Azrapse 2d

My world was black and white
before I met you
Till you brought along the color
Now you want to leave me
Not picking up my calls
Got my whole life feeling so strange
Used to take you like a dose
Just to calm my anxiety
now I'm out here chasing dragons  
Slowly losing my sanity
Can't say your name without using profanity
I guess I'm just salty like the sea
My rage crashing like waves on the beach
And I never thought I'd be calling you a bitch
But you got me barking
Arguing about all the mistakes that we made
Through it all my memory got engraved with triggers that make me flash back
and fuel my rage
When things get heated

Feed back is appreciated
olive 2d

my colors are different
and they live in my mind
i spent so long unaware
that these colors are mine

sometimes they are sad
and sometimes bring pain
but they cannot change
and that makes me insane

i wish they would go
and let me have peace
but i am my colors
and my colors are me

Story 5d

In the dusty fields
at the foot
of The Grand Tetons,
A small colt wanders
in the vast grey-green lather
of sage brush.
Blotted brown patches
across its belly
black mold on the ceiling
Of my memories.
One can never be sure where
the clouds end
and the mountains begin.
Those looming chalky blues,
Not unlike the sea.
It is only a matter of time
before the colt finds
what it is he was looking for.
It is only a matter of time
before blue meets blue meets
meets sea
meets sky.
One day these mountains will
No longer remember my name.

Minnie 6d

do we even belong here?
of course you do,
says the kind woman who
hands you a creamy Dove soap bar
to scrub at your brown skin
until it slides down the drain
like dirt you might have accidently picked up
from working in your garden yesterday

do we even belong here?
of course you do,
says the airport security guard as
he pulls you aside for your
randomized security check
and when he pats you down,
his pale hands probe under your
skin as if searching for a
zipper to pull your flesh off so
he can send you through security safely,
instead he finds nothing but the
red blood coursing through your
veins as if to remind him that we
are all the same on the inside

do we even belong here?
in this land where
the language
sticks out in sharp corners
like your knobby elbows and knees
when it goes down your throat,
clunky and awkward

do we even belong here?
of course,
show me where we belong,
in the makeup counters where
foundation cakes your skin
like moonlight, sallow and acrid
singeing your henna stained skin?
until it all peels away
(did you know,
band aids are supposed to be flesh colored?)

do we even belong here?
where insults slide down your back
like rain down a slanting roof
that will eventually flood your house
like tectonic plates quaking
under the surface of your skin
waiting to erupt
(storms leave no one unscathed)

Just a little piece I've been meaning to write for a while now, it's a work in progress so please be gentle.

And it was with one fatal glare
From gleaming rings of emerald
That a lost soul found himself again

Written a year ago. Yet, it seems like a lifetime ago
Oculi 7d

True wonder
I see myself over yonder
The future is a promise that cannot be broken
My soul is a machine that cannot be broken
My love of life is an entity that cannot be broken
True wonder rarely approacheth
But it doth give me a sense of accomplishment
I'm finally happy
And I finally
Slowly sink
Into pink

Mari Carrasco Nov 10

it is few that seek for color,
when the world leaves them grey.

it is few that climb mountains,
when only plains come their way.

I see color when I am with you.
Life is no longer black and white but shades of blue that turn to burning reds and golden yellows as we watch the day come to an end.

How I love the way you make my cheeks glow pink when you caress them with your hands, and the brown hue that your hair gives off in the sunlight when I run my fingers through it.

I love the way your brown eyes shine when they star back at me cause truly, there’s no place I’d rather be than with you enclosed in your turquoise walls.

I still don't sleep well at night sometimes. I miss you, whoever you are, or maybe I just miss having someone close to me I can put all of this love into, an outlet for my affection. Whatever the case, I spend my waking moments wondering where you are and my moments asleep wondering when. It's honestly getting harder to tell the difference between the two, the two infinite worlds of possibility where wild, unexpected things happen. Or don't. Sometimes the reality is more interesting than the dream.

There's a certain sense of tranquil quiet when you're lonely that I can only appreciate for about 5 minutes before my heart grips against its iron bars, looking for a key or a file or a spoon to leap its way out of my chest to freedom and adventure. It writes Morse code letters on skipped heartbeats to you, but I am a miserable translator and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for my past, for all the wrongs I've committed in the nebulous black leviathan night, the almost-nightmare state of bleariness and hypnotic suggestibility. Clarity only comes when you spirit your marble curved likeness in the warm wooded embrace I do so long for in waking life.

I ramble and you float away, O kind angel of faint hope, white stone wings beating tremendously in sync like the buzzer of an alarm clock, striking me asleep again for daylight, somnambulating across the barren black-tar desert in search of water and finding only more black sand.

The nights have become more torturous without your colorless gaze. Please get here soon so I can tell you about how I've known you all my life.

With fondest regards,

Audrey, Maybe you'll read this someday and realize that you are my best friend. You are the closest to me than anyone. I love you until the end of Eternity. You'll always be in my heart for the rest of my life.
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