i wish
i could explain
to you
the realm of color
that you
seem to possess
inside of your soul
can't you see
that all we make
we build walls
out of color
it's a system
treat me as your brother

close your eyes
and you'll realize
we're all just
talking nonsense
take off your glasses
we use color to build fences
inspired by frost's quote about fences, a little bit.
Green teas,
Green leaves,
Towering trees,
And thorny brambles,
Tumbleweeds rendered brown and dried,
Mother natures preferred color,
For some odd reason,
When humans toil over issues of black and white.
Mother nature picked her color,
For her disciples to wear.
remember when we taught each other to think?
about how emotions were hex-codes,
and my midnight mood was light pink?
we talked on until our metaphors started to unfold,
and with every word told we let our shared emotions sink in,
until we felt the need to drink them back into a deep sleep again.
i'm sorry that i still write about you, if you still read them, i doubt it. it's not that i'm not over it, or that it still brings me sadness, it's just interesting. you were the most interesting and impactful thing that ever happened to me and i will never be able to forget or regret it. anyways, you're probably the cooliest cat i'll have the pleasure meeting and i hope the people around you realize your mind's strange beauty. love ya forever, hope you don't hate me too much, adieu. -- sunny d
Erika 7d
Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry the world is cold.

Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry your voice doesn’t matter.

Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry that the justice system is not fair to you.

Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry that all you had to do was be black.

And Black boy,
You can beat it.

You can graduate high school.

You can get that scholarship.

You can get that job.

You can get that degree.

You are amazing.

You are strong.

You are Black.

Unapologetically Black.

You are a force to be reckoned with.

Black boy,
I am sorry,

But not for you,

for them.
I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a while.
cass Apr 14
paint me the colors of the rainbow
cover all my dullness,
all my grayness

make me a mask of colors
make it happy
no sight of sadness should be there

make my clothes gleam and glow
to shine away all my flaws
as it is expected that my body will be perfect

make my shoes shine bright red
like those of dorothy's
to hide the red blisters they are causing

paint me the colors of the rainbow,
make me shine bright
to mask all the pain
Make me colorful again
ayd Apr 14
as this sunrise

gives me a blanket of comfort

irreplaceable by women; i bring my head to ground

the presences is seized by the morning.

imagine, your scent to wander this place.

the lavender trails, the roses to follow

the honey to study, the water to admire

and the peach to taste

the skin is nude; the fruits is underneath

to my eyes, it will be a taste to remember

the juice release a call of appreciation

for a touch to outline the color

anxious, impatience, to feel the sunrise it is

on my lips as my tongue believes in it

to be the only fruit left; i will savior every bit

until the peach is ready

but i will not be here

when it will grow it’s garden

for i have fallen in love

and the thought has harden

it will be broken; this love is not meant to be

at least; not in the way that i have felt

my acceptance of news comes with jealousy

i was so hopeful of time to be spent

as the roots unraveled all of their thought

inside of the soil, the exteriors grew itself.

the color diversify what the eye will see

a forest now; enchanting my view with the green

as the scent of the petals seduce my will to resist

i know, that this garden is not home

although; i got to kiss

the sweetest of peaches

i am not yours

so with me i’ll take

all of my love; into my backpack

and travel these roads again

until i stumble on a view; that i have not yet.

but please all that i ask

is you let my trail

not be covered; and let my path be one you remember.
as you know, i've fallen for someone. but, the reality of it is to harsh to bare.
i am ill and know that all love can not penetrate that of my mind and be healthy. the darkness is far to strong for now to not intrude. i'm in love with you and i don't think i'll ever tell you the truth.
Taylor Apr 12
My vision has been contorted.
All colors no longer blend
but rather stand out and by
themselves. All lives and
positions seem different from
the angles they are presented in .
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