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Erian 4d
Every blush you send my way
It makes me hope we can be together
Rainy Days Sep 29
Slip by me
And wrap your arm around me
Just a peck
On my cheek
Enough to make me squeal
And blush like crazy
Oh you stealer of hearts
My Green Eye Boy.
newpoetica Sep 26
maybe i was in a rush,
but i had to know what it feels like when our lips brush.
the feeling is something that could be described as lush,
but if i tell you how everything feels, you'd blush.
so although this is still a growing crush,
just know you have my heart turning into mush.
i don't kiss and tell.
Anastasia Aug 13
And I heard
Your song

Fly me above"

You say

"Lovely heart"

And my heart blushes

"You deserve better"

And I feel more than ever

"But dream on, my darling. We will get there some day."
Prithvi Gude Jul 31
You let me stare,
Even though you’re aware

You make me smile,
Whilst you blushing all the while

You sweep me off my feet,
In a way, no can ever defeat

You make my heart fly,
Baby, I’ll never lie

I love you,
I love to be with you,
I love to smile with you,
I love to dance with you,
All I need in life is you ♥

~ PG
Prithvi Gude Jul 29
And she blushes away,
Every time I say,
I love you

And she looks at me,
Every time I wish,
I'm hers

And she nods away,
Denying the fact,
That she loves me

And she smiles again,
Reminding me that,

as i hopped my way to Saturn's ring

you went pass me, riding your shooting star

i stared at you with astonishment

as you light your way through the empty space of the galaxy

i thought i've already seen the entire beauty of the cosmos

i guess i am wrong.
Neha Sharma Jul 16
Yes your absence hurts me,
But your presence comforts me more.
Yes your smile makes me happy,
But your tears tense me more.
Yes your dreams excites me,
But having you in reality makes me blush more.
Yes I know you love me,
But you don't know that I love you more.
I really love you more my shivam..
Bhumeeka Jun 4
Take me up in your arm,
let me sigh in that secluded dawn.

You are my serene shelter,
ethereally cozy,
and entwined with warmth.

I meltdown to your aura,
I meltdown to your caresses.
The broken unstable puzzles of me
fall right on the place.

Thousands of voices echoing,
old scars of ripped heart,
broken melodies of hazy eyes,
and the agonies of falling apart.

Your embrace knows them all,
like I have always belonged here.

Take me up in your arm.
let me sigh in that secluded dawn.
Serendipity May 21
the sky blushed black,
freckled stars dotting her inky cheeks.
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