Steve 6h
Lying in darkness
With eyes closed
Wearing only a smile
Steve 6h
The earth in the ground
Is where we’re all bound :(
Steve 6h
New days
New ways
The bright new things summer says.
Steve 6h
Heading for home
Thoughts turn to stone
Meet me there.
Luna7464 17h
Even brightly lit rooms
have corners left in the dark

The Light makes shadows, how else do we get them?
this dark hall
long bereft of warmth
dust smothers ash

What can a troll do for you?
Yeah, it's that time again Kiddies!
Please pay the trolls no attention, it's OK to treat them as substandard chipmunks, just do not let them get ya down ;D
If family means unity
then I think we've fallen apart

I prayed for him
and my prayers were never answered

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