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Why can't we just sit,
and wait until this becomes a memory.
Why can't we just fit,
out thoughts into the mold of a history-

We created this.
We created the turmoil,
The sky and the clouds,
That make our blood boil.

We have forgotten the silence,
In which our hearts beat.

Just sit and wait.
And this will all become a memory.
Just sit and wait,
And we will all become a memory.
Sometimes, letting go is all there is.
I have so much love to give

Like the sun gives to us

A light so bright, we can't even see the other side.

But pieces of my heart
Have burned
And flown away
From ash to dust.

There's a light
that still shines through
In my hopes of belief
That there could be a me and you

I empty myself out
And let the universe fill me
With her maternal love

Each breath of oxygen
Mother Earth fills our lungs.

So we must thank her
And never forget
Her love is what keeps us
What bounds us
What keeps our hearts beating
As one.
an oldie but a goodie.
What am I?
I do not know;
This thing inside
is beating, though.
© 16/03/2019
Isabella Mar 26
My heart is empty, fleeting
But at least it's slowly beating
It is broken, lonely, ending
But it's on its way to mending
The One and Only
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

If anyone ever loved me,
     It was you.
If anyone ever cared
beyond mere things declared;
if anyone ever knew ...
     My darling, it was you.

If anyone ever touched
     my beating heart as it flew,
it was you,
and only you.

Keywords/Tags: Love, one, only, unique, heart, touched, beating, knowing, understanding, darling
Amanda Feb 20
The heart beating alone is only a half
1/2 feels like a whole one when it's all you've ever had
Pure souls
Blessed with greatness,

I’m starting to believe
Its lie from bravest,

Summing up decade
Struggles and failures,

I gather life
No walk in the park
There must be
Fault in our stars
Their still hope on our part
We will make it to
Throne defeating seven sinful vows,

A heart beating
To sail
Voyage of sweet
Ambitious waves,

Success being one
Pure soul
Rustling and tussling
To defeat
Demons (within)
Alexis Dec 2019
I’ve tried to deny it forever
I didn’t want to believe that I could fall
that I could feel love
towards anyone or anything
but I’ve done it this time,
I’ve fallen for the one person I shouldn’t have.
My heart has been beating again
This time with a purpose.
It’s purpose,
To bleed
To beat
For you.
Alexis Nov 2019
I saw you today
and although its been months
my heart still doesn't know how to act when it sees you .

my hands shook and trembled at your arrival
I thought every thought twice
and then three times more .

will it be like this forever,
will I always be a slave to my feelings for you ?
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