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Ruheen 3d
Pencil in the lines that curve
And twist around your body
Fill in the creases beneath
Your eyes and your lips
So it looks like you're smiling
Colour in your heart on your chest
Your thoughts above your head
As the night drags on
From morning to dawn
Pull at your lips,
Your fingertips
Make them tingle and breathe in
The kiss
Of the ink that smothers
The page and swells your face
With haste, it plays
With the colours at the edge
of our day
My name, engraved
As it amounts to
I can see
Despite the view
That holds me.
Ash Apr 27
even the petunias here have thorns,
and really, all this beauty is just technicolor
It is not the rising
or the setting
of the sun
that I most love
but the colors
it  paints the sky.
Snipes Apr 5
The grey storms smite
I was lost, I was dead
Clear the air
God answer my prays
Teach me how to swim without fear
But the answer I got was clear

As the grey clouds collide
With the orange vanishing sun
The golden brown shifts my wish
These last few violet skies
Guide my mind
In the night
Here’s my insight
These cold winds blow
These cold words strike
So here’s my outlook
I am the clear air
I am smiting delirious
Snipes Mar 26
Distortion and saturation
Forbidden fruits in the allegations
A bit ethnic, a bitter bite in evaluations
Blends bending for hypnotizations
There’s strings in the blinding
There’s destruction in broadcasting…

Pitchfork canvases carving promise lands of peace we cannot stand
My exhibition is timeless
Color the world in kindness
But this isn’t adolescence
Color the world with vengeance
But let me lend you this
Mediation is priceless
Don't hide your face, don't even cover...
Play like a man, it's just the festival of color'..!
Prepare water bombs and get your water gun...
Fight against unknown, it's really so much fun..!

Follow their path and chase them down...
Color them up and make them a clown..!
Then run fast, back to your way...
And repeat it again, repeat throughout the day..!

Spray the colors and spread them in the sky...
Dance like a crazy on the music so high..!
Bath in that color's shower and make your mood lite...
Just for one day, forget your healthy diet..!

Taste different cuisines: veg or non-veg, tangy or hot...
Fill your mouth with chaat, dahi-bade, drumstick and empty the whole ***..!
Dive into the pool of sweetness, grab your sweets up:
Gujhiya, Gulab Jamun or even an Ice-cream's cup..!

It's not a day just to wear white dresses...
Enjoy this day but don't forget its message..!
“Evils, Sins and Rivalries are made to be thrown...
But Friendships, Truths and Glories are made to be won..!”

Touch the feet of your elders and seek their blessing'...
Forget every challenge' for one day, which continuously you're facing..!
Keep aside your ego and be friend' with everyone slowly...
Spread the colors of love and make this holi even a more colorful
Gujhiya, Gulab jamun are some Indian sweets and Chaat, Dahi bade are some Indian snacks...

Water bombs — Water balloons
Friend' — Friends
Blessing' — Blessings
Color' — Colors
Challenge' — Challenges
Holi is an Indian festival of colors and delights..!
Judge me
By the color of
The soul

You will find
Your color
Is my color
Genre: Experimental
Theme: It just is
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