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RLee Apr 14
Every shade and every tint
Affects your view
Through the lens of color
The world is new to you

When a color shines so bright
It goes through your brain, right?
through the forge of happy and sad
Color comes out in your vibes

The fast energy of powerful red
The nervous mood of orange

The bright cheer of intense yellow
A peaceful green that is mellow

The relaxing focus of blue
The royal deep of sleepy purple

Colors are everywhere
Around the world
So when you see a color
Bright and bold

The lens of color
Is yours to hold
School project about how color affects mood and emotions.
Cedric Feb 16
I used to wander feeling blue,
Underneath the sky's hue.
As I walk the sky falls true,
I'm at sea limbless and fugue.

Suddenly it all turns green-
An old mango tree I've seen.
A sense of tranquility so serene,
A stark contrast from the marine.

I must have flown from an inlet,
From drowning I must've willed it,
Surviving alone on this islet,
I wear a regal cloak of violet.

I dream of a house colored red,
Ghosts appear, I hide under my bed.
To retreat into my scarlet shed,
This travesty is all in my head.

Sometimes I miss my grandmother,
Younger days with fried chicken supper,
Some mismatched candles I offer,
She would like a splash of color.

All these colors come to fruition,
Whirlpools of colorful emotion,
It all spirals down to destruction,
As I drown ghosts of hallucination.
A poem made for my sister for her case study presentation. She's currently a nursing student intern and she rotated into the psychiatry ward and interviewed a recovering schizophrenic. This is based on that patient's favorite colors and the results of drawing therapy visualized into poetry.
LearnfromBOBD Dec 2022
I drink to forget what I can't remember
I saw what I can’t see, could be a reminder
I was  scared, I was there
But I wasn't here
I saw you in my mirror
I can only touch the mirror
Scaring movie without horror
Blank canvas without color
I went through valley and hills
Everything was cool and void
I saw the King’s Will
It was empty and null
Something draws me forward
Or maybe scare me away
I can see the future
maybe it’s today
Blank canvas without color
Tomorrow is not the future
M H John Dec 2022
i use
all of the pain
i know
each time
the season changes

to repaint my soul

because i know
how much you hate
the same color
in various
shades of tone
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2022
Storms make grey the sea
And erode the surface of the shore

Cold resentful icebergs
Outside my window
A field of sinking liquid caskets
Closing in on me

I hear the sound
Of toy pianos underwater
Remnants of their music keep
Washing up on achromatic beaches

Songs that made love shine
Have fallen into shipwreck
A missing charter's rusted hull
Casts the one color heaven allows

Storms make grey the sea
And erode the stages of the sun

HeyitsAngel Sep 2022
Green eyes
I thought the color of eyes was just the color
Until I laid eyes on his
His green eyes
Became ordinary and beautiful
Oh his green eyes
The eyes that make me feel safe
The eyes that makes my heart feel warm
His eyes are not just eyes
His eyes are the most powerful
His eyes became my home
From thousands of miles away
His eyes as he looks at me through a screen
Manage to make me feel so special even with the distance
Oh the man with green eyes
The one that made my brown eyes become so much more
Since he looks into mine like I am the prettiest girl in the world
The man with green eyes that saved a brown-eyed girl like me
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
Well !
To justify the word
All great artists
Have invested
Some more ink
Some more color
Some more truth
Some more sense
Some more time
Some more endorphin
Some more emotion
To detail
Their perception

Honoring the spirit
With passion to prime
Their enthusiasm
And insight to give
Eternal life endlessly
Consoling their soul
They invest

Nothing more
Genre: Observational
Theme: How good things can be
Author's Note:
If I get all of the colors
A canvas to paint
And freedom to reflect

I will start from white
The color of light
Cole Aug 2022
I'm angry at them,
but I can't shout.
My face is hot
and I feel burned out.
Try to calm down.
It's just in passing
but this thing in my chest
It's still lasting.

She Writes Jul 2022
I am a blank canvas
Begging for an artist
To add a little color to my life
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