the soul of a poem
is what is left unsaid
Farhan 1d
I couldn't find myself within me,
I was displaced by her within me.
Steve 2d
The 22/2/55
On that day I came alive
Pancake Tuesday.
Happy face
Jun Lit 4d
Humans dump
are house flies
translated from the original Tagalog short poem "Pananaw Langaw"
Nothing is more cruel to a child
than other children
I didn't start the day melancholy, it just sorta happened on it's own :\
"Everything I kept for myself belongs to you now, darling."
Want things totally screwed?
throw in government
and a contractor
Entropy: The tendency of a system that is left to itself to descend into chaos.

Trust me, I know :\
Steve Feb 9
Did we come down from  trees
Or up from seas  ???

Is it in God we trust
Or are we stardust ???

Is this only in dreams
Or just what it seems  ???
Three little ten word poems to ponder as we wander (there's another!)
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