Rj 3d
There are no monsters here.
We are not pristine or pure
But neither are we dirty or sinful.
I let my feet touch the ground.
Stable and secure.
There are angels all around me.
Dark grey eyes and soft pink lips.
Hands that softly wrap around your waist,
Wings that can swallow you whole,
Feathers of bright colours and hearts to match.
We are here,
Innocent and free
Bright and beautiful
We are not ashamed of the scars that litter our hearts and skins
The battles we have fought,
No matter if we won or lost
Are why we have found ourselves here
Where bright colours are beautiful
And our scars fill us with pride.
There are angels all around me
But what makes them angels
Is what made them human.
ok I rlly hate the ending but here it is it's very special to me pls be careful with it
Bitter words
Some in red
Some in blue
Combine to create a purple wound
"You never change."
As the wound stays
And I don't heal
I think they're right
Daisy P Aug 6
and it took me a long time
to finally realize:

the world is full of color
and you were just a dark blue
who was scared to let my yellow
turn you green at the corners
doesn’t stop me from missing the blue of your eyes
Scarlett Aug 2
I'm a sunset,
with an array of colors,
but everyone's colorblind.
live life in warm yellows
when the sky is a dark gray and the clouds are a loveless black
live life in light pinks
when the trees are dying browns and the flowers are wilting ebonys
live life in bright blues
when the waters are a wild taupe and the sand is a rough onyx
live life in the colors of life;
for life is exquisite
but to see such radiance and beauty,
one must be appreciative and live life in warm yellows
and violets.
life is full of color, but one must be able see that to truly enjoy living
Lilly Cerise May 2
what does it mean to you?
a color
an emotion
maybe it even reminds you of a song
but do you ever stop and think
wonder just a little
how blue is seen by other people?
or, not just blue,
any color at all?
this is from a while ago and i am seeing it again and thinking, "why didn't i post this...?"
Madison Jul 28
It was something she could relate to
Every time she was feeling sad
Like the color blue could
Somehow absorb her pain
And understand every time
A tear fell from her cheek

Her favorite color was blue,
And it was his favorite color too..
It was her favorite color
He ever wore
No matter what shade
He always looked so dashing
So cool
She loved him in the color blue

Her favorite color was blue,
Allowing her creativity to shine through
When she looks up at the sky
Making shapes out of clouds
Like she was a child again
Might come back and add more.
lX0st Jul 28
He saves all the grape jolly ranchers for me
He hates everything grape
But he’d swear he loves me
Until he’s purple in the face
And even on my worst days
When my skin is flushed
Rouge with rage
He reminds me that the color of love
Is always present on my tongue
And can be any shade
Rebecca Kay Jul 25
Broken crayons still color the same.
I mean- isn't that really the aim?
Finish coloring the big picture-
our life picture.
We're all crayons,
or markers, paint perhaps.
Everyone's a little bent,
cracked. Snapped,
in some way shape form.
It's really kinda the norm
But in a box full of crayons-
when they are used, when they live-
they snap. They crack.
They break.
But they still work, just the same.
It may be a bit tougher for them-  
but they're tougher from it.
We're tougher from it.
We're all broken crayons
filling in our own life line.
But broken crayons still color fine.
moon Jul 24
it's the color of your soulmates lips.
the color your cheeks get when you blow out your birthday candles and you feel happy,
actually happy to be alive another year.
it's the color of your morning coffee.
the color of your skin and how you love the way it looks in the sun.

i swear i was a tree in my past life,
for the way their branches dance in the wind,
i can feel that in my bones.
i want to dance with them too.

i am a piece of the blue sky.
there are parts of me that are sad like dark clouds that are about to cry.
but there are also parts of me that are as bright as the sun and sometimes,
if you capture my eyes
you can see galaxies and universes in them.

i love the way you lean in to touch my lips with yours.
the way your hands fit perfectly into mine.
how your voice sounds like soft pillows and the crisp crunch of autumn leaves.
the world is spinning for us,
soley us.
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