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Aleka 2d
I’m awake,
Once again,
By the touch,
Of the wind in my skin
In this new month of April

The flowers blossom,
Their colors mesmerize me,
Every tone,
Every shade,
They captivate me.

I contemplate the plants, with a scent of bitter-sweetness,
While some bloom,
And others wither,
In an endless cycle.

The fauna and flora,
Announce once again,
With their songs, dances and colors,
The sunrise of spring,
In this new month of April.

After the dreadful silence of winter,
I can hear the sweet singing of the birds
And the sound,
Of the wind dancing with the leaves:
A spring melody...

I observe these creatures,
So graceful, yet so fragile.
They swing through the sky,
Synchronizing their movements with the wind,
As if they were ballerinas.

At the end of this month of April,
I fall asleep,
Once again,
While these tiny singers,
Recite their lullaby.
This was an assignment I did last year, and I kind of liked how it turned out.
We had to do a poem about a word, and mine was April.
Eva May 20
Somehow, with just a tiny bit of chocolate
my problems would scurry away.

So colorless, yet so flavorful.
Ready to fill the empty pit in my stomach.

At times I only had my bar of chocolate
to eat away my guilt.

The glossy yellow wrapper would fall to the floor,
while the chocolate melted at my fingertips.

It would stain the fragile pages of my books,
but cleanse the stains of my shattered soul.
Mrs Timetable May 19
I wished to paint
The brown birds
The color
Of our son’s blue eyes
To my amuse
Which part did
I disabuse
The part were you can
Colors on birds
Or that we have
A son
And his eyes are
BLT challenge word of the day “disabuse”.  Sorry it’s so exiguous
Mitch Prax May 19
You’re in the colours
I see everyday and you’re
in the rainbows I see
on special days.
Even though I don't see you anymore,
you still make up the spectrum
that gives my life beauty.
I don't see how I could forget you
when you're still painting
the colours in my life.
Bullet May 19
nothing is faced
no trap, just me reflected in it
the mirror has a painters box sealed
i’m in the boxing ring with pallets
the painting has heavy gloves waiting
dings seem like a shock wave in my mind

my heart now counts a lot less with a view
blue soul, caving in from the top
  this mirror has a hidden trap tripping
i’m starring at it as if i’m the missing piece
now the picture is shattered into myself
the portrait separated into a collage
the colors i’m boxed in with moves my

I’m lost in these mirror states of mood rings
Bullet May 18
I’m looking at life as a sphere
The easel escapes what’s boxed in

These eyes all have their own view
These squares just try to mirror

The birds keep calling my name
The soul in me just ignores

Imagine them as squirrels
Easy but never to ****

The flowers I’ve been growing
Show that the soil is the one that’s really richer

A masterpiece is all I’ll ever chase
Until then I’ll reach for the skies that color all around
Zack Ripley May 17
It's not the end of the world.
It's not even the end of the day.
Just because the sky is gray
Doesn't mean the sun can't come out
As if to say "it's okay."
Remember. We see the world in color.
If you don't like the ones you see,
Just close your eyes and breathe.
Please don't give up, and I promise you'll see it's not the end.
Bullet May 17
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