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Sara I Raad Apr 30
You can give someone the world.
You can walk a thousand miles in their shoes.
If they don't want to take responsibility for their actions,
their choice of destroying parts of you,
their choice of treating you wrong,
their choice of not putting you first,
they are not going to.
Stop bending over backwards
for someone who wouldn't
make a slight turn for you.

Sara I. Raad
Amanda Mar 9
If I scored you on a numeric scale
You're even higher than a ten
He is barely a four-five at best
You still let him hurt you again and again

You have been trapped in this place too long
Your every thought shaped around him
I think you've had enough of this
Future feels awfully grim

What can I do to make you see
How beautiful you are?
You deserve more than a guy
Who stores your feelings in a jar

I hate seeing you treated this way
What happened to the person who was strong?
Need to see what's not good for you
His arms are not where you belong

You have wasted so much time hurting
Over somebody who does not care
He deserted you after saying
He would always be there

This relationship is not right
Twisted by his bad intent
From the moment he stepped into your life
You knew he would leave a dent

I guess that's the funny thing
Though sometimes you know it won't last
You throw away all your fears
Fall in love, and you fall fast

But he is never going to change
I am sure your other friends agree
You plus him will always equal
A great big catastrophe
Written in 2012 for one of my best friends Brooke because her boyfriend was not treating her right
Amanda Mar 5
I am trying not to blame you
For what you cannot change
You are more than a paper doll
With pieces to pick, pull apart, and exchange

Your words are smooth satin
Can't help but suspect your nonchalance
Know I can be standoffish
It's simply an automatic response

Patterns I am used to
Behavior I am around
Have me guarded for great reason
Heartache all I have ever found

It is not your fault you hurt me
Instead it's mine for expecting you to keep
Promises when you have shown before
You will only break them and make me weep

No noticable change in behavior
Don't know why I'm surprised
Don't know why I thought anything would be different
Need to accept a future of secrets and lies

I meet new obstacles daily
Alibis I have to chop down
I think I've finally given up
Only a matter of time til I drown

Weeks passed since any bliss touched our lives
With each day that goes by we deepen the space
Driving ourselves insane with obsession
Madly in love with you, but you only love the chase

A game of tug-o'-war neither can win
Love has us struggling to get along and agree
It is time to realize I'll never change you
Just like you cannot change me
Have you ever had an ex boyfriend you wanted to "ex"-change? Hahaha.
Amanda Dec 2018
Love you no matter what
Every day good and bad
All I need is a little appreciation
For the memorable years we have had
You are welcome for stroking your head
On those nautious nights we faced
They have worn us thin in spots
We are stronger from being in that dark place
I will always do my best to protect you
From each threat we find ourselves staring at
In return all I ask is for you to tell me
I look beautiful when I'm feeling sad and fat
Thanks for your patience
Waiting for me to get ready
And when I can't contain rage
For keeping your voice calm and steady
We balance eachother like a scale
You're the yin to my yang, the no to my yes,
We disagree often but the one thing we do agree on
Is that we couldnt love eachother any less
A poem I wrote FOR my mom TO my dad for their anniversary if that makes sense... rotfl!
the love asks the heart,''
Are you free?
if the heart asks with agree
he enters and takes great degree
of hot while the ice reaches to the knee
and takes less degree feeling with cold
while the sun increases its hot
the sweat ascended as rain drop
making the heart jerking a lot
if the heart responds with disagree
the love feels with shame and try to see
if this heart is healthy and has no disease
or the evil has big and great ray
the love of God is the great gift
Louisa Coller Sep 2018
Relaxed, Intertwined, feeling rather free,
Glee emotion in your eyes, give me peace.
Kicking my feet, drinking morning coffee,
as you gaze at me like a masterpiece.

Tints of crimson always filling my cheeks,
The past, it hurts, but my future is green.
I had felt like many dusty antiques,
you didn't, filling my heart like a marine.

Indescribable, Irreplaceable,
Many say as they manipulate me.
Undesired, I became replaceable,
Not by the writer who lives oversea.

He makes me relaxed, his arms around me,
He tells my worth, I begin to agree.
This poem is based on the factor that I used to not be fond of love; I used to be terrified of it because I knew I LOVED love. I lost my first love and it hurt me like a thorn and became numb to emotion and hurt by the world.

Soon enough time passes and I meet someone new, he wasn't like him but a lot better and tells me my worth; I think it was sad, how hurt I was when my 'first love' wasn't love since I was doing all the work.

So now that someone loves me and I begin to love him, I feel my heart blossom, re-open and start to feel vulnerable and free.

Here's to loving again.
Kim Essary Apr 2018
Why is it always about whose right and whose wrong can't we just agree to disagree. As who am I to tell someone they are wrong unless I see it from their eyes, or for them to tell me I'm wrong they don't see it the way I see.
Stand next to me as I'm standing by you as we stair up at the clouds, I ask you do you see that cloud appearing like a teddy bear , you reply, I don't see a teddy bear , as they point to the same cloud, do you see that cute little puppy, as we both search the clouds we can't find what the other one sees.  Does this mean they are right or your wrong or could it be they can look at the same cloud through their own eyes and see something different than me. It's all about the way we perceive things so who am I to argue over their opinion vs my own when nobody is wrong and nobody is right it's just the way we as individuals see things differently
Life isn't always about right and wrong it's about accepting we are all different and see things differently.
BSeuss Sep 2017
Nay; the question may yes indeed be - how hath thine been; neither what is to be, nor not to be.
I say,
my word,
top marks old chap.
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