
Am strong
In all environment
Am hard
But can be engraved
With art and words
I can be polished
To its utmost shine
I will rock
Wherever I am

Rock says
U devote idols
But idols are made of me
U devote rocks
But idols are priceless

What makes you priceless
Is the effort of you
The struggles of you
The pain of you
All that;
Made you strong
Made you beautiful
Made you precious

Rocking rock
Rock all its way
But it’s up to you
The transformation
You give to it
Rock always rocks
No matter what
Come its way
Rock wherever you go !!
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