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You have a hold on me.
Spinning my mind off,
Heart beating faster,
Fogging of my eyes,
I lose out control,
You own me.
Perdue Poems Apr 10
A feeling
Buh-boom buh-boom

A dance
One two one two
Erian Apr 5
you were wild in my mind
from the start
your words crashed like waves
against my beating heart
you'll always be there
with me in the dark
you don't know how much I love you
as a broken soul
we couldn't fall apart
Sat drinking A coffee just passing the time of day
with memories of a life time
passing through my
memories of my sweetheart who has passed on and now a
lifetime away two hearts that once
beat as one, now tbey beat In separate worlds one of this world the other In the next two hearts still
beat but both now beat In separate worlds but hearts that will never stop beating
not this world or the
So much together our hearts beat as one, sad now she's gone our two still beat as on but In two separate worlds, me In this world and my wife In the after life
Souf Mar 20
She hurt you once
she hurt you twice
the last strike
and she's out

Goodbye dear lad,
not dear no more!
But, yet, something.
Something inside of
I can't see
that something inside
of me.

It's yelling.
My heart is BEATING!

It just ain't right
But the heart wants what it wants.
My brain says no
yet it still ain't up to me,
for the heart wants what it wants.
Heart wants what it wants ~u~
gee, ikr!
Nadine Mar 6
Today there are no certainties
From the day my mom gave birth to me
As a child so young and free
I never knew what life held for me

As the days turn into years
My innocents turned into fears
I found that life was full of pain
And hurt and suffering all the same

I tried and tried to find my way
But misery was there to stay
The things of love and happiness
My dad told me would be a bliss

But years have slowly passed me buy
And the things I’ve lost just makes me cry
I think of all the lonely nights
And all the **** violent fights

The many nights I cried in pain
For tomorrow it would be the same
The screaming shouting, **** words
You’ll never know how much it hurts

The day we meet
I’ll never forget
Your gentle words and loving ways
How I pray there where there to stay

To calm my fears
And wipe my tears
To show me love
For all the years

But sadly as the months went by
I realized it’s all a lie
The happy home and tenderness
The sweet caress and gentleness

I sit and wonder what went wrong
It hasn't been that very long
Since the day I said good bye
And realized it was all a lie

How can someone so sweet and dear
Cause me so much pain and fear
You call and say you love me so
Do you really? I want to know

My heart was broken long ago
Can you remember you should know?
I turned around and left that day
And told myself it’s all okay

Three month later who should call
It was you in pieces, I took the fall
You were so down and miserable
And said you loved me most of all

Because I gave my heart to you
And it was a love so dear and true
So once again I took you back
Cause strength and pride I sure did lack

It wasn't long until again
Fighting, screaming lots of pain
Now it’s many years gone bye
And once again i say goodbye

But still you call me all the time
And say you love me more each time
How did it go so very wrong?
How did we miss it all along?

Why could we not find piece my dear?
Why did you listen but never hear?
But sadly now I have to say
I cannot take another day

Of broken dreams and a broken heart
And lonely nights we sleep apart
As I sit here thinking back
It was my dignity that I lacked

I love you to
If you only knew
But now it’s over I have to say
But you’ll go on and be okay
Poetic T Feb 9
When words weren't enough
              to show how much
                              I loved you.

I gave you a box,
           containing past loves..

And when you touched them.

                          They where still warm,
then you knew that my love was true..

As I wouldn't be swayed by the past,
                 knowing you held the
remanence in your hands.

They where still warm,
           but all that mattered

                             was that there was no
going back after this show of affection...
Kira Feb 8
She woke me up
no kidding
I thought I was lost
not beating
My heart had failed me
not working
My brain had turned off
just empty

Then there she was
still smiling
I could feel something
inside me
My heart had restart
I could keep going
with her
beside me
Faith Jan 30
Beating my head like a pounding drum
Not stupid, not dumb
Just numb
Nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs
I'm so done
It's grown to an awful hum
All I am is Numb
So much is going on right now that have worn out my emotions so much I almost can't feel them anymore
Ron Gavalik Jan 15
I was once beaten
by a large man
with red fire eyes
and froth on his lips.
Don’t worry, baby.
I gave as good
as I got.
That day, I learned
to survive.

-Ron Gavalik
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