Sadia 1h

She was painted in the colors he desired.
She was heaven to him, breathtaking and beautiful.
The moonlight in her eyes and the words she spoke touched him.
She was like a fine painting framed in his heart.

Dakota 1d

sleek nothingness,
a comforting nihilistic
home. everything is
possible, but nothing is
likely. flowers grow but
can’t be seen. the moon is
eclipsed. despair sounds like
it is the only option, but you
hear a calling from the void.
songbirds growl and you smile.
rain can only be felt, but is
welcomed. let your damp skin
peel off and let yourself drop
down, down to a fate you
trust will be preferable
to the life you are living

my friend prompted me to write a poem about the color black without ever using the word and this was the result/

What am I trying to say is this:
My world is in color and you,
You are the cherry red,
You are neon.
You are everything my heart
Did not know it could be.

And tonight,
I am indigo streaks
Across the world;
A suffocating introversion
A depression which once
Took hold of me.

maybe it's because I'm cold or just because you're cold hearted.
maybe it's because the memories of your lips leave mine parted.
maybe it's because the words you never told me are still a wish that is longing to come true.
or maybe it's just the color of my mood, oh deep deep blue.
maybe because all of the things I once leant upon were temporary, I wanted to cherish every last hazy moment.
maybe because even while it was fake offer, I was sold on you and the price I paid for it.
I'll leave you slow dancing where I first approached your bright, blazing room.

-Julia Aubrey Rhodes-

The ripples in the pond,
formed by water bombs,
shimmer brightly under the street lights.

Sometimes green,
Sometimes red,
Sometimes white,
And sometimes,
                            like you.

Breeze-Mist May 14

The world is not only
The shining right light of white
And the depraved dark depths of black

I won't even go on
About the moral grey shades in between
Mottled like a city pigeon's tail feathers

Because there are
Royal eruditious blues
Mischievous swirled jades
Passionate scarlets
Playful tangarine oranges
Inoccent pastel yellows
Regal deep reds
Mysterious deep purples
Curious robin egg blues
Righteous yellow oranges
Tranquil summer greens
Bubbly social pinks
Patient shades of indigo
Cautious neon colors
Pure-hearted golds
Clear minded silvers
And ultraviolets of feelings yet to be defined

And if I'm looking at the world
I want to see it in full spectrum

Sadia May 7

Every palette, and every shade of color, reminds me of your beautiful soul.

Eric Johnson May 7

I’ve learned to hate the amber rays
shining from the streetlamps
The air that scares the birds away
and freezes all their branches
I wish that I could bear the breeze
or seize the glowing gaze
‘cause when the streetlamps finally fade,
all that’s left is gray.

Angelique May 6

I've spent so long in the grey
That when I get a taste of color,
It seeps through my veins
Penetrating my bones.
And then The Want is there.

that I have never been able to recreate.
Not for myself, at least.
I hunger to put it to my lips
Like an alcoholic
Seeking to drink myself into asylum  
and lap at each
and every
individual drop.
In the selfish hope that I too
Will burn like you.

The Want cocoons me in a toasty blanket
Whispering soft pleasantries.
As it sinks its claws into my chest
And leaves me bleeding
And wishing that I were unfeeling
Once again.

Bradley May 3

Life is nothing but a rainbow,
Nothing but a simple mixing pot of pigment,
But you,
You were my color.
You were my yellow.
You were the yellow bees buzzing in my stomach,
Fluttering, tickling my throat

You were my yellow
The bright yellow lightning bolt in my rainstorm,
Lighting up my grey skies,
Kindling my soul

You were my yellow,
My yellow gold nugget,
The only thing that gives me value,
The only thing to treasure,
To hold

You were my yellow,
The yellow sun pressed against my face,
The collision between my skin and your warmth,
Calming my mind,
Comforting my soul,

But now,
My yellow is gone,
And everything is cold,
Everything is grey

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