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Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, for the first time in forever I speak directly for no reason:)

guess what sad
literally don't know who I am

somebody is always touching you even the air
guess how many lives you touched not me
and you'll reach the middle of nowhere

want my body buried dug in the ocean deep a marine funeral
guess why the death is thinking about me
corpses floating around some fish some greens too numeral

maybe the sun today the last time sets flush
guess where I'm headed would be the end of me
make the best out of it is a matter that won't make me blush

                                                         ­                                  -------ravenfeels
Nikki Feb 2021
I wish I was all of that with you.
a burning kiss on your cheek.
the weight you cannot wait to cradle in your arms.
daphne Dec 2020
and when i told him
just how beautiful he was
tossing a pomegranate seed in the air
and catching it gracefully
between his rose-coloured lips
it seems the pomegranate juice
had temporarily stained his pale cheeks
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
Something is out of place.
Something inherently
molecular within her
myogenic wilderness:
a modesty, an awareness,
the visible manifestation
of her shyness.
It contracts.
It tones.
It colors her
just as the sky.
just as stimuli.
There's something new
about this face.
Something awakened.
Something lovestruck
and silly.
For what else
could exert such
a dilator mechanism,
in all its deliciousness?
That Girl Sep 2020
Most girls love having crushes.
The thought of someone new.
Asking themselves, “Is this it? Could this be the one?”
Allowing themselves to be hopeful that this one will be different.
But then there’s girls like me.
Girls who have anxiety.
I hate the feeling of liking someone new.
I hate having crushes.
While other’s get butterflies,
I get angry wasps.
My heart doesn’t skip a beat.
Instead it pounds against my chest like I just ran a marathon.
I don’t blush.
My chest heats up and gets covered in red splotches.
When I look down at the ground I’m not doing it to be cute.
It’s better to look at the ground than to look into another set of eyes that will never love you.
While some girls lose sleep out of pure bliss,
I lose sleep because of fear of rejection.
I’m not asking myself, “Could this be the one?”
No, I’m asking myself, “How will this one break my heart?”
But I will let this crush crush me.
I’ll soak in my hurt.
Make myself fully aware of the tears running down my face.
Remember how they feel.
And I will move on.
Like I always do.
“Weeping may last through the night,
But joy comes with the morning.”
Psalms 30:5
Butterfly Jul 2020
You blush without the red face.
Cleaning out my drafts
-elixir- Jul 2020
The drops of blood
Flows from the
Once cold heart,
That rusted in the
Rain of conflicted
Yet the trauma of
The dark void
Makes her hesitate
To take the next breath,
From cupid's bow.
Aparna Jun 2020
Red leaves
           fell silently
Under the maple tree
           by the lake
Where we met  
Last autumn
           Late September;
When the maple leaves
             turned crimson
       you made me
blush just like
those scarlet leaves
       That day ...
                                    Autumn came early,
                                  Why don't you,too...?

            Winter's on the way
           Are you, too?

Where are you...?
After you left, the virid sugar maple leaves turned flavescent 🍁 ,then segued into red

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