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TW: blood
isn't it amazing?

put your hand on your chest
now make a cut and watch yourself bleed
bleed deeply
but that heart
it's still beating
feel deeply
still alive
despite the pain
when you towered over my bleeding body
my fractures made you stronger
my vulnerability kept you secure
the bleeding stopped
The bones all healed
the bruises faded away
but you're still beating women down
long after i walked away
i had the strength to leave
i had enough self respect to survive
not every woman has that in her
that haunts me, even now
after all this time
i wonder who is in your trap
trying desperately to get free
sometimes i think i hear her whisper
sometimes i hear her calling me
i know you are towering over her
i know you think you've got the power
but you don't know the endurance
that comes from being female
babe, i'm on a rescue mission
we've got numbers on you now
we've got numbers on you now
Nikkie Jan 2021
Shades of you blend into me like our spirits blending in
the bottom of the sea. We pass through each other like northern lights and touch the very essence of love.
I want the sun to shine in your honor; I want the moon
to copy your brightness. I see my future when I look into your eyes; you are everything I’d hope you’d be.
My beating heart, each breath I take, the twinkle in my eyes,
my pillow at night. Our spirits were born to unite together,
to dance in the beauty of inseparableness.

You’ve woven a hem inside my heart, that flows
love blood from your tender embrace. This is a
journey that no one takes but you. I’ve discovered a place that I am free; it’s inside of you that I’ve relinquished
my defenses, thus allowing your divinity to resuscitate
my will.

We blend together like an Indian Summer,
fitting perfectly together like hands in a glove.
A shade of you blends into me and colors my
heart, my mind, body, and soul.
With unforgiving nectar thick like honey, your
spirit alive is where I will stay.
Refined like sugar, shimmering like gold,
molding like clay on a hot summer's day.
Nikkie Jan 2021
It’s hard to put into words, the amazing feeling,
you’ve instilled deep inside my weary heart.
I look into your penetrating eyes, and
my passion collides with your emotion.
Is there something different about our union?
Does it feel like a dream come true to you?
This connection that came on all of a sudden,
shocked my heart into a new way of beating.

It took a long time for us to unite, it’s like I fell
for you in just one night.
I feel deep warmth inside of me, which makes
me happy and finally complete.
We saw each other every day, and never
once did I feel this connection.
With autumn approaching and the wind
turning cold, I feel you deeply rooted,
and embedded in my soul.
Ileana Amara Dec 2020
love knows no bounds
when the logic retreats,
and a beating heart is found.

Cara Anne Sep 2020
The thud of my body echos in the room.
The impact takes my breathe away.
The cold temperature of the floor welcomes me.
It brings me back to the surface of reality.
My lungs try to draw in air with no success.
My gasps are short and empty.
I can feel my heart race.
It jumps out of my chest.

Before I can recover, I feel the second blow.
The sickening noise bounces around room.
I know you are just getting started
I know it won't be my last.

Your foot connects rapidly with my body.
I can feel your toes individually.
I can feel the flex that they make against my ribs.
Your nails cut my skin like butter.

I can feel the pain spread like a wildfire across my body.
The flames sink deep into my core.
It shows me no mercy, as it scorches my body.
With each lick of pain, my screams increase.

My screams are a melody to your ears.
They mix well with the chorus of your yelling.
Everything blends with the bass of my body.
The song encourages you speed up the rhythm.

Eventually time seems to stop.
The world becomes silent.
The picture frame begins to blur.
Darkness has chosen to draw the final curtain.
Andrew Layman Oct 2020
Strange rhythm
beating behind the wall
so many chambers
fast footsteps
slow breathing
nothing can mute this music
since I hardly know you at all.
iamgone Sep 2020
my heart
no longer beats
my veins
have long run dry
but write me
into poetry
so i
may never die
i want to live forever, in your words
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