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Mark Wanless Mar 22
the processe of the
manufacture of thought is
unknown to us all
She was darting through thoughts
I dart through hers
My brain tied in knots
Kicking with spurs
Her eyes darker than night
A bottle in her hand
Tearing down with words polite
Meaning hidden I understand
Pack of smokes in pocket
A state of misery
Launching like a rocket
No reason I can see
In foggy haze of confusion
Rain quit falling down
Bars closing in conclusion
Remained dimly lit around
Resting back against wall
Bricks of the front of our wet home
Could hear the substances call
In back of her mind to roam
Let in with welcome arms
Turn off lights one by one
It's about how want disarms
Forfeit to them almost none
In a day will return
Finding you the same place
Or someone better takes their turn
Does not matter
Just a different face
She falls asleep eventually
Giving her dreams attention
Call names and she will be
All things you mentioned
Written about my mom when she was still alive :(
they hailed him
sweet in the fervor
trumpets murmur
triumph's pleasure
he said
the day is done
and judgment falls
upon the crown
that bore the sin
that bore their sin
that bore our sin
and cast it within
into the depths
of the hungry well
to drown in hell
to drown in hell
the sins they went
ne'er to return
and shut the well
the well

they bid him molten praise
cast iron for his head
a new crown to wed
a new crown instead
for sin was cast away
into the well
into its hell
for sin is the devil
who tried and was not true
whose face was blue with envy
whose pride was green with shame,
and sin did waltz inside
like a prideful man to the gallows
for he takes his death with gladness
for his toils shall be put to rest
for his evils shall ne'er live again,
into the well, as well...
into its hell, do tell.

I saw the sins of man
become a squawking heron,
that claimed the bounds of heaven
and swallowed its own hubris instead
for heaven's beauty was a gift
so humbling
such bliss
the heron blazed with hellfire
and the hellfire was no more,
for there
a sun had shone
as if it never left
but the well did not know the sun,
and hell did not as well,
the sins and gallows hence
married their supper of crows
for carrion were they to themselves
manifold in its selfsame misery,
for misery sates misery,
and wrath sates wrath,
and pride sates pride,
and envy sates envy,
and lust sates lust,
and gluttony sates gluttony,
and greed sates greed,
but nothing sates the sun,
nothing sates the sun,
for the sun is sated of Himself,
for He eats of his own being,
to create for all creation,
infinitely into infinity,
the infinity of the sun,
for the sun is pure, and potent,
the sun is light, and grace,
the sun is mercy, and love,
the sun is forgiveness, and truth,
and these are the gifts of the sun to all.

These are the gifts of God by the sun.
And may it shine forever.
May the sun bless us all.
Nuff said...

Stay tuned for the sequel that "mayhaps" comes,
"Laundry Day." ;)
yellow soul Aug 2023
I am holding your hand on my heart
it is a grip I can not let go of
because if I do
so will you
Time goes as went
communication will not mend
                                                   - Where are you?
                                            - When are coming home?
Days turn into weeks
kisses turn into bruises because
In love, all is fair
In love, you must beware
The butterflies begin to whine
as fear is digging into my spine

I gave to you my all away
All I ask is for you to stay...
Solaluna Jul 2022
I was not kidding when I said I love you.
I meant it with all my heart,
All my soul,
With all of me,
For I am bound to you,
And that's what my love will ever be.
Mark Wanless May 2022
can there be a sentient
form that understands the all
"You are doing great!"
Repeat after me, I said.
You are doing great!
Keep doing what you love!
Love it at all.
It's all.
Indonesia, 27th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
I get it
We get it
We’re good
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