The heart is aching
when you break it

The heart is beating
faster when I see you

The heart is hurting
a lot when you leave

The heart is screaming
out for help

The heart is crying
when I'm alone

The heart is craving
your sweet, sweet love

The heart is yelling
please come back

The heart is loving
you to the moon and back

The heart is missing
the memories we have

The heart is living
when I am with you

The heart is dying
now that you're gone

Ami Shae Apr 28

I awoke with a start
to the silence of no beating heart
lying there underneath my ear!
I wanted to choke down my fear
yet a scream was about to unleash from me
when suddenly your beating heart broke free
and made me realize it had never really stopped--
my ears were all plugged up and when they popped
the sound came through at last so loud and clear--
"lub dub lub dub lub dub"... precious to be able to hear!

True story! I was asleep with my head on my love's chest and awoke to no sound of her beating heart and it freaked me out...then it hit me...I wasn't hearing much of anything! I panicked, but suddenly my ears popped and all was well. Scared me to pieces tho...
Britney Lyn Apr 12

I'm not okay, but if somebody could even bother to look past my smile and ask, I would lie and say I'm fine because that's what I do. i deal with my problems by not dealing with them at all. I hide, I run, I lie. My mind has always gotten the better of me and let me tell you, it's such a bully to my heart.

And how many more times can my heart get beat before it stops beating?
Sarah Apr 10

Your love was suffocating.

Your hands would contort my body,
Making my flesh pulsate and spine tingle with each grasp.

Your fingers left marks on my skin like blotches of blush on a flushed face. Colors hidden under dull sweaters, my fingertips found them throughout the day to remind me of those secrets you've harshly whispered in the dark.

Your voice was sharp,
for even when you were quiet I could hear its power in your eyes. One look in my direction and I felt frozen. Your eyes were a warm brown but they turned my blood cold.

Your love was so suffocating,
it killed me.

Written 4/9/16
Lady Bird Mar 12

once treasured
like a gem
a strong, beating
yet fragile heart
struggling alone
caged now trapped
in hopes and fears
garding the only key
to its loving soul

iamtheavatar Mar 8

Let's make music with the
sound of our hearts beating.

iamthe_avatar ©2017

A poem for love.

No more fighting these streets
Clearly I can see and I can be anything that I wanna be, see y'all dnt know where Ive been and you've never even lifted a chin, but tell you what I'm going to do and give you people a sneak preview of me and my recovery

Beating Addiction

Her eyes so blue
I get lost in them
I wonder if she can
hear my beating heart?

© Michael Lechner

Melody Martin Feb 18

I would reach into my chest
And wrestle my heart back into rhythm
Because only beating hearts can take a beating,
And maybe you don’t know it
But if making me bleed, leaves you wanting more
Then each time you disappoint me
I’ll keep a little life in my veins
So I can be resuscitated.

Sienna Luna Jan 20

Rapidly beating

your heart against my ear

as Han Solo's son

rammed a lightsaber

through his chest

I could hear

the beat-beat-beat

reverberating through

layers of blanket, cloth, and skin

sitting next to you

on the couch

thumping loudly and steady

without fear

so let's begin

on a star searched journey

where the spaceships hovel

and the robots swivel

in a galaxy not that

far away from reality

it's like swallowing starlight

or slicing through dark trees

heavy with snow

hearing them crack-crack-crack

from a buzzing vibration

of the blue lightsaber at hand

watching the trees crash, then

clash against red

a struggle unsaid

but when I rested my head

against your slight frame

something within me


(I guess my heart was tamed.)

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